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YuanKong 6 1/2 Method


Three Affinity Obtaining Void and Emptiness (SanYuan De KongMang) is YuanKong. WuJi born TaiJi, TaiJi obtain 2 slices, 2 slices beget 4 images, 4 images formulate 8 Gua, 8 Gua separate to 64 Gua, 64 Gua flip 384 Yao, the birth of a myriad things come from the great Void, WuJi. This is YuanKong.

Think again, we were so afraid of the so called Death and Emptiness (DE). However, where is mother of all nature if it is not from Emptiness? If it is from here the myriad things are born, it is of here that the myriad things should return. This is the true reflection on Death and Emptiness. It is said that DE should not sit and face. True enough. The Qi is too pure and some extend may be too strong. Why would it said that way? If one mastered the use of the 6 Jia, DE is insignificant.

SanYuan is the affinity of Heaven Earth and Man in obtaining another SanYuan of Health, Wealth and Family. This is the purpose of the Great SanYuan, fundamental of all human endeavors beneath Heaven. This is not the art of the gods, but an art of the mundane human being. Wars are fought, based on this reason. Empires are built based on this reason. Longevity is also gain on this reason. Heaven has 9 stars, Earth has 8 Gua and Human has 8 doors. Know how to use this, SanYuan is obtained.

Combining the art of SanYuan, with the understanding of void and emptiness, this is YuanKong.


Intercourses of the Yin essence with the Yang essence. Failure of comprehending Early Heaven as principle, Later Heaven as application, CiXiong will not materialize. When it is said, pure Yin, pure Yang, would one assume, how would Growing Qi be born when the Yin remains Yin and Yang remains Yang? This is the modern misconception. Whereas, what is use of Qi if it wasn’t pure? The Yin Yang dragons of the 24 mountain plate arraying the SanHe and SanYuan Luopan are varied based on what? When was it said, the mountain is Yang, water is Yin? Finally, who said the mountain is Yin and water is Yang? Not knowing this is not knowing CiXiong and not knowing CiXiong is not knowing how to use the 24 mountains. What is use of the Luopan then, be it SanHe or SanYuan?


If we equate Leaning Star as AiXing, we are taking a tree instead of a forest. The principle of AiXing is the map? The application is the book? How naïve this could be? Master of the old said, arrange the 6 Jia and move the 9 dragons. What does this mean? If one fails to understand the meaning of RuGong PaiLong or entering palace, arranging dragon, save it, be it 24 mountain or 32 mountains, these are all Fei! Worst, if the debate is centralize in defining sitting star versus mountain star and water star versus facing star, absolute rubbish in discourse!


From where it comes, to where it goes, this is the golden dragon. The root verse comes from the following script of Qing Ran AoYou: -

“…Dian dian dao, 24 Mountains have Treasure;Dao dao dian, 24 Mountains have Fire Pit.The Golden Dragon, Longitude and Latitude even though come with different meaning, Does it move or does it not move, all depend on the Master of Fengshui to apply…”

First, one has to understand what is this dragon is all about? Why is it golden? Is it because the script is talking about Qian, being metal and being the head of the dragon? When we said a missing sector in Qian palace, does it also means to say the star AIXING would not takes it LoShu flight path and all that is to say about flying star FeiXing, would not work? Absolute rubbish!

What does longitude and latitude mean? The book and the map, woven in longitude and latitude? Before it goes beyond paranoia, it simply says the use of the LuoPan to measures the 6 Jia. Knowing the 6 Jia is grossly insufficient, knowing how to use it is the treasure. Does it mean the Ling and Zhen Shen? Think about it!


This is the best kept secret. The magical door that required the keyword – Open Sesame, to activate? Consider, if ShengQi needs to ride, where would it be ride? Heaven has 9 stars, Earth has 8 Gua and Human has 8 gates, where are these gates and what is his castle? Mountain as principle, water as application, how does one use it? Be it 6 Jia, 64 Gua or 384 Yao, not knowing the nature of the gates of Man, Castle Gate is just another mouse trap. Think again!


The ruling Qi for the year or the guardian deity of the year? One has to understand who the host is and who the guest is. What is to be replaced and how it is to be replaced. The governing of the 20 years cycle, 10 years cycle all determined the locations of the 8 doors, opening and closing of the 8 doors. Most importantly the luck of the mansion.

In conclusion, this is just a scribble of fictions and facts called, YuanKong 6 and a half method, anyone interested to learn out there?

The Rolls and Royce of Bazi

Mr. C,

Thanks for your complimentary notes. It is encouraging to meet another fellow blogger who shares the similar interest in Chinese Metaphysics. A visit to his blog does reveal his deep interest in Bazi, most and foremost as what he has put it, being a Chinese Businessman and mildly superstitious. For sure the destiny of his has taken him to another level, beyond the necessity of KanYu or even Bazi to manifest. A close reading also revealed his quest for the mastery of Bazi from the collections of books in this field to engaging his private consultant and attending courses. This is in fact, remarkable for a man of his stature to put his thought in deciphering chart liked Obama and Mc Caine, as I knew of students whom had attended the highest module available in this field from the self claimed best academy in town, yet could not even decipher a simple chart. On this account, I took a liberty to give a close view into his blog entries and summarised herewith are my opinions of which I hope could lead to a future discourse in Bazi: -

It states, “…The candidate, had a strong water chart (which would compliment me, as I am weak), and needs fire (which I have plenty). SO as far as compatibility goes, we are a match. He has very clear rooted wood elements in his chart but his wealth element is weak (but not missing)… “ . Complementary is, firstly, not view in this manner. His element will not be passed over to anybody. Similarly, your element will not benefit him. One has to read his pillar against yours, to find a common ground as to what do you expect from him and what would he expect in return from you. The question is which pillar to view? Secondly, if an element is not found either in stems or in branches, does it means to be absent, entirely? Think again, why the pillar comes in stem and branch, not stem or branch. The 10 gods are your reference points.

Reverse engineering would be a good method to gauge one’s ability to decipher Bazi accurately given a context of a known biography. Similarly, the strength of a chart is determined by the acid test of reverse engineering, looking at a past event to foretell a future, through the luck pillars matching the real life path of a person. However, with a missing pillar, usually the hour pillar, the entire reading may be distorted. A weak chart would have been taken as a strong chart and vice versa especially when it could be a super weak chart or an extremely strong chart. This is a caveat. You will just need to be more selective in assuming the hour pillar.

A well written book on Bazi, may even tell you what is the criteria of a strong and a weak chart. These, as stipulated as in season, in formation and in location, yet these books fail to tell you, it is strong but yet weak or weak but sometimes strong, to a level, strong or weak is no longer relevant, the chart has to be balanced, meanings thermostatic reliance liken to your air conditional remote control. Precisely mind boggling to even note that a polar bear needs Sun in the pole, otherwise, with the absent of wood, life will be short, a Wu day master must be square chin and big sized or even when to take Yi wood as a blade of grass or a stalk of rose? Entirely absurd, yet one has to pay exorbitant prices to learn this and would one pen it in a book at a fragment of the price? Not logical.

If it is good that we decipher the chart, according to the way we want the chart to be. Again, put oneself to the other person’s shoe and think, before we screwed up their lives by not giving them a rightful opportunity to be employed, to marry others, to live with their children, or simply to have a decent life, think again, that no matter who we were, consultants, practitioners, masters, grandmasters, employers or otherwise, we are not GOD. So, the caveat is the same, don’t play GOD. The sword cuts both ways. By the same token, if ZiPing, the great grandmaster of this art, lived a short life, it has its reason. Compassion is still the best principle in the art of Bazi.

I hope my response would not have sound overly critical, as I am exhausted in being toyed around by the “greatest” academy in town. It would be refreshing if you could pen the use of Bazi in your daily endeavours of managing and running a public listed company, in real life served raw, for the posterity of many.

Warmest Regard,

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It is naïve of me to ponder, why would wisdom comes with age? Perhaps aging is part of the growing up process of acquiring wisdom. Seemingly true, that sage personifies wisdom with white beard, silky white eyebrows, wrinkles with tiny sharp staring look, but the divine beings also reflect the similar outlook with pinkish complexion, wrinkles free almost liken to a person aged 20 with white long beard. These I believed are the personification of wisdom. However, in the modern society, wise man comes in suits, age may be varied, but he is simply indefinable. Mistakenly we may also take a con man to be in his place. So this is our modern paradoxes and modern preconception. More often then not, as a person aged, one tends to be more in a contemplative mood. Contemplating that he may have forgotten his action, but his action may not have forgotten him. So there goes the dialogues with the self and the personified self, some called ego. A recollection of deeds is what we termed experiences and memories are the greatest enemy and friends. These memories are the threshold of pain, agony, frustration equally compounded to being happy, sad, hatred and greed. No matter how we rationalized these collective memories, the ultimate wisdom stood as what if, she never oust her spiritual master, as there is none to be ousted, he has never embarrass his instructor, when there is none to be embarrassed, as well as he has no marketer to bad mouthed others, when there is no master whatsoever. Wouldn’t it be ideal?

Some times, being not bothered is never a calling of oneself. It is a destiny. When the path is crossed, foes become friends. When the path is split, friends become foes. Is this destiny? May not be necessary so. We live to take the 12 phases of Qi as the most important tenet in KanYu, but we fail to see it through our daily lives as these are reflected with the people within our reach. If it is not the one that has changed, it will be those closest to the one that has changed. Flux, this is called for the price of friendship, materialism, comradeship or kinship. There is always a price tag to everything – is this true? So the next time, we find that something has been lost, we would find something in replacement. Do we call this affinity? Perhaps, when we think of our desolated state when the people around us is no longer trust worthy, we found out there are more then a dozen of people who felt the similar way, do we call this synchronizing?

It doesn’t really matter when one aged. It matters most when one keep looking backward when the matters of the universe move forward. Move on, is the very word of advice I received from someone I deeply respected and trusted, but till now never had a chance to have a cup of tea together. Perhaps, it is good that the MeePok still taste delicious and mum’s cooking is the best. Sometimes, we wished the clock could be reversed, but how naïve this could be when one day as we aged, mum is no longer there and the MeePok guy has gone into commercially driven can food production, hopefully minus the melamine. Yet, do we still need to live for another day?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

We Are One Big Family

The coming of the lunar 9th month marks an important event in the Dao calendar. It marks the arrival of the 9 emperor gods. Many may ignores such a great event, because the understanding is such that many academies are disassociating themselves of the spiritual inclination of Fengshui with the religion of Dao. Such were necessary when the needs to market this knowledge is deemed important to attract the audience of the Westerner. Likewise, in my previous blog, the notion of this art is indeed argued in the title called the religion of Fengshui. As the term Fengshui itself is misleading, I had move on to speak only about KanYu, leaving others to talk about Fengshui.

The 9th month marks the arrival of the 9 stars. Having the similar name of the 7 North Dipper Stars with the 2 imaginary stars, these stars are frequently used in the context of KanYu devoid of its real understanding of the potential of these stars. The ShenShi methodology of XK Flying Star array the 9 stars having the association of the period, facing and sitting stars with the 81 associated combinations for divination. Purple White on the other hand had these stars to be Qi, Image and numbers, again using the map and the book for divination. Xuan Kong Da Gua (XKDG) has the period and element numbers to match in the combination of 10, HETU and pure GUA formation for prescription. Yet these understandings are devoid of the true essence of the 9 stars.

Similarly, the understanding of the 4 enclosures and the 7 luminaries making the backbone of 3 auspicious 6 elegances mountain and water also uses these names of the 9 stars. Yet, none contain the true essence of the 9 stars. Even if one were to understand the secret of Qing Nan Au You, understand the Dian Dian Dao, one will not reckon that the arrival of the 9 stars is within the 60 dragons. Worst if the understanding of KanYu is butchered in a way of the 2 schools of thought namely San He and San Yuan. There is no SanHe or SanYuan to begin with. SanYuan is not derived from SanHe neither is SanHe derived from SanYuan. There is only Heaven, Man and Earth. The rest is being made up for publications.

This is the true reflection of San Yuan. We are one big family indeed. KanYu originated from China with a reason. This is a Chinese art, for a reason. Again, if you move far west, one will come back to the east. The affinity of the family comes in three.

I remembered, some practitioner said, KanYu is a fire related field. Master of the old never said that. KanYu belongs to the field of the 5 elements with fire and water being more prominent. Saying thus, I remembered a famous master trainer did said, most of the practitioners must have the fire and water in their BaZi, notably a water person will be instrumental to control the so called art of fire. This fire element must be Bing fire, the most Yang element and the self element must be Gui water being the most Yin element of the 10 pantheon of heavenly stem. Having these Yin Yang stars marked the proficiency of the practitioners to master the art. This I must forewarned to be taken with a huge pinch of salt. By the same token, if ever a master said, only the water day master person will be a good KanYu master, please take it as a marketing gimmick.

Master of the old said, heaven and earth fixed positions; water and fire never shoot each other. Meaning to establish heavenly affinity, heaven and earth must be in proper location in which fire and water never controls each other. Here, one sees that what is the use when the Sun as in Bing Fire meets a cloud, Gui water? Where is wisdom in such an argument? Being useful and Yang, the Sun must reveal and being humble and resourceful, the Yin vapors must be hidden in the branches as the source of life. This is the beginning of the greater SanYuan.

Early heaven is the principle, later heaven is the application. EH arrangement being Li Gua at the East. LH application having Zhen Gua at the East. Matching both, revealing Bing Fire, the affinity starts with the three. San Yuan starts with the three. The one big family starts with the three.

It is on this day, WuZi year, DingYou month and BingZi day, the three comes together receiving the essence of SanYuan. The DaGua is unaccomplished. There is more work to be done in dispelling the misconception of this art. Do you now belong to the one big family?

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai


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