Sunday, March 24, 2013

GE 13 Date?

Mysterious as it may be, after due consultation from JibKor’s FengShui advisor(s), the Year RenChen is not very good for election. Although we had presumably entered GuiSi , he may be advised to call for election probably towards the beginning of November. That will be 8 months from March. Technically, he may allowed Parliament to dissolved at its own accord and a fresh election be called in another 2 months time where RenChen Qi is at its weakest. Maybe he may take the opportunity of the Sabah Invasion to call for the state of Emergency, thus delaying GE to anytime next year. 
Delicate as it may be, with the announcement by the much influenced former PM, LauMa quite recently, even if BN were to win, his deputy will replace him. In view of such, what would JibKor do to keep his job at the corridor of powers? This is the intricate part as revealed in his BaZi

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

To The Fallen Heroes - Rest In Peace

Strange.... Why didn't Malaysian Famous FengShui Masters Never Predicted Sabah's Invasion? Maybe they were not Paid to do so.
To The Fallen Heroes - Rest In Peace.


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