Saturday, June 29, 2013

陰陽永遠分不開 - YinYang Forever Cannot be Discern...

陰陽永遠分不開. The obvious English interpretation is - YinYang forever can never be separated. If you think this is correct, then you are obviously wrong! The reason is “分不開” does not mean separation. It simply means to say, YinYang forever cannot be discern on its very own. If you read it like this, its meaning is totally different. Would you still want to learn YiJing base on English book?
A newly opened confectionary with good business, meaning good FengShui. Do you notice that the effect of陰陽永遠分不開? No need undulating floor, Xue and the common stuff liked tilted door. Just simple play of 陰陽 of the interior furniture layout. Use the same technique for your house is total disaster. Why? The reason is 陰陽永遠分不開. Until one really understood the 陰 in commerce is the 陽 of dwelling then you will easily understand why some good commercial master when they perform residential FengShui the results are far beyond satisfaction.
Do you want a dwelling 陰 or 陽? With such an understanding do you know why your 8 mansions 八宅 method solely based on the bread winner’s Gua cannot work? The true essence of FengShui is to use the 陰 to obtain the 陽, but the question is how?
The answer is always 陰陽永遠分不開.


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