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The SanHe “Lord of The Rings” 1/3– The Fellowship of the 24 Mountains Correct Needle

The common SanHe approach in utilizing the 3 rings namely: - 

1. Earth Ring – utilized to establish facing 
2. Human Ring – utilized to evaluate embrace 
3. Heaven Ring – utilized to evaluate water 

Are rather incomplete or to a certain degree, inaccurate as in accordance to the 3 classics of YangGong. 

The common understanding is to use the Earth Ring to establish sitting based on the concept of Pure Yin Pure Yang. This concept is commonly understood as “a Yang incoming dragon must match Yang water establishing a Yang Facing”. How to measure the Yang incoming dragon?

Landform wise, the classics say, “The Dragon has come a thousand miles, but look only at the EIGHT FEET arriving at the Head”. The term “feet” in Chinese is also means “ruler”. Here is where the common interpretations go so wrong, as in 8 feet means “distance of 8 feet”

Assuming that the “distance of 8 feet” is correct, the 24 Earth Ring is used to determine its YinYang. The next obvious question is where does these YinYang originated? Beforehand, one must understand that there is such thing as the followings: - 

1. The mutual relation between the opposite Trigram within the Early Heaven sequence. So for example, Qian and Kun mutually unobstructed Qi. Because Qian is Yang, therefore Kun is also Yang. 
2. While Qian is Yang, Qian receives Jia, Kun receives Yi, so both Jia and Yi are also Yang. This is called the rule of NaJia (another mind boggling concept reserved for other discussion). 

As a result, the Earth Ring has inconsistent YinYang Mountains, not because they are mistakenly assumed to be based on Pure Yin Pure Yang, but they are assigned based on the concepts of Early Heaven Gua and NaJia. 

In application, a Qian incoming Dragon is Yang warranted to be matched with a Yang Facing. Subsequently, if one look at the Earth ring which is also called 24 Mountains Correct Needle because it follows the magnetic “North”, only the sitting Branch mountains match its facing Branch mountains in accordance to Pure Yin Pure Yang principle while the other stems and trigrams are mismatched. Contradictions arise when for apparently no concrete reasons, it is forbidden to actually use the sitting Branch mountains for fear that: - 

1. Qi is overly strong. 
2. Branch Facing would risk being afflicted by annual TaiSui, PoSui and SanSha. 

With such, how do we achieve the concept of Pure Yin Pure Yang by means of “a Yang incoming dragon must match Yang water establishing a Yang Facing”? Furthermore, this very novel idea contradicts one of the most fundamental indisputable doctrine, how can pure Yang or pure Yin ever grow ShengQi? As for the validity of SanHe method based on pure Yin pure Yang, your guess is better then mine…

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SanHe School's Modern Fallacies

Five years ago, detail HERE, there was a query stating that since 4 major water mouth and assistant star water method are both SanHe, what happened if they contradicted each other? Which take precedent? 

Reviewing back my writing then, I put the blames on different schools, different interpretations. In fact, it is actually different part of the same “elephant” as viewed by the “blind men”, in accordance to YangGong true method. It may also be the problem of categorization. First, one has to discern that not everything to do with YangGong method is SanHe.

SanHe, loosely translated as 3 combinations have many interpretations from the obvious Dragon, Embrace and Facing to the Three Stooges, you watch in TV. What this school strength is that the believed of having the 3 positions fortified, any collapse of one portion, 2 of the others will able to hold the fort. In order to seamlessly combine the three, a Yang incoming dragon must match Yang water establishing a Yang Facing. This is believed to be what is known as Pure Yin Pure Yang

This so called Pure Yin Pure Yang forms the basis of assistant star water method or FuXing ShuiFa, originated from Entering Earth Eye, Ru DiYan (入地眼) by GuTuo (辜托). Therefore, it is assumed to have been a very old method of SanHe since it is believed that GuTuo is a monk lived in the Zhou Dynasty. At that time, the Heaven’s Plate of the SanHe LuoPan is unheard of. On such account and unlike modern application, FuXing ShuiFa is never measured using the Heaven’s Plate.
Qing Dynasty witnessed the following methods: - 

1. 4 Major Water Mouths
2. Later Heaven Method 
3. Earthly Principle 5 Verses 

These methods were categorized under SanHe and were claimed to have been YangGong’s method, employing the Heaven’s Plate. Heaven Plate is a 24 mountains ring correcting the “original” Earth Plate to mark the True North based on the Sun path for measuring of Water. 

Even within these methods, there are sheer inconsistencies, often mocked around by pure YangGong practitioners such as LiDingXin. YangGong is believed to have been the forefather of FengShui lived in the Tang Dynasty. 

Strangely, the copy of Ru DiYan (入地眼) by GuTuo (辜托) as it is available today contain text which mock the usage of the Heaven’s Plate while the 3 YangGong classics of Green Satchel Profound Saying, Heavenly Jade Classic and Jade Ruler Classic, clearly dispel the inconsistency of flipping Gua method or FanGua as sheer divination without valid compliance to GuoPu’s Burial Classic therefore, not genuine FengShui.

Furthermore with the last chapter of Ru DiYan (入地眼) dedicated to 8 Mansions, it is even glaring that this very classic has been adulterated beyond recognition, most likely during the Qing Dynasty. GuTuo (辜托) may even have been a monk living in the Sung or Ming Dynasty instead. Even one chapter dedicated to evaluation of the embrace dedicated to Lai BuYi's urging officer scroll.This is one classic example of the "Death becomes Alive" and the "Living becomes Deceased".

Subsequent works revealed that assistant star water method or FuXing ShuiFa is further adulterated to include piecemeal methods such as Five Ghost Carry Treasure, 8 Mansion Five Ghost methods, FlyingStar, Water Dragon Classics and so forth with some part of it blended into SanYuan and XuanKong as well. Not surprising if you can find special RuDiYan LuoPan these days.

A genuine YangGong method discerns all these and therefore cannot be classified as a pure SanHe school -  

Note this FACT!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hyatt's Castle Gate is Actually Five Ghost Carry Treasure?

Let’s continue on Hyatt’s Castle Gate… 

When Jay posted this tread up in some of the FengShui FaceBook, one FengShui Architect now actively teaching in Berlin has a whole lots of inquiry which I find interesting such as: - 

From the calculation for specific (or “theory”) Castle Gate we can see it is only applicable for the period of its construction (that is for 20 years the most)… Castle Gate doesn’t last forever and adjustments for the current Period 8 have to take place.” It means to say, it only lasted for 20 years and after that it is all the way to the drain.

projecting the front door forward and going up a few steps to get into a building is called ChuSha 出煞, while recessing the front door and going down a few steps to get into a building is called ShouShan 收山… it has nothing to do with Castle Gates or tilting doors.” Assuming that Castle gate is to evaluate the Castle Gate water arrived at the prosperous palace, a secondary door could be open to receive Qi. Physical observation revealed that there is no second door. 

…not all situations have a Castle Gate, …hotel you mentioned… built in Period 7, sitting on Chen (SE1) and facing Xu (NW1)… there is no main or secondary Caste Gate… If the hotel is sitting on Xun (SE2) and facing Qian (NW2) as assumed, then there is a secondary Castle Gate in the Dui palace (You W2 to be precise), and having an extra door there during Period 7 would be helpful for a “Reverse House”…there is no landform Castle Gate both in the Kan and Dui palace, so again having water in these two directions would not be helpful.” There is no castle gate at Kan, assuming it is a Qian facing. Likewise, it is believed that the late venerable HongChoon uses this secret method to rejuvenate Hyatt’s prosperity, of which we thought otherwise. 

If it is not castle gate, then what it is? Someone actually emailed us and say, it is Five Ghost Carry Treasure! This end-user formula has at least more than one application. Abstaining from the magical application such as THIS, we could identify from the main stream school that it is part of Assistant Star Water Method or FuXing (FanGua) ShuiFa originated from the age old method, which we will not discuss now

According to some information, main door tilted 45 degrees to the right from building facing Xu, will be Ren under KanGua. Receiving TangLang Qi in Qian, outgoing in Ding, purging LianZhen – The Five Ghost water,  conforming to the Five Ghost Carry Treasure! 

Do, you believe in this?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Revisiting Hyatt Castle Gate

Hyatt Singapore is one of the cannot miss spot of pilgrimage for any Flying Star practitioner, especially so if they learnt from the Tan YangWu lineage. Reason is this Hotel is the epitome of the secret theory of Castle Gate elegantly executed by the former FengShui adviser to the patriarch of Singapore, the late venerable HongChoon. Who is he? Read HERE. Physical observation revealed that the semi circle water feature, the steps and tilted door are presents. Legend has it that by tilting 45 degree and installing a semi circular water feature at the front, the Hotel is able to receive what is probably known as Castle Gate water thus fulfilling the prophecy of “where the jade rabbit and the golden tortoise meets in the land of the 7 stars”, in another word renewing for period 7. News had it that upon activation, coincidently a flight was stalled and the passengers had nowhere to stay due to high period and the only under occupied Hotel was suddenly in demand! The late venerable HongChoon was suddenly shot to fame and every master in town would like to have some kind of association with this magical monk. 

Because of its fame, we need to dig a little to see what other has to say and in no time, one Googles, a never ending list appear which is in summary, Hyatt = CastleGate. So the next intelligent question is what is castle gate, CG (not computer graphics)? CG has been given many interpretations. Some say it is secret techniques, water formula, landform and the sort. So, it is better that such discussion be reserved for other time. At the moment, let’s stick to popular assumption that in one school perspective, it is a “formation consisting Castle liked structure locking the water mouth and using the timeliness effect to receive its auspiciousness by means of its facing direction where upon these waters are sequenced via HeTu and LoShu numerological connections”. If there is a Castle there must be a Gate. A Gate is a Qi mouth where water converse. So technically speaking, there arise a Castle Gate landform and a theory to evaluate the Qi mouth called Castle Gate Theory. They are entirely different species. 

So, it is believed that the late venerable HongChoon uses this secret method to rejuvenate Hyatt’s prosperity, of which we thought otherwise. Let see what the late reverend had assumed to have done. GoogleMaps revealed that the entire building sits Chen and faces Xu. It was however stated to have sit Xun faces Qian, thus the Castle Gate comes about. This shows that the way we understood SanYuan 24 Mountains are entirely freaking wrong, detail read HERE. Opening both FlyingStar charts based on the base star of the neighboring palaces to the facing palace, one obtained the arrival of the material time current prosperity star 7 as the facing stars. It thus indicated that water in Kan and Dui palaces are timely, he chooses to tilt the door towards Kan direction, apparently conforming landform principle. There came the legendry tilted door despite the appearance of any physical water in Kan location. For completeness, a water feature was installed fronting the facing of the building, thus it is taken as “to receive its auspiciousness by means of its facing direction where upon these waters are sequenced via HeTu and LoShu numerological connections”. Some called this phenomenon as “Stealing Water (Prosperity)” or “Inducing Palace” or by any other different names. Yet, 2 sided steps were placed beside the protruded water features for unknown FengShui reasons. 

We reserved our thought on these but what interest us most knowing how the late grandmaster behaved with his reservation with the true applications and elusive showmanship of the obvious tilting door signature, the art rest in both the outer and the inner side of the lobby with its YinYang balancing act upon which the entire Hotel sits on in relation to the perceived CastleGate junction of Scott-Orchard intersections, distance away. On the time of visit, the ambiance remain musky, dark Zen-like luxury with not many people despite the makeover recently by another so called WuChang lineage practitioner, detail read HERE

One question, would the Castle Gate goes hey-wire comes period 8?


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