Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Bull Story?

Someone told us that he has been a “turkey” to a consultation and we were wondering why? He said the consultant was “bullshitting” him into rearranging his office so that he can climb the corporate ladder faster. He ends up losing his job. It just so coincident that there was a similar story that is so relevant to the above case from Maverick. Here it goes: -

A turkey was chatting with a bull. "I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree," sighed the turkey," but I haven't got the energy."

"Well, why don't you nibble on some of my droppings?" replied the bull.

They're packed with nutrients."

The turkey pecked at a lump of dung, and found it actually gave him enough strength to reach the lowest branch of the tree.

The next day, after eating some more dung, he reached the second branch.

Finally after a fourth night, the turkey was proudly perched at the top of the tree. He was promptly spotted by a farmer, who shot him out of the tree.

Moral of the story

BullShit might get you to the top, but it won't keep you there…

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Dung And The Bandwagon

Hypothetically speaking, when we join in any bandwagon, there is always a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel, but then we must first be in the tunnel… what amuse us most is this little story that we find relevant: -

A little bird was flying south for the Winter. It was so cold the bird froze and fell to the ground into a large field. While he was lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on him. As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, he began to realize how warm he was.

The dung was actually thawing him out! He lay there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy. A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate. Following the sound, the cat discovered the bird under the pile of cow dung, and promptly dug him out and ate him.

Morals of this story.

(1) Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy.

(2) Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.

(3) And when you're in deep shit (just liked being told that you are in the wrong bandwagon), it's best to keep your mouth shut!

Thanks Maverick, very enlightening…

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chasing Bandwagons

First, we chase the Dian-dian Dao Bandwagons. Then, we chase the Water Dragon Bandwagons. After, we chase the LongMen BaDa Ju Bandwagons. Next, we chase the Fighting San-Sha Bandwagons. Not enough, we chase the LiuFa Bandwagons. Now, we chase the Xie ZiFa Bandwagons.

How many more bandwagons to go? These are big dramas in the field of Chinese Metaphysics and the chapters never end. Asked around, what is Xie ZiFa (些子法)? How many people know this method? The original proprietor of this method is already 6 feet under, to whom should the glory and lineage be claimed after? One stale news, someone paid EURO 40,000.00, to learn this method from the HongKong Master. Although, he too is 6 feet under who else is next in line? If this secret formula never departs from the door of the Zeng family, would there be other versions of Xie ZiFa (些子法)in the market? Is there any hint of an offer for such method? Who is there to validate such authenticity by just chanting slogan in the shroud of mystery?

If we say Xie ZiFa is a method to avoid the misfortune and expedite the fortune, then all methods of KanYu are annexed to these principles. If Xie ZiFa is a method that will generate specific results based on the use of DaGua, then as some other writers believed, other methods too will generate specific results within a certain given time and structural constraint. If Xie ZiFa results are long lasting, I believed nothing can compete with SanHe. So, what is Xie ZiFa (些子法)? Can it be used for both Yin and Yang abode?

Xie ZiFa (些子法) is supposed to be the crown jewel of SanYuan, at least that was what had been made known. Just move the furniture around, within a few millimeters and within half an hour, the results will materialize. No need to chase after the dragon, look out for water mouth, tilting the door and the frames, measuring every walls and placing the 3 legged toads at the wealth corner. Again, this is one unsolicited version.

For those who understand that the 9 layers of heaven is beyond the background radiation of the universe and galactic bodies, but the 9 Gates through the 9th dimensions of realm, knowing the Gate Keepers, one still can called upon the masters of the old who has traveled beyond the mortal existence and seek his understanding as to what is Xie ZiFa (些子法)? Remember this is YuanKong, we are saying? Perhaps he would have said, Xie ZiFa (些子法) is nothing more than a method to avoid the misfortune and expedite the fortune and it is found in all levels of KanYu method. To use such one has to understand that the body of the XianTian (Early Heaven) Gua has to be matched with the ZhongTian (Mid Heaven) Gua to arrive at the HouTian (Later Heaven) Gua. Again, ZhongTian is an operative word, coined by masters to explain the act of turning the Qian to the Kun, (QianKun DaoLiu). In a nut shell is all about opening the Gates of the 9th Heaven. However, one still need to source out who is the gates keeper, this is yet another unsolicited version.

So, pack your bag and ready to ride the Xie ZiFa (些子法) bandwagon. Before that, asked this question, why must it begin with the THREE, when the Qian is already so farfetched with its achievements?

Anyone interested?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A House, A Shop And A Temple

When it is crazy to assume all electrical shops as fire element ShaQi, we went a little further to investigate with series of audits that we performed few weeks ago, opens up a few findings as the followings that a house or a shop, can take the characteristic of a Temple if its Xue is located at the Death & Emptiness. It takes someone with a very bad luck to buy such a property and even if such a property were to be sold with induced manner such as the Flying horse formation, the sale itself will face its own obstacle.

Here is the story...

We investigated a well known temple, some time back in Malacca. This temple has its Xue aligned to the minor Death and Emptiness. It is a well known temple among the locals. The question is why a temple can sit on the Death and Emptiness yet a house and a shop can't?

Next, we audited a house in the midst of construction. The moment this mansion is built the owners were debt ridden. Almost all walls of this house sits on Death and Emptiness. What is more intriguing is the bright hall is overly Yin. With heavy debt, the owner wish to dispose the house once completed.

A second visit was made early this year to install the Flying Horse formation and the house then was technically sold 4 months down the road. Yet, the latest feedback was, the buyer canceled the purchase. It is hell of difficult to sell away such property.

Then, we also noticed a shop with the major DE line which mutually affecting the nearby premises. This spark a whole series of revelation as to the effect of DE, that it does not necessary need to be a temple in order to have the characteristic of a temple.

So, the saying goes, live by the temple will produce widow, has its reasons. But why?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Primary And The Secondary Of Wind

“Riding Wind Will Disperse, Entering the Boundary of Water It Stops”, these are the definition of FengShui, the genesis of the term wind and water from the burial classic. One important keyword is to ride wind and the question is how?

Perhaps reading the same notion as when wind moves, Qi moves, when Qi stops, water coagulates may bring about entirely different meaning…

First, to receive water, second, is to store wind. These are the two most important aspects of FengShui. Coincidentally this is also the two slices of the same TaiQi. To ride wind, is to first ride Qi. Similar to ride a horse, one has to sit on the horse. The notion of riding could not be possibly be opening the legs and allowing the horse to pass through. By the same token to ride on Qi, the property or grave has to sit on the source of Qi itself. Opening of the door to received Qi is not riding Qi, but of storing Qi. This is one great misconception that had plagued many…

Receiving Qi is secondary. To receive and to store Qi, the formation must be in placed such as the embraces, Parent Mountain, Table Mountain and bright hall are all coming together. The Chinese term this formation, as the four guardian paying attention. However, this is not necessary or warranted for riding Qi. Imagine, how many places have the four guardian paying attention? Not many indeed and yet within such common places there are still good Qi.

It is true that many well to do personalities do not originate from the so called, premium FengShui vicinity where the guardians are present. Many come from a humble beginning, yet most FengShui theory disseminated to date state otherwise that good FengShui vicinity must only be premium locations where the formations must be present to support the coagulations of Qi. Such is again, another great misconception and should this be the much prized FengShui techniques, the battle would have been half lost.

To store wind is secondary, to ride wind is primary. Yet many modern day advocates propagate the manner of storing wind as primary. The much heard notion of tapping Qi is in fact, storing Qi. To tap Qi, the formation must be present of which the table mountain must be at the correct height, which enable the practitioner to tap his hand against the tip apex of the Table Mountain, in the horizon. This process to tapping is known as to tap Qi. The entire phenomenon of measuring the environment or precisely measuring the embrace and table mountain by means of the human anatomy is to establish the quality of the bright hall. Failure to determine the two slices of the bright hall, any attempt to establish facing to tap Qi will be greatly compromised.

To ride wind, is to ride internal Qi, to store wind is to receive external Qi. Any property that is build must have a sitting and a facing. The definition of sitting and facing is varied, yet its crust meanings of sitting and facing stem from two more important notions of location and direction. Every entity that is placed on ground has a location as a reference point, datum or in the FengShui term, is a TaiQi spot. This TaiQi spot is independent on its own accord and yet dependent with the rest of the TaiQi spots, to form its centre of the greater TaiQi. In this dependency, the direction comes into play.

Qi is everywhere and every direction has Qi, similarly every direction has the 5 elements. These 5 elements are not static element. To say East has only wood element is grossly erred. To be précised, East direction refers to the eastern arm of the HeTu has the property of wood and this notion is entirely different from the actual direction of the East which has all the properties of the 5 elements in transition and motion…

To ride wind is to locate a spot that will receive internal Qi. Such is called establishing the sitting. The term to sit is corresponding to a seat. A seat is a location on the ground extracting the internal Qi and is called a Xue. Because there are 5 elemental internal Qi, there are only 5 types of Xue of wood, water, earth, fire and metal. Riding Qi is to establish these 5 types of Xue. This is primary.

To store wind is to face towards the external environment to receive external Qi. Such is called the establishing of the facing. The term to face is corresponding to a view. A view is a vector derived from the rebounding Qi of the environment tinwards. The key of receiving such external Qi greatly depends on the quality of the bright hall. The interstices of the two slices will marry in the bright hall.

There is a saying that bright hall eliminates killing Qi. This may not be true if the quality of the bright hall is bad, as one may be swallowed by the bright hall. Such constituency of bright hall and the environment is called external structure. Because there are only 4 structures of external rebounding Qi, there are only four structures of wood, water, fire and metal. Storing Qi is to establish the correct facing in corresponding to the spot. This is secondary.

Because the nature of external Qi is rebounding, it takes time to tap into rebounding Qi and could be greatly weakened. Therefore, it becomes secondary. Otherwise it will be wiser to tap directly into the internal Qi. This is primary. So, next time when one decide to move along SanHe or XuanKong, asked oneself which has the primary and which has not.

This is FengShui…

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Burning Case Of Purple White

Let us investigate why fire arising in the shops located at Shen and You mountains. This time around, we use XuanKong Leaning Star. We were told that the incident happened in 8 February 2009 around morning to the shop located at You and Shen locations in relation to the subjects shop. Here is the natal chart. How to derive such?

The method is explained in Yifengshui (Inner Teachings).

We look at Dui shop we obtain 2-9 # combination. The purple white script lower scroll said, when 2 black being HeTu of fire meeting 9 purple being LoShu of fire, it is prone to fire disaster, if there is a Sha Qi in front to activate?

Next, we look at the Kun shop we obtain 1-4 # combination. What did the purple white script said about 1-4? Everything positive even though is untimely? The purple white script lower scroll said, when 1 white arriving to 4 green, nobility will be achieved. What it actually seen is 1 water growing the 4 wood, wood is prosperous thus fuels the fire further.

So at the end, it also got burnt, although partially. This is only talking about Xiang, imagery. Where is the Qi coming from? Our friend's shop, the electrical shop posing as a fire Sha to the opposite shop! Igniting the 2-9 # combination. Do you call this synchronicity and affinity?

On another note, there is a book written by Hung Hin Cheong called the Purple White Script with commentaries, is worth an investment currently available for sale. It was a first attempt of a translated work with commentaries, which is surprisingly very rare. Especially when it cost RM50.00 as compared to the life courses talking about the same subject which is priced at RM4,600.00. However, it is also noted that Purple White is not consistent in bringing out results. The flaw is on the applications and not the principle. Because the underlying structure of XuanKong lay in spontaneity and synchronicity. To master such, engineering logic is the greatest stumbling block.

Post Script: It will be CRAZY to assume all electrical shops as fire element! However, this particular shop is different. Why is it so different?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Case Of Financial Issue

This is another actual case for a person living in Tamping. As the notion that speak, charity starts from home, we could see the interlinked between this person's house FengShui with his shop's FengShui. In this exercise, we are investigating the issue of leaking Qi, where money is being leaked away. It is also a good exercise to see if we can apply the notion of yellow spring water, although we knew it is a watered down version of the 4 major water exits method, SiDa ShuiKou Fa.

As there are 2 very distinctive components, we investigate the house component using SanHe SuiFa. The Xue Siting is at YiChou, Metal Xue, incoming from Mao, Palace of conception, exiting at Si to Wei, encompassing the regions of Growth, Bath and Youth palaces. These are the palaces that we do not want to see outgoing water.

Furthermore, the immediate Bright Hall is too vast, almost sunken by the BrightHall, thus making it a ShaQi instead. So much so, it becomes a storage space for this very owner, similar to the situation of his shop. Visually there is something in common.

The Kitchen governs the livelihood of the inhabitants. Now, take a look on the kitchen. Surprisingly there is a gutter cutting across the wet kitchen floor. What does it means? Scupper gutter such as this is nothing but called cutting feet water. It cuts through the entire kitchen floor flowing outward, pulling away Qi from the kitchen. Exiting directly at Prosperous palace. How would the bread winner fare given such a living conditions? Again we see such a cluttered conditions in the sphere of living compared with the same situation of his shop.

Investigating another method called 8 Roads of Destruction, it conforms to such a formation.

Then again,investigating yet another method called the FuXing ShuiFa, Facing Ding, water flowing out at Xun, Li and Kun, all spells disasters in financial gains. Do we called this affinity and synchronicity?

By popular understanding there is always one greatest method. However this is a wrong understanding. All methods can be used, the question is how, when and where. Again the finest details are in Yifengshui (Inner Teachings).

Monday, October 5, 2009

How To Purge With Flying Horse ?

There is a method called flying horse formation. This method is derived based on ShenSha and was assumed to be used by Grandmaster Yang Jung Song to expedite FengShui effect within fastest 2 hours.

Method is discussed in Yifengshui(Inner Teachings).

Caveat, if the FengShui of the house is bad, bad results will immediately surface. The opposite happens if the FengShui is good, good results will immediately surface.

One school in particular uses this method to sell off property. Apparently property will be sold within 3 months, slowest. In most cases, the property is vacant. However, if the property is not vacant, there is a tendency for the Qi to purge away its inhabitant and this is what we encountered.

In this case the owner was given the impression by the NewAge FengShui of the 3 secret friends. So his secret friends were horse and tiger, apparently he is born in dog year. So accumulated lots of painting of horses and statute of horses, he also breed alot of dogs. He placed one of this horse statute in the flying horse location of his property thus indirectly activating the sky horse formation, with the tendency of purging him and his family away.

Next time round, when some NewAge FengShui sell you some horse figurine, think again where to place. Who knows, as it may activate your sky horse location purging ones away...

Some one ask, will Rhinoceros work instead of the horse? Perhaps some can try and feedback accordingly...

Wind, Water and Horses

Before we even start to measure the water method, we have already gotten a first hand information pertaining to the course of the childless couple using XuanKong. Detail explanation in Yifengshui (Inner Teaching).

First, the question was asked, did the couple has children? Immediate response was a Gua imagery of the horses as hung on the wall in Kun sector. A clear answer of No.

Second Question as to why was the case? immediate response was the imagery of the sail boat in Dui sector, knife cutting twig, indicating a harm in the female palace. The we were informed that the couple has undergone intro-venous fertilization and the foetus does not cling to the womb and result in miscarriage.

Third question as to did the FengShui of the house play a role? Immediate response was the imagery of the horse in Qian sector, yes was the response.

Where do we start from here? Ongoing construction in Gen palace. Zhen is also the Life Gua of the male.

Early heaven of Zhen which is Gen sector has Sha Qi, hitting ground affecting the sitting of the property. That is why his house suffered structural crack detaching both porch and kitchen. He has to spend money to rectify, even if he were to pursue the matter legally, high chance he may also loose. Not only that a 1-5# (her) and 6-5# (him) combination concurred that she will suffer from water related problem and him with financial issue.

On our way back, we took another snap shot of the house, while we asked, would this owner execute in time as we had suggested? Dark cloud hovering above the roof, indicates WuZi, hidden danger. Probably not.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Blissful Nest

Another house that we went to for an audit. This gentleman is a friend of the first audit we went for the day. Middle age man who has lived in the house for almost 20 years odd. Brought up a few teenage children both currently studying and working. Happily married and well to do in his managerial career, as reflected in the piles of cars parked in front of his house before we asked him to remove. Without any much concerns that he has and being in his friend's house while we did our audit, it will just be impolite if we were to say no to him, since there isn't anything major concerning him.

This audit is practically to investigate a 20 years old blissful home. True enough, nothing major. Located at a slightly depressed site, Xue siting at GuiSi, again water Xue. Incoming from Zi, Sheng or Growth palace, exiting at Xu, palace of Youth, which is slightly a problem. That sums up the whole scenario that he has issue with networking, not otherwise he would have been achieving better things.

The location of Xu has, again a drain sump that needs to be covered up. Because the main Xue is of no issue, the other locations such as bedroom would also not have any major set back.

The funny thing is, when the house FengShui is good, it reflects in the plants and even the ambiance of the house with its own Yang Aura. With only 3 down lights, the entire living space is lighted up!

This is one good FengShui house that we have visited...

Case Of A Childless Couple

It has been audits after audits, extremely taxing for someone who practices other trades at the same time. Try going round 3 houses in a day, plus the traveling, measuring, climbing and eating of moon cakes. Ah, talking also takes a lot of effort especially during Q&A.

In this case, a young couple has difficulty conceiving. Their BaZi chart will be discussed in YiBazi. At this round we would like to see is the cause of the wrong water structure affecting these couple from conceiving?

The parameter that is widely understood is that the exit is usually from the palace of conception. Exiting in this palace is okay, unless if someone would want to conceive, that will be an issue.

In coming at Chen, palace of grave. Exiting at Chou (Yang or Nurture) and Yin (Tai or Conception). In practice, we met with many challenges. One, the Xue siting is difficult to establish because of the external magnetic interference. Second, the flow of water in the bright hall where water run all direction flowing to the road without a proper directional exit. This is another classic example of a leaking Qi that result in difficulty to conceive.

In conclusion, this is another case where the wrong water exits result in the inability to conceive by the young couple. There is another side to this story that is reserved when we discuss about XuanKong.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Pray For Peace...

The past months have been negatively eventful and we request your prayer to include those who are defeated by the typhoon in Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam,Cambodia,..earthqueake in Samoa, Togo and Indonesia. For those who left us, may they be reborn in celestial planes of existence while there be peace in the world and all beings be blessed with good heatlh,long life and happinesss always...

Thanks Brian.

Note: Photo Credit AFP

Fire And Water Never Shoot Each Other Too

While we audited a tilted door case in one of the mall and in conjunction with our attempt as in the boutique hotel, we also noticed the main entrance to the mall which has been FengShui by a famous DaGua practitioner. Look at the 2 water features aligning left and right of the main entrance. These water features are well inscribed with the Gua imagery of Shui Huo JiJi, accomplished and yet business wasn't facinating with the exception of the street eatery mall. Similarly with another mall in the Klang Valley with a multitier water feature stuck right infront of the main entrance.

Yet and surprisingly the opposite mall which sells furniture did better with a twisted mouth entrance that is purportedly aligned to conform to BaZhai requirement, as related to us personally by the FengShui grandmaster who is well known for his art in 8 mansions. No water feature, better business. Indeed, a relative comparison. A closer inspection revealed something even more...

So, what does the accomplished Gua means taking into consideration the dragon, water, sitting and facing in this context in search for a Tian Di and Ren He?

Note: Liu Li Gong Fang Water features photo credit to


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