Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Making Babies

One of the specific performance required out of QuanYuan’s services, is not entirely FengShui for wealth but FengShui for babies. Such task has not been very ALIEN for us as we had done it many times with very high success rate. Challenges are, sometimes you have to do it in an apartment context with very little options. Tilt door, nope. Tilt stove, nope. Tilt bed, yes

The story is like this, a couple wanted babies for many years without success. So, they attempted AI. In 2011, Mao year, a big project involving construction of the basement occurred in East sector, which are also the TaiSui and 5 Yellow positions. They have a miscarriage. That is where we step in. 

All that was done is to tilt the bed and modify Qi flow and the rest was history. They were very happy with the arrival of the new one into their family. Do we have to do date selection as well? Nope!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Architect's Nightmare, FengShui Master's Dream

Another addition to the nightmares of Architect dealing with FengShui masters. My other article about the same encounter, click HERE.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Public Bank Urban Legend

Wikipedia states that Public Bank Bhd is currently the biggest domestic bank in Malaysia by shareholders' funds. It focuses on retail customers and small to medium sized enterprises. The bank was founded in 1966 by TanSri Teh HongPiow, the then general manager of Malayan Banking. The bank was listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange in 1967. 

What is more interesting is this bank has managed to withstand a number of Asian and global financial crises largely due to its prudent policies where other banks had been either taken over or merged, this is one bank that has remained in the helm of a Chinese Banking Grandmaster. Something that is "unfavorable" in a Malaysian context.

With a repute of such, many urban legends evolved as it is believed to have been FengShui(ed). One interesting question is has it got to do with FlyingStar, Eight Mansion and Water Dragon (all classify under SanYuan school)? 

Someone actually state that SanYuan facing must have a door but that is not 100% entirely true and this is reflected from this bank as a classic example. However, my question is where is the facing? One suggests that the main entrance facing KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers) is the facing. Close scrutiny revealed that the main door is “abnormally” designed to push away Qi instead of receiving it. Could this be the main door? Where SanYuan believed that the door is the main Qi mouth, wouldn’t it be absurd to push away Qi instead of receiving? Could the water features in front of KLCC somewhere near the cross junction act as the water dragon, "pulling nose Sha" or simply both towering “Corn Head” slit in between presenting what is known as “Heavenly Chop Sha”, that warrant the main door to push away Qi? 

Another observation, this is a Bank Headquarter without any banking hall. How often, did one observed that the main entrance FengShui is so good that it is jam packed with people to take a peep on who is the legendary TanSri Teh HongPiow? Unlike all other retail outlet which requires many walk-in customers, a Headquarter is never FengShui in that manner. 

On another hand, the so called “rear” is actually fronting a river in the convex fashion. Many landform purists would say, it is not within what is popularly known as “jade belt embrace” but it is this form that has been prospering the bank for perpetuity. You can also forget about white tiger and green dragon stuff. Crossing the bright hall is a formation of mountain resembling the Chinese Gold Ingot, which does it, means anything? One question remain, is this parent mountain or the table mountain? So, where the hell is the facing? 

The real “KungFu” is within its landform, more details HERE and not the over rated FlyingStar, Eight Mansion and Water Dragon as you do with water features, as there is no concrete proof to such claim whatsoever. Which one do you believe, proof or hearsay? 

P/S: Photos are from the internet and google earth.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

5 Yellow Killing Forces 2

Once I had written about a 5 Yellow Killing Forces, an observation to a household who renovated during the annual 5 yellow residing at the sitting. After crossing over LiChun (arrival of RenChen year), it has not recorded any ill fortune event to the household. The only matter worth to take note is the bread winner lost his job during December and got a new one as in the similar position comes March 2012. Let’s look at the incident in a XuanKong FeiXing methodology (XKFX) which some deemed to have been the applications: - 

1. We first plot the natal chart based on period 7 with its corresponding sitting and facing star. 2. So, we have a so called facing prosperous 7 star structure. But comes to period 8, #7 becomes malicious denoting robbery. 
3. The house underwent a major renovation in period 8, by moving the heaven heart, point A – A’, and the stove position. Strictly speaking, it is still a period 7 house. 
4. Renovation took place during 5 yellow residing at the sitting. 
5. Only the back portion of the house renovated, so the start of renovation coincides with the location of the 5 yellow. 
6. During renovation, the family is still living in the said house. 

Analysis: - 

1. Based on one theory of application (which is not our practice), the door is located at a #8-3 location. Meaning to say, the sitting star is at the prosperous #8. Therefore, the health aspect of the family is already taken care of. Unfortunately, it faces #3 which is untimely. But the eldest son is still schooling, so not much a matter of financial. Otherwise, it may indicate a Gua 3 person may lose his job but the breadwinner is Gua 6. 
2. Based on the door itself, it is a double #7 sitting and facing. This is a so called secret method advocated by some school. In this aspect, it meant to say one is able to use XKDG to tap into the already arrival #7 prosperous star being 6,7,8,9 are timely for lower period. Yet it doesn’t offset the effect of 5 yellow.
3. On another note, if one investigates based on PurpleWhite methodology, the effect is more glaring. 

Based on this case alone, there is no conclusive evident that a violation of 5 yellow at the sitting of the house bring life threatening effect neither from the natal chart nor the annual star. The only documented event that took place was the breadwinner lost his job in the month of December, which doesn’t reflect dire effect liked bankruptcy or so forth notoriously linked to violation of 5 yellow.


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