Sunday, January 30, 2011

财神到 (Arrival Of The God of Prosperity)

One of the events that cannot be missed during the Chinese New Year is the welcoming of the God of Prosperity (CaiShen). It is a cultural significant that has been blended into the practice of FengShui. More importantly is the application of FengShui in receiving Qi during a particular hour of prayer with relation to the altar. Thus, such act of devotion has become a must among the Chinese during the New Year Eve. As the Eve of the Lunar New Year is based on the Lunar calendar, it is significant if such act of devotion is based on the Solar calendar instead which is the arrival of LiChun, February the 4th at 12:32pm. That marks the importance of not having a blind year to begin with.

There are basically 3 steps in receiving the God of Prosperity such as: -

  1. Identify the House Structure based on the annual Purple White and the locations of the Human Portal. In the application of the 8 Doors, both SanHe and SanYuan methods will differ in its structure. So care has to be taken so that the technique is consistent with the method applied. 
  2. Set up the altar table to receive such Qi, when the 8 Doors open at a specific hour in relation to the House structure.
  3. Select a time, where it is favorable to commence prayer. The order is the hour must support the structure and the structure must support the Host (You). Follow whichever methods deemed fit in according to your preference be it Buddhism, Daoism or Confucian. 

Who is the God of Prosperity? In the genre of Metaphysics, the God of Prosperity is the resemblance of the 3 Nobles, FuLu and Shou,  福祿壽 being the personification of the 3 stars or body of Qi that will have their impact on Earth, comes every LiChun. Besides these stars, there are other stars which may be malignant instead. So, it has become prudent for the informed Chinese to actually practice receiving the God of Prosperity based on a specific hour and day. So a consultation of the Oracle Book, ThongSheng is of paramount important. The art of understanding the book rest on the proficiency of the reader, usually also a Chinese Metaphysics practitioner. His background knowledge in the application of the annual Purple White chart is to enable him to locate the correct placement of the 8 Doors, where the door of Nobility, Growth, Open and Scenery are the portals for the arrivals of the 3 Nobles aka God of Prosperity. With a correct structure and timing, one is able to receive such Qi. This is called receiving the God of Prosperity.

A glimpse on the above annual Purple White chart with its corresponding 8 Doors, we understand that the palace of Xun, Li, Kun, Zhen and Kan are protected. So, we need not worry too much with all the untimely malignant stars that may visit these palaces. So, all the 1 – 9 stars in these protected palaces can be used. Whereas the palaces of Dui, Qian and Gen, would require some fine tuning. There are benevolent stars visiting the palaces of Gen and Qian. Only the palace of Dui having a 7-9 combination may spell disaster, potentially fire disaster. So, make sure that this palace is free of ShaQi within view such as broken mountain, Pylons and gushing rivers. Get a competent master to advise you on how to tap into the favorable 1, 4, 6, 8 and 9 stars for immediate results. You will be fascinated how fast, would the God of Prosperity arrive at your door step especially for punters.

From the same chart, we also see the locations of these 8 doors. There are different ways of arraying the doors be it in the Yin or Yang Dun formations. Some practitioners would base on QiMen 24 seasonal nodes to determine its YinYang arrangement whereas, in the practice of others such as SanYuan QiMen, its YinYang arrangement may be within the 24 mountain configurations or even within its inherent sub-sectors. Remember, it is always the correlation between heaven and earth Qi preferences. These we would leave it to the readers and in summary, Qian palace would see the arrival of the God of Nobility, Kan and Dui palaces would see the arrival of God of Wealth or the God of Happiness, Xun palace with the arrival of the God of Opportunity. Between all these palaces, Dui palace is less favorable. 

Knowing where the heavenly stars are within the earthly palaces and the locations of the human doors, the triune of SanCai is formed, thus making the other methods of receiving Qi much easier to apply be it DaGua or QiMen. 

To all our QuanYuan fans and friends who wrote in and asked about the Chinese New Year makeover, we hope that our above said explanation sheds some light into the delicate art of receiving the arrival of the God of Prosperity. Drop a note to Lenny if you wish to receive the arrival of the God of Prosperity the Daoist way.

Meanwhile, let us contemplate. If there are Three Nobles visiting your house one day and you can only invite one to come in, who would you invite? The God of Good Luck (Fu) , the God or Wealth (Lu) 祿 or the God of Longevity (Shou) ?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Home Improvements During Chinese New Year

We haven’t been updating the blog lately due to busy schedule of FengShui auditing. Close to the Chinese New Year celebrations, off we go to Penang, not to appear in any Chinese New Year programme but to assist in a home improvement project. Was feeling a little strange as to the continuous opportunity of doing high rise FengShui in Malaysia, where lands are abundant. 

 This is quite a different cup of teas as compared to Maple, Bangsar South, Fairlanes and the sorts of up market condominiums. On the menu is the typical PDC high rise housing modeled against the 1950’s Public Work Departments Flats.  

 We were amazed by the mega structures of monolithic block while viewing from the open car park as its Bright Hall and one thing caught our attentions was the simple makeovers by the residents liked a small shrine tugged at the corner, beautifully crafted concealed in glass box. 

 Without such beautiful things in human scales liked the pet shops and coffee shops, it will be drawn by the megalomaniacs of tower blocks and huge bright halls.

While enjoying the ambiance, we manage to enjoy in the light discussion of placebo FengShui such as the salt-copper cure for the 5 yellow and the figurines and such to remedy the otherwise malignant stars. You will not fail to see this in any Chinese households, especially when it was suggested by FengShui practitioners alike. Absolutely nothing wrong with such, we started with our heavier doses of audit and recommendations.

A small family while staying there for decades is able to bring up 3 children, raised with education up to tertiary levels with good jobs is indeed a blessed family. Would the FengShui of such a simple household that bad after all? Not really, we just make some recommendations so that a higher benchmark could be reached. Along sides, we manage to visit a few locations of FengShui interest around Penang.

As a New Year “Ang-Pow”, we compiled our findings and make it available as an E-Book for free distributions. It is only made available to our fans of Facebook, followers of Yifengshui blog and generous donors.

Let us know if you are interested and met the above said criteria. If you are accustomed to Penang and with some FengShui knowledge, it will even make your reading of the E-Book pleasurable. 

Feels free to comment as it is modeled as Wealth Enhancement with Good FengShui from our Penang Observations. 

Otherwise Click HERE for a short write up.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Know Your Annual Nobility

Annual Forecast based on BaZi, please go to YiBazi. There is a whole tantalizing tales of Face Value - the theme of Metal Rabbit. 

Contemplating what does not work, the followings may eventually bring bountiful harvest if it is done correctly: -

1. Spring Cleaning is the best FengShui. By moving around the furniture, all the Qi rejuvenates itself, especially when it involves the center of the house. TianXin Dong, JiuGong Pian or when the heavenly heart alters, the nine palaces move. If you have a congested, stove or toilet in the center of the house, then God blesses you – Really! Sometimes, when the person of that house is so poor to even do simple renovation, all we can ask for is for them to move things around. It works miracle. Caveat, a good date selection is a must!

2. Main Entrance is the fortune of the household as it is always related to as water mouth as in, ShanGuan RenDing, ShuiGuan Cai or Mountain governs people luck and water governs wealth. This phrase has been bastardized beyond recognition. What is meant by water? Water is Yin or water is Yang? Why a door way is a water mouth? Assuming door is a water mouth, when meeting a star 9, then it is all amplify! If the structure of the door is beneficial, then the outcomes will be doubled. The same to say when it is malignant. It is all in the location of the door with its alignment suited to prosper within the current period of its XKDG structure. That is to add some spice. However, before one is able to tap into the auspicious 4,6,8 with 9 in perspective, one has to know how to differentiate between the idea of NaQi, acquire Qi and ShouQi, collecting Qi. They means different applications altogether. Wrong application means even if the 8 timely stars are there, you will not be benefiting from it. Just pitiful.

3. 6 white flushed and trapped in the toilet and what am I going to do with it? Technically nothing besides staying longer in the toilet to absorb the Qi. The concept of trapped is ever misleading. Qi cannot be demarcated as it is as fluid as water. So eventually it may all flushes away through the toilet! Good Qi must be contained and if it is contain in a “wrong” area, it can be lured away, a subject that is too technical to discuss at the moment.

4. If 8 white is in my living hall then it is great. A living hall is liked an internal bright hall. If you know the idea of ShouQi, then you will be able to benefit from it. It doesn’t need 9 tiers water features resemblance of water fall, which is by default is another ShaQi. All your electrical appliances are good enough as Qi activator. Yet the very question, do you know how to tap into such Qi? Not otherwise, it is just another fail attempt.

Click HERE if you want to know more of the SECRETS of the Annual Flying Star.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Know Your Annual Afflictions

XinMao year is approaching when the clock strikes 4th February 2011 at 12:32pm and we hail the arrival of LiChun that comes after the Lunar New Year. For such, we don’t call this a “blind” year and therefore, many new adventures may take place liked married, new partnership and so forth. Liked the overrated Y2K and period 8 “hoo-haa”, “blind” year is technically a term significant only in the aspect of Daoism and not much in FengShui. Furthermore, GengYin Qi has not totally faded and XinMao Qi does not come all of the sudden. It will have to wait a couple of months longer before the tiny foot of the rabbit steps in in-lieu of the tiger’s paw.

So there is really no worry, if you have not bought the PiYao to pacify the annual TaiSui, now residing in Mao or Rhino to cast away the robbery star 7, wind-chimes to pacify the 5 yellow, Calabash to store away the illness star 2 and the multiple arrays of placebo objects from Wealth God riding rabbit, mandarin ducks to activate the 4 romance star to Nine tiers water fall to stimulate the purple 9 to renew the Qi of the house. In fact, these sorts of object may not necessary work wonders in the FengShui terms based on the following reasons: -

1. The object in resemblance of heavenly beings, animals, humans, pagodas, calabash and so forth, if it is not consecrated accordingly, will be the domain for unknown spirit to reside. Go check it out with your Gurus or any spiritual masters for that matter. Would you want your house to be a garden of unknown spirits? Even if it is consecrated, would you want your house to be a temple? This isn’t FengShui but by doing so, you will step into the threshold of Yin and Yang. Just think for a while.

2. Metallic sound of metal is believed to be weakening the earth Qi of the reputed 5 yellow Sha. Just think again how long it would takes for earth to produce metal? Bet you, by the time dragon comes in, it would not even have enough time to produce an ounce of metal. No worry about the 5 yellow, as long as there is no breaking of the ground, knocking or drilling of the wall and dragging of heavy furniture at the east sector of the house. Keep it a passive space like a bedroom, meditation room and study is good enough.

3. Rhino be it single horn or 9 horns has never been a native animal in China and it was a candid surprise to know that it is used to drive away robbers, which is to our knowledge that thief and robbers are afraid of the policemen and break in alarm. Think about it again, between an alarm system and a statute of a Rhino which potentially be possessed, which stand a better chance to drive away the robber or bloodshed disaster? The 7 star is technically locked in the center of the grid comes XinMao year. As Xin is protruding, as a 7 Killing to Mao, it means to say if the property is not well supported in its FengShui formation, the resident of the property will be subjected to much gossips, petty people and potential bloodshed especially when the TaiSui, SuiPo and SanSha is affected. Otherwise, one word says all – No Worry. Even in the Daoist perspectives, your house is already naturally well guarded by the MenShen or Door Gods, even if there is no image of such Gods sticking at the door leaves. Why do you still need a rhino for?

4. The Calabash, especially in its natural form is something not to “play-play” with. We have seen enough of what it can do if it is not “handle” with care, the Daoist way. In FengShui, it is seldom use as remedy with the exception of to garner the imagery of a Dui Gua. It is believed that when Dui, the youngest daughter cry, the mother Kun Gua which happened to be the number 2 star, will display its motherly nature. By the same token, Mother Nature can sometimes be unsentimental. So when do you know how to switch the switch? In another words, it is playing with fire. The 2 black is residing in Li palace at the south sector. When the south is a bedroom, naturally it is a passive room with the general wellbeing taken care of. If there is no external ShaQi liked Pylon, broken mountain, waterfalls and the sort, the number 2 star would remain dormant and not be aggravated. It is better if the window of such room opens up to a fleshy mountain. Then the number 2 star, in return, can be a bountiful harvest or even as a heavenly doctor instead.

Line Plus Age

In an attempt to answer someone's question, what is lineage?

Lineage is a term comprising line and age. Line is metaphorically denoting an unbroken succession of knowledge from the ancient masters to the current lineage holder through the passage of time. History unfolds that knowledge of King Maker is absolutely dangerous to both the master and his family alike. At any point in time, one will see that these masters will leave the glamorous lives for voluntarily exile. In these exiles, “schools” were established and it is where lineage takes birth. GanZhou, Yang XianLing and the village of SanLiao is one example. Locality and time plays a vital role in the further development of lineage and thus give births to schisms such as GuFa Pai, XinFa Pai and so forth. The sporadic nature of these schisms or sects resulted in many other versions of FengShui, each befitting its own locality, micro culture, climate and social structures. Due to its own self sufficiency nature of each locality, future homegrown masters may have lost touch with the rationale of their forefather’s intention to “modify” the original FengShui method fit for purpose. That is to say, just the method that works, given the conditions of the locality, shall be kept for posterity. This is called lineage, without any attempt to revolutionize. It is also a period that end users techniques were widely used. Lineage became a trade secret under oath and all sorts of constraints so that the knowledge is not used out of context resulted in abuse.

During, post Cultural Revolution of the Maoist establishment witnessed the extinctions of this lineage in Mainland China and FengShui flourished overseas spreading mainly in Taiwan, HongKong and NanYang (another name for the Malaysia & Singapore). Lives in these Chinese populated areas are harsh and competitive thus triads and trade organizations through various establishments liked KongSi and Tang was formed. This is the cradle of FengShui overseas lineage through the FengShui families and so forth became the household names especially in Taiwan. HongKong and the rest of the sporadic FengShui lineage evolves itself independently, each equipped with their very own forte based on their modifications each to suit their local context, proven to be successful, given their very own locality. The true transmission of knowledge is inherited. However, there are always cases outside the rules, such as repaying kindness, sworn brothers and the sorts.

This is lineage.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Medium O Medium

SPEECHLESS..., Another horrifying news. 

2 contemplations. 

One, speaking about "KouDe" or the art of speaking. What ought to say and what not. Assuming while reading someone's BaZi or FengShui, you knew that the person's Luck or FengShui can be changed significantly by just some simple modifications of the space or just by simple human actions, yet it did not occur to the person to ask. Would you tell?

Two, such case is very common. Similar case, wealthy husband jinxed by someone closed. Family Topsy-turvy. Come to you for help. What would you say?

The best of all to conclude such is the reflections of current outcome of Teoh BengHock's inquests, which has reach an unprecedented  Verdict, not suicide and not homicide. So, what? Abduction and murdered by Aliens?


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