Wednesday, December 26, 2012

破军帝甲 Kinds of QiMenDunJia

First time FengShui assignment to Batam Indonesia. Transit over from Singapore, the ferry ride was rather “interesting”. The task came in with the invitation of a group of likeminded entrepreneurs who is all out to capitalize on the low operation costs of Indonesia to satisfy the never ending competitive demand for manufactured products.
The story goes like that, dealing with Indonesian bureaucracy, nothing seems to be moving ahead. Technically, they are stuck! We were called in to re-activate the commencement date and at the same time install a FengShui setup for the plant. For the first assignment, we implement QMDJ date selection techniques. At this point of time, every day is a good day. The hour itself plays the important role. Some school does not encourage the use of Geng in QMDJ date selection, yet in the lineage of 庚妙, the use of the 7th stem to bring about 破军帝甲 is very normal.
Watching the phenomenon is very exciting. You will never know what sort of manifestation the phenomenon takes place. One classic example is, one will see yellow cow moving away. Huh? How to get cow in industrial site? Strangely, one of the Indonesia workers in a grey shirt with yellow patterns arranged in the form of a cow’s head with 2 horns, walked pass. Quickly, we asked our apprentice to snap the picture!
After the activation, their machines and hardware arrived 2 days earlier, bank clearance, which is “pain in the ass”, obtained without any hiccups and customer starts pouring in ahead of schedules so much so they now need to expedite their renovations before production can commence on site. This is only 2 hours after the QMDJ activation.
One funny thing happens. We request for a particular wall to have holes at the bottom part and the contractor actually made rabbit holes all along the wall which looked like being shelled by machine gun, Rambo style. Then, some “Smart Alex” made up a story that this is another secret mysterious technique of QiMen DunJia. So, we became semi-legendary FengShui masters of Batam.
QMDJ methods of date selection enable you to see result almost immediately. Don’t believe? Can try?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Boxing Day News from Kiasuland

Boxing Day!
As I open up my mail, I receieved this good news,
"Things are turning up for my household – My wife is getting too many job offers, promotion and all… On this job issue, just to let you know that somehow my former superior spoke to the Managing Director of … who subsequently contacted me to arrange for a recruitment talk ... Good to have the big boss know me even before I join.", Someone from KiasuLand.
We were approached, a year ago, requesting for FengShui advise. Upon presenting our quotation, it was silent for months. Probably looking for an ideal house. Surprisingly, the offer came and this time it is for real. However, we took up a desktop assignment instead.
With desktop limitation, we agreed to go for full audit. The unit was already pre-selected, with regards to our desktop audit that coincides with the event of the past occupants. Onsite audits only confirmed it. The pre-existing condition's Qi is remarkbly stale and Qi flow is top priority.
Although we reserved the details in our case study folder, correcting an apartment unit in Kiasuland is difficult with so many constraints. Unit too close to the lift core and the sort of chellenges that you can only tap Heaven's Qi. So, naturally Purplewhite and XKDG are our favorable choices.
We manage not to tilt door nor to install temple look alike ornaments because the owner is a Christian and most importantly implement an entire FengShui setup that is contemporary and hardly noticeable. I guess, the owner goes for contemporary retro.
Upon completion, even our apprentice notices the huge changes in Qi replenisment. Results, one month after moving in, that is very encouraging. 
I will leave some indoor ID photos for you to enjoy and if you decided to have a contemporary discreet FengShui makeover, drop us an email or a call.

Friday, December 21, 2012

DongZhi and the End of the World

Today marks the arrival of the presumed End of the World according to the Mayan Calendar, 21 December 2012, yet nothing extraordinary happened. It is proven that even though a western genius uses YiJing and map around the crucial event of the world having it ends at today, it is wrong from the very beginning as Chinese civilization does not begin in the Qing Dynasty.
Yet, today is an extraordinary day for the Chinese. It marks the arrival of Winter Solstice. A time in a year where the Yin Qi is of the maximum giving way to the birth of Yang Qi. An interesting write up is found in Annie’s Blog. In short, the dawn of Yang Qi where all lives hidden in hibernations are gathering momentum to grow once the Arrival of Spring kicks in.
In the Northern Hemisphere, the nights are longer, of which living in cold icy area is full of challenges. Nothing can grow outside, farmers resort to consume the leftover dried meats, grains and drinking ginger soups to keep the body warm. So, there was a saying, if you can live through winter, you are already one year older. Thus such simple gesture of coming together as a family reunion marks the arrival of Winter Solstice greater than the New Year. This is typical Chinese mannerism foreign to other culture. So, the Chinese nuances differ significantly between Year and Age.
On the note of the calendric, before the unification of China by the Qin Emperor, various segments of China practices different New Year. So to speak, there are two kinds of Calendar. One measuring the Sui, Age, whiles the other the Nian, Year. The former measures a year close to a tropical year while the latter measures a year between 12 to 13 months.
As for metaphysics, the arrival of GuiSi year will always be the same with the arrival of spring. Any other claims whatsoever are just novelty and usually displayed by half-cooked masters. While saying this, if one practices SanYuan QiMen and the sort, Winter Solstice which comes every 21 or 22 December will be an important marker both as Yang Dun or predisposition.
If ever you ever see masters reading the annual forecast using Winter Solstice BaZi as their natal chart, something must really be wrong somewhere. Similarly so, reading a QiMen or a ZiBai JiuGong chart using a LiChun date for annual forecast will inevitably cast doubt.
Whichever way, Yifengshui would take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy DongZhi Day!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HSBC and HongKong's Blessed FengShui

The recent revelation of Malaysia being the champion of illegal capital outflow is alarming. This also brought to mind the recent claimed involvement of HSBC and other international banks in money laundering transactions. Has it got to do with its HQ’s FengShui in HongKong sitting on SanSha?
Let us do some ground work. HongKong (HK) is also known as fragrant harbor, are known to be a land of blessed FengShui. The Qi conduits origin from KunLun, GuiLin downward to LeiYuMun returning forming the backbone of Central HK feeding Qi towards TsimShaTsui. This illustrious formation is known as the Meridian facing its Ancestors. Even though it looks as though the harbor is protected by the circle of mountains also called the Dragon’s Well, HK is notoriously known for its typhoon. Old picture of the site where HSBC HK now sits also revealed that the Backdrop Mountains are broken in form. Not until the government reclaimed part of the land narrowing the strait, indirectly widening the bright hall of the Island that sentimental Qi begins its reign over the harbor.
With the water mouth locked by LeiYuMun and the other miscellaneous island, the Qi does not easily leaked away. Some HK master viewed that TsimShaTsui is a potential ShaQi being pointed towards Central and the land reclamation is timely to widen the bright hall so that its effect can be diluted. The same is also apply to where HSBC HK now sits, with the plaza often occupied by Philippines domestic workers during Sunday. Yet, many misunderstood that it is also the HSBC front door facing the open plaza but can anyone actually know where is HSBC main entrance? Not surprising it is actually the “backside” of HSBC HK, as far as FengShui is concerned.
Contradict to normal landform believes, Central HK is actually located at the convex side of the island which is usually associated with the sickle Sha formation but yet it is a most prosperous location within HK. Something must be damn wrong again with our understanding of landform FengShui that prosperity can only be gained in the concave side of the island which is in this case, TsimShaTsui.
It is very difficult to read the authentic designed FengShui components of HSBC HK, because it is done so delicately embedded with its cold mechanical theme architecture. Newbies will be extremely excited with the lion statute guarding the entrances or maybe the boom gondolas placed above the roof which looked like canons as though a FengShui war has begun. These are only minor stuff. The real stuff is annexed to the void lobbies at the ground floor with its “glass net” engulfing the upper floors with 2 penetrating escalators.
In a country where lands are expansive, who on earth would sacrifice such a huge space indiscriminately if it is not for the sake of FengShui? One theory state that it is to allow for the dragon god to pass through from the mountain to the water to bring in prosperity for the bank. Isn’t such grandma tales contradict the very premise of “Dragon God does not go up the mountain, Dragon God does not go down the water” principle?
HSBC HK continues to enjoy the prosperity designed by its FengShui master whose work is not easily viewed. Anyone would easily be tricked into believing that HSCB actually sits with its back to the mountain and the front facing the sea. That is why it is easily mistaken that SanSha is the culprit to its recent crisis.
So next time, any FengShui master say this and that out of their sightseeing, better think twice!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Eight Mansions In Application

Eight mansions were also known as YiGua FengShui because it uses extensively predetermination of auspiciousness and ill fates based on the BaGua more specifically, the GuaQi. GuaQi may sounds like rocket sciences but truly a simple logic of permutation between early heaven BaGua with the numerology of LoShu. Such basis are shared between other system of FengShui, notably XuanKong DaGua.

Unlike their counterpart which is the famous XuanKong FlyingStar (XKFX)  which is about 100 years old, XKFX is predominantly based on later heaven BaGua intertwined with LoShu. So technically both of these systems do not come together. They cannot gel because both fundamentals are different. Any force fitting will only make them, nice on theory awkward in application.  So, it is not very surprising to hear that there are new theories such as YiJing FlyingStar, YiJing BaGua, QiMen FlyingStar to reinvent the wheel which is deemed unnecessary. The closest attempt is the use of XuanKong LiuFa but it has again fails to determine, could the arrow of time flies backward? On this account, there is no way a frail attempt to say, XKDG is the principle and XKFX is the application, could be justified because, these systems had different fundamentals, to begin with.

Eight mansions had earned its status of notoriety for being simple in application, complicated in justification. Could easily be written off as bullshit FengShui method but until now, no authentic masters are able to do so. There was also claim that EightMansions was invented to con the barbaric neighbors during Tang Dynasty. It was at one time called 'kindergarten' FengShui method but it is utter shameful that such kindergarten status was a foundation for more complicated system liked XKDG to rest on. So by implication, if one fails to apply EightMansion, one also know nuts about XKDG. That is an irony.

There are basically 2 methods of Eight Mansions that are widely known. One uses the Life Gua as the basis while the other, the House Gua. A Life Gua is determined from the year of birth of a person, more accurately its age. Whereas a House Gua is based on the sitting Gua of a house. There are basically two halves, one called west group while the other east group, for ease of discussion.

One attempt is to match the house Gua with its residents's Life Gua. It sounds perfect that a west group life should reside in a west group house. But how often could we get husband and wives are of the same Gua? Being the breadwinner, the husband Gua will take precedent over his wife. As a result the incompatibility of the wife's Gua will result in domestic nightmares. So, it cannot be right!

True enough, it is because of our lack of understanding. Trying to 'fix' it using early and later heaven trigrams association will only make matter worst. The older masters of the FuJian lineage stressed that the correct answers rest in the understanding of the trigram Qian and Kun. Knowing such, Life Gua matching of house Gua is no longer an issue. Similarly husband and wife of different Gua sharing the same bed is also not an issue. That is a reason why a throughout understanding of YiJing is essential.

Infact, the true corpus of Eight Mansions are complete in its original forms with its YinYang and the sort. It also has its own time factor, meaning every building has its life span. Every building's luck undergoes it designated up and down just liked one's BaZi. It has its own method of date selection unlike what is commonly known of the 3 combinations as BaZhai MingJing. The true 'KungFu' is how would one maintain the auspicious luck cycle of the building before it goes downward. Definitely, it does not succumb to taking TangLang as wood Qi.

When opportunity arise, we shall discuss why a formidable SaYuan system liked 8 mansions does not concern how Qi flows.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

FengShui Master's House FengShui

While browsing some books in the bookshop, one caught my attention. It was a book about the house FengShui of a lady "grandmaster", who was once prompted the HooHa of period 8, located at a lush neighborhood of Kuala Lumpur. All that was showcased were a blend of a baroque crossover between a colonial exterior with a Tibetan temple interior. So much was written about how FlyingStar plays an integral role and yet nothing was said about the signature "door tilting" that was done by another grandmaster, who warrants little introduction for his door tilting techniques. Come to think of it, it wasn't an original design intent as noticeable from the different floor finishes. Which means to say, it was quite a recent makeover. A FengShui grandmaster's house FengShui(ed) by another grandmaster? Mind boggling! Anyway, the results speak for itself, which I reserve to comment.

Similarly, I chanced upon another case. It is an office of a FengShui organization which happened to be located in a suite designed by the same "door tilting" grandmaster. The problem here is, as a result of the tilted door of the opposite neighbor, it has created a "Killing" Qi of the first degree to this very FengShui organization. Short of saying, a FengShui organization in a lousy FengShui(ed) office. Mind boggling? Not at all, as admitted personally by the masters themselves.

It is never surprising that the worse FengShui may often found in premises of some FengShui practitioners, surprisingly some are very popular individuals. There is probably nothing wrong with that as it may be the ways of Heavenly grace. Similarity also can be traced to the FengShui forefather such as Yang the savior of the poor and Jiang the earth deity. Yang was a wandering monk and Jiang has to sell secret formula for the return of a stipend for buying his retirement home. Lai the cottan drape scholar and ShaoYung the sickly YiJing saint. Moderation is the highest gifts bestowed by Heaven not material gains, fame and titles. Probably these FengShui forefather's houses also have bad FengShui? Your guesses are better then mine.
On another note, a true lineage of QiMen DunJia which expertise in using "Geng" for the beneficial of others, is now living prosperously in Bangkok. Their forefather is so humble and obscure that he made others, rich but himself a homeless wanderer. Blame it to his FengShui?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Who is Yang JungSong 楊筠松?

There are 2 versions to the History of Great Grandmaster Yang JungSong. 

The first version as most of us were told, the Great Grandmaster Yang JungSong, the official historical logbook 《南安府志》 reads: “Yang JungSong 楊筠松, citizen of Dou Zhou 竇州, was an officer during the reign of Xi Zhong 僖宗. He was in charge of Spiritual and Feng Shui Affairs. He reached the highest position of Golden Purple Light Prosperity Minister 金紫光祿大夫. When rebels headed by Huang Cao 黃巢 broke into the capital city, he cut short his hair and fled to Mount Kunlun 昆侖山." 

The second version as rarely known, the Great Grandmaster Yang JungSong was never be found in the official historical records of the Historian. There was however, a very small position held by him as a prison warden. Fate has brought him to encounter a prisoner who is a well versed FengShui master. In an attempt to help this prisoner to escape, he was taught YuHan Jing. The Great Grandmaster Yang JungSong, as the warden, later shown a partly decomposed corpse to the Emperor, convincing his majesty that the deceased is indeed the FengShui master that has been condemned to death. Predicting that his deception may not last forever, he took an incident in the palace to flee to FuJian. 

Which one is the reliable version?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

QiMen DunJia Bandwagon

Recently there is another bandwagon in town - QiMen DunJia (QMDJ). Gone are the days of XuanKong DaGua (XKDG), FeiXing (XKFX) and so forth. The intriguing part of it is how these informations are provided for mass consumptions. There was once said, XKDG is the principle, XKFX is the application. So, learning XKFX is insufficient without knowing XKDG. Then came the hlate grandmaster Zheng ZiNan with his famous XieZiFa. It was also said that the current XKDG known in the industry is incomplete without knowing QMDJ, were some believed, the complete system are known as XianTian (Early Heaven) QMDJ XKDG date selections. So, XKDG is actually a date selection method disguise as a FengShui method. Purpotedly QMDJ enable a more precise selction of hour within the bihour date selection of XKDG. Each of the 8 doors of QMDJ are able to unlock the respective Hexagram so that Heaven Man and Earth are able to connect. How these connect depends solely and squarely in one understanding of GuiChang LianShan Hexagram. Double up with the technique of MingShi PanXian, it is not only calculation is involved but the actual arrival of the constellations above us. It is therefore a complete "space age" systems of our forefather since FuXi prehistoric period. Can you believe that?

QMDJ is said to have been one of the highest form of art known as SanShi, with its counterpart TaiYi and LuiRen. Many did not actually know that QMDJ is only a small part of the entire QIMEN SANSHI. When it is said, there is this ultimate art called QiMen SanShi, governing the Heaven, Man and Hell (yes, not earth as many believes it to be), TaiYi ShenShu is used to open the QiMen of Heaven, DunJia is used to open the door of Man and LiuRen for the gate of Hell, its meanings are entirely different. With such you will have a totally different understanding in your approach to QMDJ. It is not just comprising the term Qi as in SanQi, the 3 wonders of Yi,Bing and Ding, Men or doors such as the 8 doors and DunJia, hiding the leader of the 6 Jia streams of JiaZi and so forth. Saying thus, predictions are only a very small part of it. Accumulating the desire energy before embarking on a crucial activities are very minor beginners approach. Understanding the 9 grids and its ingredients without knowing how to apply on a physical 3D space is what the Chinese called, organizing an army on paper instead of the battlefield.

The ultimate goal is to reverse the irreversible through what modern science called, space time wrap and parallel reality. This is XieZi? Beyond that, I am not at the liberty to disclose.

To understand DunJia, first we had to discern where the Dun comes from. Strangely not many ask why did the annual JiaZi change in the arrival of spring while the YinYang Dun change in the arrival of winter and summer? Why it is said that one Gua governs 3 seasonal nodes and a 5 days interval was used in the form of 360 days a year instead of the physical 365+ days a year? Probably, the Chinese naunce of "year" differ significantly from "age". So it makes entirely sense why some school uses the LiChun BaZi while other uses the DongZhi BaZi instead for annual predictions. The answer is one looking at the age while the other, the year. Probably, when one understand the meanings of cold and hot predispositions, one will probably understand why BaZi is read that way and it is all the building block of QMDJ. Without the throughout understanding of such, one will easily jumps into concluding that CaiBu is chaotic while JiRun is the only way to go.
Beforehand, what are these CaiBu and JiRun? The core mechanics of QMDJ is rotation. Very much liked gear, which uses a 360 spokes instead of the 365+ days. So, there is a time where intercallary is required to realign back the spoke so as to match the actual days. In this way, it will not go out of synchronicity with the solar seasons. The CaiBu manner is to dismantle, Cai and to reconstruct, Bu back the spoke. This is where it looks "chaotic". While JiRun is a calendrical science method to recalibrate the spoke when it reachess 9 days or more out of synchronicity between the spoke and the day's stem branch. One Hexagram lineage is to use both. One is to obtain a diagnosis while the other the prescription, because the essence of the Hexagram school is how it changes - Yi.

Similarly is how the 9 stars are arranged, rotational versus flying palaces. The 9 purplewhite stars groundwork are built upon the purplewhite script that stipulate that star leans, AiXing and not rotate. However, astrological sciences indicate that the star rotates above us and not leans. So which is correct? Both are indeed correct. The rotational star chart is the body and leaning star chart is the application. So are the 8 Doors, both rotational and lean at the same time. The problem is not many school discloses such techniques, especially so in applications.

Again, this bandwagon has been overly priced especially so when its franchise is coming from Taiwan. If it does not teach you to "kill" you will not learn the core of QMDJ, as to "heal". It is liked not knowing at all. A true teacher only passes this knowledge to the deserving one both in conduct and unrighteousness without a price tag. Think about it!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tycoon Lee's FengShui Story

Tycoon Lee has an illustrated lifestyle. He does not need any of the royal decorations such as Dato, Tan Sri, Tun and so forth. He employs people with such decorations to run his work. His life is liked a modern day emperor which will put any of the “cow-gate” minister into envy. Strangely, he is also a strong believer of FengShui. 

He spent a fortune to engage a master from the mainland. Besides traveling in first class, Tycoon Lee displayed his baroque connections with mayors and other politically connected good friends, to have their pictures taken while the master's stay in KL. Of all his advices, one became prominent.

He said, Tycoon Lee would only be prosperous if his empire is managed by people with surname Lee. As a result, he uses his family to run his business. But Tycoon, liked him, needs proxies to do his camouflage in Bolehland. True blood to the idea of One Malaysia, he has Indian lawyers and Malay administrators to run his business, but none of them are Lee. This is a problem. One good friend of his suggested to him, well that is not the problem at all. All is needed is to use their Chinese Name instead. So, the next morning, we see Dato MangGa LEE Singh and Dato LEE-zal Abihla clocking-in. 

The moral of the story is name selections beside BaZi, plays a significant role in ones destiny. Why not change your name and see how true it is?

P/S: In the loom of the uncertainty of the next general election, most of the pipeline projects are stalled and a whimsical joke is needed, so to speak. This is absolutely fictitious and has nothing to do with anyone dead or alive. If it portrays reality, it is just purely coincidence.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Change of Mind, Ms. Architect?

The last time heard, our beloved former Prime Minister Tun Dr M has this to say, "Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t". I guess it is not so much different when it comes to FengShui, most Architect would immediately jump into concluding it is just pure superstitions and art of hocus-pocus. This is the Devil that we, Architect is fond of, detail HERE. However, my Architect friend has changed her perception entirely when she enrolled into FengShui class for Architects! Now, she begin to know the Angel of genuine FengShui and what I liked most is, she eventually said this, "...FengShui is about how as a human being, can live harmoniously with the environment...".  

Can you believe it?

FengShui Basics - YinYang of the SanYuan 24 Mountains 2

.. Continue from HERE,

Apparently the compendium of LuoPan is incomplete without the explanation as to where does the YinYang of the 24 mountains of the SanYuan LuoPan originated. We take for granted that it is always there in that fashion. How the PurpleWhite stars fly are all depends on its YinYang. That is already inaccurate. The Chinese source has more details.

One common source is from the Shen's Classic stipulates that all the Yang stems are Heaven numbers for example, HeTu heavenly number 1 takes Ren water Qi and therefore Yang in nature. Earthly 6 takes Gui water Qi and therefore Yin by nature. By the same token, Yin stems are Earth numbers and assigned Yin nature.

Therefore, Jia Bing Geng Xin are all Heavenly Numbers Odd Yang in nature.
Yi Ding Xin Gui are all Earthly Numbers Even Yin in nature.

The same classic stipulates that all the Ordinal Trigrams namely Xun, Qian, Kun and Gen are all Yang in nature. The principle is annexed to the LoShu. Within the LoShu, there are HeTu. The ordinals take the following sequence:

Qian (6) and 1-6 HeTu water, 1+6=7, Odd number Yang nature.
Xun (4) and 9-4 HeTu metal, 9+4=13, Odd number Yang nature.
Kun (2) and 7-2 HeTu fire, 7+2=9, Odd number Yang nature.
Gen (8) and 3-8 HeTu wood, 3+8=11, Odd number Yang nature.

The branches are classify under the following groups:

The stable, Yin Si Shen Hai are the 4 beginning of every season. Their main Qi are respectively, Jia Bing Geng and Ren, the sub Qi are respectively Bing Geng Ren Jia with Wu in all the stables. These are all Yang stems. When each of the main Qi and sub Qi added up for each stables, it does not form combination of 10. Therefore they are Yang in nature.

The cardinals, Mao Wu You Zi are the middle of every season. Their main Qi are Yi Ding Xin and Gui respectively. All Yin stems. They forms combination of 10. Therefore they are Yin in nature.

The graveyards, Chen Wei Xu Chou are the end of every season. Their main Qi are either Wu or Ji earth. However their sub Qi are all Yin stems and therefore by virtue the graveyards are Yin in nature for its sub Qi are combination of 10 respectively.

Such is believed to have been the reasons behind the YinYang classification for the 24 mountain in the SanYuan Luopan. in reality, if you believe this is the true reason, your SanYuan applications are incomplete.

Fact, YinYang does not stem from pure numerical permutations. They are the reflections of Heaven Man and Earth. Knowing thus you will understand what a SanYuan LuoPan is designed to measure. Without a throughout understanding of such, all the other Hexagram plates are nothing more then pure decorations.

P/S: Image credit to BengKung Tan

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The SanHe “Lord of The Rings” 3/3– Return of The Seam Needle

As Pure Yin Pure Yang is concerned, nothing is ever mentioned about embrace. Out of the 5 verses of Dragon, Embrace, Mountain, Spot and Water, only 3 items are of the concerns. If we assumed that RuDiYan is the forerunner of SanHe, way back before the Song Dynasty predated YangGong himself, something is very wrong when among the scripts, it mentioned that the use of the 28 asterisms as in accordance to Urging Officer, ChuiGuan, the only classics that has survived from being adulterated because it really means nonsense consumed raw and credited to LaiBuYi who lives in the Song era. He is also the inventor of this so called Human Ring. 

Known also as seam needle, apparently seaming the Heaven ring to the Earth ring, it is based on the Polaris north. This ring is used extensively to govern human behavior and opportunities thus it is used to evaluate embraces with response to the spot. Historically speaking it is also known as the outer Heaven Plate

The LuoPan is also a tool to measure the Lateral. In this case, the fixed star of the 28 asterisms known as the lunar station is narrowed down to each singular degree representing each day. Regrouped as 60 expended and contraction dragons and be matched with another set of 24 mountains called outer Heaven Plate. Consistent with RuDiYan, this ring is annexed to the principle of “as above, so below”, an extension of Pure Yin Pure Yang. Naturally, below the asterisms, there is a set of corresponding mountains, resulted from the gravitational pull of these asterisms and the valleys are the rivers. 9 Stars school or JuiXing Pai’s flipping trigram methods or FanGua (where its offspring of 5 Ghost Carry Treasure) are born within this broad principle. 

Must the Human Ring have YinYang? For completeness, the same Earth Ring YinYang is also applied to the Human Ring and that is where it has gone so very wrong. Objectively, Human Ring has no YinYang is also incomplete. Very little has been written about this Ring. Some go to an extend to market it as another FengShui secret as YuHanJing, apparently the only book which YangGong took from the imperial library via escaping later to be handed down to his grandchildren and now inherited by another GanZhou lineage called the Lineage of YangJiuPing for a very expansive fee. YangGong being a monk has offspring is a fact needed validation. Even so, none of his other works referred to this very ring. So, again, your guess is better than mine. 

The entire collections of this article called The SanHe “Lord of The Rings are in fact, contents of some very expansive FengShui life courses. The beauty of it is it can be summarized in 3 A4 pages with font 12 now available for Free. Yet, in reality, it can be applied and it is SanHe but not the true method. Knowing this, one will understand what are taught in the west under the pretext of water methods. In reality it is just purely academic. One way to find out its authenticity is to check the so called “inherited” LuoPan. If it is not marked and corrected accordingly, it is as good as some old antics. One GanZhou grandmaster has a point, when he said, “LuoPan post Qing Dynasty are all rubbish”

What do you think?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The SanHe “Lord of The Rings” 2/3– The Two Mountains

Pure Yin Pure Yang continues… 

Assuming that the sitting mountain is set against the incoming dragon, SanHe school people will establish facing to match outgoing water. SaHe concerns about outgoing water. By establishing facing, water is exiting correctly at the inauspicious sector based another approach called Later Heaven Water Formula and the remains are good Qi. Among the classics, only RuDiYan suggested that water shall exits at the auspicious sector instead. 

Later Heaven Water Formula stipulates the use of Heaven Ring, whereby it is another set of 24 mountain rings offset by 7.5 degree, presumably measuring the True North, another invention by YangGong. It is called Heaven because it is used to evaluate water base on the two mountains approach, sometimes called double mountain or ShuangShan. Water is the gifts of Heaven. Only 12 pairs of mountain are in used. The same water formula also stipulates the doctrine of 12 growth phases, which we will not discuss here, to evaluate the 12 pairs of Double Mountain, classifying them auspicious or otherwise. 

Conforming to Pure Yin Pure Yang, dragon matching sitting, facing matching water principles are derived from here. All those YiGua ChunQing or One Singular Pure Gua formations are also borrowed from here. Pure Gua here means, Pure Yin and Pure Yang. By the same token, a Yang Facing must match a Yang water exit or ingress and this call for the Heaven Plate to have its own YinYang. By the same token, it borrows from the Earth Ring’s YinYang, believing that such is in compliance to Pure Yin Pure Yang and this is where it has gone so very wrong! 

By extension, Earth Principles 5 Verses stipulates YinYang flow will determine the manner in which 12 growth phases are assigned to the 12 double mountains thus rendered the YinYang of Heaven Plate not applicable. Thus the YinYang of Heaven plate refers to the Yin or Yang flow and not the YinYang double mountains. One grandmaster of GanZhou often uses this classic example to mock inexperience master who had attempted to design their own LuoPan. He advocated that Heaven Plate has no YinYang and this is also where it has gone so very wrong! 

In summary the Two Mountains are in reference to the Heaven Plate. Together with the Earth Plate, it completes the SanHe LuoPan according to the orthodox YangGong School. By the same token, establishing sitting is based on magnetic north while establishing facing is based on true north. Some years ago, the similar question has raised heated arguments among “egg heads” resulted in this article, click HERE. Thus, Yang Facing matching Yang water,  the sacred Pure Yin Pure Yang is conformed. This is absolutely crap!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The SanHe “Lord of The Rings” 1/3– The Fellowship of the 24 Mountains Correct Needle

The common SanHe approach in utilizing the 3 rings namely: - 

1. Earth Ring – utilized to establish facing 
2. Human Ring – utilized to evaluate embrace 
3. Heaven Ring – utilized to evaluate water 

Are rather incomplete or to a certain degree, inaccurate as in accordance to the 3 classics of YangGong. 

The common understanding is to use the Earth Ring to establish sitting based on the concept of Pure Yin Pure Yang. This concept is commonly understood as “a Yang incoming dragon must match Yang water establishing a Yang Facing”. How to measure the Yang incoming dragon?

Landform wise, the classics say, “The Dragon has come a thousand miles, but look only at the EIGHT FEET arriving at the Head”. The term “feet” in Chinese is also means “ruler”. Here is where the common interpretations go so wrong, as in 8 feet means “distance of 8 feet”

Assuming that the “distance of 8 feet” is correct, the 24 Earth Ring is used to determine its YinYang. The next obvious question is where does these YinYang originated? Beforehand, one must understand that there is such thing as the followings: - 

1. The mutual relation between the opposite Trigram within the Early Heaven sequence. So for example, Qian and Kun mutually unobstructed Qi. Because Qian is Yang, therefore Kun is also Yang. 
2. While Qian is Yang, Qian receives Jia, Kun receives Yi, so both Jia and Yi are also Yang. This is called the rule of NaJia (another mind boggling concept reserved for other discussion). 

As a result, the Earth Ring has inconsistent YinYang Mountains, not because they are mistakenly assumed to be based on Pure Yin Pure Yang, but they are assigned based on the concepts of Early Heaven Gua and NaJia. 

In application, a Qian incoming Dragon is Yang warranted to be matched with a Yang Facing. Subsequently, if one look at the Earth ring which is also called 24 Mountains Correct Needle because it follows the magnetic “North”, only the sitting Branch mountains match its facing Branch mountains in accordance to Pure Yin Pure Yang principle while the other stems and trigrams are mismatched. Contradictions arise when for apparently no concrete reasons, it is forbidden to actually use the sitting Branch mountains for fear that: - 

1. Qi is overly strong. 
2. Branch Facing would risk being afflicted by annual TaiSui, PoSui and SanSha. 

With such, how do we achieve the concept of Pure Yin Pure Yang by means of “a Yang incoming dragon must match Yang water establishing a Yang Facing”? Furthermore, this very novel idea contradicts one of the most fundamental indisputable doctrine, how can pure Yang or pure Yin ever grow ShengQi? As for the validity of SanHe method based on pure Yin pure Yang, your guess is better then mine…

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SanHe School's Modern Fallacies

Five years ago, detail HERE, there was a query stating that since 4 major water mouth and assistant star water method are both SanHe, what happened if they contradicted each other? Which take precedent? 

Reviewing back my writing then, I put the blames on different schools, different interpretations. In fact, it is actually different part of the same “elephant” as viewed by the “blind men”, in accordance to YangGong true method. It may also be the problem of categorization. First, one has to discern that not everything to do with YangGong method is SanHe.

SanHe, loosely translated as 3 combinations have many interpretations from the obvious Dragon, Embrace and Facing to the Three Stooges, you watch in TV. What this school strength is that the believed of having the 3 positions fortified, any collapse of one portion, 2 of the others will able to hold the fort. In order to seamlessly combine the three, a Yang incoming dragon must match Yang water establishing a Yang Facing. This is believed to be what is known as Pure Yin Pure Yang

This so called Pure Yin Pure Yang forms the basis of assistant star water method or FuXing ShuiFa, originated from Entering Earth Eye, Ru DiYan (入地眼) by GuTuo (辜托). Therefore, it is assumed to have been a very old method of SanHe since it is believed that GuTuo is a monk lived in the Zhou Dynasty. At that time, the Heaven’s Plate of the SanHe LuoPan is unheard of. On such account and unlike modern application, FuXing ShuiFa is never measured using the Heaven’s Plate.
Qing Dynasty witnessed the following methods: - 

1. 4 Major Water Mouths
2. Later Heaven Method 
3. Earthly Principle 5 Verses 

These methods were categorized under SanHe and were claimed to have been YangGong’s method, employing the Heaven’s Plate. Heaven Plate is a 24 mountains ring correcting the “original” Earth Plate to mark the True North based on the Sun path for measuring of Water. 

Even within these methods, there are sheer inconsistencies, often mocked around by pure YangGong practitioners such as LiDingXin. YangGong is believed to have been the forefather of FengShui lived in the Tang Dynasty. 

Strangely, the copy of Ru DiYan (入地眼) by GuTuo (辜托) as it is available today contain text which mock the usage of the Heaven’s Plate while the 3 YangGong classics of Green Satchel Profound Saying, Heavenly Jade Classic and Jade Ruler Classic, clearly dispel the inconsistency of flipping Gua method or FanGua as sheer divination without valid compliance to GuoPu’s Burial Classic therefore, not genuine FengShui.

Furthermore with the last chapter of Ru DiYan (入地眼) dedicated to 8 Mansions, it is even glaring that this very classic has been adulterated beyond recognition, most likely during the Qing Dynasty. GuTuo (辜托) may even have been a monk living in the Sung or Ming Dynasty instead. Even one chapter dedicated to evaluation of the embrace dedicated to Lai BuYi's urging officer scroll.This is one classic example of the "Death becomes Alive" and the "Living becomes Deceased".

Subsequent works revealed that assistant star water method or FuXing ShuiFa is further adulterated to include piecemeal methods such as Five Ghost Carry Treasure, 8 Mansion Five Ghost methods, FlyingStar, Water Dragon Classics and so forth with some part of it blended into SanYuan and XuanKong as well. Not surprising if you can find special RuDiYan LuoPan these days.

A genuine YangGong method discerns all these and therefore cannot be classified as a pure SanHe school -  

Note this FACT!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hyatt's Castle Gate is Actually Five Ghost Carry Treasure?

Let’s continue on Hyatt’s Castle Gate… 

When Jay posted this tread up in some of the FengShui FaceBook, one FengShui Architect now actively teaching in Berlin has a whole lots of inquiry which I find interesting such as: - 

From the calculation for specific (or “theory”) Castle Gate we can see it is only applicable for the period of its construction (that is for 20 years the most)… Castle Gate doesn’t last forever and adjustments for the current Period 8 have to take place.” It means to say, it only lasted for 20 years and after that it is all the way to the drain.

projecting the front door forward and going up a few steps to get into a building is called ChuSha 出煞, while recessing the front door and going down a few steps to get into a building is called ShouShan 收山… it has nothing to do with Castle Gates or tilting doors.” Assuming that Castle gate is to evaluate the Castle Gate water arrived at the prosperous palace, a secondary door could be open to receive Qi. Physical observation revealed that there is no second door. 

…not all situations have a Castle Gate, …hotel you mentioned… built in Period 7, sitting on Chen (SE1) and facing Xu (NW1)… there is no main or secondary Caste Gate… If the hotel is sitting on Xun (SE2) and facing Qian (NW2) as assumed, then there is a secondary Castle Gate in the Dui palace (You W2 to be precise), and having an extra door there during Period 7 would be helpful for a “Reverse House”…there is no landform Castle Gate both in the Kan and Dui palace, so again having water in these two directions would not be helpful.” There is no castle gate at Kan, assuming it is a Qian facing. Likewise, it is believed that the late venerable HongChoon uses this secret method to rejuvenate Hyatt’s prosperity, of which we thought otherwise. 

If it is not castle gate, then what it is? Someone actually emailed us and say, it is Five Ghost Carry Treasure! This end-user formula has at least more than one application. Abstaining from the magical application such as THIS, we could identify from the main stream school that it is part of Assistant Star Water Method or FuXing (FanGua) ShuiFa originated from the age old method, which we will not discuss now

According to some information, main door tilted 45 degrees to the right from building facing Xu, will be Ren under KanGua. Receiving TangLang Qi in Qian, outgoing in Ding, purging LianZhen – The Five Ghost water,  conforming to the Five Ghost Carry Treasure! 

Do, you believe in this?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Revisiting Hyatt Castle Gate

Hyatt Singapore is one of the cannot miss spot of pilgrimage for any Flying Star practitioner, especially so if they learnt from the Tan YangWu lineage. Reason is this Hotel is the epitome of the secret theory of Castle Gate elegantly executed by the former FengShui adviser to the patriarch of Singapore, the late venerable HongChoon. Who is he? Read HERE. Physical observation revealed that the semi circle water feature, the steps and tilted door are presents. Legend has it that by tilting 45 degree and installing a semi circular water feature at the front, the Hotel is able to receive what is probably known as Castle Gate water thus fulfilling the prophecy of “where the jade rabbit and the golden tortoise meets in the land of the 7 stars”, in another word renewing for period 7. News had it that upon activation, coincidently a flight was stalled and the passengers had nowhere to stay due to high period and the only under occupied Hotel was suddenly in demand! The late venerable HongChoon was suddenly shot to fame and every master in town would like to have some kind of association with this magical monk. 

Because of its fame, we need to dig a little to see what other has to say and in no time, one Googles, a never ending list appear which is in summary, Hyatt = CastleGate. So the next intelligent question is what is castle gate, CG (not computer graphics)? CG has been given many interpretations. Some say it is secret techniques, water formula, landform and the sort. So, it is better that such discussion be reserved for other time. At the moment, let’s stick to popular assumption that in one school perspective, it is a “formation consisting Castle liked structure locking the water mouth and using the timeliness effect to receive its auspiciousness by means of its facing direction where upon these waters are sequenced via HeTu and LoShu numerological connections”. If there is a Castle there must be a Gate. A Gate is a Qi mouth where water converse. So technically speaking, there arise a Castle Gate landform and a theory to evaluate the Qi mouth called Castle Gate Theory. They are entirely different species. 

So, it is believed that the late venerable HongChoon uses this secret method to rejuvenate Hyatt’s prosperity, of which we thought otherwise. Let see what the late reverend had assumed to have done. GoogleMaps revealed that the entire building sits Chen and faces Xu. It was however stated to have sit Xun faces Qian, thus the Castle Gate comes about. This shows that the way we understood SanYuan 24 Mountains are entirely freaking wrong, detail read HERE. Opening both FlyingStar charts based on the base star of the neighboring palaces to the facing palace, one obtained the arrival of the material time current prosperity star 7 as the facing stars. It thus indicated that water in Kan and Dui palaces are timely, he chooses to tilt the door towards Kan direction, apparently conforming landform principle. There came the legendry tilted door despite the appearance of any physical water in Kan location. For completeness, a water feature was installed fronting the facing of the building, thus it is taken as “to receive its auspiciousness by means of its facing direction where upon these waters are sequenced via HeTu and LoShu numerological connections”. Some called this phenomenon as “Stealing Water (Prosperity)” or “Inducing Palace” or by any other different names. Yet, 2 sided steps were placed beside the protruded water features for unknown FengShui reasons. 

We reserved our thought on these but what interest us most knowing how the late grandmaster behaved with his reservation with the true applications and elusive showmanship of the obvious tilting door signature, the art rest in both the outer and the inner side of the lobby with its YinYang balancing act upon which the entire Hotel sits on in relation to the perceived CastleGate junction of Scott-Orchard intersections, distance away. On the time of visit, the ambiance remain musky, dark Zen-like luxury with not many people despite the makeover recently by another so called WuChang lineage practitioner, detail read HERE

One question, would the Castle Gate goes hey-wire comes period 8?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Making Babies

One of the specific performance required out of QuanYuan’s services, is not entirely FengShui for wealth but FengShui for babies. Such task has not been very ALIEN for us as we had done it many times with very high success rate. Challenges are, sometimes you have to do it in an apartment context with very little options. Tilt door, nope. Tilt stove, nope. Tilt bed, yes

The story is like this, a couple wanted babies for many years without success. So, they attempted AI. In 2011, Mao year, a big project involving construction of the basement occurred in East sector, which are also the TaiSui and 5 Yellow positions. They have a miscarriage. That is where we step in. 

All that was done is to tilt the bed and modify Qi flow and the rest was history. They were very happy with the arrival of the new one into their family. Do we have to do date selection as well? Nope!


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