Sunday, December 27, 2009

Simple Simon's New Year

Simple Simon met a pieman going to the fair;
Said Simple Simon to the pieman "Let me taste your ware"
Said the pieman to Simple Simon "Show me first your penny"
Said Simple Simon to the pieman "Sir, I have not any!"

I supposed HIS-story is going to repeat itself for the coming New Year. The above Simple Simon is best reflected as a resolution for the many. In the very much natural ways as,
Knowing others is wisdom;
Knowing the self is enlightenment.
Mastering others requires force;
Mastering the self requires strength;

Let there always be light for those who has walked waywardly, without regret without wrong doing,
for blessings cannot be counted with monetary deeds,
nor merits are accumulated from being silent and recluse,
As the way of the water does not discriminate dirt from crystal,
Nor it flows upstream to its source where it coagulates without touching the masses.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Measuring The Bed

Can someone enlighten me, what is this FengShui master measuring?
Is this another technique called Flying Fox establishing facing of the bed?
Very interesting....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Christmas Spirits Of Dao

Just the last weekend we had been travelling south again, on a mission. We would say it is a spiritual mission. This time, we were requested to investigate some strange occurrence in Yang dwellings. The house we visited has a very huge YinYang imbalance. This house is what we would classify as Yin Gods everywhere (YinShen ManTang). Do not be mistaken that the house is haunted. It is not a haunted house at all. The date we selected was interesting. It states, 9 dragons accompany to visit the monkey. The rains were pouring with heavily clouds above us, followings us down south without fail. We knew that the destination we are going to has no rain and yet everywhere we touchdown, there is rain. The moment we arrived, it stops. It manifested into 9 streams of lightning strikes. We moved in and audited the house and finally suggested to relocate the altar of the Deity. The omen was extremely auspicious with the “standing” cup Gua Image. We believed the 9 streams of lightning are the 9 dragons accompanying us and the monkey is the Monkey God (ChiTian DaShen) Altar we were rectifying. The house needs to have a huge make over to balance it Yin and Yang that is the conclusion.

Next, we move up north and the rains continue until our arrival to the Temple of the Jade Emperor. We had a sumptuous dinner with the abbot of the temple. The main course was the night with the spiritual enlightening for the greater SanYuan, Da SanYuan till dawn. The instructions to us were mind boggling and we knew ahead that there are a lot of works for us to do in the path of Dao.

Understand this, each time when the Yi YinYang is turned, the Dao YinYang is turned the other way as it is the mirror image of the same WuQi. When reading Xiang (imagery), one needs to differentiate between Qi and Shu (Numerology). Be it in the palaces of the face, the grid or the 3 dimensional physical spaces. All in the embrace of Dao with the YinYang WuXing, 5 elements at play. Know that the body of the 5 elements as Yin, the application is therefore Yang and which is Yang and therefore the application is Yin. So, as the most Yang of Bing with the most Yin of Gui, what is there to use?

The Christmas winter has arrived and it is said to be even grandeur then the year to come. So let us celebrate the Dao with upmost sincerity with the blessings of the Health, Wealth and Affinity to all. This blog will not close for holidays and it is going strong since 2007.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fabulousity Of The FengShui Boutique - Where Is The Cheese?

While en-route to investigate the issue of evading taxes, we bump into a huge FengShui outlet with a small temple attached by its side. A temple in a complex is something new to us. We were given the understanding that FengShui and religions can be mixed and matched. Once consultation is made on one side, donations in huge sum can be made on the other sides. Everything has a price tag and everything is so convenience.

Apparently business must be very good for the FengShui outlets. There are many personalized workstations without the consultant’s presence. We were informed that they were in field works. With the operating cost of fully air conditioned, lighted up spaces, huge areas, plenty of employed consultants and many huge consulting rooms and conference room, we believed that their operating costs are not cheap. Bet you, the best academy in town in Malaysia cannot match this guy! Yup we forget to mention about the huge Bently parked just outside the main entrance, acting liked the table mountain.

Later on the evening, we visited another metaphysics practitioner. We were greeted with familiar faces. In relation to the one we saw, this is a small set up. Very modern, no temple attached and best of all, not even a company name attached. They operate in a very casual style, or rather no style, a desk and a chair. One of the consultants looks more like a contractor then a FengShui practitioner in jackets and tie. No flamboyant deco. Their book orders seem to be out beat their locality, we believed. Minimalist with only the YinYang colors. Unsuspectingly, it could be mistakenly taken as a make shift office.

Speaking to the consultants of this office make us realize that they were too busy running up and down to complete their assignments without having much time to personalize their office. They prefer to spend time delivering then to showcase their fabulousity. Very down to earth explanation. Yup we forget to mention there is no Bently parked just outside the main entrance, acting liked the table mountain.

Thus the comparisons are obvious. Some outlets are meant for branding while others are meant to out-let their brands. Confuse? Think about it as the end user, where would one go knocking on their doors?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Legend Of The Tilted Doors

We detoured a little to Phor Kark See Temple in Bright Hill, to investigate the masterpiece of the late Venerable Grandmaster Hong Choon. The late Ven. Hong Choon needs no introductions. He is claimed to be the FengShui master responsible for the good fortune of Singapore. He was also known to have performed the miracles of castle gate to the fortune of the current grand Hyatt, standing tall in Orchard Road. In his life times, he was also known to be the disciple of the late Grandmaster Tan Yang Wu, a notable SanYuan XuanKong practitioner. However, from this visit, we would like to know is the late Ven. Hong Choon really a XuanKong master who practices the door tilting methodology?

We were taken by surprised that even SanHe methods fit the prescriptions. A closer investigation revealed that the temple sit on death and emptiness, in regardless of what the XKDG door tilting suggested. This is true only to the Halls where the Buddha and Bodhisattva are located. Something interesting was found in the otherwise the hall of the patriarch where the ancestral tablet of the late venerable is housed. It conforms to the SanHe structure in entirety with correct water exits. Strange, as water locations were the hall mark of SanYuan, however, why would a SanYuan Grandmaster uses the SanHe method instead? All the door tilting is for gimmicks or for something else?

The method of receiving reverse water was also interesting. With the cascading water and the bright hall to slow down the otherwise direct flow and yet we see no water features around the bright hall. Where is the saying that the Qi will stop at the boundary of water? In lieu of back walls, there are three large tilted doors to receive Qi. Must every back be a Dark Warrior (XuanWu)? Such formations are also similar to the principle of SanFen, SanHe a notable SanHe structure.

Next time around, anyone who wished to sell the XKDG door tilting techniques by quoting the masterpiece of the late venerable as their forte, think again. Better, investigate further.

Investigating The Effect Of Flying Star In Changing Into Period 8

In the Blog Entry, more con-sult-ant in the makings (, “…I was call to go down South to rescue another screwed up job. We do not want to know who this person was but by the way the modus operandi is given, there could only be one answer…”. This time around, while we investigated the property, we were given a rectification works of a Flying Star screwed-up job of changing into period 8. Here is the tale.

Prior to the change of period 8, the house has been lived by a couple with 3 beautiful grown up kids. Business for the father was good but issues with the grown up children was experiencing a roller coaster ride. The elder son was attracted to a married woman with a son. Her marital status was unknown. The parents objected to their relationship and ended up having the elder son leave the family to settle down with the married woman across the border. The youngest son too was having a difficult time with relationship. The wedding of the youngest son was prepared but at the nick of time, the bride pulls out of the wedding, resulting in gross wastage and emotional traumas.

In view of such, they engaged a consultant who spelt out to his client that never to mention his name unless it is for a job reference. In 2004, the makeover include painting of the walls, changing of the roof, changing of the Heaven’s Heart, tilting of the door to capture castle gate formation and vacate for at least 100 days before moving in again. The results were the parents finally agreed to pay up the ransom of the elder son and he married the lady with an illegitimate child. They move into the house. The younger son met up another girl and finally tied the knot.

Is that happily ever after? No, as the elder son begins to feel that the wife he married was unsuitable for him and the younger son’s ex-girlfriend wanted to patch up and be the third party in their relationship. Then business was slapped with the authority issues of invading taxes, since 2008. As we did not do the site investigation, using divination method we manage to prescribe some temporary relieve, see True enough, he was off the hook in 2008. However, in 2009 the same problem repeated.

This time around, we were on site to investigate further. The owners were not really cooperative as we need to dig and dig to find more answers. The water exits were wrong and the only good thing was, they may have stirred up the Qi and ended up with the happy occasions of the married of their sons although it may not be long lasting.

As usual we discussed a little further in Yifengshui inner teachings.

Is this how the Flying Star changing of Period 8 and Castle Gate entrance takes effect? We thought it would last for another 20 years?

Ancestral Temple

In the course of the work as an Architect, very often we design buildings for the livings. Occasionally we designed memorial and monuments in the western sense. However, there are times when we were called in to design the Ancestral house for the Tycoons. Similar to the one we often see in Malacca, called the Chee Mansions, ancestral house is where all the ancestral tablets were displayed and worship. This is one of those monuments that must fit into the templetes of FengShui, so it is by default a square building, with or without courtyard and multiple rooms for the Guests, living and deceased.

We were also called in as a party of FengShui masters in the consortium of three, where I posted in my blog 2 years ago. Surprisingly, the SanYuan practitioner can work hand in hand with the SanHe and to all there is no necessity to tilt the door. Surprised!

Unfortunately we cannot disclose the locations and readings...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another FengShui Monster?

Just this morning, while reading the news, the following story caught my eyes: -

" College student duped into having sex with ‘medium’. KUALA LUMPUR: A 20-year-old college student who sought a medium’s help to end her streak of bad luck ended up having to sleep with the man...", for more detail read

The English news state that he is a medium, however from the Chinese sources, he was called Master Choy, a FengShui master, who recommended the student to sleep with him after cautioned her from the palm readings that her fate would be detrimental if she chooses not to sleep with a married man. Indeed it turns out to be detrimental after sleeping with the master and contracted STD, instead. What a pity!

So this story is to illustrate that no matter how hard genuine masters try to educated the masses of what the aspect of real FengShui is, yet the masses will still go for the bogus one, that include first to Con then to Insult sort of Consultant, rapist, Mc Fengshui who sells you ornaments for ransom price and endless live courses that do not worth its price.

It is again just a pity that the so called guardian of the arts, the 13-14 families, who has the privilege of keep such arts for posterity do not even bother to make things right from the first instance. What use of sitting back when everyday, for every genuine master is trained there are 100 fake masters are being graduated from the bogus establishment, proliferating the practice even further?

Think about it!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Spirits Of Mutiara Damansara & Mount Kiara

The way the landforms are being crafted with roads, by the days, is astonishing. Where there are roads, there are opportunities. Similarly with the notion of Ling and Zhen Shen or Direct and Indirect Spirit. Very much useful for site selection and to know when a site selected will actually boom. The following tales may knock some sense out of these spirits: -

Prior to 2000, an area known as Kota Damansara was actually called Sungai Buloh. Not a Soul would want to live at this area. Post 2004, saw a mega make over with the enclave of what is now known as Mutiara Damansara. This very location is a sunken landforms embraced by the incoming mountains originated all the ways from Rawang. This location is currently enjoying the boom that the period 8 has brought in exactly at the Southwest location of Kun.

Similarly, on the reverse side of the embrace, an area part of Mount Kiara witnessed the rises of the residential towers, so cluttered, it becomes the so called Direct Spirit. The location is Northeast, Gen. Not so much of commercialization activities at this very location as it is the fringe development radiated from the Mount Kiara town center.

This very case demonstrated that when period 8 comes in, Gen (Northeast) location is being too Yang, it cannot see water. What does it means as being too Yang? Seeing water means really seeing physical water? So this Yang location is called Direct spirit of period 8.

Opposite of period 8 is the Indirect spirit in the Kun (Southwest) location. Being too Yin, it must see water. Yet there is no physical water in Mutiara Damansara! And it is booming by the days. Why?

We have a series of mountain that virtually separate these two locations, not otherwise the highway called Penchala Link would not need to go through the tunnel to link the other sides. As the case demonstrated, where is the location of the center 5? Is there a smaller TaiQi within the larger one? Or a larger TaiQi within a smaller one? Is the water mouth for both areas are locked? Which area is conforming to the direct and indirect spirit and which area are not?

So, instead of putting the spirit in the bottle and be drunken for the whole days, lets keep sober and see things through a different lens. Perhaps we may spot on the spirits one day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Question Of Subtleties

In view that SanYuan rested on timing. YinYang Qi map is the fundamental of where to locate water and where to locate mountain. All this is term direct and indirect spirit, LingZhen.

2 cycles 8 periods referred to the Heaven Qi. There are only upper and lower cycles. Upper cycle governs period 1, 2, 3 and 4. Lower cycle governs period 6, 7, 8 and 9. There is no period 5. In the 2 cycles 8 periods, each period governs an unequal number of years. Each Yang Yao within the ruling Gua governs 6 years and the Yin Yao within the ruling Gua governs 9 years. For example in the upper cycle of period 1, the governing Gua is Kan Gua. Kan Gua has 2 Yin Yao and 1 Yang Yao. Therefore, the period 1 will last for 24 years.

The absent of period 5 is called the invincible period. It is the igniting element that will propel the cure throughout the 180 years and therefore are known as The SanYuan BuBai. So highly mysterious that it is also annexed to the method of XieZi.

On the other hand, XuanKong DaGua (XKDG) is annexed to the 2 cycles 8 period principle. It is therefore, a Heaven Qi manipulation method befitted as a date selection technique.

Whereas, 3 cycles 9 periods referred to Earth Qi. There are Upper, Middle and Lower Cycles. Upper cycle governs period 1, 2 and 3. Middle cycle governs 4, 5 and 6. Lower cycle governs 7, 8 and 9. Each period governs an equal 20 years. Thus, a cycle consists of 60 years.

One postulation suggests that 5 yellow exist in earth Qi because the 5 yellow is the center of the earth with the operative method rested on AiXing, Leaning Star with the quest to move the center of the Earth in sync with the Heaven Qi.

The Purple White Script, ZiBai Jue, is one of the fragments dislocated from the entire body of knowledge within this SanYuan framework. Similarly so with XuanKong FeiXing (Flying Star), BaZhai (8 Mansions) and LongMen BaDa Ju (Dragon Gate 8 Formations), are just subsets of the entire framework. These piece-meals methods are called, end user methodology.

The pretext state, Heaven has 9 stars, Earth has 8 Gua and Human (Man) has 8 doors. If we see SanYuan as Heaven, Earth and Man, the valid method must encompass of matching the Heaven Qi with the Earth Qi to unlock the gateways within so that the parallel dimensions between the human realm and the supernatural realm is open. Does it sound “hocus-pocus”?

As above so below is an alternative view of how Heaven Qi influences the Earth Qi and in return, how Earth Qi influence Human Being. This postulation is annex to the asterism above influence the gravitational pull that result in having mountains, the solid and rivers, the void shape the landforms that we know today. This is however, a single dimensional point of view.

What that is not explained is at every point on Earth, there is a portal ready to be opened where scripts liked the leaning, expanding, contracting, hugging, replacement are all the essence to open up the portals so that an affinity with the other side is established.

The key to these, again, are the Yi TaiQi that spins in one direction in order to open the Dao TaiQi that spin the reverse order. This is where the understanding of landforms via LingZhen spirit becomes largely important and it is the backbone of the Greater SanYuan.

Ling and Zhen as a principle is static apply for both 2 cycles and 3 cycles respectively. But the dynamic part for Earth Qi is largely governed by landforms. If the theory of as above so below is valid, then the reflections of the landforms must correspond to the asterism as above. It must works in both ways. This is to inform that by plainly accepting XKDG as a date selection without looking the actual star that present and the governing Qi respectively, SanYuan portal will not be opened. This is where results are inconsistent as sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

When we stacked the multi layers of SanYuan AiXing against the dimension of time with the arrangement of the doors, what is present to us is a stacking of multi-dimensional model, where stars lean against one another locking and unlocking the multi dimensional portals.
Is this mysterious subtleties?

Monday, November 23, 2009

More Con-sult-ant In The Making ?

It must be YuanKong in play:-

This morning, someone mentioned about malpractice in the FS industry and I happened to know who this person is. I am more interested in the modus operandi of first to scare his potential client, then to solicit for further services. Follow by a hefty BaZi consultation that cost more than SGD800.00 per chart per reading and to potentially find out the client is in deep shit that needs FS to cure. As though his soul has left the body and came back with astonishing findings about the FS of the potential client. It does not actually end there, if the advice that something is really wrong with the Yin FS of the potential client has not been duly given. To top it off, a hefty deposit will be needed to investigate further according to the menu, ie External SGD3000.00, Internal SGD 6000.00 and so on. This is really a first class FS Con-Sult-ant (First to con, then to insult).

This afternoon, I went to the nearest sandwich outlet to have a quick bite. Sitting on my right were 2 gentlemen engrossed with discussion. I could not help myself to hear their conversations. It was a BaZi reading cum FS advice in public. That is interesting! In the afternoon, in public, by two gentlemen in office attire? This is an indication that metaphysics is getting very popular among the educated. It also means there will be more victim, potentially fall prey to the con-sult-ant, who will increase by the days. Call this supply and demand at play?

However, I was relieved that this time around, none of the scare tactic was use by the gentleman. It was just an extremely general readings of a person wellbeing based on his chart. The way he narrows down the critical years, were quite casual without too much detail. So, I can easily sum up, that the gentleman can be easily any of the graduates of the best academy of Chinese metaphysics in town. Plus, the way he explained the move in date is extremely comical, i.e. within the 2 hours selected you must move in the luggage but must not open it and so on so forth. I have no idea how much he charges for that consultation, but I knew it will not be that bad.

Later of the evening, I receive a call. I was call to go down South to rescue another screwed up job. We do not want to know who this person was but by the way the modus operandi is given, there could only be one answer. The best of all is, this master will tell this to his client that never to mention his name unless it is for a job reference. For this the client has done a wonderful job.

In this field, buyers beware is always the best policy. We do not need to shout and to scare others to promote the arts and the services. It is one field that is easily be blinded by greed, ego and hatred. Only heavens know and heaven has eye to see the wrong doers, who take this arts as a commodity. Perhaps the following story has brighter sides to this: -

A Blind man sat on the steps with a hat by his feet. He held up a sign which said: "I am blind, please help." There were only a few coins in the hat.

A man was walking by. He took a few coins from his pocket and dropped them into the hat. He then took the sign, turned it around, and wrote some words. He put the sign back so that everyone who walked by would see the new words.

Soon the hat began to fill up. A lot more people were giving money to the blind man. That afternoon the man who had changed the sign came to see how things were. The blind man recognized his footsteps and asked, “Were you the one who changed my sign this morning? What did you write?”

The man said, “I only wrote the truth. I said what you said but in a different way.”
What he had written was: “Today is a beautiful day and I cannot see it.”

Moral of the story; do you think the first sign and the second sign were saying the same thing?

Of course both signs told people the man was blind. But the first sign simply said the man was blind. The second sign told people they were so lucky that they were not blind. Should we be surprised that the second sign was more effective?

By the same token, we are all blinded by our own defilements. Some are heavier than the others. Only Heaven and some invincible hands will change the “sign” when we are sincere in our own doings immeasurable by our intelligent, passions and trustworthiness.

Coincidentally, I received the following emails from Tzu-Chi, which states: -

- 證嚴法師靜思語

Do not underestimate your ability
everyone has unlimited potential
- Master Chen Yen

Try, give it a second thought!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Question Of Water

Water is a tricky business; see What is most understood about water has been grossly ill understood. When it is said all waters return to its source, what does it means? Where is the source of water?

What is the nature of water? When we feel the pulse of the dragon, where is the pulse? Is it the stream? Is it the space that has been carved out of the earth in lieu of the water? Is it the open space where all waters coagulates? Is it the mirror image of the solidified earth against the void of space? When the classics say, mountain governs health; water governs wealth, what does it means?

So, if the understanding of the water is vague, would the understanding of placement of water be vague? When the understanding of water placement is vague, would the application of Direct (D) and Indirect (I) spirit (D/I Spirit) be vague?

Wind moves, Qi moves. Qi stop, water coagulates. This is the first pointer.
Earth is the mother of Qi. Qi is the mother of water. This is the second pointer.
So, does one still not understand water?

SanHe (SH), pride itself with the incoming and outgoing of waters. SanYuan (SY), pride itself with the location of waters. Are these two systems talk about the same water?

D/I Spirit is the entire backbone of SY. It stipulates that D spirit must see mountain and I spirit must see water. The logic is when the sector is prosperous and timely, it is too Yang in nature. Therefore, it cannot see water, being another Yang element. This is based on the assumption that water is Yang because of its fluidity and mountain is Yin because of its solidity.

One example is when period 8 arrived, Gen sector becomes prosperous. Therefore Northeast is D spirit and Southwest is Indirect spirit. Is that the case, in reality? Do one sees prosperity in all Southwest locations? The inconsistency arise when one lack the understanding of, where is the reference point, second, what is water and what is mountain and third, the working mechanism of Change (Yi) with relation with the trigram. The fundamental is change and a static Qi map is inapplicable in application but applicable as principle, why?

Understand this, why populations begin along the river basin with fertile valley? When the valley is over populated, what happened? Why population moves up the mountain, in search of what? When the over populated has reached a critical mass, what happened? From the source of the river to the mouth of the river, where would it be populated first? Knowing this, one will understand as to why the dragon spirit does not go up the mountain and come down the water. Has this got to do with sitting and facing of the property?

Really, before we lost ourselves with the high tech of the theoretical physics, let us cover the fundamentals. You let me know…

PostScript: 些子 XieZi, Has the Zi in XieZi refers to the first born or Zi, being the first branch of the 12 earthly branch which again, contains water?

Multiple Dimensions Versus Multiple Delirium

There is a coincident between the 11 dimensions with XieZi. What is understood as dimensions are mind boggling and could be delirious? It is natural that we often let go of what we had to reach out for something that we do not yet understood, some called it the Onion phenomenon. One peels it layers by layers to finally see that its heart is empty. Is this multiple dimensions or multiple deliriums?

A single dimension marks a spot in time space. When spot moves, 2 dimensions were generated and it is called a vector in Euclidean space. When line moves, a plane was generated and there is a measurement of space in length and width. When plane moves, a volume space is generated with the added dimensions of height. As at this stage it is all 3 dimensional spaces.

The saying that the entry level class masters roam in the mountains, simply denote that the first cut to learn the art is to appreciate forms in 3D. That is when organized trip to China in disguise of walking the dragon becomes instrumental.

With reference to the general theory of relativity added another dose of dimension – TIME. In the space time fabric, an event occurred at any given point is relative between the observer of the event and the event itself. The logic is demonstrated using the bouncing ping-pong ball in the train (event) versus the bouncing ping-pong ball at the platform (observer).

The saying that the middle class masters watch the water mouths is all in the experience of the pulses of the dragons, as to locate where Qi begins, how Qi flows and where it ends. This is 4D. Likewise to catch a butterfly one needs to know how it flies in a 3D space and put the timing 4D in place so that the butterflies will enter the net, similar of riding Qi which spirals in 3D spaces.

Beyond such would be Bending of SPACE and TIME through the modeling of the universal worm holes, strings, membranes and so on so forth. Other theories will be in placed either to simplify the complicated concepts or complicate the simple concepts. In other words, one could actually do FengShui without the necessity to go to the site, raising the dead; Astral travels, prolonging one’s life and other “super-human” feats. It is not super human; it is GOD in the making.

Likewise there is also a saying; the upper class masters watch the stars. Watching stars could be enlightenment or confusions? It has nothing to do with flying the stars and best of all, flying the foxes. The entire night skies are made up of glittering stars, which is leaning to which? Where is the membrane and where are the strings?

Before we were made an “onion” out of metaphysical euphoria, there is a Chinese saying worth contemplating. As it suggest, boat will be straighten once it reaches the bridge. Leave that to affinity.

Monday, November 9, 2009


This is another case of a fine gentlemen who has undergone an operations in the JiChou year, month of Wu. In addition he has issue with networking and climbing of the corporate ladder.

We investigated this location Sitting at Earth water flows from left to right. Water exiting at 3 locations namely Shen (Birth), Xu (Youth) and Hai (Officer). All the 3 water exiting at the wrong locations.

With elderly people living within the same house, do we risk ourselves with changing the frames and allowing them to taste the coastal ride of Qi refurbishment? Think again...

The Asshole Is The Water Mouth

Very often we speak of the four major water exits. In reality what does it means? We were also shown that a water mouth that is not locked will result in leaking Qi. In fact, what does it means? If we purge all the negative Qi, can we assumed all the positive Qi will retain? Very vague logic. So what is all this hypes of the water mouth? This parable may rings a bell ...

When the body was first created as the physical world is created, all the parts wanted to be boss. The brain said, "I should be boss because I control all of the body's responses and functions."

The feet said, "We should be boss since we carry the brain about and get him where he wants to go." The hands said, "We should be the boss because we do all the work and earn all the money."

Finally, the asshole, being the purging water mouth spoke up. All the parts laughed at the idea of the asshole being the boss. So, the asshole went on strike, blocked itself up, and refused to work.

Within a short time, the eyes became crossed, the hands clenched, the feet twitched, the heart and lungs began to panic, and the brain fevered. Eventually, they all decided that the asshole should be the boss, so the motion was passed. All the other parts did all the work while the boss just sat and passed out the shit!

Moral of the story:

You don't need brains to be a boss -- any asshole will do.


Dear Friend From A Far,

We receive a note from you of your experiences with KanYu, since a long silence of which you are experiencing the subtlety of Dao away from internets and the sort, while coming back with a whole new perspectives. The experiences you had shared with me were a good lesson on Affinity that I would, in return, shared with all the fellowships of the LuoPan. This is something one must go through as practitioners of the art.

While you did arranged for an audit to be conducted on one beautiful Saturday and all of the sudden, it did not materialized for certain reasons that may even have caused you money and all the trouble with the law, clearly demonstrated a lack of Affinity with the subject you would wish to carry out an audit for. In our line of lineage, 3 mains important aspects one must NEVER forget. Do not implement FengShui audit or remedy if the followings are known: -

1) No Affinity
2) Against One Will
3) Breaking Others FengShui

We need to seek the Heaven’s mandate before we execute our role. Before any audit, we plucked Gua days before the very day of audit. We asked Heaven if this person is good in morality, sincere and kind to all beings worthy to be assisted by Heaven’s will. If the response is positive, usually everything will be fine. Not that I wish to incorporate the “hocus-pocus” dimensions in this very arts of KanYu, all traditional master knew, Heavens need to play its role. There must be a residing spiritual guardian that one must have the affinity to be with in order to practice this art with success.

Similarly, I had a recent case which I wish to share. Someone requested me to perform an audit. I made it very clear of my policy to him and he accepted it. A date was fixed by me on a not so good day! He gets a little worried. I reassured him that every day is a good day. I am not there to implement a cure but investigate, as every day we need to eat as well. Every single day, we also investigate. That makes no different. Of all things said and done, I forgotten to leave my cell phone number to him.

I said to myself, if Affinity comes, things will be smoothen as it goes. True enough, it was a beautiful day without rain and with bright sunshine. He came to meet me in time; he just knew it was me while I came down from my car. Excellent introductions with excellent companions. The Gua was TianHuo, ThongRen, and Fellowship.

We no longer insinuate bad practices of others nor by necessity, instigating bad FengShui examples that easily be found around town to fish for potential clients. Neither do we claim lineage from whomever grandmasters or superstars of the day, it may be. We only investigate and share our case study, on case by case basis, highlighting elements that in our opinions, that had gone very wrong, on a watered down versions to maintain some degree of privacy. While we discussed techniques in greater details in another forum, yifengshui (inner teachings). We never claim to be the best in town; neither do we give any warranty of that nature. We do not see FengShui as a commodity. We always remembered what our teachers had said and what our teachers are doing. We appreciate the noble intentions of putting the wrong understandings into the right tracks. That is affinity while allowing Heavens to take care of the others.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Harder Nuts To Crack

The Boutique Hotel is an easy one. Next assignment is a hard nut to crack! A backpacker hotel in down town, China Town. Secluded by the street hawker, never a walk in venue and not even a fly would want to come in, thus given us a clue as to the reason why? The bright hall can be discounted off, Yin Yang was never balanced. Overly Yin, how to do business the official one?

Outlook is many times better then the gloomy ala KowLoon Tong type. Very bright and full of hype in the interior. The exterior is disappointing. Best of all no Xue to measure. The door smacked right at Death and Emptiness again.

Never visible from the hustle streetscape. Almost “forested” by the on street hawkers selling imitated LV bags. Without a proper bright hall, it is almost 60% discounted for good business, not otherwise a destination centered one, and alas this formation is not helping at all. We suggested a total revamp, thus to be continue in yifengshui (inner teachings).

After The Collapsed, Comes The Rebuild

What happened to the Burnt Down Shops?

We experimented a ShenSha methodology of which the detail will be deliberated yifengshui (inner teachings). It has something to do with the horses, again. This time around, after the audit, the owner cleared up the masses and cluttered to allow better Qi flow. Not long after, a news broke out...

The burnt down shop opposite his shop will be rebuild with a modern one. Once it has been built it will no longer pose as a ShaQi, however, the current scenario will be potential ground breaking and hopefully not activating any negative Qi in the process. The way we see, unlikely this could be avoided. Out of Gua methodology is good to be in placed here with a replacement Gua.

Anyone who wants to use XKDG, here is the platform.

There Is A Heavenly Palace In Front Of My House

We did investigate a case where a shop, acting as a temple, fronting another shop which ended up burnt. Then, what happened if a house main door directly fronting a temple? This time around, not really a temple but a “Tian Gong” Altar, Palace of the Heavens, with a Sha being the high rise tower liked a blade stood just right in front of the main door, as the rising mountain. Did the bright hall in front help to eliminate Sha?

The Outcome Of The SanHe Method

It was a strange opening for the Boutique Hotel. First, to see a spear flying across the gloomy sea, then the golden dragon is harping up and the green dragon is sneaking down. Next the thunder claps and fierce fire striking down. Looks more like a movie of Armageddon or some sort.

True, when I left my home for the opening ceremony, not a wind was felt. The sky was gloomy and a second feel of a moment before rain. How could I been selecting such miserable date for an opening, I thought. A white dove flew across just about when I left the car park en-route to the hotel. It will be devastating if it rains. Approaching the destination 2 lions were dancing, one in gold and the other in green. Errr… I thought it was supposed to be 2 dragons? The lion dance music was extremely loud with the beating of the drum. I supposed this was the thunder claps. The moment the lions were delivering the gifts to the owner, the first strike of sun beams opening up the gloomy skies appeared streaming towards the hotel. I supposed there is nothing fiercer then our Sun. Good lord, no rain, perfect stream of breeze in the morning sunshine. The dark clouds departed, the silvery clouds lining up one after another. Excellent!

Just a day ago, the owner proudly told us, this hotel was fully booked since opening. It was indeed a good result we have seen, although I have some reservation on the “screwed up” job of the contractor of the 2 gullies that are not supposed to be there in the first instance. The performance of the hotel could have been better. Follow up from the conversation, the meeting of the dateline was not without its set back. One of the tenants of the hotel for F&B pulled out and mitigated by another tenant just in time for the openings with double the deposits paid. Speaking of Qi refurbishment, everything is in place, just look at the old photo with the new one. Another fire frames activated in the month of Xu.

Good work to all who has made this possible.

Again, the juicier part is reserved in yifengshui (inner teachings).

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Managing Qi Refurbishment

Sometimes back, I have written about the effects of Qi when it refurbishes itself. At times it may be very turbulence so much so that we were called in to explain why, as though as the method deploy does not work as in my other blog entry called Blessing In Disguise. The reasons are because it works, one is able to see such dramatic changes that had taken placed, sometimes even taken a toll out of the comfort zone of the beneficiary for something much, much better in lives. Much has been said, these are undeniable discomfort one has to live by while the Qi changes for the better. It breaks all dogmas that SanHe is as slow as a snail when it comes to seeing the changes, as it could be frightening if it is not handled with care. So the parameter is set forth in the BaZi chart as who is going to get it first and next!

Sometimes, it is not that we refused to propose a remedy on the spot; largely it is the old stagnant Qi that had hindered the client from taking the big bold step for the better. Liked in many cases, the client is not prepared to ride the wind of change and we ended up being told, is there another ways of going about it liked putting a tree legged toad or painting the wall red? I believed this is something we have to live by as a practitioner.

Some cases that we had put up such as The Boy Who Was Crushed By The Water Dragons, demonstrated that the exercise is to investigate the correlation between the wrong water exits with the incidents that had happened, ended up for us to recommend a remedy. Because they had insisted to take a bold step, the remedy was in placed needless to say with a list of request to be fulfilled. Riding the strong wind of change is nothing less than a roller coaster shock to them when the Qi restructures itself. Here is the story…

The mum is a career woman working in an establishment with plenty of politics. Being the wrong race in a wrong company can be devastating. She could not get other opportunity because the economy is not that pleasant for the time being. She requested to be posted overseas but her calling was not answered. When the Qi restructure itself, her request was suddenly approved. There is a tendency or unseen force in play to pull her out of the “rotten” establishment for something bigger overseas. In spite of this opportunity given, she refused to take up as she refuses to move away from her comfort zone. Next, she was desk tied with plenty of assignments. Again, an unseen force is purging her away from the establishment. Is this again, blessing in disguise? When she takes bold steps, other opportunities will start to roll in and the next question is, will she make up to the challenge?

Managing Qi refurbishment can be a knee jerk experience especially when we have to lose sight of the shore to find another island. Comparatively of living by the same status-quo and experiencing bad FengShui day to day, the decision is entirely yours.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Another Bull Story?

Someone told us that he has been a “turkey” to a consultation and we were wondering why? He said the consultant was “bullshitting” him into rearranging his office so that he can climb the corporate ladder faster. He ends up losing his job. It just so coincident that there was a similar story that is so relevant to the above case from Maverick. Here it goes: -

A turkey was chatting with a bull. "I would love to be able to get to the top of that tree," sighed the turkey," but I haven't got the energy."

"Well, why don't you nibble on some of my droppings?" replied the bull.

They're packed with nutrients."

The turkey pecked at a lump of dung, and found it actually gave him enough strength to reach the lowest branch of the tree.

The next day, after eating some more dung, he reached the second branch.

Finally after a fourth night, the turkey was proudly perched at the top of the tree. He was promptly spotted by a farmer, who shot him out of the tree.

Moral of the story

BullShit might get you to the top, but it won't keep you there…

Note: Image from

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Dung And The Bandwagon

Hypothetically speaking, when we join in any bandwagon, there is always a glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel, but then we must first be in the tunnel… what amuse us most is this little story that we find relevant: -

A little bird was flying south for the Winter. It was so cold the bird froze and fell to the ground into a large field. While he was lying there, a cow came by and dropped some dung on him. As the frozen bird lay there in the pile of cow dung, he began to realize how warm he was.

The dung was actually thawing him out! He lay there all warm and happy, and soon began to sing for joy. A passing cat heard the bird singing and came to investigate. Following the sound, the cat discovered the bird under the pile of cow dung, and promptly dug him out and ate him.

Morals of this story.

(1) Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy.

(2) Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.

(3) And when you're in deep shit (just liked being told that you are in the wrong bandwagon), it's best to keep your mouth shut!

Thanks Maverick, very enlightening…

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chasing Bandwagons

First, we chase the Dian-dian Dao Bandwagons. Then, we chase the Water Dragon Bandwagons. After, we chase the LongMen BaDa Ju Bandwagons. Next, we chase the Fighting San-Sha Bandwagons. Not enough, we chase the LiuFa Bandwagons. Now, we chase the Xie ZiFa Bandwagons.

How many more bandwagons to go? These are big dramas in the field of Chinese Metaphysics and the chapters never end. Asked around, what is Xie ZiFa (些子法)? How many people know this method? The original proprietor of this method is already 6 feet under, to whom should the glory and lineage be claimed after? One stale news, someone paid EURO 40,000.00, to learn this method from the HongKong Master. Although, he too is 6 feet under who else is next in line? If this secret formula never departs from the door of the Zeng family, would there be other versions of Xie ZiFa (些子法)in the market? Is there any hint of an offer for such method? Who is there to validate such authenticity by just chanting slogan in the shroud of mystery?

If we say Xie ZiFa is a method to avoid the misfortune and expedite the fortune, then all methods of KanYu are annexed to these principles. If Xie ZiFa is a method that will generate specific results based on the use of DaGua, then as some other writers believed, other methods too will generate specific results within a certain given time and structural constraint. If Xie ZiFa results are long lasting, I believed nothing can compete with SanHe. So, what is Xie ZiFa (些子法)? Can it be used for both Yin and Yang abode?

Xie ZiFa (些子法) is supposed to be the crown jewel of SanYuan, at least that was what had been made known. Just move the furniture around, within a few millimeters and within half an hour, the results will materialize. No need to chase after the dragon, look out for water mouth, tilting the door and the frames, measuring every walls and placing the 3 legged toads at the wealth corner. Again, this is one unsolicited version.

For those who understand that the 9 layers of heaven is beyond the background radiation of the universe and galactic bodies, but the 9 Gates through the 9th dimensions of realm, knowing the Gate Keepers, one still can called upon the masters of the old who has traveled beyond the mortal existence and seek his understanding as to what is Xie ZiFa (些子法)? Remember this is YuanKong, we are saying? Perhaps he would have said, Xie ZiFa (些子法) is nothing more than a method to avoid the misfortune and expedite the fortune and it is found in all levels of KanYu method. To use such one has to understand that the body of the XianTian (Early Heaven) Gua has to be matched with the ZhongTian (Mid Heaven) Gua to arrive at the HouTian (Later Heaven) Gua. Again, ZhongTian is an operative word, coined by masters to explain the act of turning the Qian to the Kun, (QianKun DaoLiu). In a nut shell is all about opening the Gates of the 9th Heaven. However, one still need to source out who is the gates keeper, this is yet another unsolicited version.

So, pack your bag and ready to ride the Xie ZiFa (些子法) bandwagon. Before that, asked this question, why must it begin with the THREE, when the Qian is already so farfetched with its achievements?

Anyone interested?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A House, A Shop And A Temple

When it is crazy to assume all electrical shops as fire element ShaQi, we went a little further to investigate with series of audits that we performed few weeks ago, opens up a few findings as the followings that a house or a shop, can take the characteristic of a Temple if its Xue is located at the Death & Emptiness. It takes someone with a very bad luck to buy such a property and even if such a property were to be sold with induced manner such as the Flying horse formation, the sale itself will face its own obstacle.

Here is the story...

We investigated a well known temple, some time back in Malacca. This temple has its Xue aligned to the minor Death and Emptiness. It is a well known temple among the locals. The question is why a temple can sit on the Death and Emptiness yet a house and a shop can't?

Next, we audited a house in the midst of construction. The moment this mansion is built the owners were debt ridden. Almost all walls of this house sits on Death and Emptiness. What is more intriguing is the bright hall is overly Yin. With heavy debt, the owner wish to dispose the house once completed.

A second visit was made early this year to install the Flying Horse formation and the house then was technically sold 4 months down the road. Yet, the latest feedback was, the buyer canceled the purchase. It is hell of difficult to sell away such property.

Then, we also noticed a shop with the major DE line which mutually affecting the nearby premises. This spark a whole series of revelation as to the effect of DE, that it does not necessary need to be a temple in order to have the characteristic of a temple.

So, the saying goes, live by the temple will produce widow, has its reasons. But why?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Primary And The Secondary Of Wind

“Riding Wind Will Disperse, Entering the Boundary of Water It Stops”, these are the definition of FengShui, the genesis of the term wind and water from the burial classic. One important keyword is to ride wind and the question is how?

Perhaps reading the same notion as when wind moves, Qi moves, when Qi stops, water coagulates may bring about entirely different meaning…

First, to receive water, second, is to store wind. These are the two most important aspects of FengShui. Coincidentally this is also the two slices of the same TaiQi. To ride wind, is to first ride Qi. Similar to ride a horse, one has to sit on the horse. The notion of riding could not be possibly be opening the legs and allowing the horse to pass through. By the same token to ride on Qi, the property or grave has to sit on the source of Qi itself. Opening of the door to received Qi is not riding Qi, but of storing Qi. This is one great misconception that had plagued many…

Receiving Qi is secondary. To receive and to store Qi, the formation must be in placed such as the embraces, Parent Mountain, Table Mountain and bright hall are all coming together. The Chinese term this formation, as the four guardian paying attention. However, this is not necessary or warranted for riding Qi. Imagine, how many places have the four guardian paying attention? Not many indeed and yet within such common places there are still good Qi.

It is true that many well to do personalities do not originate from the so called, premium FengShui vicinity where the guardians are present. Many come from a humble beginning, yet most FengShui theory disseminated to date state otherwise that good FengShui vicinity must only be premium locations where the formations must be present to support the coagulations of Qi. Such is again, another great misconception and should this be the much prized FengShui techniques, the battle would have been half lost.

To store wind is secondary, to ride wind is primary. Yet many modern day advocates propagate the manner of storing wind as primary. The much heard notion of tapping Qi is in fact, storing Qi. To tap Qi, the formation must be present of which the table mountain must be at the correct height, which enable the practitioner to tap his hand against the tip apex of the Table Mountain, in the horizon. This process to tapping is known as to tap Qi. The entire phenomenon of measuring the environment or precisely measuring the embrace and table mountain by means of the human anatomy is to establish the quality of the bright hall. Failure to determine the two slices of the bright hall, any attempt to establish facing to tap Qi will be greatly compromised.

To ride wind, is to ride internal Qi, to store wind is to receive external Qi. Any property that is build must have a sitting and a facing. The definition of sitting and facing is varied, yet its crust meanings of sitting and facing stem from two more important notions of location and direction. Every entity that is placed on ground has a location as a reference point, datum or in the FengShui term, is a TaiQi spot. This TaiQi spot is independent on its own accord and yet dependent with the rest of the TaiQi spots, to form its centre of the greater TaiQi. In this dependency, the direction comes into play.

Qi is everywhere and every direction has Qi, similarly every direction has the 5 elements. These 5 elements are not static element. To say East has only wood element is grossly erred. To be précised, East direction refers to the eastern arm of the HeTu has the property of wood and this notion is entirely different from the actual direction of the East which has all the properties of the 5 elements in transition and motion…

To ride wind is to locate a spot that will receive internal Qi. Such is called establishing the sitting. The term to sit is corresponding to a seat. A seat is a location on the ground extracting the internal Qi and is called a Xue. Because there are 5 elemental internal Qi, there are only 5 types of Xue of wood, water, earth, fire and metal. Riding Qi is to establish these 5 types of Xue. This is primary.

To store wind is to face towards the external environment to receive external Qi. Such is called the establishing of the facing. The term to face is corresponding to a view. A view is a vector derived from the rebounding Qi of the environment tinwards. The key of receiving such external Qi greatly depends on the quality of the bright hall. The interstices of the two slices will marry in the bright hall.

There is a saying that bright hall eliminates killing Qi. This may not be true if the quality of the bright hall is bad, as one may be swallowed by the bright hall. Such constituency of bright hall and the environment is called external structure. Because there are only 4 structures of external rebounding Qi, there are only four structures of wood, water, fire and metal. Storing Qi is to establish the correct facing in corresponding to the spot. This is secondary.

Because the nature of external Qi is rebounding, it takes time to tap into rebounding Qi and could be greatly weakened. Therefore, it becomes secondary. Otherwise it will be wiser to tap directly into the internal Qi. This is primary. So, next time when one decide to move along SanHe or XuanKong, asked oneself which has the primary and which has not.

This is FengShui…

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Burning Case Of Purple White

Let us investigate why fire arising in the shops located at Shen and You mountains. This time around, we use XuanKong Leaning Star. We were told that the incident happened in 8 February 2009 around morning to the shop located at You and Shen locations in relation to the subjects shop. Here is the natal chart. How to derive such?

The method is explained in Yifengshui (Inner Teachings).

We look at Dui shop we obtain 2-9 # combination. The purple white script lower scroll said, when 2 black being HeTu of fire meeting 9 purple being LoShu of fire, it is prone to fire disaster, if there is a Sha Qi in front to activate?

Next, we look at the Kun shop we obtain 1-4 # combination. What did the purple white script said about 1-4? Everything positive even though is untimely? The purple white script lower scroll said, when 1 white arriving to 4 green, nobility will be achieved. What it actually seen is 1 water growing the 4 wood, wood is prosperous thus fuels the fire further.

So at the end, it also got burnt, although partially. This is only talking about Xiang, imagery. Where is the Qi coming from? Our friend's shop, the electrical shop posing as a fire Sha to the opposite shop! Igniting the 2-9 # combination. Do you call this synchronicity and affinity?

On another note, there is a book written by Hung Hin Cheong called the Purple White Script with commentaries, is worth an investment currently available for sale. It was a first attempt of a translated work with commentaries, which is surprisingly very rare. Especially when it cost RM50.00 as compared to the life courses talking about the same subject which is priced at RM4,600.00. However, it is also noted that Purple White is not consistent in bringing out results. The flaw is on the applications and not the principle. Because the underlying structure of XuanKong lay in spontaneity and synchronicity. To master such, engineering logic is the greatest stumbling block.

Post Script: It will be CRAZY to assume all electrical shops as fire element! However, this particular shop is different. Why is it so different?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Case Of Financial Issue

This is another actual case for a person living in Tamping. As the notion that speak, charity starts from home, we could see the interlinked between this person's house FengShui with his shop's FengShui. In this exercise, we are investigating the issue of leaking Qi, where money is being leaked away. It is also a good exercise to see if we can apply the notion of yellow spring water, although we knew it is a watered down version of the 4 major water exits method, SiDa ShuiKou Fa.

As there are 2 very distinctive components, we investigate the house component using SanHe SuiFa. The Xue Siting is at YiChou, Metal Xue, incoming from Mao, Palace of conception, exiting at Si to Wei, encompassing the regions of Growth, Bath and Youth palaces. These are the palaces that we do not want to see outgoing water.

Furthermore, the immediate Bright Hall is too vast, almost sunken by the BrightHall, thus making it a ShaQi instead. So much so, it becomes a storage space for this very owner, similar to the situation of his shop. Visually there is something in common.

The Kitchen governs the livelihood of the inhabitants. Now, take a look on the kitchen. Surprisingly there is a gutter cutting across the wet kitchen floor. What does it means? Scupper gutter such as this is nothing but called cutting feet water. It cuts through the entire kitchen floor flowing outward, pulling away Qi from the kitchen. Exiting directly at Prosperous palace. How would the bread winner fare given such a living conditions? Again we see such a cluttered conditions in the sphere of living compared with the same situation of his shop.

Investigating another method called 8 Roads of Destruction, it conforms to such a formation.

Then again,investigating yet another method called the FuXing ShuiFa, Facing Ding, water flowing out at Xun, Li and Kun, all spells disasters in financial gains. Do we called this affinity and synchronicity?

By popular understanding there is always one greatest method. However this is a wrong understanding. All methods can be used, the question is how, when and where. Again the finest details are in Yifengshui (Inner Teachings).

Monday, October 5, 2009

How To Purge With Flying Horse ?

There is a method called flying horse formation. This method is derived based on ShenSha and was assumed to be used by Grandmaster Yang Jung Song to expedite FengShui effect within fastest 2 hours.

Method is discussed in Yifengshui(Inner Teachings).

Caveat, if the FengShui of the house is bad, bad results will immediately surface. The opposite happens if the FengShui is good, good results will immediately surface.

One school in particular uses this method to sell off property. Apparently property will be sold within 3 months, slowest. In most cases, the property is vacant. However, if the property is not vacant, there is a tendency for the Qi to purge away its inhabitant and this is what we encountered.

In this case the owner was given the impression by the NewAge FengShui of the 3 secret friends. So his secret friends were horse and tiger, apparently he is born in dog year. So accumulated lots of painting of horses and statute of horses, he also breed alot of dogs. He placed one of this horse statute in the flying horse location of his property thus indirectly activating the sky horse formation, with the tendency of purging him and his family away.

Next time round, when some NewAge FengShui sell you some horse figurine, think again where to place. Who knows, as it may activate your sky horse location purging ones away...

Some one ask, will Rhinoceros work instead of the horse? Perhaps some can try and feedback accordingly...

Wind, Water and Horses

Before we even start to measure the water method, we have already gotten a first hand information pertaining to the course of the childless couple using XuanKong. Detail explanation in Yifengshui (Inner Teaching).

First, the question was asked, did the couple has children? Immediate response was a Gua imagery of the horses as hung on the wall in Kun sector. A clear answer of No.

Second Question as to why was the case? immediate response was the imagery of the sail boat in Dui sector, knife cutting twig, indicating a harm in the female palace. The we were informed that the couple has undergone intro-venous fertilization and the foetus does not cling to the womb and result in miscarriage.

Third question as to did the FengShui of the house play a role? Immediate response was the imagery of the horse in Qian sector, yes was the response.

Where do we start from here? Ongoing construction in Gen palace. Zhen is also the Life Gua of the male.

Early heaven of Zhen which is Gen sector has Sha Qi, hitting ground affecting the sitting of the property. That is why his house suffered structural crack detaching both porch and kitchen. He has to spend money to rectify, even if he were to pursue the matter legally, high chance he may also loose. Not only that a 1-5# (her) and 6-5# (him) combination concurred that she will suffer from water related problem and him with financial issue.

On our way back, we took another snap shot of the house, while we asked, would this owner execute in time as we had suggested? Dark cloud hovering above the roof, indicates WuZi, hidden danger. Probably not.


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