Thursday, March 13, 2008

Election Aftermath 3rd Installation: The Crackdown

Before the election, this is what I had posted earlier for my 2008 annual prediction for my country: -

"...The question is, will there be capabilities to salvage the water? First, we understood that the root is reckoned, not bad for a start. Among others, there are hidden plans; mechanism is in placed to contain the effect. But how effective it is? As a starter, the electoral results will reflect what has been well received, with many mega projects installed up in the sleeves and promises made across the country to all levels, then the picture will starts to unfold. This will be the real not the surreal..."

We read that this is what reported in Malaysiakini: -

"...BN suffered its worst ever result in Saturday's polls, losing its two-thirds majority in parliament for the first time since 1969 and conceding four more states to a resurgent opposition..."

What more could we asked for?

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Election Aftermath 2nd Installation: Blur..Blur...

This is what the Gua no.4 Meng has to say: -


YOUTHFUL FOLLY has success.It is not I who seek the young fool;The young fool seeks me.At the first oracle I inform him. If he asks two or three times, it is importunity.If he importunes, I give him no information.Perseverance furthers.


A spring wells up at the foot of the mountain:The image of YOUTH.Thus the superior man fosters his characterBy thoroughness in all that he does.

WuJi as it denotes and the Gua Image it represents, up mountain down water, Meng or Dream liked a misty mountain, indeed has manifested itself over the past accounts before and after the General Election. At the material time, post election dilemma has been unveiled chapter by chapter, starting from the defeat of the national coalition in Penang, followed by the defeat of most senior politicians from the national coalition components and resulted in casualty that witnessed the national coalition party lost 5 states to the oppositions. The aftermath, has been an absolute lost of directions for the national front, each components trying to revisit their very own fundamentals and relevance to the society it serves. Over the last 4 decades, this would had been unimaginable and on this basis it will seems hard on the national front to accept defeat at such magnitude let alone, glueing up the loose end and chart the course forward. No doubt, the national front is forming the government by a simple majority, one would witness that the plans that had been on the sleeves suddenly lost its momentum and directions. Forming the cabinet has been in itself a great challenge, with the withdrawal syndrome now faced by its component leaders, absolute disillusions and Blur.

On the opposition front, the confusion arise in the apportionment of the prized pie. There has never been a pack among the 3 opposition front, each representing an Islamic party, Chinese dominant party and a Malay dominant party, beforehand. These parties had never dreamt of denying the national front for 2/3 majority and how could it be after 4 decades of independent? The opposition front also were in the dilemma as seen in the unfolding events of appointing the Perak MB, deciding the number 2 post for Selangor and State Exco seat allocation to DAP. These hiccups has been read as confusing signals to the masses, let alone in identifying what these front has installed for these states to come. All blurred up!

The Malaysian has been left with no directions at this point in time. Gone are the visions and like wise, Malaysian has been left in the mountain surrounded by mist or rather haze.

On the same footing, one will also notice the effect of the period 8, Gen denoting the triumph of a younger and naive generations with solid fundamentals and less rhetorical. The power grips of the older generation or rather lead by an older man has been diminishing, replaced by younger leader with almost no experience in the government, grounded firmly and vow to revisit the fundamentals of the make up of this country. Viva period 8!

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Election Aftermath 1st Installation: To Win or Not To Win

This is dedicated to Mr. Goh (active trader)...

I supposed not many had predicted the denial of Barisan Nasional 2/3 majority. Even if one knows, one may not even dare to say it loud for fear of Operasi Lalang again. On this account, I beg forgiveness to my friend whom had asked me to pluck a Gua, on will BN forms the next government and will they gain a 2/3 majority. Will there also be a strike if BN looses? I got a combination of 10, namely 28 for the first question. So I told him yes indeed, they will win, what an obvious answer. Then came across 50km/j signage infront of me. I interprated 5 as a HETU combination, but fail to reckon the Zero. So, I told him, yes by a slim majority. The results show that BN lost 2/3 by a slim majority indeed. On this account, my prediction went wrong.

The lesson is the ultimate Zero plays a very important role. 5 is an emperor star, it denotes power and authorities. When it turns to 0, it lost everything, naturally. On a larger scale the sign has a larger 0 in red defining its boundary. 9 implying passion. It is the people's passion to change and deny BN the 2/3 majority, what more when it comes in RED as the emblem of the rocket! These has been overlooked indeed.

Then, will there be a strike? 3333 the car number infront of me. It resembles marching forward liken to tidal wave. All Zhen Guas denoting thunder, male and agressiveness to a highest order. I told him yes that the chances are high after the elections. This time I hope I am wrong again.

On a personal note, he also requested me to predict of his friend who will stand for election under the banner of BN in Penang. Will he be nominated by the PM was his first question, followed by will he be successful as an assemblymen for the constituency. My answer to him is yes to the first and no, that he needs help to secure his seat and he may not be comfortable as an assemblymen. True enough, he was hand picked to replace an incumbent by the PM. Because Penang has fell to Barisan Rakyat, as a BN man he will be marginalised. As to how would he won a seat among the lucky ones in Penang, we will leave it out to other for speculations.

Plucking Gua is an Art in Xuan Kong. The real task is deciphering these Guas need practice and time to matured. On and off, it has to be done, when one is alert and not tired, example stuck in a lousy meeting or in a traffic jam.

I will keep the story of 13 in my next installation. So keep watching...

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

The Thing Called Qi

Qi originates from the external and be collected to the internal of a house or a grave. There are the external Qi that flows from the Heaven, so called riding with the wind, and an internal Qi that moves in subterranean that so called collects at the boundary of water. When these external meet the internal, it forms what called Xuan Kong. Mysterious subtleties when Yin mixed with Yang to give birth to Sheng Qi.

The external Qi moves along the mountains from a higher plain to a lower plain. Similar to water flows from a higher level to a lower level and these Qi always meet at a point of Xuan Kong. Liken to a birth, there must first be a womb. This womb as a vihicle of birth is the bright hall or ming tang. In Xuan Kong methodology, these bright halls again has its qualities defined as Zhen Shen or Ling Shen to factor in the time dimensions in accordance to the Loshu.

For the external, as quoted in translation in the Burial Classic, Qi rides with wind collects at the boundary of water. This translation is absolutely misleading. It should be phrase as Qi moves, wind moves. Qi stops water coagulates. The next question, how to collect Qi? This is an art. "Shou Shan Chut Sha" or Set back mountain and extrude the embrace, is one of a method. In other word, first encase wind then channel water. What Qi to collect? Sheng Qi! True indeed for a house, but not a grave! In a grave, we ride Sheng Qi.

Assuming the external has been taken care of, apply the same polarity notion of encase wind then channel water principle into the interior. The Loshu is only there to give one an idea how these Qi moves along the principle of 5 elements. If one take the 5 elements as element per se, one is a "dead fish". It only means 5 transformation and these transformations must occur for it to work! How to be sure, again it is an art.

Now, in the interior reads the walls and voids as mountains and water, we called structure. Apply encase wind then channel water principle, read against the Loshu to determine its qualities, one should understand how Qi moves.

I will keep the notion of storing Qi for another day.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai


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