Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things That They Don't Teach In FengShui School

What we have discussed earlier are some thoughts that you don’t need to spend unnecessarily for placebo FengShui comes every year and dealing with annual afflictions are just simple method of lay back and do nothing about it, contrary to some irresponsible recommendations of FengShui monster, to fight SanSha and the sort. If there is existing external ShaQi, dial 911 and call for FengShui masters. Only they can fix the problem.

Recommendations of locating the main door, headboard and stove, found in annual FengShui forecast book, at locations deemed to have been visited by the annual favorable star is highly simplified. You will still not able to benefits from these noble stars unless, a genuine FengShui master does the ShouQi or NaQi for you, which means to say, they must be there to make the necessary alignment for you in respect of the structure of your house within a given time. That is one good reason; they have good business before the arriving of every New Year! A DIY is as best as to receive the good effects of Spring Cleaning. If it really comes true then you believe that the writer is God in disguise of a man and you will go for his professional advice in due course. If it does not come true, then by virtue of the exclusion clause printed in small print in among the front pages, you cannot do anything. That is a very good reason why it is a must from commercial FengShui masters to publish annual FengShui forecasts. 

However, it is still a noble effort. As in betweens we are able to see how such nobilities are afflicted in some ways or another through another layer called, annual ShenSha usually found in the front few pages of the ThongSheng or the Almanac. A subject we shall discuss if times permit.

For completeness, let us look at the Purple White for XinMao year as part of QiMen DunJia methodology, for the upper period 8, XinMao year with the 5 yellow in the palace of growth. So, technically the 5 yellow for this year is a noble one. However, it shares the same palace with TaiSui, so in another ShenSha dimensions, it means something else, which we shall discuss in the topic of ShenSha. Whereas, 9 are in the palace of controlling out, so technically speaking it is a benevolent 9 purple caught in a difficult situation for it to display its nobility. Meeting SuiPo and SanSha, it also means something else. If there is a physical door in that sector, what does it opens up in terms of the “Human Door”, thus what sort of “gods” of nobility are we inviting through such “door”?

In conclusion, there are many dimensions into an otherwise, simple chart of annual flying star. Saying thus, we can still DIY but be prepare if nothing happens. That is already a good sign of auspiciousness!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Words of Wisdom

People who believes that their futures and fortunes can be predicted by the numbers, associated with their phone numbers, house numbers, marriage certificates numbers, birth certificates numbers, car numbers, pet numbers and all sorts of other predictions, will willingly allow all kinds of predictions to dictate their lives. They try to better their fortune with all kinds of rituals. They forget that every day is a lucky day for an industrious man. They ignore the different paths that can help them realize different goals. The most unlucky person in the world is those who never knew that they have always been lucky!

Thank you Mr. Oh KimLeng for such an inspired wisdom. I have taken the liberty to apply such to a more meaningful observation of the recent delirium in Chinese Metaphysics.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kitchen Gossips

The Kitchen reflects the authority of the female household in a family. It traditionally reflects the power of Kun or the matron of the family. Kitchen is also a location for the female members to mingle and socializes which also include receiving friends of the female gender. Therefore, a kitchen is associated to the feminine side of the household as most of the time it will be occupied by the female of the house. It is therefore the noisiest and happening place for gossips and the sorts. It is therefore, a Yang sector of the house and should occupy the 4 Yang locations of TianYi, YanNian, ShengQi and FuWei.

Being a location for the females, it governs the reproduction organs, health and family upbringing of the household. The state of the kitchen will reflect the situation of one’s well being. If it is disorder, dirty and messy, it reflects the downside of the matron and all sorts of illness connected to the female of the house liked childlessness and so forth. Thus a Kitchen is one of the important sectors for a house.

A kitchen traditionally consists of a stove location, well and grinder. The dining table is usually located at the living although some may be located within the kitchen compound. Among this items liked the stove, grinder and well, the stove place the most important role in the Kitchen setup. Inevitably, kitchen liked any other rooms must receive good Qi.

There is a saying of Fire and Water clashes due to stove facing the well. Much applied in a traditional sense were the stoves is smoky and it poses an occupational hazard of falling into the well. In the modern context, it is somewhat inapplicable. However, to the FengShui purist, it is better to abstain having the sink opposite the stove whereas side by side is consider acceptable.

To be continue...


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