Wednesday, September 29, 2010

iPhone 4 = Gearing Up For XinMao Year?

Yes! The Animal books is out hot in the market and it is the year of the Golden Rabbit coming to town, just liked the new iPhone 4! Golden Rabbit = iPhone 4? iPhone 4 = Golden Rabbit? You tell me, ya! One thing for sure, the iPhone 4 can be downloaded with BaZi software but yet I dunno how to decipher the BaZi code? sob... sob. 

No worry, join us for the up and coming BaZi Preparatory Workshop and the enrollment has been picking up FAST! We are left  with 3 more seats for the early bird enrollment! What are you waiting for? 

Just for the recap, our venue has been fixed as the followings,


DATE: 26 - 28 NOVEMBER 2010
TIME: 9am - 6pm (Official)

VENUE: Royale Bintang Resort & SPA Seremban (

Frequently Asked Question: Please click HERE
Announcement: Please click HERE

In any of the annual Animal prediction book, there is always the following sector called auspicious and inauspicious sectors. Auspicious is when the auspicious Star in the body of Qi arriving at the particular sector and the opposite apply to the inauspicious sector. This annual Qi map is derived from the LoShu with XinMao annual star 7 entering the center palace of the LoShu and lean forward. Such has been a tradition for FengShui master to do an annual audit for annual makeover and yes, also make some money for the FengShui master liked one master said, FengShui master also need to be fed what! So, quickly pick up your iPhone 4 and start calling!

Do you need annual FengShui makeover for your house? No, when your house FengShui has been initially taken cared off and there is no construction work nearby the vicinity. In the olden days, people do not chase after annual stars. The annual natal chart in the ThongShu is only for selecting auspicious date. However, they use different doors for different years! Just liked different iPhone for different season. FengShui has been engineered from the start. The richer you are the more doors you have for your Big Mansion. That is where 8 Mansions are a hit on those days, liked our current iPhone 4.

Yes, when you are very competitive and just want to capitalize on everything within your path (synonymous for the HockKien slang of KiaSu). How to go about it? Just for academic discussion, the book says in XinMao year, the following is the natal Qi map chart with 7 in the center of the LoShu grid. For convenient, plot out your house natal chart with annual star 7 from any of the freeware available from the internet. The so called auspicious star is 1,6,8 and 4. Star 9 is conditional. If it is supported by structure it is an auspicious star. So these locations of, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast and assumedly, West are all auspicious sectors. The rest are inauspicious sectors, especially the 5 yellow in the East. If your main door is located in these auspicious sectors, then a big congratulation to you, otherwise pick up your iPhone 4 and call your FengShui master for rescue!

Is it doomsday 2012 if your main door is located at these inauspicious sectors? Again, this is a very stereotypical analysis of the annual Qi map, which has proven so damn wrong in real life application. When you do an in-depth analysis with your BaZi, you will see why NOT ALL houses with door locating at the so called annual auspicious sector prosperous and so is vice versa. 

Join us for the up and coming WORKSHOP if you want to know MORE ?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Feng Shui Art To High Rise Living

Taking a cue from one of the practitioner in Singapore, unlike Singapore practitioners, Malaysian practitioners are exposed to both landed and high rise context in our usual audit. The audit for high rise is a little intriguing for the fact that establishing sitting and facing are lack straight forwardness. The concept is the same as we would first need to establish Qi coagulations from the macro to the micro

For an example, high rise condo these days is an amalgamation of both living and commercial abodes. So, from the distinct arrival to the said location, you will be greeted by the commercial face and this is good. We would prefer the living abode to be located away from the “water mouth”. We will let you to define what “water mouth” means. A junction or simply a river mouth? This is the first layer of arranging YinYang. Just to ponder, do we also comb GoogleMap to locate another “water mouth”? 

Next, we would want to see where the building sits and faces. We may say we want to see where the swimming pool is located, but what we really want to know is where the Bright Hall for that vicinity is located. This will tell you which unit will fetch a better Feng Shui prize. What happened if the entire formations do not conform to the Ling and Zhen principles?

Then, we move in closer to evaluate the capacity of the building to tap into the provided Qi conduits. The problem these days are overly designed water features which if it is not careful will create what is known as “cutting feet” water. These so called water “lizards” are everywhere to demonstrate the Zen-ness of the place. Are these “lizards” really damaging the capacity of the building concerns in collecting Qi? Well, we remember a case where a very popular lady Grandmaster from Bolehland, after installing the water “lizards” caused her publisher to go burst!

So, as one can see the principles are the same but the applications are different. Technically is liked saying one has to “run” around to collect pieces of information scattered everywhere. Yet if one is not train in “Ru Di Yan” or entering the earth eye classics, one sees nothing. Perhaps the saying, top notch master watched the stars, second class master look for water mouth and third class master running around seeing nothing, may be true. Do you have to run around in some fancy Asian country liked Taiwan just to be told that what works and what doesn’t according to the earth eye classics? Damn “genius” for these Marketing Gurus in promoting their courses…

Saying such, we will also able to distinctively identify the FengShui of the high rise property before we even arrived at the destination just purely from your BaZi. Yes, it is another form of watching the star. Do you still need to run around auditing high rise when you know this art? This reminded me of some FengShui masters from Singapore running around the landed property for audit. Perhaps by doing so he has the right for extra fee. That I don’t know.

We just don’t read BaZi to know your destiny and to tell you how to design it. This is just showcase. We use BaZi to pinpoint the underlying issues related to the environment one is living in it and to show you a way to go about it. Anyway, we don’t play God and we don’t believe in squeezing individuals into the 5 categories and we really bids good luck to those who believes that if, for example, they are wealth structure personality, they should capitalized on the aspect of wealth instead. We are only capitalizing the window of opportunity indicated in the BaZi to do something positive about it. 

This is the crux of the upcoming BaZi workshop.  

If you are interested please click HERE for details.

Monday, September 20, 2010

BAZI Preparatory Workshop Is Back !!!


26 - 28 NOVEMBER 2010

Venue will be informed later...

For once, BaZi reading course is back by popular demand as a workshop that will provide sufficient knowledge to allow: -

Participants to be able to understand his own BaZi and Destinies.

Participants to be able to read BaZi chart for their immediate family members such as parents, siblings and others

Participants to be able to understand their critical milestone in their Destiny Chart

Direct analysis of Wealth, relationship, academic, career, health issues and more importantly when and what to look for in the Chart.

For a career in Chinese Metaphysics.
The emphasis of this workshop is direct hands-on approach without much to do with academic or theoretical approach. That is why it is a workshop. This manner guarantees the participants of a strong fundamental and methodology to be immediately apply and seeing the results for themselves. More importantly, participants are able to be well informed of their respective destinies and are able to maximize them accordingly.

There is no other person to know oneself better other then our very own self. We are our own teachers. So, this workshop will open up a whole new dimensions to verify first hand our very own destinies based on our past experiences, current predicaments for a better future, as all has been inscribed in our very own BaZi chart.

Look no further if you want to be a better person and to know more about your luck and destiny. The opportunity is now available in a structured and concise manner, never had been disclosed by others.

For more Information on the Teacher, click HERE

For past Review, click HERE

The Workshop Fee is as the followings:-

Launching Price: RM 3,200.00 (Save RM1,600.00)
Reserved only for the first 10 participants with payment made before 16 October 2010.

Normal Price: RM 4,800.00

Repeat Student Price: RM 500.00

Easy Payment scheme is provided . Kindly enquire within:

Maybank Account:
For Further Enquiry please click HERE

All Terms and Conditions Applied.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Remember Paul, the Oracle? Yes, he is something of the past by now...

What is the meaning of seeking Oracle? Wikipedia states that In Classical Antiquity, an oracle was a person or agency considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophetic opinion, predictions or precognition of the future, inspired by the gods. As such it is a form of divination. Yet, it is devoid of religion?

We view that the universe has many layers so called the layers of Heavens. It is the views of these heavens that we sought after in the oracle. So, there must first be a question and a believed that Heaven will open a gateway for the seeker of the Oracle to get an answer. This may be the basis of religion.

Next, there must be an action, while seeking the oracle, by means of throwing the coins contain within the tortoise shell, striking of the yarrow sticks or simply by observing movement around you. Heaven communicates through these mediums of randomness. Oracle is liked gods playing dice. Think about it, what is the objective of seeking an oracle if one does not wish to control what is uncontrollable. Is the middle heaven another form of Oracle?

Lastly, interpretations of this action will reveal a set of answers from the source, the present, the outcome and the things to be done. These are the answers to the oracles. Within it is the truth yet it also represents the untruth. The studies of YiGua either through Plum Blossom, XuanKong, WenWang and so forth are methodologies devised to interpret the Heaven's Code. In another word, it is the study of the Oracle. 

Imagine, why are the oracle seekers uses the tortoise shell, yarrow stalks and genuine copper coins in the past if they do not believed in the universal Qi? Isn't the universal Qi part and parcel of religion? What is the outcome if these set of oracle tools being possessed by unknown spirits, as there was a saying in Chinese that the ghost always tell lie? That is where initiation of objects becomes vital and becomes part of a religious practice of Daoisme. Not so much of making the object blessed but to make the object occupied by a descent guardian spirits in accordance to one's lineage. An initiation of objects of oracle means of connecting Heaven, Man and Earth through Essence, Qi and Spirits. It is an intricate matrix of the Chinese 5 arts

Really hope that seeking and understanding Oracle is as simple as to say it has nothing to do with religion and the big G. It is not that simple.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Hari Malaysia Today

For the past freaking 53 years of independent, we celebrated Hari Malaysia on Sept 16 as a public holiday, just timely enough for the Boleh-land to add another holiday to its yearly calendar. Great! What am I going to do? Go down Merdeka Square and chant Satuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Malaiiiiiiiiiiiii Siaaaaaaaaaaa? Watch some distorted historical program? Very patriotic indeed?

Nope, I decided to do an audit for a fellow Malaysian, who is very patriotic at heart on a charity basis. You see, he even hung the Malaysia flag in front of his shanty wooden house. Right! After 53 freaking years of Independent, he is the result of the New Economic Policy. Well a better phrase should be a "drop-out" of the New Economic Policy, simply because all Chinese are deemed wealthy in the first place, which is not the case?

Location is the first line of defense, yet in this case, it is located at the lowest part of the land around the neighborhood. The land was alienated by the government in exchange for something else. So beggar don't choose. That is NEP no 1 policy, just take what is given, be contented and no question asked. This very property was prone to flood. The owner has to barricade his entrance with 1ft of low kerb. In summary, a land that is prone to flood is never an auspicious land to start with. This is the first principle (not the self proclaimed first principle from Kiasu-land).

Thinking that the land is lousy, and much indoctrinated that numerology can still change his fate, the same owner went along to a multi-level-marketing company which fuses FengShui numerology with Gemstone placebo things for sale. I was made to understand each number is derived from a complex computation of numbers from an inverted triangle or something similar to XieZi Fa. It claims to fuse the HeLuo numerology with western Aristotle thought through a single effect of numbers to human life. Number is GOD. Yet, after spending thousands of dollars in these number gemstones to be hung in the living room and to be worn as jewelry, the owner becomes DOG to this multi-level-marketing company. His life has not improved at all. The second principle states that Do-Not believe in this so called miracle superstitious placebo multi-level-marketing Gurus. The more popular they are, the more scumbag they became.

His situation was getting worse as his aged father had to go for a life threatening operations and his wife had an accident back to the year of WuJi, 2008. What has gone so freaking wrong with his house? Upon inspections, the killing Qi, in the form of a TNB pylon is very dominant especially when it hits the TaiSui, arriving at the facing of the property. For sure PiYao does not work, as he has a pair located by the main entrance! No amount of bright hall could eliminate such killing Qi, as it hits directly in front of the main door. The third principle states that if there is ShaQi, Do-Not fight it with Fighting SanSha rubbish, especially the one taught by a master in Thailand.

The fourth principle states that, it will be CRAZY, if you used all the rings in the LuoPan just to do ONE audit from the 24 mountain to 72, 60, 120 dragons and DaGua, just to prove that you know all the formulae and you are the one that has the secret to all methods, just enough for a lady famous FengShui master who claimed she was successful in LaLa-land just to come here to Boleh-Land for personal coaching in a divine manner mixing the art of the five elements with Chinese VoDoo that will even make a Donald Trump out of a monk? Logically speaking, if she is soooooooo famous, the method she practices would have been good enough, why going an extra mile to learn it in Boleh-land? This means to say, her method used is not working.... Strange, scumbag masters are so crazy these days to hard sell their courses and yet they have the cheek to claim their method is a mixture of Chinese Black Magic?

I don't know about others, but one thing for sure, we had discharge our patriotic service to One Malaysian, who is in dire needs of our services from these scumbags without the necessity to fly here and there and shouting out loud; we are doing this for a cause, while a fellow citizen suffered in silence.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ming Yi Of Boleh-Land – The Making Of The Millionaire Monk

I am speechless…

I gathered news that a Buddhist Monk from Penang has transformed from being a “poor” monk to a wealthy monk, thanks to the millionaire factory soon to be FengShui master. Now, he has luxury cars, bungalows and a huge retinue of followers whose donations are meant for his whimsical disposals. Congratulations to him, as he will soon to be following the footsteps of Singapore’s famous Venerable MingYi. The difference, maybe this time, it is from the Boleh-land instead of the Kiasu-land. Well, thanks to the good FengShui, I believed.

Somehow, I happened to bump onto this very wealthy monk prior to 2006. Although he is not wealthy then, he has a personal lay assistant accompanying him to study FengShui from one of the academy in town. I remember vividly blogging about it, as one seldom sees a monk in FengShui class. His demeanor is rather uncommon of a person leading a homeless life, such as eating Mc Donald’s after midday? What is used of FengShui to him? For once I believed he may use it for the benefits of others and from the recent news I gathered, I was proven wrong. I did not hear from him since.

I used to think that Buddhist monk leads a homeless life without the burden of material gains. They have the very basic necessities such as the robes, bowl, and some simple needle for stitching and small blade for shavings. They cannot even keep their food overnight and they are only allowed to consume solid food once a day before midday. However, I was told otherwise that in Penang, a wish fulfilling FengShui master is able to grant a student monk of his wish which he is to change his luck and his underprivileged condition. He wanted fame, he wanted devotees, and he wanted money to sustain his temple. I wonder why he did not request for a beautiful wife instead. 

I believed, environment changes, so is the monk’s necessities. We also heard that there are also some modern monks who traded their robes for a pair of jeans. I am not surprise at all. It is all coming from the heart that is wayward, XingBu Zhen 心  . Rather useless to talk about the ethic of a good master, when it only shows that they are from the same flocks of scrupulous wayward practitioners. Bloody shame indeed. 

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Five Ghost Carry Treasure And A Coffin

Remember the story of Encounter of the Third Kinds

Here is the prelude. The attempt is to investigate structure. The property in question is facing a bright hall which is biased towards Yin. No matter how hot is the day, the area is still very-very dimmed. Although facing a parking area, it is surrounded by huge overgrown trees.

Approaching the entrance, one will notice the almost dried up plant. Plucking Gua, one will understand what is made up within the establishment. The huge door is welcoming with an overly protruding arch in black clad finishes as we asked what sort of business this people are dealing with. Entering upon the door, noticed that the door is tilted! There must be some sort FengShui structure installed, another XKDG door tilting techniques? That is another tale for another time. Immediate after the door there is the door mat in Red against the black granite floor finishes before leading to the lift. We asked what sort of expectations these people want from us. The internal Bright Hall is very small. A glance at the call button it states 3 coming down, whereas we wanted to go up to level 4, thereupon another combination, where we asked how was the project in questions headed to.

Reaching level 4 we asked what sort of personnel are meeting, the lift door opens and a view of an old man sitting in front, another combination Gua. This time around the lobby is quite lush, channeling through the narrow walkways into another tilted door room of the CEO, of which the miniature coffin was located, before opening up to another huge space in the CEO’s room. 

There is a cleverly conscious attempt to draw in Qi from the Lift onwards towards the CEO’s room. Our question is what sort of Qi in question? Why is an establishment dealing in real estate flourished in Yin Qi structures, which is very common within most of the “China Man” set up company, we have observed? In such a scenario, would Wang and ShengQi bring in the much desired wealth?

Upon another investigation, all the set up with door tilting and formations fall within what is called Five Ghost Carry Wealth. There is a repercussion as shown in the facial appearances of the staff working within. More importantly, it demonstrated how the Five Ghost formations actually work with tilted door. There are apparently huge funds from overseas pouring in to finance local projects. We wouldn’t want to know about the source but apparently it is striving well. The CEO smiling with glee as he happily mentioned to be of the same batch of brothers to JY and SMF of Hong Kong. Do these practitioners also have miniature coffins to back them up? Better, is the 5 Ghost living in the miniature coffin to make the application works? That is for me to know, for you to find out. 

One Malaysia - Happy Birthday

I read a pleasant blog entry today, it is about educations, let say…

When your heart is sincere, a Master will appear.

Be it ONE person, ONE market, ONE situation, that is not of my concerns.

I placed my life and soul in One Malaysia, hopefully it is not another tyranny and fear.

My pity to extraordinary Namewee, this land holds no place for him to plea.

Surprise I see goodies are given free, to buddies whose lives are unequally free.

2 systems – One Country, Just like the 2 slices – One TaiQi.

Bravo, bravo, Malaysia Boleh, the golden egg is continued to be laid.
When will the Chicken not lay egg? That, I do not know what to say.

No more moolah, so no more subsidies. Yet, need to gravy more policies.

For sure, kids are still missing, murderers are still running.

Yet, we have no clue where are these leading, where are we heading.

I pray hard that One Malaysia is not just lip service, I am just another novice.

Waiting to see the Tree grows wisdom, where I gain my freedom.

To you Malaysia

Happy Birthday!


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