Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wind of Change…

Obama versus Osama - one the victor the other the looser. No one really says when and where Osama is hiding. After his death, everyone writes about the wind of change. Did Osama’s FengShui really the bad after all? However, the bigger storm is brewing – take shelter everyone.

KiaSuland General Election where everyone predicted Old Guard will be given another lease of mandate. The twist is that the oppositions are also given more voices. Another wind of change due to the period 8? We see veteran politician gives way to Sweet Young Things, not even XiaXue with her whimsical charm managed to salvage. Gen Gua refers to the youngest male, what has it got to do with the Sweet Young Things? On a personal note, she wrote a wonderful piece of article about the patriarch of Kiasuland, something I cannot find of equivalent here in Bolehland, not even in the darkest shit hole. 

After Sarawak polls and Singapore GE, Bolehland Inc. has to succumb to their natural classic antics of garnishing stale plate. After SoilLeg’s porn, now showing Anu-Ar’s porn, jointly produced by former cronies of the Bolehland Inc. Adding to the bandwagon, the Bolehland Inc’s publishing arm featured a possible takeover by the people of the Cross. Another wind of change, the victim is summoned and the culprit is free. More so is the people of Bolehland are paying high prices to sustain the lifestyle of Bolehland Inc. Warrant a change?

Once, the FengShui community has been bombarded with The YangGong old style brought from the cradle of FengShui. Hail the Messiah of YangGong. Even the Bolehland Grandmaster and the SanSha junkies went to “kowtow” to him! Suddenly, wind of change takes place. The eldest lot of his students parted ways, follow by his Guru, which lead to series of unpleasant exchange. My question of ignorant – is this caused by FengShui wind of change or just plain bad luck?

Recently, something new occurred. XieZiFa is up for grab AGAIN. Intentionally call it bastardizing XieZi before as many claimed to have knowledge about an undisclosed indoor lineage method based solely on a book, published? Very avant-garde idea indeed! It must be another wind of change.

The only wind of change I know of is…

If Bolehland’s river remains filthy, dishonesty will remains, double standards will prevailed and there will be more incapable men doing important decisions. If Bolehland’s mountain remains hollow, lives will be even more difficult, young capable graduates are not able to even buy their very first house let alone build their very first home, prices of necessities and inflation will rise and the middle income group will depletes, more brain drains across the causeway benefitting Kiasuland. If causeway remains, Kiasuland will always be better than Bolehland. Need a wind of change?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Osama Hideout FengShui

Written a short article on this subject in PDF as a complimentary reading from our previous article on Osama in YiBaZi

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Special Note To Master Ng's Students

To All Students of QuanYuan

Once again we would like to invite ALL OF YOU to our coming BaZi Workshop. Yes, Master Ng has personally invites all previous QuanYuan BaZi Workshop participants to attend. Moreover, he hoped that you had given yourself enough time to polish your skill and this coming workshop would be a refresher course to everyone alike. 

Speaking to our first batch of students, you would realize that a repeated session is so much more interesting. The contents may be the same but because you have emerged yourself with different scenario, via personal efforts, questions, the forum, even direct communications with Master Ng, you will begin to see more things and understand the instruction better. Master Ng is very proud of our diligent students who often email him “difficult” chart, even though it is not in the syllabus. At least he knows that these batches of students are diligently upgrading their experiences and skills to another level. For the benefits of all, he may discuss such in the workshop.

More importantly, it is the spirits of QuanYuan not concealing the fact reserved for another module that Master Ng is so much willing to share. We must admit that his correspondence with all students would be different according to his discretion of each and every student’s performance and understanding. It is always this fact of being personally involved and personal guidance that is so much absent in other schools, that has left a mark in QuanYuan in building a line of succession of responsible and competent practitioners. Imagine Master Ng has personally, make trips as far as Singapore or invite students for further tutorial in his premises without even collecting a single fee to that effect.

That is the spirit of QuanYuan we are trying to preserve even it does not make commercial sense at all. This coming workshop, the installation for previous students would be slightly different. You would just have to enroll to find out. Saying thus, all invited students would be offered to joint our year end FengShui workshop. As in this workshop, we will reveal to our students real life cases of QuanYuan with emphasis of cases brought about by our students and the impact that has been brought about. You would not imagine how spot on it is as revealed by the student’s very own BaZi matches the FengShui formations in the student’s abode. 

We would not reveal any more other than to advise our students to be mentally prepared for the staggering experiences of Master Ng’s extravaganzas of reaping the BaZi chart open. We are very sure that our student has experienced such beforehand and as far as we know, never, never and never has any master dare to reveal all. The only reservation he has is the matter of life and death, which Heaven forbids. Due to the intricacies of the contents, students are not allowed to voice record such. It must be remained within the 4 walls of the workshop. This is the Karmic condition one must not break.

As there are already special request for new students joining in via the introduction of our existing students, kindly keep in touch with Master Ng or Lenny to enjoy the special privileges. Also all invited students please remember that there would be no calling for participation in this coming FengShui workshop. All the necessary details and scopes would only be made in this BaZi workshop

Don’t miss the boat! Pick up the phone and start to call. Master Ng has some nuggets of wisdom for you. Forget also about Facebook, just EMAIL us would do.

See you soon again for another “hair rising” experience!



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