Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Feng Shui Of Blue Mansion - Untold Story

It was strange, a FengShui structure will only benefits the bread winner and not the entire household; especially when it is originated from a society where family ranks the top priority. We always mistaken for the fact that when an alignment is made, it will usually benefits one person. This, however, is not entirely true. Even the BaZi chart of the entire family is closely knitted, how may it not benefited the entire family at large? In the attempt for FenFang, distributing of prosperity, some family members will benefit first then the others. All depends on the whim and fancy of the master who made such an alignment. However, in the case of the Blue Mansion, it is yet, another cup of tea. 

The fact is the patron died, the family gone bankrupt and the lost of descendent. Good FengShui? Blame it to Period Change? The structure of the house is at its optimum 4 point gold formation, with all the bad sectors liked kitchen and staff quarters taken out as a separate building, forming the table mountain. Almost grid liked structure. The order of the day being the method of 9 Star distributing auspiciousness with door locating method (modern version = Flying Star). Straddled between period 2 and period 3, with 1-3 (2-4) combinations arriving at the facing. Timely 3 (2) meeting 1 white (4), superior formations, according to the Shanghai School! Soon after, disaster began to befall one after the other. What has gone so wrong with the 1-3 (2-4) Star combination? Wang Cai Bu Wang Ding? Where the notion of Mountain governs people luck and water governs wealth? Does Qi actually flow according to the vehicle's direction? 

This is an (failed) attempt back in 1900. Next time, when a practitioner tell you he applied the same theory when auditing or are using the Fighting SanSha method in XKDG, better think twice! On another note, its sitting may have told you another side of the story? Possible, FengShui espionage designed for failure just liked the case of the Forbidden City ?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Encounter Of The Third Kinds...

Ray of Master 360 has brought up, just the situation in mind of the current situation I am in, via the topic of FengShui help for Headhunters . I agree with Moonchin's view as "... although it can tell a person's In-Born character traits, it is most difficult to tell developed traits or 'changed-over-time traits' accurately...? however, my side of the story is even more bizarre!

I came to know a conglomerate of International funders, by virtue of business introduction, for potential development projects joint ventures, captained by a CEO who is known to be a meta-physicist on his own rights. I am not aware of the strings of achievements under his sleeves, but one thing for very sure; he is screening his potential clients, partners and associates while we indulge in beer over some "Hockian" Karaoke songs, cigarettes and Chinese Tea. It was rather smoky and drunk for others, but I kept my sober, after feeling sort of uneasiness. One reason is also it has passed my bed time, but more importantly are the events unfolding.

In the midst of merry making, the CEO quips to let us know our destiny, as my team consists of the other two parties. He did not plot our chart, but based on very limited data, he starts to read. His initial readings were rather inaccurate. Later, with a twist of an event, he began to stress his point over me, in particular. There seems to be "someone" whispering to his ear, informing him as to the nature of my mental state.  Thereupon, I became his "target". His following messages are all directed to others, but were meant to be understood by me. At the point of time, no one knew I am practicing vegetarian diet and the sort of Xuan arts I am cultivating, yet it all spelt out by him. Very interesting!

My observation led me to an object, not readily to be found in an office. A Chinese Coffin in miniaturized size. Immediately the whole situation makes sense. I am in a situation where it is called, trial by the spirit. No need ZiPing and ZiWei BaZi. No need XuanKong, WenWang and the sort. This is one of the arts called MaoShan (Lower Mao) which is practiced. His final round of antics were the display of teleporting ability, liked any magicianĖ‡s art of object displacement.

Feeling the sort of uneasiness, I secretly drawn a charm (Fu) at the back of my hand, with an immediate response, he raised his voice and vowed to burnt down any temple if the three of us were to believe in any religion whatsoever. Rather strange response coming out from someone liked him and even more bizarre are the experiences for the two of my friends accompanying me, not knowing what the hack he is talking about! Blame it to Carlsberg, perhaps?

Sense a tense situation, I did not pursue any further. The merry making was called to an end with parting words of good luck and good cooperation. I went home, feeling rather drained out, not because of the beer, but of the overdosed of Yin Qi.

The reason of me sharing this experience is to let all to know that we really cannot tell who is who evaluating you in the pretext of a business partner, potential bosses or simply your superior. Anyone can be the meta-physicist in action. They are no longer in robes but the three piece suits of tie and tuxedo. The things that I am uncomfortable with are the methods which are being used, beyond the XuanXue (school of metaphysics) we commonly knew of. Most of them are using the art of Mao, a subject which I do not explain in this portal.

This is a subject that any YinYang practitioner ought to know, for self defense purposes, but not necessary practice as a component for FengShui.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Singapore Feng Shui In Transformation?

Very strange?

First there was the shifting of the Singapore's River Mouth and all the accusation that the development at Marina Bay destroys Singapore's FengShui, then follow by the lightning strike on the Merlion's  ear. Then the so called FengShui master for the casino "kick the bucket" before it is completed. Next, the post effect of the collapse of the US mortgage economy to Singapore, blaming the Singapore Flyer turns the other way around. Matter resolved by a number of masters's advises but was again plagued by power failure. Mega flood at Orchard Road for some other reasons beside the water exit. Next, opening of the casino with various teething problems. One key personnel in charge of Tourism was found dead. Flood again. Lightning strike on the Flyer calling it a stop again. What is next? The real and after effect of the changing to Period 8 begins now?

Possibly these ill effects are materializing. It needs master of, the late Ven Hong Choon's caliber, for the rescue. The question is there any?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Records Of A Master - A Case Of The Jade Emperor Penang 2

Discussing Land Form. As the Google perspective revealed the appearance of the 4 guardians, the question remain, is the temple located at the dragon spot? 

Where is the vein of the dragon and why did it not sit on the vein?

View from the table mountain. What sort of formation is this?

Does the Zhen sector water tank fulfills the Direct/Indirect Spirits? Is it about the location of water versus sunken and protruding of landforms? What happened if water is located above mountain at the Indirect Spirit location? Does it violate the Indirect Spirit?
Better what is the Gua Imagery of Water above Mountain at the Zhen location?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Records Of A Master - A Case Of The Jade Emperor's Temple Penang

Bump into a stone tablet consisting of the analysis of the FengShui master. For this case in question, it was said that a major renovation was carried out in January 2002 (Period 8), led by the Wang ZhongYi with his team of artisan from FuZhou China not without its setback as these artisans could not salvage the existing records. It was also known that there was a renovation attempt back in 1996, which ultimately resulted in incomplete and abandon works, leaving the fragments of the temple scattered everywhere. It was in these fragments that the stone tablet dated back to 1964 was unearthed. 

The tablet has the inscription of the FengShui master and the translation of the records may be as the followings:-

"... Penang, Bukit Bendera (Penang Hill). Temple of the Jade Emperor.

Xu Mountain, Chen Facing, the entrance Main Door (May mean access to the main entrance) has its earth slanted (due to soil erosion?) thus, the FengJing alignment has also been misaligned (The original alignment has been deviated largely due to this assumed erosion). Change 5 Ping (Construe as leveling or to gain a level) 5 Xu in accordance to the seaming needle. Thus, predicting joss fire in the stage of weakening and retreat. In the Middle Yuan, Period 6 (Beginning JiaChen 1964, ending GuiHai 1983), 6 white WuQu LingXing (Commanding star) shimmering prosperous. Given raised the opportunity to change Heaven Luck to receive WuQu Commanding star. Thus change Entrance Main Door FenJing alignment establish in Xu mountain, Chen facing to JianPing SiDao, build leveling of the four corners (A technical term for FenJing alignment or establishing of the Xue). Facing up receive 6-8 auspicious with water as the host, wealth luck prosperous. Zhen location fronting 7 red metal (potentially) ShengQi (growing qi) has a huge pond (reservoir) with unrevealed timeliness imagery (Something to do with the direct/indirect spirits). Then appropriate and befitting to apply door establishing scripts. (Garner) wealth luck great prosperity lasting 40 years, (Thus) fulfilling SanYuan renewing luck formation (structure). Where the pavilion is, at below, build a road surrounding and adjoining the entrance main door. Appropriate connecting 6 white 8 white, part by part with growth (Qi) enters is (in a) mysterious (way). Select BingWu year, 2nd month, 6th day, afternoon 12 o'clock, start work (renovation commence). (In the following) 2nd month (of the) 9th day (in the) morning 10am (is timely to) change of the Heaven Luck (Could also mean the upper beam of the entrance threshold). (Then, in the) 2nd month of the 9th day at afternoon 12 o'clock, (it is timely to perform) door installation. 

Greater SanYuan XuanKong, School of the Nine Stars Auspicious Bestowing Method,

Choo Pu Kong (Chairman)..."

What interest us, is not that as claimed that the FengShui master has predicted the cave in of the main entrance 40 years ago, as the above inscription only state the fact that alignment of the door has been altered which may have occurred due to the earlier erosion, but the series of analysis the master made to arrive at a particular conclusion. 

The followings are noteworthy: -

1. Mountain matching Facing may seem liked the Shen's FlyingStar. Plotted a chart based on period 6, sitting Xu facing Chen, with 6-8 meeting at the facing. SanYuan 3 cycle is use instead of the ErYuan 2 cycle. Fulfilling Ling and Zhen spirits, although it is hinted but not expressed. Easily conclude the master may use the Flying Star method although he never mentioned about flying star but 9 stars.

2. Emphasis on the entrance main door, RuKou DaMen (lit: entrance huge door) which could be just an arch way. In SanYuan, location of the Qi mouth is their point of reference? Then, what is the use of the pavilion? What is known as Door Establishment Script?

3. Establishing of FengJing (Gold Division). Nothing mention about DaGua. The interesting notion of JianPing SiDao using the FongJen or the seam needle. Could it be the man plate of the SanHe LuoPan, very strange for a SanYuan practitioner? Could it means to say, even SanYuan has 3 rings?

4. Using the roads to divert water, establishing ingress and egress which is the cornerstone of SanHe and not SanYuan. In addition, the phrase connecting the 6 white with the 8 white, step by step using the road as the water channel? Even so, there is no reference made as to the use elemental placement of objects, but the flow of Qi communicating the 6 to the 8.

5. Where the Heaven's Heart and others? What is the imagery of 6 over 8, potentially cave in? Do you read 6 over 8 as Early or Later Heaven Gua? Why prosperity only last for 40 years (2 periods) and not SanYuan BuBai (Eternal lasting)?

This account shows that there are as many XuanKong FlyingStar Master practicing in Penang in the 1960s with quite different strokes as compared to the contemporary method of elemental object placement we knew today. Needless to say, this method is going to stay for long, but at least it has proven to be a good tool for divination and all the "hoo-haa" scare effects about period change, as history unfolds itself, is true to a certain degree only when the property is in Gua

Note: Picture extracted from

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Personal Touch

There are always enough to go around in the field of metaphysics if it is being practiced properly. Liked any service oriented consultancy, personal touch is always important. This means to say the lead consultant must always be present. However, modern situation and scenario may not have made this possible. So group practice is again, a better option. Audit is done as a team, solution is derived from discussion and structure is implemented as a team. It is a team effort.

Likewise, in one case when our team of consultant was dispatched to set the structure, the entire reading of the Xue was deviated by more than 15 degree from the earlier audit. What could have caused such a huge degree deviation? Upon investigation, we were made to understand that the floor tile has just been removed in the morning and that has disturbed the Qi fluctuation. Talking about the importance of the magnetic North? So, which North do we measure?

We call off a day and return a week later complementing the sequence of work by the contractor and complete the rest of the work per se. Imagine the sequence of work involved and the repetitive visits due to force majeure multiply by the number of cases in hand, would it still be a matter of personal touch?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Structural Killing - Piercing Mouth

While waiting for our client, we came across a rotunda consisting a series of eateries. While the others have been packed with people, one seems to be quiet. It is exactly the place suitable for us to have an informal discussion. Almost a second nature, we asked as to what is wrong with this outlet? Our contacts had revealed that these chain outlets has been FengShui(ed) before, similarly so with their other outlets. We refrained from saying who. So, there must be something really wrong somewhere. 

Located at the center of the rotunda facing a bright hall, completes with embrace and table mountain, what can go so wrong with this shop? There, the very problem with the main entrance, which is worth a thousand pieces of gold, liked the old Chinese saying. The adjacent column smacked just right in front of the main entrance, causing a piercing mouth Sha, where the Qi mouth (main entrance) cannot receive the desire Qi. 

Cases liked these are very common, almost to be found in every commercial complexes in Malaysia. The question is if next time you want to open a shop, who would you call for FengShui? Be it SanHe or SanYuan, a competent master would have notice it and it is not ZhongTian, XieZi or DaGua complexities. It is simply common sense. 

Perhaps a little Fighting SanSha junkies can cure it? What say you?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paul The Oracle Octopus – Metaphysic Architectural Service For Hire?

We can understand how frustrating is when an Architect does not understand what a FengShui Master wants. Stumble upon a blog of a fellow Architectural practitioner who has his episode with his client’s FengShui Master, which is very-very common, owing to the fact that even people of different races are becoming more aware of the needs of FengShui and metaphysics. What else, when one of the most sought after Paul the oracles, has flawless predictions over the current world cup and we wish it could be an embodiment of the wise old man, given the body of a FengShui master. Imagine, even the Germans are true believers now days!

It is very common to hear that, “…the client said.. Architect must follow what the FengShui master want.. Wow!! its BULLSHIT!!!.. man.. we are the Architect.. we decide what we want to have in the sake of producing a very good design..”. That is a very arrogant chant, worth analyzing.

As what once a senior practitioner, now retired, Tan Sri Dato Lim Chong Keat said, imagines the Architects is the asshole, what will become of the body when the asshole decided not to shit? The entire body functions breakdown, body temperature rise and so on and so forth.  It has becomes clear that even asshole is important, not just the brain.

So be it the master or the Architect, brain or the asshole, each one has its own function to play, if only, they understand each other’s role. As a jack of all trades and master to none, the Architect has to understand the needs of the FengShui master, if possible, be the master himself.

Quoting the following frustrations, “…this FengShui master ask the Architect to put different level on a very straight walkway.. Using ramp up and down in certain portion instead of having a very nice flat surface.. what is the point of having different level if there are no function at all.. and the FengShui master said it is because to bring the luck in to the house.. he can bullshit the client.. but not us (I mean me and the principal of this project).. and then he decide to put window that he already ‘design’ at one of the bungalow’s facade.. it looks very ugly with a very small and the size are various looks not organize at all…well.. it’s already run far away from the concept.. it is already look like a pig sheds…”, demonstrated the sheer frustration of the Architect seeing his masterpiece torn apart beyond recognition.

If only the Architect understand that: -

1. Straight moving Qi is volatile, unsentimental and has no ability to coagulate, and then he may understand why the straight walkways are not appealing in terms of FengShui.

2. Undulated paths create funnels that can draw in Qi from a certain Bright Hall, to be distributed (NaQi) to all other rooms internally. This is called drawing up the Qi map as opposed to the Architect’s spatial map.

3. Specific openings are crucial to enable the specific Qi to enter or exit.
The Architect can further enhance his design concepts rather than mutilating it and if he is so unlucky, the FengShui master may be from the McFengShui world, and then his masterpiece will ultimately look like a Chinese Temple. That I believe has a reason for protest!

Look at the bright side, these species of FengShui masters are here to stay. Why not understand them and their specific performance so that the Architectural masterpiece is a place worth living in it and not just an icon glazing its place in the magazine. Remember, all the Modernist glass houses failed that even the owners refuse to live in. How good would their FengShui be?

Next time, when the Architect is frustrated with the FengShui master, rope in Paul the Oracle’s solution. Its number is HERE!

Safe Measure Sha Qi ?How Relevence?

As an Urban Designer or an Architect, very often than not while planning a housing or commercial scheme, we will encounter such term as Buffer Zone or Statutory Set Backs for rivers, TNB Pylons, Highways, Flyovers, Sewerage Treatment Plant and other types of utility. The question is what is considered to be a safe distance buffer or setbacks?

Is it using the height and length of trajectory to determine the path of killing Qi, neutral zone and its safe distance are good enough parameter? We doubt that as a generalize statement, as in one of the many cases, we also noticed that businesses flourishing liked nobody business, while their shop faces such Sha Qi (so called Killing Forces) within the so called danger zone. 

Such strange phenomenon has been the core reasons for those Fighting SanSha junkies to make believes of their ability to change the malevolent Sha into benevolent ShengQi, call it another method of manipulating ZhongTian, XieZi or whatever you want to call? The fact, it is still a good piece of property with good business everyday while confronting the flyover, pylons and a highway. The question is do you know how to utilize it. A close inspection revealed that this shop manage to tap into the incoming Qi which gathered around its bright hall. With a proper alignment of dragon, mountain, Xue and water, this very shop is able to turn Yang into Yin and Yin into Yang (XieZi?). 

Speaking of such, it reminds me of the riddle, is mountain Yin or mountain Yang?

Eclipse: The Danger Of Second Opinion

In one of the case as reported in Fallacy Of The Water Dragon: Case 2, we audited a house and suggested a series of rectification works to be carried out on specific time. 3 datelines were given and yet the owner did nothing about it. Instead he engaged another FengShui master for a second opinion. We have no idea whatsoever about the 2nd Master's opinion and we believed he must have aggravated the existing Sha surrounding his house. Upon revealed by a trusted source, even the 2nd master hastily run away from the audit and later called back to inform that the place is haunted!

Then later on the weeks, things begin to unfold one after the other. In the cause of work, one of the retaining wall collapsed and no one is injured, he loses money in terms of cost and time delay. A day before the incident, his Arowana fish died. He spent a fortune getting another one. Then, the second one also die. A day later, his senior assistant met an accident and die on the spot. He did not replace his Arowana fish. This time around, he met an accident and ended up in the hospital. 

His BaZi and his house structure have already told us something. It just tell you how important BaZi is in contrary with some opinion that FengShui is independent of BaZi. It is these reasons; we have given him 3 dates to start mobilizing to change the Qi over especially on the cutting feet. Yet, nothing is done and a second opinion causes all these events to happen one after another.

Sometimes, second opinion may be dangerous. It is definitely safer to stick to one consultant from the beginning to the end, liked most of our clients do. If it is in doubt, read this article.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Paul The Oracle Octopus -The Price of Being Accurate

BBQ Octopus, a price that the media darling Paul, the oracle octopus, has to pay? For being accurately predicting the fall of Germany in the World Cup Semi Final? A little sense of Dejavu as very similar occurrence with the untimely or violent death of many great grandmasters of Chinese Metaphysics from being, clubbed to death, poisoned, with the body dump into the river, decapitated and mutilated whereas other die at a very young age. 

Perhaps could this be a reason for commercial practitioners demanding more fee or simply, Heaven's will shall not be revealed?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SiFu Paul The Oracle Octopus

Strange, no need YiGua, QiMen, LiuYao, TaiYi, LuiRen, WenWang and the sort. Just some tentacles will do the job. The German's display in believing in the oracles, given the fame of being German's precision, is rather astonishing as such oracles are rather vague in nature. Call it synchronicity and affinity? In any ways, this very octopus CV is highly accurate with the current world cup prediction of 6/6, many, many times better than some metaphysic practitioners with all sort of rubbish theory of the 5 yellow and stuff liked that. The moral of the story is why go to the BaZi and YiJing professionals when one can easily engage Paul's services or alternatively keep an octopus as your pet oracle and named it Paul the second. I was told Paul's cousin is giving a course in XKDG the octopus way and we are assigned as their marketer. Anyone interested, please email me for an early bird discount of SGD6,000.00 instead of the normal price SGD10,000.00. Yes, there is a condition, you must have tentacles, invertebrate, breath underwater and more importantly speak the octopus language and it is only a one time module only. So don't miss the chance! 

Register Now!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Feeder pillar Killing Qi?

When we discuss about ZhongTian, we received numerous queries, especially from someone who was very upset. Could they be from the people of the principle? I guess not. People with principles do not concealed themselve in the veil of anonimous, only cowards do. So, let them be that way, that is their nature, Kiasu and Kiasi. 

To continue on the topic of ZhongTian, in one of our typical audit in Kelantan for a commercial shop lot formerly under renovation, noticed a typical structure commonly found along the street called feeder pillar. The question is how damaging is this sort of structure in terms of FengShui ShaQi? It reminds us of the Fighting SanSha junkies attempt to manipulates ShaQi to their advantages, liked playing with fires. History is that this typical lot is called “black shop”, which means to say, no business can last occupying this shop. Could it be because of this very feeder pillar?

One thing for sure, such structure will be there for permanent. However, there is a ZhongTian technique that can eliminate Sha, using the 8 Gua which we love playing with. Two weeks later, after completion, it was surprising that the feeder pillar was removed without anyone doing anything extraordinary. Strange, indeed! We then dismantle the ZhongTian formations and aptly setting the SanHe structure in motion.

What is the next stake?


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