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BaZhai TianYuan Fu - 八宅天元賦

BaZhai TianYuan Fu, written by Jiang DaHong may be taken with a pinch of salt. However, it is a script explaining the true mechanism of the "kindergarten" eight mansions. The style of instructions unlike Jiang's will of Heaven must not be disclosed, are rather straight forward. So, unlikely it is his work.
Coincidentally named BaZhai, it is an anti thesis to BaZhai MingJing which is a tapestry of SanHe and SanYuan hybrid. In Jiang's time, BaZhai is already so corrupted. He obviously did not deny the potency of BaZhai. All he did was to question further.

One question was, instead of consuming frightening name such as JueMing, it remains just a label. Any forms of Broken Mountain, as the author quoted is just another star created equally by Heaven. Similarly with the absurdity with an East and West house which is in true nature, is YinYang. In almost all his explanation, he  is talking about such in the forms of layers within the scale of environment, house and rooms. Obviously, this may also be mistakenly taken as a house sitting Gua is an absolute nonsense!

This script has never fails to amuse us in QuanYuan. The author further deliberates on the genesis of BaZhai which is rooted in SanYuan. Period Luck in his outright explanation differ so much from the modern application of FlyingStar, that immediately derailed Sheng's postulation. It inclines toward the theory in Purple White. Where do one think Life Gua is derived from?

The author is an adept to this art. Clarity of structure, Heaven Heart, YinYang, Qi flow, Receiving Qi are predominantly emphasize. As a matter of fact, it is so consistent with the other methods where the basis is YinYang. That is one reason, such "kindergarten" technique will not fail once it is applied correctly. The key to understand such is not in the theory but in the LandForm. The very pre-kindergarten level of RuDi Yan or Entering Earth Eye.

Another maverick idea is Yang FengShui is much superior to Yin FengShui. Pragmatic ways if Grave matter is not an option. Underlaying such is the implication that BaZhai is only applicable within the domains of Yang FengShui. Therefore know the limits.

For QuanYuan's student, you will understand more when you read the script as you have been drilled upon such in the FengShui workshop. We are not at the liberty to explain further in Yifengshui.

Thanks to Terrence Chan, an English translation is now available in PDF. He has continuously benefited the English speaking FengShui communities with his untiring labor in translation and commentaries as a student of Chinese metaphysics and due credits must be given to him. It is so sweet of him categorizing the scripts into sub headings and commentaries, which may also influence our way of thought.

Next time, when one is confronted with BaZhai, remember Jiang's own words, thus act with cautions.

P/S: QuanYuan student, please download HERE.

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What Is QuanYuan


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