Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FengShui Works!

Small experiment from QuanYuan's students. There is no reason not to test out what had been learned and see results for oneself. Both had attended our FengShui and BaZi workshops. Detail HERE.

Subject A:

Know very little about FengShui. Read of some theories from books. Still struggling to differentiate between Earth and Heaven plate, but was handy to use the kindergarten level Eight Mansions, that was taught. Enthusiastically went back to his office, rearrange his work desk. No complicated XKDG date selections and the sort. Purely landform. He was promoted. On top of that some monetary "surprises". Well to do!

Subject B:

Attended some classes on XKDG date selections with FlyingStar under the premise of XKDG as principle, FlyingStar as application. Urged to test it out. Tilted bed and I supposed he tilted his work desk as well. Supposing to work within hours, no news yet and not even strike lottery. XKDG 9/9 6/7 9/7 6/4 matching 1/7 facing and 7/7 male. 2 hours later nothing happened. One of the aquarium pump exploded in the Yin sector #1-7-9. Next day, his boss said that he will be promoted but had to wait until a new organization structure is up. Still waiting until now.....

Regardless of whatever method, this simple experiment illustrated one very simple TRUTH. Landforms take precedents over formula. Date selection is important only if one wants to see result immediately otherwise whatever method apply and if it is correctly apply, good results will sure to materialize with or without date selection. 

So guys continue to investigate and put into practice. Remember to flush out all the theories that only looks good on paper but show no result whatsoever. 

Success be with you, always.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Chinese Calendar 3 - Revisit HETU

Follow up from the Yarrow Stalk Method of Divination, the Classic says: -

“Therefore, it is stated that Heaven Numbers are 5, Earth Numbers are 5. 5 positions having obtained one another, each has a match. Heaven numbers 25, Earth numbers 30. Both heaven and earth numbers 55. This is that which having completed the alternations and transformations, sets in motion the Gui and Shen spirits.”

What it actually meant was:-

1. Heaven Numbers are 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 (Total 5 numbers)
2. Earth Numbers are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 (Total 5 numbers)
3. Sum of Heaven Numbers: 1+3+5+7+9=25
4. Sum of Earth Numbers: 2+4+6+8+10=30
5. Total Sum of Heaven and Earth Numbers = 55
6. When it is correctly apply, Qi is in motion.

Such is apply, mainly in XuanKong methodology with a close relationship in the Chinese Metaphysics. Details HERE.

Simple Book - 三字经

Three Syllabic Classics or commonly known as SanZi Jing《三字经》is neither a Confusion nor a FengShui classic per-se but it can be taken as the fundamental entry level text book in Chinese Metaphysics

The opening passage: -

人之初 (rén zhī chū) People at birth,
性本善 (xìng běn shàn) Are naturally good (kind-hearted).
性相近 (xìng xiāng jìn) their natures are similar,
習相遠 (xí xiāng yuǎn) (But) their habits make them different (from each other).

Dictates that human nature in its origin is good but their “cultivations” made them different. What caught my attention, when my 7 years old daughter asked me what is: -

有连山 (you lien shan) have combined mountains,
有归藏 (you gui chang) have hidden and revealed,
有周易 (you zhou yi) have Zhou Yi,
三易详 (san yi xiang) three Yi(s) detailed.

I am speechless for a moment and I believed it is not just “pure fortune” telling as commonly taught by her teacher. If indeed true, is that how “cultivations” are meant to be in our modern society?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Playing GOD with LYNAS

Too HOT to handle for RenChen year. After BERSIH 2.0, now we had HIJAU 2.0, Civil Liberty movements that comprise the Yellow and the Green against some of the governmental policies which were deemed to be unjust, detrimental to the public and biased. 
The entire issue of HIJAU 2.0 stems from the setting up of the Rare Earth Plant by Lynas Inc, detail read HERE which may posed the similar risk and environmental pollutions such as the one, Rare Earth Plant, in Bukit Merah which were hazardous to the locals. It is the radioactivity of this rare earth that is believed to be the source of leukemia, cancer and other health related problems which are uncalled for and the current government was blamed to keep an eye closed on such issue prioritizing monetary returns which take precedent over public outcry and general wellbeing. 

It may seem to be true that radioactivity has a very close connection to the notion of “ShengQi” or growing Qi in FengShui. Places such as Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl and Fukushima were once contaminated with radioactive disaster but yet, these are the center of Economic growths within a very short time. Japan is 2nd world largest economy after the US and Belarus is steadily growing in its economy even though EU is experiencing downturn after US, all to the credits of radioactivity? Well, China having the world monopoly grips of Rare Earth, is the awakened Economic Giant of the century. Could radioactivity contributed to China’s economic growth as well?

We may argued that the late Marie Curie died of “radium poisoning” and yet she has lived to a very ripe age of 65, exceeded the normal lifespan of woman around her era. Experiments may show that monkeys live in caves with higher Radon concentrations may be more intelligent then monkeys live on trees. Have all these experiments proved that radioactivity contributes to the general wellbeing of our species? 

By the same token, if radioactive materials are more concentrated in caves, valleys and places protected from winds and if it was to be taken as an elixir to prolong lives, increase wealth and increase intelligent, explained why on earth did WuDang, ErMei and HuaShan were known to have been the birth place of immortals, hermit who lived beyond the age of 100, center for martial arts and spirituality, ivory tower of wisdom and the enclave of political will and power, may just be at the top of the highest mountain in China? Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Middle East with their flattened barren lands are economic growth center with skylines on par with their western counterparts? Has all these got to do with radioactivity, the so called ShengQi?

Saying thus, my humble opinion is still NO! TO LYNAS…

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Re-Publika Manifesto 4

Having the Qi mouth fixed, the real "kungfu" is still within the proper main entrance to the complex in relation to the archway. Yet, is it still considered the main incoming Qi mouth? Having say so, beginner mistake - make all Qi mouth to be incoming!

There is a reason for the east entrance to dispel Qi. The eastern bright hall to be cluttered and so forth and a 'pet' cafe store to be located to have very little customer and to have its FengShui rectified. My question, would one prefer to use SanHe or SanYuan in this instances? If it is FengShuied, the amount of customer within such period is still far from satisfactory, belittling the secret method of XieZi Fa 些子法, if there is any?

I am puzzled by the fact that the ingenuity and the real intention of the FengShui artist was not clearly stated from the horse's mouth knowing beforehand that such masterpiece would be an invaluable discussion among his beloved graduating students who is one day crafting their names in the industry quoting ill equipped as an undisputed reason. So much so as a bona-fide gesture, Will await one day that such case study would be made available from the artist point of view and be discussed without the air of a master.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Re-Publika Manifesto-3

West entrance contains the signature archway cure, which is one celebrated method innovated to give an extra edge to XuanKong DaGua landform as was told, apparently inspired by the Chinese Archways Pass, which is already a very common method in the Chinese Civilization. The western Urban Designer called it Gateways, which denotes the entrance and exit of a city. Having such, all the internal doors are unified by this grand archway and it becomes the primary Qi mouth. Logically it may sound, but I have a different opinion to it.

To understand the intricate set up of the west entrance, one has to understand that it is receiving Yin structure, very unsentimental. So naturally a twisted archway is called for be it aligned to a particular DaGua is subject to further scrutiny. Yet, it is a pure landform solution to a landform problem.

Hill likes landscapes or nicknamed "ToFu", as was told to me, replicates the JuMen mountain at the rear. The fact is it is no more then to create cascading water effects to slow down Qi, nothing complicated whatsoever. There is also the drain to be addressed but that is another tale for another time.

To be continued...

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Re-Publika Manifesto 2

The entire complex is best represented by its main entrances.

The Rotunda entrance was designed to expel Qi by architectural default. There is no Killing Sha outside whatsoever. The glitch is the water exit which creates a pulling nose effect. Do we really need to see physical water? That is a typical wealth leakage. Then someone informed me that the Qi flow is too straight from right to left and the bright hall is not big enough to coagulate Qi, therefore the FengShui artist actually recommended a water feature to 'boundary' the Qi. These are the lesson they learn as graduate FengShui practitioners. I really hope that they had heard it wrongly, for all purpose said why would a potted water feature installed and not a pond dug out from the ground? Too much theory overdosed?  

As for the flaw in the internal bright hall, a sunken platform is always a technically challenged solution, yet there are other ways to go about it. Saying thus the eateries at the white tiger side enjoys brisk business while the others so-so and my instant question is why?

... To be continue

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Re-Publika Manifesto 1

A great tipped off. News have it that a not so well to do mall is gradually improving thanks to the art of FengShui. My visit there during lunch doesn't seen too promising. According to reliable sources, it used to be worse. That I could only imagine, splendor architecture without a single soul using it. What a waste. One biggest problem I must admit is the 'design failure' of the car park, absolutely brainless with so many blind spots, confusing driveways, narrow ramps and pathetic turning radius which only fits the 'kancil' (pun intended for the smallest vehicle produce by Bolehland). Technically speaking, such development is strongly dependable by offices and residential nearby. Obviously, you will not go there for no apparent reason. By virtue of its densities, it will soon be consumes by residence and office workers alike. Only time is the factor and the use of FengShui to expedite auspiciousness is warranted here.

One cannot justify its FengShui formation without understanding the big structure with its complete embrace and Qi mouth. Understanding thus one would understand why it fails to prosper within a short period. In a perfect FengShui jargon it is said to have been imbalanced YinYang. However, the source Qi is still available, that is a good thing as far as RuDi Yan or Entering Earth Eye is concerned. Yet, I am a bit doubtful if it is within SanShui JiuXing FanGua Fa or method of the 9 stars in evaluating mountain and water, as claimed. It's pure wishful thinking.

In any FengShui application, one cannot just go and instill all cures without  understanding the layers of YinYang involved. This is one thing many FengShui teachers are not ready to teach. In a given context of a built structure, mapping of the Qi maps become important for without such how would one knows how Qi flows? Yet, it is surprise to see how many advanced students of FengShui actually fumbles when one asked how would one actually determine it is an incoming Qi and not an outgoing Qi. Implying also, is every door opens to the external is an incoming Qi mouth? Better, does Qi flows from left to right or right to left? Very fundamental question but surprisingly many advanced students are more concerned about formulas then all these building blocks of RuDi Yan.

... To be continue.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

AngPow Fiasco, Malaysia Boleh!

Image from

Chinese traditions are deeply rooted on implicit significant that is not so easily understood by outsider. The meaning of AngPow is just not a “Red” packet. It has farfetched meanings as to who are the giver and the recipients. They mean entirely different things. Although simple enough AngPow contains money, the significant is not its monetary content but gestures and merits, which is very “Zen” alike which is also blended with “Karmic” significant. Unlike trade where one gives away a form of a service or goods in return for a considerable sum of money, giving and receiving AngPow means entirely different things.

For a Chinese Metaphysics consultant receiving AngPow from its Client signify beyond just completing its due diligent, but the essence that what has been taken away from the act has been replenished back for the prosperity of both the giver and the receiver so that there is no Karmic bond between the act, the actions and the results of it.

For a married couple to give AngPow to singles during Chinese New Year is not just an obligation but a gentle reminder for children to remain innocent and lovely while single to be upgraded to be a giver coming year. Receiving AngPow from an elder or senior means a well being for longevity to the giver and proper growth for the receiver. Definitely not everybody can simply give and receive.

Similarly so, when one receives education from a master, in return of a tea ceremony is an AngPow given from the master to his pupil. Other paraphernalia are bowl, chopstick, cane and so forth which bear many forms of significant.

The current fiasco in Malaysia, detail read HERE, is the amplification of the lack of understanding and the superficial knowledge of the Chinese traditions. By virtue of giving the supposedly AngPow in white envelope, it is no longer AngPow but PekKim or precisely, White Money, some form of donation for the purpose of funeral. If it is given during a happy event, it meant to say the giver is “cursing” the recipients and if the recipient is elderly, it meant to greet short life and sorrowful event. It is not too surprise when it all comes from a nongovernmental organization with racial motives and it happens after 50 years of independent of Malaya and for donkey years, the Chinese has been living in harmony with the locals since the time of early Chinese Dynasty in the Malay Archipelago, there is simply no excuse of not knowing the Chinese traditions and pretending to be liked one, dishing out “angpows”! 

Next time, when someone gives AngPow, better think twice and for our fellow practitioners, it is not the content that matters but the significant of the packet bearing its RED.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

点穴 Dotting The Dragon Spot - Any Significant?

Here is the Google terrain showing the "Dragon Spot" as shown in our not so new article, Moosti Spot For Sale, Going Once Going Twice, SOLD!. Just to make thing more interesting, can anyone tell us where exactly is this very location of "Dragon Spot"? In fact, there is more then one, no, many minor spots, with one receiving 3 veins completes with multiple embraces. Almost perfect, it lack one very important item. Please guess again!

A little background about this development. It started off with the wrong footing and the project has been passed from one hand to another causing a delay to almost 10 years. Infrastructure work was a nightmare. Lately was informed that sale has picked up tremendously with a change in name. Now, it is one of the jewel within the area. FengShui-wise, the "dragon" has arrived with beautiful roads and landscapes, well short of saying, it is timely for the "Dragon Spot" to be activated. Has all these got to do with Direct/Indirect spirit? You tell us. However, we did not say, the players are not making any monies from the sale!

Small observation liked DTF, tell us that it is not the spot that matter, but the properties that are able to receive Qi. So, even given such superb natural formation in the beginning, if one does not know how to use it, it is as good as draining wealth down the drain. 

The next question is what about the classics liked 地理五 Earth Studies Five Principles says? Many assumed that this classic only talks about Water Dragon, which is untrue. This book illustrate the arts of observation of the interaction between mountains and waters within the 5 criteria of Dragon, Embrace, Water and Spot to establish Facing

So, it just not the Spot itself which has the significant of a Good FengShui.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

壬辰 RenChen 2012 Year - Observation of Ding TaiFung @ Garden Mall

Din Tai Fung @ Garden, very similar to its counterpart in Singapore where it is tug over at a corner in Lower Ground yet it is so different structurally in FengShui. 

Above diagram indicates the Lower Ground of Garden connecting to the Megamall. Red indicates the location of DTF. Sector A, denotes the passive sector while sector B denotes the active sector. DTF is located at the active sector. In fact, there is nothing special whatsoever with regard to the lower ground of Garden Mall but yet sector B is actively occupied by people and the eateries located there are always full house, whereas sector A suffers from the lack of patrons.

Questions, is it because of DTF that brings in people to occupy sector B rather than sector A or simply Qi accumulates more in sector B than sector A? This real life example demonstrated that there is indeed truth in the theory of East and West houses, River East and River West theory and more importantly, it is all about balancing YinYang in multiple layers. Strangely, there is no water features, magical fountains and ponds whatsoever, yet it is a location for making money. 

As usual more in-depth analysis is cover in our case studies HERE.

Friday, February 3, 2012

壬辰 RenChen 2012 Year - Observation of Ding TaiFung @ eCurve

Chinese New Year observation…
Never really get bored observing the opening of the new outlets for Ding Tai Fung chain restaurants. Each of the outlet has something similar yet diverse. Similar in terms of its design to maximize Qi collections and diverse in terms of its stylistic approach in finishing touches of installing its FengShui structure. The newly opened DTF at eCurve, as contrary to its counterpart in Paragon Singapore, does not employ water features. It is not located at the lower ground but at the ground floor instead, overlooking the void. It has tilted door for some other reasons and definitely not for XKDG fighting SanSha purposes. It receives Heavenly Water on the other sides. The list continues…

Of the entire venue, it chooses to be housed in eCurve which is known to be Cine Leisure once before it closed down and bought over by other parties. eCurve, among the nexus of shopping complexes comprising Ikea, Ikano, Curve, Tesco and so forth in Mutiara Damansara, is not really at its prime in term of human traffics and consumer mass epicenter with many wealth leaking flaws. The shopping arcades within are almost soulless. The only happening things are the discotheque and cinema which will come alive after dusk. The lower ground food arcades were, surprisingly, under patronized. Compared with other well to do complexes within the same vicinity, it fails in many areas of concern. One question remains, why eCurve was chosen, perhaps cheaper rental? Where FengShui biggest concern is always location, location and location, why must it be located at eCurve? Perhaps there are something more… 

It soft launched on 29 January 2012, approximately 10am. The ThongShing states that this day is an establishment day with excellent DongGong date. The concerns are it is also one of the 10 ferocious days with huge disaster. It is also the day of emptiness. Generally not a very good day for auspicious opening with very little ShenSha stars. 

XKDG date selection suggests a TianLei Gua or without wrong doing with the combination of 5 of its period luck while GuaQi has no significant correlation whatsoever. It is a pure Yang Gua with push factors and GuaQi is unstable. Yet, it is a chosen date for soft launch (yes, the key word is SOFT)…

Purposefully structured in metal receiving Yin prosperous water, it is designed to prosper activated in Mao year. With a Yin facing and sitting, almost crossing every “t” and dotting every “I”. Could it represent the work of a SanHe master? 

Looking at the DaGua perspective, to achieve YiGua ChunQing, LongShan XiangShui, its GuaQi are in the combination of 10 while its period luck is in the combination of 5. Could it also represent the work of a SanYuan master? 

In fact, eCurve is such an interesting place for FengShui observation while one looks at all those arcades with the intended layout within the complex. It always tells stories of its success and failures beyond just the 9 grids of the Flying Star chart. Some share the similar structure with DTF but because it opens the wrong door, everything goes down to waste.

OK, is time for me to catch another movie, “Ah Beng Three Wishes

Huat Ah!


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