Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Talk Cock And Sing XKDG Song

There is a new hype in town, where most XKDG masters are speaking in code, the DaVinci's style! They throw you a chart or a mind boggling diagram and asked you to guess. Next, they invite you for their courses, costs at USD10,000.00, as I was informed from an academy in town.

In a nutshell there seems to be  many unfounded interpretations namely: -
  1. The door tilting school
  2. The hole searching school
  3. The star gazer school
  4. The YiJing type school
  5. The Golden Shoe Line school
  6. The All in one school
  7. The Fighting SanSha school
Seriously, none of these schools actually documented their case studies and consistently validate their results based on these approaches. Sometimes work, sometimes don't, is just another way of saying, I guess it may works.

Perhaps, one may seriously need to ask, what is the basis of XKDG? YiJing or IChing? ZhongTian? or the extinct GuiChang?

If the GuaXiang is good enough, why made it obsolete with JiaZi, GuaQi, GuaYun and so forth? 

Perhaps, it is just another hoax?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Tilted Door of XuanKong DaGua

Someone actually introduced us to the owner of this shop who has engaged a XuanKong DaGua door tilting method grandmaster to hasten auspiciousness. Close to a year, nothing happens. Maybe the BaZi has an issue overriding XKDG. We don't know.

A close inspection revealed that the door is tilted the other way round in respect of the incoming Qi mouth. Strange? Supposed XKDG is part of SanYuan, why wouldn't the fundamental of SanYuan principles be applied? Similarly so, the shop is located facing the higher land with its back towards the lower land. Something liked, backward riding the dragon, some may called.

This is not something new and it will not be the last one. Wonder what is wrong with XKDG or rather in its application.

The common understanding of XKDG in an nutshell theory is: -
To achieve what is known as singular pure Hexagram or YiGua ChunQing. To do this, one has to match the Heaven, Earth and Human DaGua. So, considering such 2 approaches can be achieved: -

1.    Dragon matching water
2.    Sitting matching facing

Here is the interesting part. Dragon and water is presumably fixed, because the environment cannot be changed to suit the building. In the host and guest principles, the environment becomes the host, the building is the guest. So, the building has to suit the environment. We believed this is where the applications has gone so wrong as Dragon matching Water is referring to the main source of Qi in a greater TaiQi. These set the first principle whereas the other sets the application. Here, the question is where is the greater TaiQi, the greater BaGua? How do we measure it?

So, what is left is sitting matching facing. One peculiar school of thought suggested that sitting and facing refers to the location (sitting) and facing of the main door. The main entrance door becomes the point of reference. Why not the sitting and facing of the building instead? What governs the smaller TaiQi instead? What is meant by the Threshold of Yin and Yang? 

Again, the understanding becomes crucial. If we were to take the building as a containment and say the main door is where the Qi comes in matching heaven, earth and man, we have again make a wrong assumption, as Qi comes in all directions and not one direction. So, why do we tilt the door instead of some other things liked, the roof, the window, the stove, the bed and so forth?

What if XKDG is just another hoax

Monday, April 19, 2010

Egg Sucking Jade Belt

Strange, wonder what is the different between a Sickle and a Jade Belt formation? That is why there are some suck-eggs practitioners who claimed that all cul-de-sacs are just bad FengShui and yet some claimed island site with roads wrapping around are liked the jade belt around the officer's waist. Very novel indeed.

These brought to mind 2 distinctive developments, namely the KL Sentral at the upper stream and Mid Valley at the lower stream. What makes Mid Valley stands apart from KL Sentral although in terms of logistic, KL Sentral stood to be superior then Mid Valley?

Perhaps the answer is in the Jade Belt Formations or otherwise, egg sucking formation?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Typical Wealthy Chinaman's House

Lately was invited to audit a typical wealthy China man's House. It was designed with the San Fen San He principles in mind. It has an internal court opens up to the sky. Where would the center of the house be? The internal courts will open up to another 3 sided entrances with three different doors. How would a Flying Star chart be? The more challenging piece is the water flow which are so diverse and subtle. So, is the location of the water via its aquarium in relation to the house proper. 

The external pose some physically challenging Sha with the green dragon holdings sword, as above the telecommunication structure with water falls features at the bottom, located at the GenYin double mountain. House sitting Fire Structure with incoming at Yin and water exiting at Wu. That is significantly enough to tell the story as to why this wealthy China man has unresolved issues, the moment he shifted to this very new house, inclusive of the demised of his beloved mother, in the month of Xu.

On a XuanKong level, although it is still considered a new house, there are apparently structural cracks at the skylights directly at the main door at the Qian sector. What does it means? If divination is done at the month of Chen, what does it portends?

We will reserve more for the Private Blog, meanwhile as pointer, all of the sudden, we were told that XuanKong FlyingStar, of which the method expounded by Shen JuReng is a flawed methodology based on the following conclusions: -
  1. Master Sheng JuReng pedigree is questionable as he is not from an authentic XuanKong Lineage.
  2. It is only based on Master Sheng's own interpretations.
  3. Sheng's method only based on the sitting and facing, thus 2 dimensional.
  4. In order for such to work, it must conforms to the land form.
  5. Sheng's hypothesis only works within the 4 structures.
Even with these above hypothesis, it is cumbersome to even superimposed the FlyingStar chart into the house plan of a huge mansion with multiple rooms and doors. Thus, it is a shame to learn that in the West, such methodology is still taught as a valid FengShui methodology as one dilemma is when we apply FlyingStar as an application, we forgot that, as with all valid system of FengShui, it has a body as principle to start with, but where is the body for FlyingStar?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Dragon Illusive Veins Of The Mountain

Walking the mountain with both eyes open, yet we still see nothing. Could this be the phenomenon of the Third Class master running around the mountain and yet see nothing?

How does a dragon vein looks like when one is near to it? How would a tomb be located closer to the vein or away from the vein? How close is close and how far is far? Which level of the vein would one be tapping into? Why is it such that there are sometimes trees arraying or cluster near the veins? Should the tomb be avoiding these cluster of trees?

A mouthful of considerations. We just leave this picture of a theoretical vein versus the real vein on site. Can you still not see the VEIN

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Punching Chest Bright Hall

Another good things about doing assignment during the QingMing especially Yin FengShui is the opportunity to visit different cemetery with different landforms. Even within the same cemetery, the landforms differ from side to side. Again, we must look beyond some FengShui misconception liked does a TangLang mountain has to look liked a cucumber from all sides? 

Again, that also boils down to what aspect of formula one wants to use given a certain land formations as landforms don't lie, but calculation may not tell you the truth. A little bit tricky, thus one's understanding of the underlying principles of Shu, Qi and Xiang becomes paramount important.

It is also very difficult to match some fancy diagram of, let say, a punching chest Sha  ( shown as a diagram as above ) with a real life observation ( shown in this picture ). Does it means to say, every locations of graves facing such a Sha will be of the same fate? What is the use of a Sha (embrace)? How would a Sha (embrace) emits Killing Forces (Sha Qi)? Why is some graves prosper given such a scenario and location, contrary to the perceived expectations? Has it got to do with Figthing SanSha of the XuanKong DaGua land formation? 

Some times it is a little fancy following some commercial master for sight seeing, basking under the hot tropical sun, with both eyes open but yet see nothing. It is also this very hot sun that the veins are revealed at different time as contrary to the text book, it doesn't look like a line dropping from its apex, but slight sentimental humps that is very easily to be camouflaged by trees. 
Sometimes, we also wonders, why Yin FengShui master are all males. Yet we see female taking group photographs by sitting on top of the grave, where the Chinese is most fear of as such a taboo for even the living, less said about the dead. Think about it, would you allow yourself to be crossed over by a female? Where is the Chinese most revered notion of morality (Li), when her master allowed such to be carried out under his guidance? Very strange and unless such is from a Whore FengShui master's perspective.

Yin FengShui is a very interesting and intricate subject on its own accord. It is also a very good platform to lay one's foundation in FengShui minus the bells and jingles, off course.

So, liked the saying, where is my cheese, this would be where is my bright hall? Want to know more, click HERE.

Monday, April 12, 2010

QingMing Fables


Translation (source:Wikipedia):

A drizzling rain falls like tears on Bright And Clear,
The mourner's heart is breaking on his way.
Where can a winehouse be found to drown his sadness?
A cowherd points to Almond Flower (Xing Hua) Village in the distance.   

A notable poem about QingMing by a poet who is half drunken by his own sorrow. Similarly so, QingMing has been quite a hactic weeks for us, we too are drunken by what we had witnessed . from visiting of one cemetery site to another, among others for Yin FengShui assignment.  Again, such a visit is extremely enlightening, when one sees many do and don't(s). We also sympathized with those people whose ancestor's graveyards had been mutilated by the greed of commercialized FengShui master who, we termed them as Whore FengShui masters. FengShui master with no principles and going for the sake of money to please their masters are whore FengShui masters. Similarly so are their clientele. 

Along the way we also pity the innocence people who carried out major repaired work on their ancestor's graves without knowing when to do it, while just the right moment, the 5 yellow is arriving at the sitting and at the center. West Malaysia consists of 13 states, inclusive of the Federal Territory. By virtue of the annual star, there will always be a state or location, where the annual 5 will reside. Will the annual 5 has any impact to the grave when the earth is moved or dig?


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Whore In A FengShui Master

"... The “new” Philip Johnson, who began emerging in the 1960s, is the man who in 1982 responded to criticism of one of his projects by declaring “I do not believe in principles. … I am a whore and am paid very well for building high-rise buildings.” For many observers, the cynicism of this statement finds a correlative not only in Johnson’s buildings but also in his impish if articulate sponsorship of every new architectural trend, no matter how meretricious (source: "

Perhaps we can also imply the same for the case of some FengShui practitioners, as these species are quite similar to those of the whore, where they don't believe in principles when they are paid very well for building humongous grave. As the Chinese has also the saying, The Living "Conquer" The Land For The Dead. What does it actually means?

It simply means GREEDY. In greed, there is where problems of the 10 thousand natures arise. In most of the major olden days public cemetery, it is often very crowded, where tombs are placed very close to one another. However, in the craze of getting more space, it is not the dead that is of concerns, but the living, who wants to optimize the FengShui of the grave, in every way possible, by hiring these so called Whore FengShui masters who believe in no principles but money, to construct a big tomb within such a crowded space, eventually destroying other peoples FengShui. We really hope that these masters will be grilled in Hell. So, this is where the saying that it is the Living the conquer the land of the dead, becomes relevant and all thanks to the help and invaluable assistance of the Whore FengShui masters.

In the recent QingMing assignment, we witnessed how such massive megalomaniac has broken the FengShui of the neighboring graves. On the front, the Bright Hall has been enlarged to even cut into other graves back hill, with the intention of a bigger bright hall means a bigger capacity to collect Qi., leaving the other with so called broken mountain. Here, such unthinkable greed is also the grave mistake that the Whore FengShui master did. Bright Hall is not about the size, but its QUALITY. So, heaven is fair, as the quality of this humongous bright hall has been compromised. See, what sort of water it is receiving, none other then mud? What does it means when a bright hall collects Filthy Water, liked a sewerage treatment pond? Don't know, read HERE.

With such size, it also means the grave located at its rear has been compromised, with sunken and narrowed bright hall with the lost of Facing towards the external bright hall. Here our assignments are getting difficult. The question is how to rectify such situation without the necessity to break other peoples FengShui?

Such assignments gave us a certain degree of realizations. We must reckoned that some FengShui masters are Whore in nature. Being a Whore, they collect huge fee, has no moral value, liked to be in the limelight, solicits through strong advocacy of how FengShui works for the rich, breaking other people's FengShui without remorse and last but not least, GREEDY. We believed, even their clients are of the same nature.

There is always an inherent danger in selecting a choice FengShui master especially when the Whore is easily been disguised and mistakenly taken as a noble one.  As it takes both hands to clap, the disgusting ways of the Whore FengShui master is easily seen from their masterpiece and also their clientele. Make sure, you are not one of them.

Do you want to know MORE ?


Monday, April 5, 2010

Musing - Malacca Water Mouth

The historical Malacca has been a wonderful place which were once called the sleepy hollow, until Singaporean starts to pour in as investors in either hotels, cafe, restaurants and others. So, as an investors, we were also called upon to advice as to which part of Malacca which is worth investing?

So, go back to history. We dig an old Malacca map which showed that the Malacca River Mouth is indeed locked by St Paul's Hill (green), not until the later government decided to reclaim lands and push the water mouth further. Strangely, the so-called millionaire row  (red) was on the other side of the river. Why was it prosper and yet such prosperity did not last?

With the given scenario of the new, unlocked water mouth, which side will prosper first? Side A or Side B? Which side will continue to prosper and which side will continue to deteriorate? 

Anyone has an ANSWER

POSTSCRIPT: Someone just inform me that a once famous XKDG "door tilting" practitioner operates in KL has moved to Malacca. Thus, kept us wonder if the Qi in Malacca is so much better then that of KL or rather it has something to do with the water mouth and XieZi Fa? We hope it is not due to the haunt of the past Karma - (musing only)


Musing Of A Tilted Door Restaurant

Bump upon another Tilted-Door Restaurant, which suffered from poor business. Also heard that it was done by a XuanKong DaGua Grandmaster. Created a nice comfy bright hall. Unfortunately, it cannot be tapped into. What a waste. 

It reminds me of Deconstructivist Architecture, where twist and turns are the order of the day.


Friday, April 2, 2010

MCA FengShui - Where Is Our Fundamental?

While having lunch in the hotel opposite the MCA HQ, it reminded me of the recent leadership saga between the Ong and the Chua, where the Chua emerged to be the winner. So, I said to myself, if Gen Gua represents the younger male and this year 8 annual is the ruling star, it will be dead wrong if an elder gentlemen liked Chua would have won the presidential elections instead of Ong, who is younger. So, where has Flying Star gone so very wrong? 

Likewise, MCA has its own youth wings and ultimately the running mates may also consists of young guns and iron ladies as well. So, really doesn't matter, as in XuanKong the strength is on its consistency and accuracy, not guessing. If one does his homework well and liked someone said, do the leg works, one will see the elder Chua who was born in 2 January 1947, stands a better chance. Why is that so, look at it again, 1947 before LiChun, his Life Gua is 9. When 8 annual comes in, 9 is at the Qian palace. Therefore Qian Gua among others representing the Leader. Whereas, the younger Ong who is born in 22 November 1956, Life Gua 8, is trapped in the middle. Where is he going to go? It is very misleading to jump into any conclusions to say, when the 8 comes in, younger leaders will emerged to rule. However, it is not always the case.

On another view of XuanKong, to say that MCA is "ruled" by the female components just because the white tiger side was very high, sited by a high rise building as compared to the green dragon sides which is dotted by a temple and 1 to 2 storey buildings, is again, entirely misleading. That is a very superficial ways of looking at things and this sort of prescriptions are found in most of the FengShui book available in the market. One will never hear such things from genuine master. Asked oneself, in the history of MCA, has any women been elected as its president? If the white tigerss are so powerful, wouldn't an or many "empress dowager" be seen leading MCA instead of the male? No, this is not a sexist statement, but a mere reminder that the most fundamental element of FengShui has gone so wrong, in applications and it is taken almost liked the 10 commandment of FengShui.

Take a close look again at the building, one will understand the truth. Unfortunately, we could not see a thing even with both eyes open. This is the very sad thing about the FengShui industry. As Xiang or form is one of the very basic knowledge in XuanKong, how could one not see it, and called upon oneself as a FlyingStar master?

If we look even deeper into the Xiang of the building, one will also understand why there are so much tussle within the MCA leaderships. See beyond the building, that is where the answers are to be found. Even closer inspections will revealed the power struggles each with their very own "cutting edge". Don't blame it to the formerly misplaced Lion statutes at the front door.

It is time to re investigate the fundamentals instead of going about with post-diction  self-praises  in order to crystallized one very own method that is already flawed at its most fundamental level to claim oneself as the Flying Star master. Again, this is only the first dimensions of KanYu. How about the rest?

Detour from this point, the temple on its left is headed by a Nun instead of a Monk. Why is it such? Has it again, got to do with the white tiger embrace higher then the green dragon?  Go to the ground, and one will understand why.

Click HERE if you want to know more.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bright Hall That Is Not Too Bright Afterall

The last audit brought us all the way to Tampin for an initial audit of a House. Sorry, not  a house,  it is a mansion. This mansion belongs to a wealthy family who was once a developer. The huge mansion has big bright hall. Yet, we asked ourselves what is the quality of this very bright hall?

If indeed the bright hall is so good, why would the people living in the mansion has Financial and human relationship Difficulty?

Many things wasn't quite right and the details are in the case study FOLDER. 

Another point to note is that, there were some strange omen happened during our visits that let us conclude the investigation without giving out any solutions. One of our consultant's LuoPan fell and chips (break) on the corner. The Qian mountain is residing at the very corner, the moment it breaks. What does it portend?

Later in the evening, while we visited another local master, that we finally made aware of the history about the mansion and its intricate tales about spiritualism, that we reserved to discuss further. 

Again, we wish to disclose here that not necessary a shop, a building or a mansion facing a bright hall is auspicious. The challenge is do you know how to capitalize the bright hall in the very first instance? This is the most fundamental layer of FengShui 101.


Killer Bright Hall (Ming Tang Sha)

While talking about Bright Hall (Ming Tang), on the way to a public cemetery, just this few days for the QingMing FengShui assignment, cannot help but to take a snap shot of a block of apartments facing a huge bright hall. So, the saying that Bright Hall eliminates ShaQi and slow down Qi to be tapped, is highly questionable. One look at this very apartments, how good would its FengShui be?

That is the reason why, don't be happy if your property faces, let say an open area, a pond, a pool or whatever that may constitute as a bright hall. 

You should be very careful. 

That, we have not even talked about the rest of prerequisites for a good FengShui to work. Some called this the first dimension of arraying Yin and Yang.

There are more tales to tell in the following episodes and if you need more doses of this about the dimensions of FengShui, click HERE.



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