Thursday, October 18, 2007

Missing Corner, How To Deal With It?

Many times great architectural design will have to be forgone in order to comply to a certain Feng Shui principle, notably, the 4 points gold principle, or the complete sectors house, making a whole lot square box design almost liked the re visit of the modernist industrial liked building ala Bauhaus, Corbusier and Wright. Perhaps also, Feng Shui is modern in that sense.

What happened if a corner is missing? Assuming SouthWest sector is missing. KUN GUA is missing, meanings that the 2 more associated corners are also weaken namely, KAN North and XUN SouthEast. Weaken KAN sectors foretold stressful situation, if not handled may lead to alcoholism and other water related problems. Whereas weaken XUN means financial overspend and problem related to it.

I took the liberty to quote a real case from another forum: -

" ... I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me: I live in a 3rd floor apartment with a big missing sector: My FU WEI, which is the southwest sector. Every attempt to have a stable, fulfilling, nurturing love life has failed for one reason or another since I've lived here I'm also alone a lot, sometimes by choice, but sometimes just feeling isolated and misused... "

My reply was " ... If really it is a missing KUN sector and you are a GUA 2 person, you really have no affinity with the house. It is not only KUN that is affected but KAN and XUN, as well. Among others, KUN is suppose to be nourished but in your case, hollow and you are driven into a state of sunken isolated depression. Another effect of the KAN. Next you may be intoxicated by over consumption of alcohol, we called this contamination of KUN. Financially you may tend to spend more, getting those stuff that you don't really needs. Even career wise it is not growing.Shift by all means otherwise strengthen your west sector - DUI (temporary measure)..."

One may thought what is DUI, west sector has to do with it? This is another so called, secret formula in Xuan Kong known as Patching the Red, or simply calling backed the loosed sector. DUI and KUN has an early heaven establishment, or simply they are meant to gel together as 1 entity. By strengthening the DUI sector by means of human action, DUI is the 7th star in the pantheon of Xuan Kong star chart, notably famous for piercing effect such as a blade in speech or in the lime light liken to jeweleries. In another note, socializing and mixing with people.

So, I continued, " ...KUN GUA can represents many things, you are right to note abt. woman bread winner, motherly but most important of all GROWTH. It is just not this area alone that is affected but, KAN and XUN are the resultants of the missing KUN, among others financial matters quickly depleting (just dunno how much this advisor charge for the dragons?) and water related health problem liked depression that may lead to other things as well. These resultant area needs to be fortified, strengthen by activating the right QI. So that KUN, which is missing can be drawn back. This may be done in this manner, 2-7. DUI related activities or in the DUI sector. Talk to other people more. Socialized, communicate, open up, cheer up, spend more time in the lime light, activate the 7# (but must be careful), among others these are DUI related matters. Hopefully things will be better of. Cheers..."

Her feedback are as the followings:

"...Wanted to tell you that I'm definitely going to try activating the sector(s) that directly draw the KUN sector back in. Your advice was helpful in every way. Also, I've gotten out and been more social/gregarious over the past month, following a few peoples' advice, and things have really really changed for the better in those previous areas of concern!! Thanks again for your insight!..."

In conclusion, it is not so big deal if one has a missing corner. The award winning Architectural Design can stayed, all that is needed is to compensate by "Patching the Red".

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Door Versus Gate

It has been quite disturbing some times, to view comments and statements of mockery of that sort arising from some anonymous people who does not have a clue of what Feng Shui is all about. The fact is the complication arise when the deciding factor of which is to use in the alignment process, especially to Masters whom are in favor of door tilting. Both SanHe and SanYuan uses both the door and the gate, with different purpose and intentions.

Gate is utilized when a community is of the concerns. This is true when we look into the establishment of facing in the case of: -

"... using the structure to establish the facing..."

As deployed by most SanHe masters. It is this gate that establish the in coming Qi mouth, in growth, versus the exiting Qi major Qi mouth at grave, establishing prosperous facing, thus making the trinity of growth, prosperous and grave in the SanHe framework. As facing govern wealth, the gate is the first line of entrance before the main door. A concept similar to the notion of three separation by the bright halls and three harmony as stated above. So, it is not really appropriate to jump into conclusion that tilting of the gate is a Grave Mistake, without first make known the method used.

In the case of SanYuan, have one heard of Castle Gate or Castle Door. Indeed it is the Gate, in question and not the door. The Castle Gate application can only be applied when the formation of the embrace squeeze the water exit, known as locking of the water mouth, with the establishment of facing of the house, in this case, the main door, 45 degree from the current prosperous locked water mouth to conform with the Castle Gate theory.

The notion of Qi Mouth in Xuan Kong again is quite different of that in SanHe. Tapping of Qi is from the Gate to the door. In XK, the emphasis is on the container of Qi, that is to say, the confinement of 4 walls with a main opening, the door. The notion of: -

"... Heavenly Heart Moves, 9 Palaces Altered..."

Could only take position within the 4 walls. That make sense for masters who deployed the DaGua method in tilting the door rather then the gate, so that the Gua of the door matches the Gua of the incoming road with the Gua of the mountain or sitting to be of the same family so that none auspicious matter is out of Gua.

Genuine masters of traditional fengshui must take the effort to explain to the public significant facts such as these, before the entire notion of Feng Shui becomes a mockery arising from pure ignorants and greed's. It will be rather a sad affair when notable feng shui practitioner are labeled tau kei by the more veteran one before the method deployed is being investigated throughoutly.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Monday, October 8, 2007

Practice Note On Xuan Kong Fengshui

Yet another course on Xuan Kong Yang dwelling has been completed. Is there anything exceptionally exciting from the course that the book by any oriental bookshop could not offer, I guess there must be, otherwise it just does not worth the course fee of USD2,000.00. The major item are the definition of 2 sitting star in the flying star chart. Yes, 2 sitting star instead of the normal 1 sitting and 1 facing. Where does this other sitting star comes about, yet the other "facing" star is terminologically called the other sitting star! You read it correctly, indeed. So where is the facing, as the explanation goes that the facing is derived from the facing GUA (hexagram) from the alignment of the Main Door. The conjunction of the both sitting stars, so to speak, that made up the Sitting GUA (hexagram) is made to fly the Loshu path in the 9 palace grid. The others remained status-quo as per the Shen's Classic (Master Shen Xuan Kong School Textbook). These collectively made up the introduction to Xuan Kong Da Gua, secret formula.

Next, the 81 combinations explained in great detail let alone, have to be remembered. Do you need to put these up into memory, let say #1-6 combo, #2-8 combo and so on. A reputable metaphysics researcher has on his web page put it explicitly the meanings of these combinations for free. Just download and memorized. The classic says: "... dragon separated by TWO, GUA derived by THREE portions...", these 3 portions mean the number represents number, GUA images and QI. They meant different things all together. If these were to be compounded into the existing 81 combo, we had 243 combinations to remember. Add the 9 palaces interaction, we had another 2187 combinations. Well that is a lot to remember indeed! The essence is within the 8 GUA images, 10 stems and 12 branches. No secret formula, but the price to pay is USD 4,000.00

It is also timely that an article called, Balancing Theory and Application, has been placed on the Web. Again, my noble question is what is the price to be paid for, in salvaging the interpretation of the classics that has been designed to mislead the uninitiated, or the famous Master Jiang Da Hong's phrase, the will of Heaven must not be disclosed. Pricey indeed, yet we are all chasing for this, so called, secret formula.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai


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