Thursday, May 16, 2013

The YiJing of Bolehland Government

What we perceived Bolehland Executive Structure is liked a Pyramid where its CEO is at the pinnacle. This is a Normal Western Outlook. In terms of YiJing Gua, such arrangement is horrible. Even when he wins the Bolehland election with the slimmer majority, its CEO is on the way to the chopping board and the next CEO goes up the pedestal.
However, the Bolehland Supremo is smarter, probably he understood YiJing Gua. He has his proxy runs Bolehland. Anyone failed his expectation; he has someone else ready to take over, ultimately from his pool of family members. A Dynasty in creation. He is the actual seat of POWER. Better, most proxies cannot see eye to eye with each other thus create the “check and balance”. What has this got to do with YiJing Gua?
The first scenario is where Gen above Kun. A single Yang Yao supported by all the Yin Yao. Any mistake from the bottom Yao, the entire structure collapse like a house of cards. Do you think it is favorable?
The second scenario is where Zhen above Kun. A single Yang Yao just manage to resemble upon crossing the lower trigram. It is liked an impossible task managed to be completed successfully. A break through. YiJing jargon denotes – a successful crossing. So, whichever the top Yin Yao collapse, the Yang Yao is still hidden, untouchable. Beautiful and a good resemblance of DunJia 遁甲.
Can never have enough of such ancient timeless wisdom.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bolehland's Poison Is Kiasuland's Meat

Reading this article, Singapore – Friend or Foe caught me thinking. Similarly to the question, YinYang forever cannot be discerned on its own 陰陽永遠分不開, in order for this Kiasuland to prosper, its neighbors must be otherwise. Look around Indonesia and Bolehland, what had they in common - Corruption?
Kiasuland is nestle neatly embraced by the strait of Johore, receiving Qi from the Titiwangsa take a deep dive under the strait of Johore and resurfaced in Bukit Timah dropping its Spot in the region of Raffles, where central CBD is centralized. Cluster of islands forming Indonesia deflected Qi to this very same spot making it a perpetual Qi generator. The Johore causeway only strengthens such mechanism. Any attempt to replace it with bridge is impossible as the patriarch of Kiasuland knows too well that its main Qi conduit rests within this connection. A clean internal stream within the island state distributes quality Qi evenly to all parts.
As Kiasuland shares similarity in cultural inclination and historical background with Bolehland any weakness in Bolehland would be the strength of Kiasuland. If Bolehland civil administration is good with minimal corruption, would MNC set up their regional HQ in Kiasuland? If Bolehland pratices meritocracy, would there be brain drain to Kiasuland? If Bolehland economy prospers her citizen, would Kiasuland be the economic center of SEA? However, History has no “IF”.
The current disillusion state of Bolehland would only prosper Kiasuland. With the rise of Indonesia, commodities of Bolehland are in the threshold of self-destruction. Industrials are relocating to the northern region of Indochina for lower operation cost . Dampened meritocracy escalate brain drain benefitting others. Social unrest with the minimal trust now vested upon the system of democracy of Bolehland from the Judiciary, Legislative to the Executive right up to the most fundamental of homeland security of the police force, influx of aliens with illegitimate citizenship, depletion of the middle income group and rise of cronyism and corruption, uncontrolled inflation and the sort.
Only when Kiasuland’s neighbors are in the state of disorientation, real prosperity of Kiasuland would grow. This is the fundamental of Real Yin Real Yang. The purest Yang would grow within the oldest and the dying Yin.
This is how one discern YinYang.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Post GE 13 - Trouble Waiting?

The Malaysian GE 13 is over… Those who predicted BN lost based on the RAHMAN Prophecy are going to eat humble pies. Just the night before voting, I drew a Gua contemplating will Pakatan win? I got Earth above Water. One solitary Yang among the YinNot good and too much obstacles. It is also not at the correct location. The wrong Gua, TianHuo ThongRen is better while the rest is history.
Good Luck Malaysia...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Who Is The Winner of GE 13?

GE13 Fevers continue… It is also a classic examples of 陰陽永遠分不開.
1. BN is the current Government and as compared to the people, it is Yang 陽. Thus the current Opposition is Yin 陰.
2. All BN’s action is visible, Yang 陽, all Opposition’s action is subversive, Yin 陰.
3. When BN seems to rule, Yang 陽, its subversive intention is corruption, Yin 陰.
4. When the Oppositions voice their frustrations, Yin 陰, its obvious reason is to uphold righteousness, Yang 陽.
5. That is the reason why BN’s being Yang 陽, uses Yin 陰 subversive approach liked scare tactics, bribery, insinuation, vulgarity, under handed approach and the such…
6. On the other hand, the Opposition being Yin 陰, uses Yang 陽 approach liked exposing the scandals, solidarity to fight a cause, mass appeal, popular policies drive and the such…
7. When a Yin 陰 too much, it becomes Yang 陽. Similarly, when a Yang 陽 too much, it becomes Yin 陰. This is the natural order of Yi. The only unchanged is change.
8. BN must not transform… but look what it is happening? Transformation is also their motto. When the Gua transform, Yang 陽 to Yin 陰, government becomes Opposition.
9. Opposition must transform, it is natural for their motto to be Change! When the Gua transform, Yin 陰 to Yang 陽, Opposition becomes government.
10. That is the natural order of things…
So, guess who will win?


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