Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Know Your Annual Afflictions

XinMao year is approaching when the clock strikes 4th February 2011 at 12:32pm and we hail the arrival of LiChun that comes after the Lunar New Year. For such, we don’t call this a “blind” year and therefore, many new adventures may take place liked married, new partnership and so forth. Liked the overrated Y2K and period 8 “hoo-haa”, “blind” year is technically a term significant only in the aspect of Daoism and not much in FengShui. Furthermore, GengYin Qi has not totally faded and XinMao Qi does not come all of the sudden. It will have to wait a couple of months longer before the tiny foot of the rabbit steps in in-lieu of the tiger’s paw.

So there is really no worry, if you have not bought the PiYao to pacify the annual TaiSui, now residing in Mao or Rhino to cast away the robbery star 7, wind-chimes to pacify the 5 yellow, Calabash to store away the illness star 2 and the multiple arrays of placebo objects from Wealth God riding rabbit, mandarin ducks to activate the 4 romance star to Nine tiers water fall to stimulate the purple 9 to renew the Qi of the house. In fact, these sorts of object may not necessary work wonders in the FengShui terms based on the following reasons: -

1. The object in resemblance of heavenly beings, animals, humans, pagodas, calabash and so forth, if it is not consecrated accordingly, will be the domain for unknown spirit to reside. Go check it out with your Gurus or any spiritual masters for that matter. Would you want your house to be a garden of unknown spirits? Even if it is consecrated, would you want your house to be a temple? This isn’t FengShui but by doing so, you will step into the threshold of Yin and Yang. Just think for a while.

2. Metallic sound of metal is believed to be weakening the earth Qi of the reputed 5 yellow Sha. Just think again how long it would takes for earth to produce metal? Bet you, by the time dragon comes in, it would not even have enough time to produce an ounce of metal. No worry about the 5 yellow, as long as there is no breaking of the ground, knocking or drilling of the wall and dragging of heavy furniture at the east sector of the house. Keep it a passive space like a bedroom, meditation room and study is good enough.

3. Rhino be it single horn or 9 horns has never been a native animal in China and it was a candid surprise to know that it is used to drive away robbers, which is to our knowledge that thief and robbers are afraid of the policemen and break in alarm. Think about it again, between an alarm system and a statute of a Rhino which potentially be possessed, which stand a better chance to drive away the robber or bloodshed disaster? The 7 star is technically locked in the center of the grid comes XinMao year. As Xin is protruding, as a 7 Killing to Mao, it means to say if the property is not well supported in its FengShui formation, the resident of the property will be subjected to much gossips, petty people and potential bloodshed especially when the TaiSui, SuiPo and SanSha is affected. Otherwise, one word says all – No Worry. Even in the Daoist perspectives, your house is already naturally well guarded by the MenShen or Door Gods, even if there is no image of such Gods sticking at the door leaves. Why do you still need a rhino for?

4. The Calabash, especially in its natural form is something not to “play-play” with. We have seen enough of what it can do if it is not “handle” with care, the Daoist way. In FengShui, it is seldom use as remedy with the exception of to garner the imagery of a Dui Gua. It is believed that when Dui, the youngest daughter cry, the mother Kun Gua which happened to be the number 2 star, will display its motherly nature. By the same token, Mother Nature can sometimes be unsentimental. So when do you know how to switch the switch? In another words, it is playing with fire. The 2 black is residing in Li palace at the south sector. When the south is a bedroom, naturally it is a passive room with the general wellbeing taken care of. If there is no external ShaQi liked Pylon, broken mountain, waterfalls and the sort, the number 2 star would remain dormant and not be aggravated. It is better if the window of such room opens up to a fleshy mountain. Then the number 2 star, in return, can be a bountiful harvest or even as a heavenly doctor instead.

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