Friday, July 29, 2011

Erawan Shrine FengShui

Nobody can miss the Erawan Shrine when they step foot in Metropolitan Bangkok. Tucked at the corner of a junction with so many overheads Lightweight Rail (BTS) cutting across just liked the virtual rivers cutting above one’s eyebrow, it can easily be written off as the most horrifying ShaQi. It is the absolute opposite of the so called - Jade Belt embrace, typical hallmark of the auspicious sign for a dragon spot. Yet, it is the MOST vibrant location with continuous visits by tourists and locals alike. It is believed that this shrine is so powerful in wish fulfilling that it became the latest hot spot for HongKong showbiz. The best thing is, there is no Tilted Door, no Water Features, plenty of Sha and in the REAL Castle Gate formation. Want to know more?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Tale of Two Xio Long Bao 2/2

 Xin TianDi (XTD)

Coined by the Street Name of Shanghai famous for its eateries, happened to understand that this very restaurant was FengShui-ed by a rather famous Thai Flying Star master. The hallmarks are imagery and symbolism as demonstrated by a number of empty bird cages displaying as part of the restaurant’s deco. Unlike other eateries of that nature, it seems to open only at two intervals daily whereas the others would have been busy serving patrons all round for the whole day just liked DTF. This very restaurant although FengShui-ed, the results are far from expectation. Don’t know what goes wrong but these are some questions worth contemplating: -

1. 3rd Floor (upper most) should have been wood floor growing into Fire industry, should have been auspicious?
2. Close to the Atrium, where Qi coagulates. No reason of not receiving Qi?
3. Could have easily tap into the auspicious 8 star but why no result?

Fundamental landforms are already at flaws: -

1. Tapping only on exiting.
2. YinYang misplaced.
3. Capacity of the entire Plaza is compromised.

In summary, dealing with internal FengShui is almost liked dealing with flat land dragon. There is no “Hills” to play about and even, the path ways are all flat. Identifications of Qi route becomes the primary factor where locations of water mouths reign supreme. This is where SanYuan methods of drawing Qi become handy and both DTF and XTD are the classic examples to demonstrate such. The fine skill of the FengShui practitioner lies in not only his ability to PaiLong (arranging the Dragon) but to know exactly where Qi coagulates. Saying thus, unlike the method commonly understood from Shen JuReng’s or Tan YangWu’s schools of Flying Star, the real YuanKong masters are adepts to: -

1. Storing internal Qi and manipulator of space and volume to maximize Qi containment and Qi circulations without the need to interfere with Architectural Design and space planning.
2. Manipulating Heaven’s Qi from the upper floor onwards which were believed to be the untainted SanYuan method derived from the SanHe counterparts.
3. Landform takes precedent over formula.
4. Star is not meant to be “Fly” but to swing a Hexagram out from the combination of Gua, Qi and Xiang given the context of the main Qi mouth.
5. There is not necessary to remedy every notorious star conjunction. Only one single “manipulation” would solve the issue and the rest of the malignant stars would be subdued. That is to tell you, placement FengShui is only “Panadol” remedy for amateurs.
6. BaZi. If one cannot identify the useful god from a BaZi, how would they able to identify the useful god out of the so called “Flying Star” chart?

When this is placed side by side, be it SanYuan or SanHe, the end results are the same – If one fails to ride Qi, then receiving Qi becomes important. Then again, how to receive and ride Qi?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Tale of Two Xio Long Bao 1/2

Tale of 2 restaurants, famous for their Xio Long Bao (Shanghainese Dumplings), from 2 different cities, located at different levels within a huge shopping mall. Introducing Ding Tai Feng of Paragon Singapore, located at the lower ground, tucked at a secluded corner. Whereas the other one is Xin Tian Di of Gaysorn Plaza Bangkok, located at the top most level facing the atrium. One is full of patrons while the other is lack of it. Here are their stories…

Ding TaiFeng (DTF)

Apparently coined by the 3 most auspicious Hexagrams – 火風鼎, 天地泰, 雷火丰. DTF has been Taiwanese outlet fame for their Shanghainese dishes, detail read HERE. It is believed that being anything Taiwanese, there is some degree of superstitious in the use of FengShui in selecting their outlets and in this case of Paragon Singapore, it is just that it must be located: -

1. Preferably at the lowest level
2. In between two escalators
3. More important, cheap rental space 

Their FengShui master must have a reason. Common to most serious practitioners' understandings: -

1. Floor Qi must support their industry. Talking about water and fire clashes, why on earth did they choose the lower ground?
2. Receiving Qi from one end while dispelling Sha from the other.
3. Water features, hallmark of SanYuan master’s XieZi Fa.

However, the outlet is located at the opposite side of the bow (assuming pathway to be virtual river) instead of the embrace of the pathway. Was told that it is a taboo to be located at the opposite side of the bow whereas embrace by the river is liked a Jade Belt. The fact, no matter what kinds of belt be it black, yellow, green, red and so forth, if one do not receive Qi, might as well call it a day. It is the ill-fated Japanese restaurant opposite of DTF, so called embraced by the jade belt, actually suffered for the lack of patrons. Call it blind FengShui or bad FengShui?

DTF enjoys the prosperity of good FengShui owing to its ability to receive Qi in a SanYuan perspective. Has it got to do with the 64 Gua that is for me to know, you to find out? Those who has access to QuanYuan case study, there is the answer.

Next, we shall look at Xin TianDi (XTD)…

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Flatland Dragon - Siam Paragon Bangkok

Attempting to illustrate the use of Mountain Dragon methodology in the context of Bangkok is a novel idea. Knowing Bangkok is located at the Delta Basin, by default it is already a flat land dragon. Don’t believe? Climb up Baiyoke Sky Hotel to the rotating platform, one can hardly see mountains. So, how can one possibly know where the incoming dragon comes from? By virtue of reverse engineering, it is an attempt to apply water dragon classics which stipulates, in the flatland, look for the river. In this case, the bends and the nine curves of the Chaopraya River are the tell tale sign of where the coagulation of Qi centralized. 

Saying thus, treading flat land method of river supersedes mountains, pointing towards the gulf of Bangkok, we could understand that the incoming Qi is from Ren position, exiting Wu. Thus, 4 major water mouths should meet the profile Ren meeting Xin water exiting Chen water structure. With this information, one will roughly get the idea of which side of the river prospers first and not forgetting which side has its water mouth locked. 

Siam Paragon

Of all the location in Bangkok, we would not favor investigating the Grand Palace. Even the current monarch Bhuminpol refused to live in it. Instead the much talked about Siam Paragon (SP) is out target of investigation. Apparently, it was said that this Mall of the century is FengShui-ed by a notable SanYuan master using the method of the 64 Gua.

SP believed to have been located sitting Yi facing Xing, with entrances sporadically spread around 2 of its major wings, eastern part is called Green Dragon while the western part is called White Tiger, connected via the central lobby called the Jewel. It is this Jewel that housed the protruding doors facing the Piazza with fountains or water bodies that will cascade down along side of the Green Dragon wing to the ground floor, as it is located at the mezzanine floor instead. Coincidentally it is also along this side of the Green Dragon wings that are facing the notorious rapid transport which is called BTS, potentially ShaQi. So, the question remains are is the connection of water bodies really connects Qi dragging Sheng Qi from the Kun (Jewel) entrance to the other side lower Xun entrance through the so called SanYuan 64 Gua water method? One indication, these lower entrances which received Qi via the cascading water is devoid of human traffics. We strongly believed that the extensive use of water bodies coupled by the protruding entrances were to dissolve Sha by virtue of cutting feet. It states that when the Phoenix pavilion meets the Cloud formation, LienZhen can immediately be used. Undoubtedly, the Green Dragon wing triumph over its western counterpart, White Tiger wing. 

Another notable point is among all these entrances, one entrance stands supreme, which is the BTS entrance to the Mezzanine level just above otherwise disserted Xun entrance. Upon investigation, it is receiving the reverse water from the virtual stream provided by the BTS, with proper YinYang modulation in placed. Somehow there are still flaws in the distribution of Qi via the lobby thus ended up just liked its KL counterparts, having mass congestions at its lower ground food courts while leaving the upper floor disserted. 

So much it is to say based on landforms alone minus the formulas. Whereas, the other entrances at Qian and so forth are all isolated in the White Tiger wing which remains passive. About the matter of direct and indirect spirit, SP case clearly denotes two possibilities. One it is not a matter of water placement, second, it could just be another theory which is nice in paper, awkward in application. For all, it is still something for all to ponder.

Some Thought On An Old Master's Masterpiece

Introduced to an Entrepreneur who had successfully crafted something from nothing with the help from an accomplished SanHe master who has recently passes on (Details in QuanYuan Case Study). Even with the water mouth “unlocked” he has managed to build up a FengShui structure that could last for more than a period of time. His method is so subtle that it is almost untraceable. No door tilting, no water features and the other sorts of FengShui gizmo. Just pure YinYang at play to receive prosperous Qi. 

Where mountain is not seen, water is the host. Where the land is flat, a protrusion is worth a hundred teals of gold! He has sort for others, all that was offered are soothsayers. Meeting us, he finally understands the depths of work that has been contributing to his success! We will be opening another chapter of his successful ventures.

In the following articles we will discuss more of flat land dragon. The underlying basis be it XuanKong, SanYuan or SanHe is the same. YinYang and receiving Qi. Not knowing thus, formulas will not work. It is the core essence of entering earth eye.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Jebat Must Die

Cannot help it, current events are just too hot to ignore. While we embrace one Malaysia, 6,000 or perhaps 10,000 democracy loving Malaysians from all walks of life marched on the July the 9th, as one Malaysia both from the opposition and pro government front. Is this one Malaysia we are embracing? Perhaps one question is why double standards? Why ignore the other version of one Malaysia while we have to accept the official one? Are we not living in unity through diversity?

While in Metaphysics, when Yin dies, Yang is born another component of Real Yin, Real Yang at play. The Malay anal has recorded that the loyal servant to the Sultanate of Malacca, HangTuah was accused of betraying the Sultan (his boss). Hang Jebat, his loyal brother took revenge to uphold the truth, only to be repaid by his own death. This eventful tales are later called, JEBAT MUST DIE! Later, the entire sultanate was overthrown.

Any relevance to the current event? Imagery speaking, the non mainstream media always portray one icon as the “casualty of war” against corruptions, nepotism, brutalism and such. Such vulnerability of him is a tell tale sign that JEBAT MUST DIE in order to salvage unconditional democracy. Now, putting it side by side, do you still not see when corruption dies, democracy will rise? This is not manmade truth. Even the Chinese tale of 封神演義 FenShen YenYi also share the similar tale.

The Insight articles entitled Clean up misconception of the Selangor Times gives us a wake up calls. Our history of independence was built upon street protest against the formation of the Malayan Union. Based upon the similar logic of One Country, One HIS-story, isn’t the foundation of Malaysia was built upon street demonstration? By the same token, the notion of street protest is not our culture, is FICTION!

We were served Clean Up version 2.0 and nothing is holding back version 3.0 and so forth. Wake up and it is time to clean up our back yards, our household, our country and most importantly our rivers. We must appreciate the effort of the Malacca government of cleaning up the Malacca River, as it is this river that the history of this country begins (at least in most of the primary school text book of Malaysia), without such, you will not see the courage of Malaysian crying out loud that Malaysia, we love you most!

Saying thus, ONE sacrifice must be made - JEBAT MUST DIE!


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