Reflections 2010

While we hail the arrival of 2011, we bid goodbye to 2010, which has been an eventful year for us in QuanYuan on the following areas: -

On audit, QuanYuan experiences are drawn from various sources. Initially, we built up Case Studies to be made available through private blog available only through invitation. However, it did not survive the onslaught of abused. Thus it has to go. QuanYuan case remains to be built upon the various audits we had performed especially on matter of conceiving babies, cash flows, increase of customers, health issues, studies and most important of all, to remedy screwed ups by charlatans on areas pertaining to the applications of water dragons aka water lizards, tilted doors and fighting afflictions. Our audits had taken a heavy toll on the practitioners  of QuanYuan especially in the area of fighting the 5 yellow, notably salvaging  the leftover from a family who has death upon its member one after another within a year, consecutively. Our service is made available across a broad spectrum of clients, be it multimillionaire, students, the guy next door or even the poor. We were blessed to be given opportunity to serve clients even from our neighboring countries of Singapore and Indonesia. Liked the sayings, we prefer to do things slow but steady. Unlike selling  "Wanton Mee", FengShui is a continuous service from preliminary audits to implementations and post implementations as well. There is simply no short cuts. The coming year, we still preferred to remain low profiled, without advertisement , publications and even TV talk-shows. We are increasing our professional fee to two folds notably to increase our coffer to make available more donations for the needy and spiritual establishment while continue to provide free services to welfare homes and the needy one.

On thoughts, QuanYuan through its blog Yifengshui has been loud in advocating provocateur in Chinese Metaphysics. Common to the notion of thinking aloud, Yifengshui has continue to questions on the validity of FengShui methods, courses and practices. Along this way, it makes Yifengshui very unpopular among the charlatans. It all begins with the debunking of the Fighting SanSha junkies, whore FengShui master, millionaire factories, bastardizing XieZi and the pinnacle of all, the making of the Millionaire Buddhist Monk of the Theravadin traditionssomething that has never heard of. As the list continues, Yifengshui has not been spared of personal attack and brutal force which is a common scene in the Chinese Metaphysics industry. Along with the others glamorous mickey gastronomical shows that turns awry and a master who lost his hand, added up as the salad of insanity and outright display of uneducated scumbags. It then makes logical sense that FengShui practice needs some forms of warranty, however, it remains our questions as what is measurable results? On a lighter sides, 2010 were served with good books such as on the topics of WenWang, Compendium of the LuoPan and fresh from the oven, QiMen DunJia. We hope that 2011 would have less provocateurs on charlatans' practices and more provocateurs on methods. 

On research, our audits have brought new lights to the applications of FengShui theories that were thought to be flawed or over simplified, notably 8 Mansions and Flying Stars. Apparently, these mass available theories dotted in the bookshelves all over are not wrong in theory wise. The only lacking is it did not specifically spell out its applications! That is where things go so awfully wrong in practice. It is a real pain for us in QuanYuan to distill and revisits these theory one by one based on case studies and applications by notable masters of the past. QuanYuan revisited Bright Hill and found out that XKDG door tilting is not done the way it was practiced in contemporary context. Surprisingly, even famed XuanKong master is also a SanHe master to begin with. To say that SanYuan is the opposite face of SanHe in the same coin is rather misleading. We would preferred to look at it as SanYuan is the extension of SanHe instead. This brought us to even revisit the many version of LuoPan again and understand what it measures and how it evolves from a simple compass to a complex disc of formulas. The very fundamental illusions that plague even contemporary masters today are which North does the LuoPan measures? How to establish the measurement of the LuoPan? Where is the point of reference? What is the difference between NaQi and ShouQi? The lists continue. From the various case studies, QuanYuan found that there is a consistency between SanHe and SanYuan. The methods are grossly concealed within the many classical verses that seems to be contradicting one another. Only when it is laid across the table, one is able to stitch them back in a collective whole. This is something that we reserve to be shared only within our student of QuanYuan. So, look out when we call for enrollment for our maiden FengShui workshop.

On initiation, we started to form QuanYuan as a collective group practice and it is already one year plus. We were blessed of not being onslaught with forced reboot  or breaking of partnership due to misunderstanding and greed. To date, none of the member of QuanYuan has  directly benefited from its coffer. Indirectly, QuanYuan has made opportunity to its member through self sufficient via its members own ventures consistent with the fact that welfare starts at home. Our establishment is not boutique in any ways as we do not dress in GUCCI and speak in ARMANI. So we kept our cost low to be translated in affordable fee and not master worshiping. To date, Yifengshui remains an integral part and parcel of QuanYuan together with the few. To date, we are very humbled to have even grown to be associated with other establishments notably in Daoism. QuanYuan has supported and established various Daoist temples across the country. Saying thus, QuanYuan remains a component of Chinese Metaphysics in the area of FengShui and MingLi while reserved the rest of the spiritual components to our other associates to deal with. In this field, QuanYuan sometimes, inevitably crossed the YinYang border and it is a blessings that our associates in Doaist practice is able to take care of this for us. QuanYuan was blessed to be accepted as a disciple of a Doist establishment with access to the collections of classics from the LongHu lineage. These are where the knowledge are bridged. 

On encountering the third kinds, QuanYuan would like to avoid encountering with the spiritual dimensions as we believed that Chinese Metaphysics is science as in DiLi and MingLi. However, as our case audit demonstrated, things may not necessary be so straight forward. Example, we would like to reckon the LuoPan just as a tool, but in our case audit, we had witnessed phenomenon that shows the LuoPan is more then a tool. It is very often when a newly bought LuoPan cannot measures, with needles dipping down and stuck or just swinging left right without indications of where to stop, worse, it pointed north instead of south. In extreme case, our case audit even reveals apparitions, lethargy, strong rotting smell upon entering of vacant units. The worst of the lots are when the entities follow the master back and make hell in his hotel room while he is trying to take a nap. Called it occupational hazards? That is a reason why we are equipped with the necessary skills to protect ourselves and not the purpose of doing "black magic".

In Memory, our master of Daoism has passed on from this very realm, leaving us his knowledge  and morale as our guiding principles. More importantly, is not the miracles he has performed but a way of life he has enriched within the circles of disciple closed to him. He did not leave with a state of loneliness, something liked most metaphysics masters may end up with. We were honored to even be with him in the table of his LAST SUPPER. With his passing on, QuanYuan rebuilds a new establishment to continue on his effort for the welfare of the masses. His deeds will be remembered forever.
On teaching, Master Ng has been instrumental in departing his knowledge to a level which is unprecedented compared to most academies in town. It was an inspiring occasions for the students of QuanYuan. The remarkable BaZi workshop becomes the hallmark of QuanYuan. We end the session with another repeated workshop. This time around the enrollments of students appeared to consist of well informed students from other academies as well. We shifted gears into high mode and leaving all questions answered without reservation, be it personal, scandalous or even the darkest secrets are revealed. The commentaries from students are absolutely encouraging. Strangely, QianYuan have not conducted any FengShui courses before. We believed that before one learns FengShui, one has to be grounded on BaZi. At least, this is the order practiced by the Ancient Masters. Next year, we will organize our maiden workshop in FengShui, tailored for practitioners. Enrollment will only be opened to our BaZi students as a continue effort in building up a team of competent practitioners. Interested parties please feels free to enquire.


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