Sunday, August 21, 2011

History of FengShui

Got it from somewhere and trying to reason this,

"The Cosmic Breath is the ultimate essence of the supreme TaiQi where it produces the bipolar perspective of existence for which these can be viewed as quadripolar manifestation of BaGua used in FengShui in the forms of the Five cosmic breath of bipolarity genders forming numerous school of FengShui thoughts, some emphasize on River Log systems of congenital and reformed BaGua methaneumarics for the benefit of humantics anthropocosmo by means of metascincetistic neorolinguistic fusion into geomantics alogarithms symbolical study of Imperial FengShui… and the sort..."

Very original… more hilarious then the FengShui classics… Anyway, that is beyond the point. 

We attempted to put up a brief history of FengShui based on fragmented pieces here and there. Such history can be so distorted as its sometimes bias towards a superiority of a certain lineages. Mainstream history of FengShui easily traced back to Yang JunSong, has so many versions, compounded with all sorts of hearsay and jargon such as: -
  1. Some believes that Lai BuYi is the direct disciple of YangGong, while others differ.
  2. Similarly,  Liu JiangDong, as some may associate him as the contemporary of YangGong, while others claimed that he is one of YangGong's disciple.
  3. Classics are subjected to be copied, modify, re-authored and simply claimed to have been written by someone else or even anonymous authorship made research into the history of FengShui difficult. Scholars ended up disagreeing based on literary style.
  4. Classical sources were written in a poetic manner where style takes precedent over substances and thus made legibility and understanding difficult. Hand copied versions through the ages resulted in many human errors added up to its inaccuracy.
  5. Historical account of book burning by insane emperor and dictator made cross references of ancient knowledge difficult with unknown source.
  6. Dispute among lineages within the same school created many other versions, modified to suit one's interpretation.
There are some consistency within these diversities such as: -
  1. Methods were actually scriptures kept in the imperial library as the most authentic version and sages  whom are the keeper of the imperial archive benefited.
  2. Unofficial sources from strange individuals of unknown origin may sometimes bridges the missing link.
  3. Time tested methods such as land form principles take precedent over formula. All others are just good in theory bad in applications.
  4. Sages of different times have their roles and they are remembered based on their deeds and not their words. 
We brought to you some of the findings of the historical aspect of FengShui and this version is an ordinary one subject to further refinement. Should there be any constructive criticism, we would like to hear from you and improved accordingly. Drop us an email, we shall give you the access password.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ordinary FengShui Versus EXTRAORDINARY FengShui

Has been sometime since we last updated our blog owing to the fact of our busy schedule. Well, we enjoy most with the company of friends in metaphysics. Nice to know you, 5 arts guests of Jakarta.

There is something in common among all these commercial places we visited be it Siam Paragon or Sands, wherever there are water, there are trouble.

We received numerous emails pertaining to our research. We bid good luck to those who do claimed to be extraordinary with "water method". Lets not be petty over issues that does not bring benefits, as commenting other response in an out of context manner doesn't proved one superiority.  
Supposed, everyone heard you loud and clear - The Best Master the World can have- perhaps even better then YangGong himself?

That, we rest our case.

Wild guesses: -
  1. Wouldn't Qi flows in the form of water? Not the other way round?
  2. If Heaven doesn't endowed, where would Earth receive? Not the other way round?
  3. When you get the light, you must also accept the shadow. This is not a  truth?
  4. BaZi moves the same direction of FengShui or FengShui moves the same direction of BaZi, you tell me?
  5. If BaZi is fixed, what is the use of the Luck and Annual Pillar? Decorations?
  6. Heaven, Man, Earth and not the other way round, why?

Our master never taught us about "dragon spot" that is why we must agree that we know no magic that can make emperor overnight. We are just ordinary people who can only do ordinary things. Let those who knows magic be a magician. We are happy to be who we are - ordinary being.

We would like to hear from you of any case with water placement. You will entitle to our e-newsletter about the history of FengShui (our ordinary version). Email us now!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Marina Bay Sands Reinvestigated

QuanYuan's FengShui Newsletter is out again!

Synopsis: -

The entire urban planning of MBS together with the marina has been engineered to maximize Qi containment within the context of the island state. Flying Star does not work in this scale while real landform became the primary tool. The carving of the marina, the location of MBS with its monolithic forms, the Singapore Flyer, the Arts and Science center, the connection highways are all carefully positioned in response to natural landforms and hills within the vicinity. The interior layout has been crafted, as believed, not by a single practitioner as there are too many conflicting methodologies applied while some works, others don’t. One thing for sure, water methods applied wrongly will bring about negative results. 

Saying thus, there is also the possibility of other forms of FengShui installed

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