Sunday, June 1, 2014

Faulty FengShui Cure By A YangGong Practitioner?

One case study in question is about a Factory's FengShui located at the southern bank of the Klang river with its water mouth miles away towards the WestPort. This factory was audited by a Female YangGong trained practitioner apparently from the GanZhou lineage. 

Her findings are consistent to the YangGong's approach. The external formation suits Fire or Wood frame. However, the formation of the factory with its office block takes a metal structure instead. Therefore water exiting Prosperous would see that the factory would not able to prosper in a long run. It correspond well with the finding of YangGong method. 

The practitioner decided to restructure the property by establishing Fire Frame as such is accordance to the owner's BaZi, lacking Fire element. This remedy is also not wrong.

Now since everything is in accordance to YangGong method, why the results are not seen? From a YangGong perspective, there are other factors one in particular, speed in manifestation. It is a subject that hardly been disclosed among the lineage itself. The outsiders had no clue whatsoever. 

It is not compulsory to restructure the property's formation without first establishing the YinYang components. As at the moment, its YinYang is imbalance and no matter what has been done, it takes longer for its positive effect to manifest. There is really no problem with the method. The problem is with the application itself. So, please don't blame the floor of being so hard, if you cannot shit due to constipation - Chinese Proverb.

Bastardizing A YangGong Practitioner To Make A SaYuan PractitionerLooks Good

SanHe FengShui is not necessary Grandmaster Yang Method. One book by HHC actually summarized the method available in the SanHe stream and it is a testimonial that how corrupt the modern day SanHe has became. There is a great distinction between YangGong Fa and SanHe Fa. 

SanHe emphasis on Structure to establish Facing of the tomb or property is not wrong. Water exit determines the Structure and in return establishes the facing of the tomb or property. In this manner, the incoming dragon has been accounted for. The opposite of water exit is the incoming dragon and the opposite of facing is the sitting. Therefore, Dragon determines Sitting and Water determines Facing. It works in pair and it is the basis of SanYuan XuanKong DaGua. Bastardizing SanHe will not make a SanYuan practitioner any greater as they are the different faces of the same coin. 

Qi originated from the 8 locations, not knowing these the vessels are emptied. Mao mountain doesn't mean wood element only. Each mountain has its own 5 elements. Beyond the earth plate, you will find the 72 Earth Penetrating Dragon measuring Earth Qi. SanHe proponent uses it to measure incoming Qi or Dragon. If the 72 dragon element matches the water exit, it is an auspicious site. In theory one has to climb mountains to measure such and it is extremely troublesome to use SanHe for property which is unfortunately a terrible misconception. Bastardizing SanHe on such account will only show how weak a person's understanding of landform. 

Another misconception of the 72 Dragons are the jewel line. It is believed that only 4 specific stems JiaZi are ShengQi. The YiJing proponent comes with its own set of explanation and come to term with Turtle Shell Emptiness while the YangGong proponent explained that such comes from the use of 240 dragons. It is about the balanced of Heaven and Earth Qi. If ever someone said, earth Qi is only for graveyard FengShui and Heaven Qi for properties, it is confirmed, he knew nuts about FengShui. Even SanYuan has its own set of Heaven, Man and Earth Qi considerations.

A person's BaZi is the middle heaven that are able to unlock the effectiveness of the jewel. Most SanHe classics differ in terms of YinYang and the 24 Mountains. Without the oral secret, one cannot decipher the difference between fire pit and jewel. If your YinYang is not right, jewel can turn to fire pits and these are the apparent danger of becoming a half cooked SanHe or SanYuan master. There is really nothing wrong of using BaZi to unlock the potential in FengShui.

The most important thing in Yang Property FengShui is not to tap auspicious air flows. There is no such thing as auspicious air flows. SanHe rides on Qi in where it begins and SanYuan receive Qi in where it ends. Without knowing such, please shut up and go back to school to learn your fundamentals.

In summary there is nothing wrong with SanHe or SanYuan and if you understand both they are all YangGong method. The problem is with the applications. There is really no point of belittling others to make oneself looks great. It is never the spirit of the mysterious school of Chinese metaphysics. 


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