Tuesday, October 16, 2012

QiMen DunJia Bandwagon

Recently there is another bandwagon in town - QiMen DunJia (QMDJ). Gone are the days of XuanKong DaGua (XKDG), FeiXing (XKFX) and so forth. The intriguing part of it is how these informations are provided for mass consumptions. There was once said, XKDG is the principle, XKFX is the application. So, learning XKFX is insufficient without knowing XKDG. Then came the hlate grandmaster Zheng ZiNan with his famous XieZiFa. It was also said that the current XKDG known in the industry is incomplete without knowing QMDJ, were some believed, the complete system are known as XianTian (Early Heaven) QMDJ XKDG date selections. So, XKDG is actually a date selection method disguise as a FengShui method. Purpotedly QMDJ enable a more precise selction of hour within the bihour date selection of XKDG. Each of the 8 doors of QMDJ are able to unlock the respective Hexagram so that Heaven Man and Earth are able to connect. How these connect depends solely and squarely in one understanding of GuiChang LianShan Hexagram. Double up with the technique of MingShi PanXian, it is not only calculation is involved but the actual arrival of the constellations above us. It is therefore a complete "space age" systems of our forefather since FuXi prehistoric period. Can you believe that?

QMDJ is said to have been one of the highest form of art known as SanShi, with its counterpart TaiYi and LuiRen. Many did not actually know that QMDJ is only a small part of the entire QIMEN SANSHI. When it is said, there is this ultimate art called QiMen SanShi, governing the Heaven, Man and Hell (yes, not earth as many believes it to be), TaiYi ShenShu is used to open the QiMen of Heaven, DunJia is used to open the door of Man and LiuRen for the gate of Hell, its meanings are entirely different. With such you will have a totally different understanding in your approach to QMDJ. It is not just comprising the term Qi as in SanQi, the 3 wonders of Yi,Bing and Ding, Men or doors such as the 8 doors and DunJia, hiding the leader of the 6 Jia streams of JiaZi and so forth. Saying thus, predictions are only a very small part of it. Accumulating the desire energy before embarking on a crucial activities are very minor beginners approach. Understanding the 9 grids and its ingredients without knowing how to apply on a physical 3D space is what the Chinese called, organizing an army on paper instead of the battlefield.

The ultimate goal is to reverse the irreversible through what modern science called, space time wrap and parallel reality. This is XieZi? Beyond that, I am not at the liberty to disclose.

To understand DunJia, first we had to discern where the Dun comes from. Strangely not many ask why did the annual JiaZi change in the arrival of spring while the YinYang Dun change in the arrival of winter and summer? Why it is said that one Gua governs 3 seasonal nodes and a 5 days interval was used in the form of 360 days a year instead of the physical 365+ days a year? Probably, the Chinese naunce of "year" differ significantly from "age". So it makes entirely sense why some school uses the LiChun BaZi while other uses the DongZhi BaZi instead for annual predictions. The answer is one looking at the age while the other, the year. Probably, when one understand the meanings of cold and hot predispositions, one will probably understand why BaZi is read that way and it is all the building block of QMDJ. Without the throughout understanding of such, one will easily jumps into concluding that CaiBu is chaotic while JiRun is the only way to go.
Beforehand, what are these CaiBu and JiRun? The core mechanics of QMDJ is rotation. Very much liked gear, which uses a 360 spokes instead of the 365+ days. So, there is a time where intercallary is required to realign back the spoke so as to match the actual days. In this way, it will not go out of synchronicity with the solar seasons. The CaiBu manner is to dismantle, Cai and to reconstruct, Bu back the spoke. This is where it looks "chaotic". While JiRun is a calendrical science method to recalibrate the spoke when it reachess 9 days or more out of synchronicity between the spoke and the day's stem branch. One Hexagram lineage is to use both. One is to obtain a diagnosis while the other the prescription, because the essence of the Hexagram school is how it changes - Yi.

Similarly is how the 9 stars are arranged, rotational versus flying palaces. The 9 purplewhite stars groundwork are built upon the purplewhite script that stipulate that star leans, AiXing and not rotate. However, astrological sciences indicate that the star rotates above us and not leans. So which is correct? Both are indeed correct. The rotational star chart is the body and leaning star chart is the application. So are the 8 Doors, both rotational and lean at the same time. The problem is not many school discloses such techniques, especially so in applications.

Again, this bandwagon has been overly priced especially so when its franchise is coming from Taiwan. If it does not teach you to "kill" you will not learn the core of QMDJ, as to "heal". It is liked not knowing at all. A true teacher only passes this knowledge to the deserving one both in conduct and unrighteousness without a price tag. Think about it!


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