Monday, September 29, 2008

A Reflection On SanYuan

We had heard a lot of masters citing TIAN, DI and REN as the 3 core principles of SanYuan. Some may have dwell deeper into defining what TIAN, DI and REN represent. The novelty of these discussions is again salvaged from the classics called DiliHebi or equivalent. These are what were said: -

TIAN = Timing, as in date selection. DI = Location, as in formation and REN = Ying Yang, dwelling for the death or the living. Apparently, these are the current understanding.

TIAN = Heaven will, as in fate. DI = Earth, as in Fengshui and REN = Human, as in Destiny. This was taken from the context of first, fate, second, destiny and third Fengshui. Again, these sayings had been grossly misunderstood.

TIAN = Heaven Yuan, DI = Earth Yuan and REN = Human Yuan. These become the back bone for the DaGua, FeiXing and LiuFa applications. Again, are these grossly misunderstood?

The ancient masters said to whom shall the art of KanYu served? Does the celestial being needed so much of these arts or it is the human that has requested this art to be handed by the will of Heaven? Heaven bestow, Earth received. This is the starting point of SanYuan. This is Affinity with Heaven.

The 24 mountain rings of the Luopan have been credited to Grandmaster Yang Jun Song. Liked the master of the old, he has used the secret of the Luopan for the benefits of the masses, earning him the title of Yang Jiu Ping (Savior of the poor). Before him, the Yellow Emperor has also been using this tool for the benefits of his people. It is of such a legendary feats that, it was called a legend rather than a historical account. Has any master of the old says that these were indeed a fiction? To who has been benefited from the knowledge of this art has the Affinity with Earth.

By practicing this art, the beneficiary is the masses. It is the householder requests that such an art was bestowed. This is the Affinity with Man.

The master of the old said, things come in three. Affinity comes in three. Result comes in three. Knowing SanYuan knows what these three are. The question is do you know?

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Art of KanYu - 2nd Installation

KanYu has never meant to be used as an art for counter measures. Neither has it been used to wade of Bad Qi. The saying thus, avoiding the bad ushering the good, is a Chinese mindset that has found its way to the art of KanYu. The root of KanYu is on the understanding of Change and not opposing change. On this ground where would one sees counter measures as the remedy for KanYu?

The key of KanYu is on the understanding of receiving Qi. Some term it better as riding Qi. But of all, the closest as I understood is dissolving Qi. There is nothing good or bad. The term good or bad stems out from the phases of Qi as it transforms itself. Be it external or internal. The essence of Yi never perceives perversion or avoidance as a means of a natural order. Going with the flow is and not confronting it. With no confrontation and no avoidance, then how would KanYu deals with the bad Qi? Simple, let it be and dissolving it. Understanding this, one will see that all locations are blessed.

HETU and LOSHU both represent the vertical and horizontal aspect of Qi, some classics referring it as the map and the book. It is true that XuanKong that we know of used the understanding of the vertical to apply for the horizontal that is where we understand the notion of activation of Qi. In truth, it is far more then these. In the understanding of the old school of YuanKong, change is the only constant in the universe, not the other way around. Knowing this liked the saying goes, everyday is Spring. Do you still need to tilt the door?

Remember, thing that moves up must come down. Whatever moves move and whatever still remains still. This is the essence of Yi. As the saying echoes: -

The Golden Dragon, Longitude and Latitude even though come with different meaning,
Does it move or does it not move, all depend on the Master to apply.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Art of KanYu

The classics say: -

Using the Map Luck as the body, Book Luck as the application, this way (of application) is the usual. Using the Map to explore the Book, Book to explore the Map, This is the method of transformation.

If these phrases braced the essence of YangGong Fengshui, then all method practiced to date has been faulted. Similarly if one sees Fengshui as The Burial Classic says: Qi rides the wind and scatters, but is retained when encountering water. The ancients collected it to prevent its dissipation, and guided it to assure its retention. Thus it was called Fengshui (and) according to the laws of Fengshui, the site which attracts water is optimum, followed by the site which catches wind, and then all method practice to date has also faulted. The ancient never called it KanYu for any reason. The key is to know there is no such a thing as Feng and Shui. This is the first fallacy.

ZhangShu has this to say: Earth is the receptacle of Qi, where there is earth there is Qi. Qi is the mother of water, where there is Qi there is water. If by any standards one were to hold on to this essence, then all method practice to date has also faulted. It is not the earth we are reckoned with. Why ride the Qi when we don’t even know if it has life? Similarly if the notion of a death Qi were to be discarded, there will also be no ShengQi. Similarly if Qi is not being born, why worried of it being dead? This is the second fallacy.

If there is no Qi to sit on, what is there to sit? The classics stressed the importance of sitting as compared to facing. It is never in the context of the term to sit and to face, currently practiced. If one were to replace such with the term in and out, one will be able to read it differently. This is the third fallacy. Had one ever asked, why would one given 2 eyes, 2 nostrils, two ears but only one mouth? Knowing the in and knowing the out, do one still need to sit? This is the third fallacy.

XuanKong is never about activation of the stars. This was created evolved into something else to make believes. The essence to XuanKong on its original name, Yuan and Kong is an art of doorways. The closest is liked a roller coaster. What goes up will come down. What comes down will go up. Does this sound any closer to the famed DianDian Dao theory of the YangGong method? Even if it is far off different by any standard of understanding according to a specific body that gazettes the authenticity of the body of knowledge not knowing this is the fourth fallacy.

The whole entire corpus of knowledge could be screwed up, but the real will remain real be it in SanHe, SanYuan or whatever names one would like to call. Remember, there is a reason why the key was kept only by these hardly 12 families. Similarly, there is also reason, for any Chinese descendants to have a family name. If the Chinese were to share the same forefather, the arts will remain within the descendants of these forefathers and it can never be of a person. For once, I knew the death could talk.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Commercial Fengshui Audit – T Singapore

Location: Kaki Bukit, Singapore
Incoming Dagon: QIAN HAI

Outgoing Water: DING WEI
Xue Sitting: GUI CHOU

Act 1: -

Q: Thanks for offering to help. I am lost now. Difficult to make out the facing of the building. Seems that the facing, meaning the entrance of the building is at 184.5 degrees where it is facing a crossroads but also a big nice tree in front.

A: In real life auditing, it becomes apparent that any novice will be lost, to even establishing the center of the TaiQi spot to take measurements. Most of the time, one is overly occupied to take in all criteria without proper thinking as to what is the question at hand. There must first be a pre-auditing groundwork. The classics say, go into the mountain, seek for the water mouth. With Google Earth this process can be quickened. Note also the question of wealth or health with reference to its early heaven or later heaven application.

In this case the frames are matched both wood with wood sitting. That is why such center is prosperous. No doubt, one has to first, establish its sitting and not facing. Classical Fengshui has all emphasis given on sitting. The map shown clearly as to how the building sits, however, does one knows how to establish sitting?. How easy could that be? Next, we are not auditing the entire complex, so no fuss of zooming into its minute details. The overview will be a good indicator.

As one can see, this is a case where one calls, running around the mountain not seeing anything. After all, everyone will have to go through the same process before becoming first class master. As the saying goes one must become a D.O.G before being near to G.O.D.

Act 2: -

Q: Cars don't come in here but pedestrians, yes. This entrance is occupied by a pleasant looking food court. We walked around the building- no offending structures, only regular size buildings. At NE2 are the car entrance and any transportation into the building. It is quite a busy center. They come in and go out in the same location; only thing is they have to circulate around the driveway block to get to the other floors. Altogether there are 5 floors. Almost all are occupied and seems to be busy with all kinds of businesses. Ground floors are all the showrooms such as furniture, home designs, cars etc. Food producers are on the 3rd floor and 5th floor. My uncle's unit is the one marked X with a circle doing servicing business for SHARP (Repair services). There is also a FengShui consultation firm in this building. So, what say you?

A: Always remember the issues, not anything else. The role of the master is not to solve everything under the shed! Try only to solve one thing at a time. Do not be overly nosy about others affair. So what is the main issue? Here, the proprietor is facing the charge from the Inland Revenue board for tax evasion. It has nothing to do with his business growth. It is a matter of number crunching that will only stem out from the account department by the accounting personnel. So go direct to these places of problem and investigate! Do you need to engage a Ghostbusters?

Here the homework has been done. Occurring on the account room, the authority is here to counter. Problem stems out from the accountant and the clerks under the direction of the company’s head. Is it a financial problem or a human relation problem? Here it becomes apparent; it is the problem of the leadership in question. The head is supported by the relatives, seeking to produce wealth. Unsatisfied with the treatment, reflected in the tax return. Seek not provocation but to move along the flow. Want to know how and why, kindly drop me a mail.

Suggested remedy, spend more time in the store room at the Gen Sector place water features or painting prior to the month of XU. This will reduce the effect. Then seek resolution from the Inter Revenue Board through a resourceful manner such as getting in the correct parties and consultants. There will be silver lining to be seen at the horizon. Noblemen are also required.

Paper Fengshui will not bring one anywhere nearer to become a Fengshui practitioner less alone a Fengshui Master. Just a simple exercise could easily proved that the notion is, one must first running around the mountain and sees nothing in order to learn to watch the water mouth, then to watch the star. This is the training. For sure, it is always easy to say than to do. Anyone want to try?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hello Anonymous

Anonymous wrote: -

It has been a long time! I had a strange summer, with unexpected events. Swollen foot and blocked back ... so could not walk where I wanted and sent me tending some old inner corpses instead!

I did not go much in books either.... anyway when I read your comments on your blog and about DLBZ, I feel I should better keep silent and study! You sometimes have a rough speech but your mind is large your spirit subtle and your heart noble besides being a most serious Fengshui practitioner! The way you treated your peer shows your kung fu and your master should be proud with his teachings. I wish I could go back to Malaysia and study a bit with him.

By the way do you know why his web site has closed for the moment? Anyway here is a little dragon I met; seen in Qian. Spot weak, use for once. Might be good for a hermit to meditate about the benefits of being humble and unknown. I took pictures for 360° but need to reduce them in size, scan the survey map to send you a proper file.... I had a quick look on the forum a few days ago but did not feel like coming in.

Dear Anonymous,

Is good to hear from you again after a long silence, presumably walking the dragon dotting the meridian spot during the last summer and the teething problem must be treated with care, notably on water retention and circulatory blockages. Acupuncture may relieve these problems.

If only the masters of the old would have not penned their work in such a poetic manner taking style before substances, we would not have so much confusion and disagreement. DLBZ (DiLi Bian Zheng) is a collection of commentaries of Grandmaster Jiang Da Hong upon the other classics, which only represents one individual’s interpretation and not a collective view of the original authors. Further interpretations from the modern master only watered down the original intent. One of the reasons of my blog is to debunk these false views while maintaining a certain degree of provocateur. The choice of word may have been rough on purpose, for it strikes right to the point, pointing to the heart. He who knows, know what I had to say. My apology to the uninitiated. You are most welcome to learn with him in the most down to earth manner and his website is up minus the peripheral forum currently plagued with unwarranted remarks.

The vein is strong but the spot is weak. If it is Qian and it is a Tanglang parent mountain, the quality is already compromise. Note also the sunken and protruding, without the embrace, its quality diminished further. Perhaps you are right, need the 360 view for a better assessment with a map to gauge the Watergates and to seek its in coming. Will put more input once I have your info.

The recent entry for the forum has been quite disappointing. Nothing spectacular. I had migrated to other forums of a better discussion board with the other frequent contributors. Also take note that Master Vin has his say over his blog entitled surviving the forum. A note of thanks to him for his support and contribution over critical issues in the Chinese Metaphysics devoid of the necessity to bad mouth one another but a sincere and straight forward discussion of critical issues minus the craps. Apparently many instructors are shying away, without good provocative discussion, or these instructors may be too busy making money for the academy that they have very little time for others. On such note, how I missed HHC’s facts filled academic papers, although some times with its omissions, I deeply appreciated his true spirit of sharing without a lace of commercialization.

On a personal note, the fruition of the literary translation work of another serious student of Chinese Metaphysics Terry aka Due South has been remarkable, of which without his contribution, Chinese illiterate students may have to dwell a little longer in the dark in search for meaningful translated version of the classics. Same goes with other authors namely, Skinner and L Field, although with its setbacks due to cultural differences and referring to the butchered version of the classics. Here, notable English speaking masters like Vin and JY could bridge the gaps.

Even the provocative MoonChin, with his translation of his Grandmaster Li Ding Xin’s work would benefit greatly to the community of the WWW. However, I wondered why he has not proceeded to update his blog but was too occupy with setting up an academy with his partner in Indonesia and writing substance less eBooks? What a waste if these good souls may join the bandwagon of commercial driven academies? Who else will be there to salvage our commercially sucked dried souls?

So, my dear monsieur, as you can see, your silence and study must have to be traded with some other meaningful means such as continuing with higher modules of study with a commercially driven academy or be accepted as an indoor disciple of a reputable commercially driven lineage. Neither nor would you gain enlightenment of being a hermit on top of the mountain, as you had emailed me. Unfortunately, the world evolved around such precedents.

While waiting for a response from you, I bid you cheers and happiness always.

Take care;

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

4 Good Versus The 4 Bad, East Versus West

It will be ridiculous to even think that there will be 4 bad sectors and 4 good sectors for a house. If one is living in a mansion, then the 4 bad sectors would have been easily avoidable. What if it was a case of a small apartment unit? Does it mean that the other 4 sectors will be unusable? Worst, if the notion of the 4 eastern GUA cannot match the 4 western GUA. How ridiculous such a theory can be? Imagine, what will one sees when one travels west and beyond? Will one come back to the East? So, how could west remain as west and east remain as east?

The Early and Later Heaven application has been force fitted to explain a theory in such a morbid fashion. It will be even more horrifying to note that the East and West dichotomy is due to the interaction of the 5 elements. Have any genuine theory of Chinese Metaphysics say that water and fire clash each other? If that is the case, what is the Green Satchel Classics for? Would that make any significant for the authoritative classic of 8 mansions called 8 Mansions Bright Mirror (Bazhai Ming Jing) to be relevant?

Early heaven is principle, later heaven is application. What does this really mean? Can LiuSha, WuGui, JueMing and HuoHai be auspicious? Can a husband and wife of different east and west group share the same bed use the same entrance, eat at the same table? How about the pet in the house? Before we continue bluffing ourselves with 8 mansions, why wouldn’t we revisit the fundamental? Just the fundamental.

Heaven and Earth fixed position. Which is heaven which is earth? What is the vessel, where is the Qi? Mountain and marsh connect Qi. Where is the mountain, where is the marsh? How to connect Qi? Thunder Wind mutually close. Where is the thunder and where is the wind? What has been close and what has been opened? Water and Fire not shoot each other. Which are the fire and which the water is? Why these elements don’t shoot each other? If one understands this, one will understand that there is no dichotomy of the east and the west, good and the bad. We will understand 8 mansions in another perspective. Unfortunately, we simply don’t even understand what ShengQi is and we start talking about others!

Also, seek the applications as the followings: -
Carries trunk, Kun earth,
Downward shining, Qián arranges.
Seven governors, pivot workings,
Circulate, finish, begin.
Earthly virtue, upwards convey,
Heavenly lights, downwards preside.
Yin applies, Yáng faces,
Yáng applies, Yin responds.
Yin Yáng, mutually meet,
Fortune, prosperity, ever pure.
Yin Yáng, together harness,
Misfortune, disaster follows gate.

Knowing these, all the new age theories dotting the internet will be crap and a shear display of mockery and fallacy, to reinvent an ancient theory based on modern interpretation. The current notion of east and west houses are a shear fallacy and any further discussion based on such false interpretation would be disaster resulting in breaking up of families, useless renovations, unnecessary fears, getting rich schemes, more advance Bazhai classes, 8 mansions for wealth, getting rich with 8 mansions, more books to the resume and endless forum entries such as what if the flying star chart do not conform to the 8 mansion chart?

So the next time, when such a question of this sort was put forward, such theory was discussed further, just take a seat back and laugh for one knows it is not true. Perhaps even the Green Satchel wasn’t true?

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Secret Formula: Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD!

How much would a secret formula in Fengshui worth? One of the notable Fengshui trainer informed that he had paid as much as 40,000.00 Euro for a script called, Jing Kou Jue or Golden Oral Transmission. Sounds very tantric. With this special weapon in hand, an academy was born. Interesting enough, his thirst for knowledge especially the exoteric ones are much admirable. It will not be too surprise to note that he is a much talk about Fengshui Icon in town and to my surprise he has many researchers who make him as a topic of dissertation, which include one in the, which the old photos of apprenticeship in Canada or Singapore, not Hong Kong (again surprising!) had been included. Because formulas could be bought with money, there is no reason for a lineage to be held. So, the birth of non-sectarian, non-lineage school of Metaphysics was born.

School of this nature is practical, especially more to the English speaking communities. It doesn’t contain craps, although there is another one in town, propagating the crap philosophy as notice in the alter ego blog (drop me a mail and I will tell you which). It is even more practical when the arts of Fengshui have been dissected in parts almost piecemeal. The good thing is it is easy digestible but almost impracticable in application. It comes with a high price tag similar to the original investment put in by its proprietor. This is termed return of investment (ROI).

There is no guarantee whatsoever that the student would had master what was taught, although some of the tagline comes with the adjective of mastery. Given a normal distribution assumed hypothesis, 80% of the students would understand 20% of what has been taught in class. So it will be a hypothesis that most of the student is confused. No doubt, confusion is the path to enlightenment, so by the time the student engaged on the right track, one would have squeezed out of one’s last penny, for reasons that these courses were dissected in parts, by the commercially driven ones. Then, it becomes true that one has to be forgiving and compassionate to these schools of Fengshui. Anyway, who say Fengshui
study is a cheap hobby and it is a fact that it is a lucrative crossed border industries that in some instances, it may also escape the eye of the Inland Revenue department?

So, will there be secret formula offered for sale and at what price? There are many masters who are of a low profile. Because they understand that Fengshui is like a candle, sacrificing oneself to enlighten other people’s path. How many great grandmasters of Chinese Metaphysics of the olden days had a good death? These practitioners maintained a simple living conditions, some maintaining a simple blog or website, others don’t even know how to blog. They are good only in catching dragon spot. They may have secret formula for sale?

Usually these masters minus the bells and jingles in “clown-suits”, one would see in some Chinese websites, has provocative thought inserted in their articles, trying to salvage the “corpse” that had been sucked dried by the commercially driven schools of metaphysics, almost liken to the undertakers. Not surprisingly, for they too deal a lot with undertakers in their normal working arrangement. This reminded me of a Zen master saying, if it is not me who will be in Hell to salvage your soul, who else will?

Personally speaking, I would have reckoned that the time is running out for the better masters to depart what they knew before they are 6 feet under. It will also be of their Karma that they may not live long enough or rather burn-out for brightening up others path. The younger one or the cloned master with the involvement of even a semi professional called "marketers of Fengshui" have many time to re-invent themselves, with better courses, better excursions, better promises, or teamed up with the older and bushier white haired grandmaster and even better tag-line liked, Fengshui for.... whatever or Xuan Kong 1,2,3… Fa? Aged masters like these may have something to offer? It is going once, twice and fast selling…

So, next time when a drag net is sow in disguise as a class, seminar, course, module, packages, symposiums and talks by the commercially driven school, take notice of who are the “fishes”. It may be you and me, especially comes the New Year Astrological Prediction and promotions, some even comes as a complementary tickets to fill up the seats so that the picture will look impressive over its web pages. Do you think there is a secret formula offer for sales at these festivals of Fengshui?

It will also be quite a pity for those who do not read Chinese, but has the interest to master such Chinese art. The syllabus that laced these courses is most likely found in the Chinese written books of the same subject that cost almost 10% of the fragment for the entire course. Even better as the so called English Almanac (Tongshu) costs 300% more then the Chinese versions made available at the cost of RM10+ in most of the Chinese bookstore or Sundry Shop. By the same token, the so called secret formula that once famed with mystical names such as 6 punishment water, water dragon and white tiger Sha are nothing but created theories, so that more courses could be offered and even more money can be made. Ultimately, who’s Fengshui would have been better, the school’s or the students’?

The Disney movie called Kung Fu Panda has been screened at the right time for this article, for the dragon scroll contain no word. Similarly the secret formula is no formula. The validity again is in the application, not the formula.

This is my secret formula for sale. Any taker?

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

BAZI Reading An Art of Retrospective

A request from a forum highlighted me of looking into the event and pens my piece of thought in my blog. It is not a common practice for me to decipher it on the internet. However this is not a BAZI consultation but a diary about BAZI. It has the following tone of a distress called seeking for advice such as this: -

"Last week a woman contact me because she and her family had an accident last Feb 3 2008 at 6 pm, as a result their two girl daughters died. The mother, the husband and 20 year old boy survive the accident and are ok (in their body health of course). Naturally, She is very sad (the rest of the family too of course),as anyone can imagine, the mother is already 42….after the last baby (born in Santiago Chile Dec 6, 2004, at 7:42 am / Death Feb 3, 2008 at 6 pm) she was sterilized and today she is trying to conceive by artificial method (in vitro) she already had one unsuccessful intent, and she will like to know if she could be mother again……..I told her that my background in 4 pillars is very basic and ask her if she agree that I ask her case in a 4 pillars list, and she agree. Please any input in this case will be very appreciate, thanks in advance, warms regards to all." - an entry to chineseastrology forum.
The Mother
The chart displays a weak Wu day master. Being in the company of friends will be favorable. Similarly the person with such a chart will benefits from resources with the participation of a mentor. Meanings in time of sadness, guidance from a noble soul is very much sought after. The resource although not in the ideal pillar is strongly rooted, but has a great tendency to be clashed or combined away.
A strong indication of heavenly clash and earthly combination among others involved the favorable elements, portend inauspicious. When the conditions arise, its favorable elements will be diminished and the so called mentor star will turn into unfavorable petty people, instead. In such a situation, it will be prudent to arbitrate the situation, first seeking a better understanding of life, then to use such understanding to discipline oneself for a better outlook in life. Religion may be an answer.

If this is a female chart, affinity with her children is controlling its positive element, indicating either a lack of affinity. With the absents of the children star, the affinity with children will even be slimmer. It will be very much different if this is a male chart. It will be difficult for this female to have another child, although not impossible.

The Father

The male chart displays a strong self element. It indicates he is a man of actions rather then thought. Being of an action orientated his ability to use money to resolve his problem is prominent. It will not be surprised if he decided to go ahead with what ever means available today to acquire his aspiration, including having children.

Notice also the similar structure of heavenly clash, resulting in his favorable element clashing into his unfavorable elements, both ways unfavorable in nature. Again, one will notice that the lack of affinity with children in this chart, although children will be good for him. Closer investigation revealed that he has a closer affinity with his son rather then daughter. The affinity of his son is strengthens by the results of his action. It also indicates that he has the potential to have another child if he wished in the expanse of his wealth, also indicating the mother.
The Event

The day of the incident denotes a strong water element, making wood and fire its favorable element. It is only the fire element that has kept the couple alive. Note also its lack of affinity with wood, being the most important element needed for the day.

Similar patterns of heavenly clash appeared in three of the charts. Having both the resource and friends squeezing the day master sitting on resources will make the day lopsided. With water and metal revealed, both unfavorable for the couple clashed into their respective natal chart, as I believed also aggravated by their respective luck pillar, the incident occurred. Because of the only fire element revealed, these couple is spared from the incident although with its cost.

The reading is not performed in an imagery manner instead it is based strictly on a ZiPing Bazi basis. Does one need to read it as imagery? Because of these, there is no relevant for any forms of advance course except to reinvent itself to a level of complexity, worth its value as an advance module. These among others include the mixture of ShenSha, Nayin and ChangSheng. Some even go as far as Shoalin, Wudang or even Dominican Bazi techniques, adding on to the layers liked an onion. So before these modified schools made out onion out of its student, it will be prudent for the students to drop the entire onion mentality and go back to the fundamental.

What is this fundamental?
Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

3 Auspicious 6 Elegance Of The Starry-Starry Night

Green Satchel says: -
Purple Subtle (ZiWei) Heavenly pillar,
Supreme Second (TaiYi) this control.
Sovereign (JunLin) presides 4 cardinals,
South facing thus governs.
Heavenly Market (TianShi) Eastern palace.
Lesser Subtle (ShaoWei) western side.
Supreme subtle (TaiWei) southern wall.
Sides shinning four extremes,
Four Seven as vertical woven,
Five virtues as horizontal woven.

3 intergalactic friends namely ZiWei, TianShi and TaiWei, decides one day to leave a mark on planet earth. Seeking permission from the Jade Emperor, these friends pull the surface of the earth marking and distinctively arranging mountains, waters, streams and sands. The chief of these companions is ZiWei. He alone controls TaiYi, being a small portion of the intergalactic ZiWei streams. There he decides, among his peers which landforms are the 3 auspicious and the 6 elegance. Do you know which?

Having its sides shining the 4 extremes, being which are the 4 extremes? There comes the four and then the seven making a vertical connection. What is this connection? Why seven and not five? Has the five been in horizontally woven? Woven into what?
Apparently we need to spend a lot of time looking up into the skies. It is this time that this exercise is a luxury for many modern people, whom has taken a choice of looking for the stars in the television instead. Notice how the star rotates?

Apparently we need to also spend a lot of time looking down to the shadows of the valleys. It is this time that this exercise is also a luxury for many modern people, whom has taken a choice of looking for money in the office instead. Notice how the shadow moves as the sun rotates?

Had these rotations not “woven” into something else, such as the 3 auspicious and 6 elegance, day for night and night for day? So what has been woven? What are these numbers? What are these enclosures? The best of all what the hell is 3 auspicious 6 elegance?

Monsieur Steve, have you progress with the heavenly stars?

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Counting To The Day Of 916 – Power Shift For Malaysia?

First there is a Political Tsunami, BN (Coalition party of the Ruling Front) lost the 2/3 majority. Then the country sees itself with the emergence of Anwar Ibrahim (Former Sacked Deputy Prime Minister of the Mahathir’s Era) back to the Parliament, after wining the Permatang Pauh By election with an increased majority. Next the Malaysian had been promised for a shift of government from a BN led government to the PR (Pakatan Rakyat, People’s coalition currently the Opposition Front) with the date be to reckoned with is 16 September 2008, taking a cue of the establishment of Malaysia post independent in 1957 with the inclusion of the states of Borneo, Sabah and Sarawak. Since the divination is made at 12:15am, we shall read with this time instead.

In the background of confusion, there comes a star with a piercing speech, so fierce that it echoes through the misty confusion covering unseen dangers and road blocks ahead. The situation is rather grave with dust, dirt and commotion seen and on the ground. The leader is reveal, not rooted being unable to be supported by the grass root. Again, we may ask: -

Q: Will there be a power shift?

A: The leader has the tendency to be combined away! Hidden revealed transactions incurring money, friends and foes. The operative word is the TENDENCY to be combined away…

Q: Will there be a commotion?

A: The contaminations are found. The tendency is obvious.

So, good luck Malaysian. Stock up the food and pray it will just be another day in paradise. Viva Malaysia! Long live PEACE!

Yin Fengshui Audit – Y’s Grave Malacca


Location: Bukit Jelutong, Malacca

Incoming Dagon: GEN YIN

Outgoing Water: DING WEI

Xue Sitting: DING HAI


SanHe Method Analysis: -

Fire frame Yang matching wood frame Yin, producing in. Sited at Earth Xue, producing in from the incoming growing health. Matching mountain and water, conforming to the SanHe principle. Could we classify this as “Wang Chai Wang Ding”? There must be some other considerations to be taken care of.

It is obvious that one would jump into conclusion to note that if it fulfills the SanHe principles, things will take care of itself. However this is not true, as the micro audit reveals many other considerations matching real life event. Theories are meant to be theories unless one goes down to the ground to investigate.

In summary, descendent of this grave in question does not have the so called extended family, thus where is the “Wang Ding”? Whereas, in terms of wealth it is not a quality of a millionaire, thus where is the “Wang Chai”?

Notice the 2 rivers adjoining? What does it signify? Investigating the embrace, seeing the punching chest formation and what does this say? Measuring the peaks and water shed, what does it portends?

It is not as simple as it is. The complete exercise shall cover the followings: -

1) Pre-assessment

2) To shield and to draws water

3) Divination of outcome

4) Implementing remedy

Notice that most of the academies in town only preach about theories and many more to come in various forums dotting the internet. Will such pave ways to talking Fengshui or practicing Fengshui? Think about it and should you need another dose of such, drop me a mail.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Yang Fengshui Audit – M’s New House Kemuning


Location: Kemuning Selangor

Incoming Dagon: GEN YIN

Outgoing Water: GENG YOU

Xue Sitting: WU ZI

SanHe Method Analysis: -

Wood frame growing in fire frame. Sitting fire, prosper in coming dragon, conforming to pure Yin pure Yang principle. Auspicious location and sitting. However, does the 4 aspects paying attention? This needs further qualifications.

Just a note to explain. The source of the incoming is a branch artery from the main spine of the Titiwangsa range branching from GEN to KUN. The accompanying river having the source from the Klang Gates Dam meandering through and meeting another streams at Jamek intersection before reaching M’s neighborhood before exiting at YOU water gate. The basin of rather flat land surrounding M’s location having only sporadic pull of individual mountains with higher basin surrounding Kota Kemuning. The Kemuning Hills being at the higher point within these large plain of basin, all through the lower terrain up to the Klang river mouth.

At this juncture, we look at the River in the absent of a range within view to determine the incoming Dragon. Is this all we look at? Want to see more, drop me a mail…

Furthermore, I took the liberty to demonstrate to M the real application of house prediction based on XuanKong 9 palaces flying star which has departed from the Shen Si Xuan Kong Xue methodology, without the necessity of looking for neither the facing nor the sitting. The prediction is so accurate that reveals details beyond the information provided by the owners. These are all simple techniques beyond English books written and published by famous authors today. I shall reveal more in the next article to come.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Yin Fengshui Audit – J’s Grave Semenyih

Location: Semenyih Selangor
Incoming Dagon: GUI CHOU
Outgoing Water: KUN SHEN
Xue Sitting: Unknown

SanHe Method Analysis: -
Metal frame Incoming dragon controlling wood frame water gate. Is this an auspicious site? What does this portend? How do one arbitrate the situation? This site had been ear marked as the next sanctuary for managed memorial parks. In the event if the site is auspicious the site would have been lustfully developed since. Why it takes so long even to be noticed or had we missed some thing important?

Which sitting would the grave be located? In the micro context, would one able to locate the spot?

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

On The Ground

In frustration over the over emphasized of theory as preached by many schools of Chinese Metaphysics, that seemingly in piecemeal, impracticable and commercially driven, a number of the metaphysics enthusiasts took on the ground to actually feels the working mechanism of Fengshui audit, seemingly working backward matching real case events and scenarios to test the validity of these morbid theories. For once, the formations had been revealed, in coming dragons had been traced and water mouths had been searched, conforming to the classics as, entering the mountain, look for water mouth, upon reaching the spot face the bright hall.

Occasionally, we too had seen the demonstration of the making of the 1st class master looking at the constellation, 2nd class master looking at the water mouths and the third class running around the mountain looking nothing. Apparently, it was such a trip that had made many realized the difficulties of auditing beyond the script, class room and white boards.

Hectic and exhausted as it may, it will still be a wonderful day to be remembered.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Stock Load And Barrel

The nature of Blog writing is to reveal to the internet communities of the matter in one’s own thought, just liked an open diary. Occasionally the ideas that had been put forward are fictional, factual and sometimes misleading. Since it is open for all, it means only for sharing and not for abuse. As a Chinese Metaphysics Practitioner, I believed in what is said to be of a Karmic debt. One could add on, comment and elaborate on any ideas made available on Blogs, without the necessity to quote the original author. Even so, it will be a gesture of courtesy and goodwill to at least quote from where the original essays are from such as and so forth. It is deemed that the Karmic debt has been repaid in a form of additional information made available for the public to view, building up from the original idea.

Saying thus it has brought to my attention that in the rush of creating publicity for one’s own benefit, I was disgusted to note that many of my writings and reply on notable forum of Chinese Metaphysics had been cut and paste in other New-aged Fengshui forum as their own personal ideas or response stock, load and barrel without the courtesy to cite and to quote the original source of where the writings were from. It is even daunting to note that nothing original has been offered by such a person in his attempt to plagiarize. Writings by other notable practitioners liked Joey Yap and HC Hung had not been spared from being abused and I was guessing of whom shall be of his next victim, maybe Lilian Too?
From the numerous responses under a pseudonym, it came to me that this person was trying hard to make an effort to advertize himself as a Master Practitioner of Bazi, after being granted a diploma from yet another school of Chinese Metaphysics in 2008. As I had met many others whom had years of experiences in this art, the essence of Bazi readings stem from one’s own principle and integrity. In fact, I had encountered and recorded instances of Bazi reading that has resulted in the client first being Con, then being Insulted, notably there is where the root word of to “con-sult” is derived from. This is reflected in my blog titled “Taken For a Ride Lately dated 23rd September 2007”. Again, would one seek after such a person for Bazi consultation knowing what his integrity is?

It will be fruitful for the person in question to seek the essence of Dao and De, before embarking in the never ending journey of Chinese metaphysics.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai


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