Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oppa Dragon Style - PSYcho Gong Xi Gong Xi!

The recent BN's fiasco in Penang is jaw dropping. Reading one Chinese Metaphysics article is even more jaw dropping. Aside from the racist intonation, classifying natural landforms according to race is unthinkable. It is almost liked bringing back the horrifying memory of "Malay Supremacy" in disguise of Mountain Dragons. The inability to grasp the main social politic issues are a good joke for Chinese New Year. On such account, minus the racist intonation, I do enjoy the joke.  

The Geographical structure of the peninsular Bolehland made up of a spine of mountain range coming all the way from the Indochina, called Titiwangsa, ends in an Island called Kiasuland. Strengthen by the Johore causeway and embraced by Sumatera and Kalimantan, it is where the final spot the "dragon" nested. This spine coming from NW to SE also divide the peninsular into 2 halves, SW sectors and NE sectors. 

For the past 50 years of independent, we could identify that the SW sectors prosper more compared to its NE counterpart. Such reason I leave it to all to speculate. More importantly, the Tahan Mountain being the highest in the peninsular Bolehland is the emperor star, LienZhen. Unfortunately, Pahang, its host state is not the riches state among the federation of Bolehland. Discounting "Uncle Lim's Casino", have you seen any Nagarito, Sakai, Jakun and the other indigenous people prosper? So, something must be very wrong to assume that it also host the most "dragon spots"? 

Just like PSY comes and go in staggering speed leaving all of us with great vibes and good joke to start a year and USD2 million poorer, I assumed JibKor also ferry in his FengShui master in staggering speed, all in one day affair for a stipend of USD 8 million, enriching the Taiwanese. Yet, it is still too early to see if it ever bore results benefited the paymaster in the expanse of the greater society? 

That I will leave it as a tale for another day.

Friday, February 15, 2013

What Is A Complete SanYuan SanShi QiMen 三元三式奇門 - HeLuo XuanJi SanYuan 64 Gua 河洛玄機三元六氣奇門遁甲

When a XKDG YiGua ChunQing 一卦純清 has both the supports of QiMen portal with the arrival of TaiYi QiMen 太乙奇门 at the facing, what is lack here is the water method to hold the entire formation together. 

Some Taiwanese masters called these the ZhongTian ShuiFa 中天水法 or the HeLuo XuanJi SanYuan 64 Gua 河洛玄機三元六氣奇門遁甲. The trick here is to enable what is probably called FeiXing RuDou  飛星入斗 or Flying Star entering asterism. The way these 64 Gua arrays are entirely different from XKDG, because they are based on LianShan GuiChang Gua 连山归藏 instead.

While we always thought that LianShan GuiChang were extinct, LianShan is referred to the source Qi of KunLun and GuiChang, the water dragon of HuangHe. Matching both will unlock the secrets of LingZheng principles and determine where SanYuan water mouth should be located. Some called it AiXing Fa, but it is really LiuRen QiMen  六壬奇門 in nature, where the 4 Wei Gua or the ordinal trigrams are the basis of LianShan GuiChang. 

In a 3D formation, it is the ladder that links the underworld, human and heaven together. Although the market driven LungMen BaJu, Dragongate 8 Formations is also called ZhongTian ShuiFa, it is a modified version of the LiuRen QiMen. That is why it will never reflects the true landform consideration to an extend it sounded illogical.

I personally disagree with how these Taiwanese masters tend to gel things together especially so when the source are as doubtful as hearing from grandma's tale. Especially when it is said HeLuo XuanJi SanYuan 64 Gua was discovered from so and so in a cave at Hainan Island. Furthermore, with the aid of computer, SanShi QiMen looks like any western astrology and I believed, if it can be found as any computer softwares, its real truth is somewhere far far away...

No wonder, I was told QMDJ date selections are used to do FengShui, determine auspicious hour and do predictions. OMG!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Is A Complete SanYuan SanShi QiMen 三元三式奇門 - MingShi PanXian 明師盤線

Insufficient with that, some Taiwanese masters also included the use of Heavenly Star method, TianXing Fa 天星法 based on QiZheng SiYou 七政四餘 or some called QiZheng SanWang 七政三王 to match the actual arrival of the asterism to a sub sector of a hexagram.

Heavenly Star method is the core astrology study of TaiYi ShenShu 太乙神數, one of the SanShiQiMen. It is also the basis of how the SiFenLi or the 4 remaining calendar is derived from. 4 Remaining is another word for intercalary, apt for the intercalary of 64 Hexagram to the 60 JiaZi. By determining the exact of the7 luminaries to the closest minute, one is able to determine the 5 elemental correlation between the asterism with the palace it resides. That will be as close to a Yao within a Hexagram. 

Extended from XKDG YiGua ChunQing, the change of Yao within a specific hexagram is called ChaoYao HuanXiang, changing a Yao to change the imagery of a hexagram. Because the Yao is less than a degree, it is very difficult to ascertain its correct usage and often rendered as nonsense. 

Matching the properties' sitting and facing of the dynamic 7 luminaries within the fixed asterism, it is how the art of TaiYi QiMen applied to XKDG. One school called such as MingShi PanXian 明師盤線 or Great Master Plate Line. The term line denotes the correlation among the 7 luminaries, palaces of the 28 asterism and its subsectors within the 64 Hexagram sitting and facing Yao lines. Come to think of it, the Taiwanese has given it a twist as a rocket science of Chinese Metaphysics. 

... To Be Continue

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What Is A Complete SanYuan SanShi QiMen 三元三式奇門 - XKDG Early Heaven 64 Gua 三元玄空先天64卦奇門遁甲

One mistake with regard to QiMenDunJia (QMDJ) date selection is the auspicious date! There is NO auspicious or inauspicious date to begin with. QMDJ hour school is base on the selection of hour to benefit from one situation. It is a sum zero game that require one to take side.
If one is the offensive, the QMDJ plate will best tell you the scenario to win. Whereas the defender will see from the plate, where is the situation that require the most defend. There is absolutely no good or bad, but what is appropriate. The entire chart is a scenario telling the plot of both parties.
In Taiwan, the simultaneous use of QMDJ with XKDG Early Heaven 64 Gua 三元玄空先天64卦奇門遁甲  was made popular by the late grandmaster Zeng ZiNan. This method advocated the ability of the hexagram to unlock a specific QMDJ portal to achieve YiGua ChunQing 一卦純清.
The secrets to this method vested in the way the QMDJ portals are assigned to the 64 hexagram from as simple as assigning via HeTu configuration to a complicated "S" sequence. When this method is properly applied, results will manifest almost immediately with an unfolding phenomenon indicating that the specific portal is indeed open. Some take this as an art to activate XieZiFa 些子法.
... To Be Continue

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Moosti Spot in Tampin?

House hunting in Tampin is a strange exercise. You choose house, house chooses you. Found one just nested in the dragon spot... but... but... BUMI status... What a waste?

Can you tell what formation is this?


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