Monday, December 29, 2008

I Think Therefore I Am

A reflection on existentialism had me wondered, exist I by NATURE and nature is not a classifiable force. It works its own accord and goes on changing. The second paradox states that exist I by a creation of the ALMIGHTY and to Him is solely the responsible of everything perceivable and non-perceivable. The third paradox states that my existence is inconceivable with no beginning and therefore, no ending.

Reasoning thus, because my existence is inconceivable, therefore be it a creation of the Almighty or otherwise an ever changing spectacle part of nature, I do not exist. If I do not exist, would there be an action accountable to me? I think therefore I am. This is the pretext of existentialism.

Naming things are the order of man in existentialism. A child is given a name at birth, does he ask for one? So is the art, be it SanHe, SanYuan, XuanKong or YuanKong, whatsoever. It is just a name. Naming is an art of imperfection. Buddha is a given name, it does not exist. In the absence of the thus come one, is the act of worshipping becomes necessary? Yet, we witnessed the pantheon of Buddha. We keep on worshipping, for salvation of our own weaknesses, do we called this Tantric? Is this what called the name that has been named is the mother of a myriad things?

Since Buddha is a given name, in essence it does not exist. Man is the author of name, therefore he existed. By virtue of existing he creates hell and heaven, knowingly and unknowingly. Therefore, the wise man makes his own heaven while the foolish man creates his own hell here and hereafter. What is wise and foolish, what is hell and heaven? The Chinese pictograms, again a name, clustered the act of listening and to speak floating above the stillness pool of water, mind, to be representation of wisdom or otherwise. Whereas the fool is the otherwise. Indeed, the wise is the mirror image of the fool at the end tail of a normal distribution? Who wants to be wise and who wants to be a fool, if it is not as an art of politics, which slides on the scales of the two extremes? Again, is politics a given name or could it be given a more diplomatic flavor of managing diversity?

Because ugliness exists, we knew what is beautiful. Does it really exist? Because there are named Buddhist belittle others to elevate himself, so that he is called a fool, and the seeker of no name is called a wise man. Would this not mirror the same?
Note: Picture Adepted From Edward Munch, The Scream.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Singapore Wheel Of Mis-Fortune ?

"...SINGAPORE, Dec 23 - More than 100 passengers stranded for six hours on the world's largest Ferris wheel were being evacuated and given medical treatment in Singapore after the attraction ground to a halt on Tuesday.

The Singapore Flyer stopped working after a short circuit in one of the wheel's motor drivers cut its power supply, a company spokeswoman said.There were 173 people, including many tourists, trapped inside the huge tourist attraction..." – Extracted from REUTERS, Yahoo News.


The Singapore Wheel of Fortune got stuck! Is this going to be Singapore Wheel of Misfortune instead?

Note: Photo Credit to Associated Press

Monday, December 22, 2008

Something About AC

About Measurement

House Owner: AC (born: December 14, 1981)
House Direction : 285 degree
House Orientation : Sitting Yi Mountain Xing Direction (Sitting E2 Facing W2),
House Type : 3 storey linked, Jalan Halimathon Old Klang Road.


Xue Sitting: Zhen (Da Kong Wang), I really hope not.
Water Exit: BingWu (Bath)
Water Incoming: QianHai (Extinct)

Divination 1

That foretold the stories of the 3 FengShui Masters; continue to screw up the job. I hope it is not 285 degree facing. A Zhen Xue is a great misfortune for a yang dwelling. That is the first screwed up. Water exiting at Bath, with the quality of bad water, more gossips of her love life is coming in the month of November, March, July and September. The affinity of her with the house is not there. It will not be a home coming experience.


Gua: 5
House Gua: 3
Main Door Gua: 6

Divination 2

The location of the door simply denotes she is going to be overworked with frail health due to exhaustion. She will not be spending too much time at home, which happened to be good, if money is the sole purpose of life. Comes WuZi year, up Gen down Kan, having a dead tree at Kan location with 1-8 combination, almost FuYin, that is where the near death experience occurred. If it is not the head injury, it would be related to piercing sharp object, luckily she is not home most of the time. If the audit is done in the month of Hai, then the audit will not do much hope.


Already 3 different masters, the problems had been aggravated. Is this another con job? I hoped not.

Thank You

The weekend experience with celestial affairs had been a humbling and unwarranted experience and I vow not to repeat such incident forever possible. Being in the position of Qian, I seek forgiveness from Heaven if my assistants and I had crossed the line, unintentionally out of curiosity, for I am experiencing the same repercussion of their misadventure.

I begin to understand as to why the first time, I read Dao De Jing (DDJ), and I try to understand. Second time, I tried to remember, Third time, I got lost and confused and Fourth time, I forgotten everything. This very passage, 道可道,非常道, the expressed Dao is not the true Dao, is what it meant. With such, I was reminded again by Heavenly will to stay away for 名可名,非常名.

Only, the who seeks will not find, the one who found, will not seek. This I remembered.

Note: Calligraphy of Dao De Jing is extracted from Wikipedia, by Gia-Fu Feng.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Politics As The Highest Form Of Art

Sometimes, inspiration comes through from unbelievable sources such as the followings which I ponder and reflects a significant truth about KanYu as an art of war: - "... I believe that the best way of doing things in life is by reflecting what Allah has Ordained upon mankind and with the adoption of our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s (P.B.U.H) traditions and sunnah.

The redundancy of information and doctrines that are disseminated through cyberspace may lead us to confusion. Each time when I am led astray by the Western dominated realm of ideas, I would deviate from the flow to return to my Ultimate compass : Quran and Sunnah. It keeps me in line and focused with an objective rather than clamoring for the unknown.

When one mentions of the word Politics, it conjures a negative connotation to each of our minds. People say that “Politic is dirty” but Al-Ghazzali asserts that “Politics is the highest form of art”. Paradoxical as it may seem but why and what are the two contradictories?...", extracted from

It somehow strikes a note in me that the universal truth is nameless, as the Dao that can be named is not the eternal Dao. For such, I agreed with Al-Ghazzali, the Sufi patriarch.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

BaZi Reading Pro-Forma

I bump into someone who graduated from the academy of con-nies metaphysics, graduated at module 5 and a half recently. I paid SGD400.00 (being a Singapore graduate) to have my BaZi read and this is the outline of the report. I had commented in box bracket as what I feel it should have been.

Life Chart Pattern Analysis

Your day master (the person) represents in one fantastic phrase. Next, the personify character of the person based on the month, termed structure.

Character Analysis to determine your Strengths and Weaknesses

Strength of the day master (the person). The favorable and unfavorable elements based on the chart. The do and the don’t. [They forget that even unfavorable elements can be used. The question is how].

Definition: what is known as good luck and bad luck?

In bad luck, what is going to happen? [They never tell how to make the bad looks good].

Harmony Analysis of 5 Elements within your Life Chart

The element exists in the basic life chart pillars. Which denotes a chart that is superior or inferior based on the 5 elements [Not necessary]. This means the life journey is relatively smoother or worst with missing element if any.

Harmony Analysis of Yin and Yang Pillars within your Life Chart

Looking into the numbers of Yin and Yang in 4 pillars. When the strengths of Yin and Yang are on par, then the overall relationship within your basic life chart is in balance. Advice to be more Yin, negative or more Yang, positive in life. [This is NOT the way of looking at life].

Strength Analysis of the Day Master

Your Self Element, also known as the Day Master, is what element born in the what season where the what element is in the strong while the what element is the weakest. This season of birth is or not supportive of your Day Master. [Strength of day master is not view in this manner].

Explanation of the 12 growth to strengthen analysis. [Do you need it? Anyway, the strength of the 12 growth is not read in such a manner].
There is what elements present in the month stem and day branch that is supportive or not supportive to the weak strong or weak Master. However, the strong presence of what element supporting the abundance of what element is dampening or strengthening the support of what element to your Day Master. [This is interesting because the report is giving a lesson in BaZi to the clients who only wish to know the good and bad, health issue, family and spouse, wealth and authority and others].

From the above analysis, the strength of your Day Master is therefore considered Strong or Weak. [Oh my God!]

Determining your Favorable and Unfavorable Elements

Since the Day Master is weak or strong, the favorable elements are such and such. The unfavorable elements are such and such. [As if nothing else to write?].

The presences of Punishment, Destruction and Harm during the 10-year luck period are from what age to what age. [This is termed movement. It meant to happen along the 10 year luck period. The task is, what these would mean for the client in terms of wealth, family and health generally].

What is meant by Harm… What is meant by Destruction… [This is testing my patient]
Advice to take harm as it is… Nothing can be done… [Forgotten there is this animal called FengShui?].

Opportunities Ahead for You [Basically, looking at ShenSha]

As mentioned earlier, with the Deity of what and what as your chart pattern, you have what and what abilities and skills. You are both what and what. On the negative side, these same qualities tend to make you what and what and sometimes to the extent of being what. You need to constantly keep the negative traits under control as they will impact your what and what.

With the Star of what and what present in your life chart acting as a symbol of what and what to a weak or strong Day Master, you will benefits from this star because the star will lift your confidence to a large extent. As a result, you can charge full steam ahead and achieve your goals once you have made up your mind. Do not let the past consumed you and blind you to the golden opportunities ahead. You should be living your dreams to the fullest during this Peak fortune period of ages what and what 10 years luck pillar. [A good analysis will zoom into a range of good years within the bad luck pillar].
Highly suitable Career and Professions are those associated with what and what. Other suitable talent-related professions are what and what.

Thank you for consulting with The Academy.

Master XXX

As a conclusion, this guy could have done better if the academy is serious about its teaching rather than churning out graduates that first con, then insult the intelligence of their future clients. I pity this chap whom has great talent, reason if he can churn out this format, a lot of his classmates do not even know what is a strong and a weak chart after module 5 and a half. So he must be a brighter one.

For info, these services are also available in the net for quite a sum, to an average Malaysian. Maybe I should charge in ringgit for the same piece of information instead or maybe I should do it for free. So drop me your date of birth with time and brief concerns you have, if time permits, I will drop you a reading in anonymous in my blog instead?

In another note, perhaps BaZiDiary could work out a knowledge based software of this for mass consumption, then the average guy down the street will have to close shop.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Singapore Wheel Of Fortune

Just an afterthought. Since the wheel has been turned the other way round, why would Singapore jumps into recession even before his neighboring Malaysia? Could it be that the Qi is flowing to the reverse direction towards the causeway? Perhaps the said FengShui master that prompted such a Con-(In)Sult must be fired! By the way, anyone know the identity?

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Lesson In Political FengShui Dialectics

Interesting enough, ever since I put up this blog, I had been frequented by a number of visitors, ranging from just visitor, keen learner, provocateur, copy cats, abuser and one special guest whom has introduce me to the meanings of Dialectical discourse of FengShui. As such, I must admit he has good way of going round the dialectic just to fish information for his proprietor. This will make a good piece of essay as to what it really means of FengShui Dialectic. Kindly note commentary: -

“… aaaa ......haaaaa..., at last time also come out the wolf, the original who you are.”

This phrase note his assumption of the person he wish to communicate, he called a wolf. How courteous indeed for a person of his age. The he continues;

“... the last correspondence or not , it up to you, just a funny thing that you write : I beg forgiveness for not able to bring you back to the Dao, let alone making you understand the De. this sentence make me laughing so hard up to my tears coming down, also this sentence : You will not get anything from me, this sentence is all the point of of our topic so far, this is really show who you, what kind of master kan yu you are ..what kind of great soul and mankind soul you are ......meaning the behind all that only money and reputation is the manifest.... “

When he wrote that of me seeking forgiveness, even though he calls me a wolf, he laughed in ecstasy leaving only tears in his eye. He senses a bleak in his consciousness. This is De, yet he is refuting it, this is Dao. Then, he raised his doubt of failing to get information from me, making it clear that this is his main objective. From the beginning he has no intention to learn the art. He is only asked, purportedly by someone else, to expose those who speak of the Dao and the un-Dao. Not able to achieve his objective, he begins to character assassinate the person he communicates, again how courteous he is? The good thing about dialectical analysis, as Freud put it, it brings about the subconscious truth of the abuser, in this case, money and reputation. Apparently, some of my writings are eroding the student enrolment in his proprietors’ academy and wishes me to stop. Reverting that of the fundamental assertion as character assassination based on the pretext of money and reputation. Very thoughtful of him. He continues;

“… first time, i contact you , i really quite impressed with the topic you write, that's the reason I send you email , but since the first time your suspicious make me so wander, because this is the first time i send an email and get response like that.... and by accident i joint the forum and found that you environmental speech and talk also like that and i did some sound that you learn from JY, so, no wander, same as JY, never answer a questions or the answers means money. But you said, you already departed long time ago from him because of the personal and teaching system. But what you show is completely JY behave. Thanks God, you not follow him to finish, otherwise - just God knows…”

Out of reasons, he brings the conversation back to the beginning. The first contact, so to speak. First meeting warrants introductions of which he consciously avoided, refusing a better understanding of whom he is. Again, out of reasons he brings in others into the picture, God inclusive. This indicates his ability to manipulate others for his objective, again to fish out information from me, an identical ability in reflection of his master. He purportedly refer to this particular forum, instigates he may be of instrumental to the host of such a forum as they may have been his proprietor.

“…in modern day now, all the people have to check and recheck each others, too much fake master comes up suddenly. sincererity - fairness -openness- appreciation - is one of the most important, I try talked to you even a bit rough not awake you but fail…”

This is a second attempt of fundamental assertion by being rough, as more in context, rude in his communication with me. He fails to seek for the first time, now he tries the second round with rude and barbaric approach, imagine a person of his age acting liked a child, not getting what he wants, throwing tantrum and hope everyone along his path will give in. Understanding this is a reflection of non-De, which is also Dao, I forgive his unpolished nature and seek to bring him back to the Dao.

“…what the point you making a web site, as somebody say in the forums, not giving an answer but always bait, just to make yr name famous and the client come to you or people come to you and asked for design as an architect. and right or not, giving a lesson to people you can fool... but if somebody come to get an aswer or corner you so, the suspios and giving an egg only yr weapon. it is you said the Dao patch???????”

This is his third attempt of fundamental assertion, by evaluating my response in his proprietors’ forum. He seems to be well versed of what I say and what I do in the forum. Unconsciously, I became his subject of dissertation. A very humble experience indeed for me. He missed the point that the approach in the forum or this blog is the same. I never dish out answer, I am providing provocation. He is not getting any nearer to his objective. When he uses the term “to corner” someone, it again, brings to mind a bad connotation as to put someone in shame, in reflections of his poor upbringing again by his master. Very unfortunate being indeed.

“…I am not no where, not from academy as yr suspect, I told you before, but because yr suspious to high, so not easy to believe - it reflected what you did, as I told you I am older wide from you and my concern not in fengshui at all, this my name , this is where i stay, the one wants to be famous must be ready to undrstand the yin yang balance, it will make you more wise …”

Fail in all aspects; he now takes the role of a Teacher. Indeed true I learnt whole lots of Dao from these conversations. At this juncture, the best teaching may be from the worse lots of people that abuses one self. Similarly as what I had written in my other blog, the Buddha is not to be found in the caves, but the very own realm of human existence. Perhaps he is Manjushri in disguise of Yamantaka, I don’t know?

“.. I play around to anypart of the world, not just you.... as you say : I beg forgiveness for not able to bring you back to the Dao, let alone making you understand the De. -- young man , still young mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. take care…”

Liked any of the Chinese classical dialectic, the conclusion is always the answer being the main point. He finally admits who he is as an agent manipulating everyone along his path. Could he be the grandmaster from the North of the YG lineage, or the devil manifestation of the academy or the sly marketer who is all out to bad mouth others? Well, all I can say, is for me to know, you to find out.

As a departing gesture to him, I sincerely hope he would find his path one day in the road all must travel, the undiscriminating Dao.

P/S: This communication has taken place in the readers commentaries in the various blog entry.

On FuYin And FanYin

There are 2 things I found in common as at today. Someone leave a chart of an old lady, seeking me to decipher her fate as at this year. It reflects a FuYin formation. Second, a fellow blogger by the name has entered a FuYin date as at 14 Dec 2008. Is it supposed to be in a dire sad occurrence to begin with? I hope not. I took a little longer to reflect on both these charts and hope that I do not see the need to cry over the old lady’s fate. As a mark of respect I did away with the hour pillar as I do not know this person. So I will just read as an anonymous person, liked any divinity method. Again, for fictitious and not fact, readers be forewarned.

A strong self making self and resource unfavorable. Technically, she is under the influence of GengXu luck pillar and not JiYou. The self has been countered both in stem and branch indicating a FanYin, possible of confronting a major health issue worsens by harm at both branches inclusive of punishment. Come WuZi year and WuZi day, denoting double FuYin. Meeting JiaZi month in RenZi hour, authority becomes unfavorable, leaving only her useful god, without root. Possible of a coma or living under the assistant of a life support equipment. Perhaps the relevant reader could verify.


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