Thursday, March 31, 2011

Even More Story On the Predisposition of 8 Mansions

Luck is always related to the Month branch. The luck predisposition of a person is annexed to the season. Generally 2 types – the Hot predisposition and the Cold predisposition, a complete TaiQi.

These 2 types are further subcategories into its YinYang correlatively brings about the 4 imageries namely: -

1. Minor Hot (after Beginning of spring before Beginning of summer)
2. Major Hot (after Beginning of summer before Beginning of autumn)
3. Minor Cold (after Beginning of autumn before Beginning of winter)
4. Major Cold (after Beginning of winter before Beginning of spring)

Regardless of the Day Master of a person, such luck predispositions are able to give a generalization gauge of luck for a person through the years,.luck cycle, months and seasons. So to speak, a Major Hot predisposition person is likely to be going through a roller coaster in the season of water, HeTu Luck of water and so forth, while benefitted in the season of metal and so forth. Whereas a Minor Hot predisposition person is likely to favor wood and fire seasons while avoiding metal and water seasons. 

So, predisposition based on the month is the measurement of Heaven Qi. Compounding with the Life Gua of a person, the reading is more accurate. 

This is one simple reason why you need to know BaZi before you can read FengShui.

Good Company!

The world is small...

Received a call from a long time friend. He was asking me to accompany him to meet up with someone interesting from Indonesia, the Lost Atlantis of Asia. I am delighted. A moment later, another call from another long time friend. He said someone from Indonesia is keen to meet me up. Strange, is he the same person? Yes indeed, he is Mr Gunadi Widjaja. A fellow practitioner from Indonesia with his own radio programme, a popular Indonesian icon, an Engineer by trainning and from my friend's own words, a nobleman from many FengShui forums. Well, he is better known as the Gadget Man using top gears in hunting down the dragons and pinning up the galactic bodies. Yah... talking about 9 layers of heavens, the conversations with him is in ABSOLUTE Cloud 9, the ultimate main course in our otherwise extended 10 courses meal.

My fellow practitioners and I in QuanYuan spared the formality and engaged in a lively chat supposingly over breakfast. What can you say, the bubbly Pak Gun is so accomodating and friendly, unliked other conversations over talkshows and the sort. I quickly learnt that Gunadi is indeed a storehouse of mystical ideas with a large belly of prooving the unkown with his CSI toys from infrared cameras to other stuffs beyond my limited vocabulary to write. Best of all we shared the common ground as YangGong practitioners, so our conversations were very specifics to case studies and findings.

The entire morning till noon was engaged in the intellectual discourse and I learnt that he has traveled far from Malacca to Penang and then to Kuala Lumpur with his next itinerary to Majapahit for a meditation retreat. You definitely must meet this guy to believe on his intense dedications for the paranormal. As a friendly gesture, we had given him a gift of divination 5 years down the road in his spiritual cultivations.

What supposed to be a breakfast chat had extended over lunch, hosted by our long time friend who happens to know Gunadi beforehand. What a small world indeed! We hope to meet him again for another round of discourse. As he has shown interest in introducing his fellow brotherhood of FengShui from the North, we dearly look forward to meet him one day. I read his E-Book with much interest that I even left a REVIEW over in this blogspot. I believed, meeting him in person would be an entirely different experience just liked engaging talks with Pak Gun without the burden and air of a master.

Gunadi, is a pleasure of getting to know you in person and may the affinity strikes for us to meet again with you and your company of brotherhoods. 


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Story On the Predisposition of 8 Mansions

8 Mansions predisposition is based on the Year pillar. The stem branch system of the four pillars is a classic example of defined Yang Heaven above Yin Earth below, not entirely the representation of the Early Heaven arrangement.

Taking the postulation that year is the root and the succession hour is the fruit, the year pillar is reflective of the incoming dragon. 8 Mansions predisposition is based on the Year pillar as dragon represents the measurement of Earth Qi – FengShui. By the same token, the 3 cycles or SanYuan is the measurement of Earth Qi. It will be a little strange if we over emphasized that SanYuan measures only Heaven Qi. This is entirely misleading.

Another form of predisposition is based on the Month pillar. The month is the branch reflective of the mountain. If the Year pillar is the Greater Yang, then the Month pillar is the Greater Yin. Mountain is influenced by the cycle and phases of the moon. It measures the temporal Qi of a person. Ever wonder why a person’s luck pillar starts from the month instead of the others? By the same token, if one wants to change a person’s luck, which predisposition one has to account for?

Predisposition of 8 Mansions

Predisposition - is a very big Concept with various interpretations. The common synonym would be inclination. Various method in FengShui has various means of predisposition for an individual. For example, in the 8 Mansions, individuals are classified as East and West Life predispositions. An East Life person ideally must live in an East House. Similarly, a West Life person must stay in a West House. Mismatching denotes bad FengShui. 

Common ways of profiling such predisposition is as the following example: -
A male born in 1972. Numerically, add up 1+9=10, round up to 1 plus, 7+2=9, giving a grand total of 10, round up again to 1. Take the constant 11-1=10, round up to 1 again. So this person has the predisposition of 1, taking the Gua imagery of Kan.

Have one ever ask, where the hell has this formula comes about? 
Why a male  predisposition must be subtracted by 11 while the female predisposition must be added by 4? What is the basis of this predisposition?

Here is the CLUE: -
  1. 8 Mansions has the similar SanYuan roots as its counterpart XuanKong. The basis is within the LoShu of the Greater SanYuan and nothing even closed to ErYuan. A person's predisposition must be determined via the upper, middle or lower Yuan of its year of birth.
  2. A person's gender determines the YinYang cycle of the Greater SanYuan.
  3. Also matching the GuaQi of the reigning period.
  4. Replacing thus, we obtained the Gua number or predisposition of the person.
So, to simplify matters, such a complex calculation has been made into an arithmetical formula. Unfortunately, without realizing such, do we still call 8 Mansions as a SanHe method?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Japan Earthquake And The Solitary Gen

Finally understood the abnormally of my LuoPan, after the Earthquake in Japan. This China-centric world map, superimposing the 8 Gua taking Malaysia as my point of reference, paints a thousand words. The LiuRen people would understand why and as to the significant of the Gen. Perhaps even the date YiChou day with the Yi protruding in the month of Mao means something…

Condolences to our friends in Japan and pray that there would be no second "Chernobyl" after shocks.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

ZiWei DouShou and The Magi

Someone reminded me that the 3 Kings which I mentioned in Another Point of Reference – The Sun, are called the Magi and they are Persian Astrologer who has the ability to read stars, and manipulate the fate that the stars foretold. What I find strange is why should the Persian Astrologer come with enthusiasm to worship the baby Messiah whose main task is to slaughter the Persians, who they called, the pagan and all others except the Jews? Didn’t the stars foretell everything or anything?

Another interesting account is the art of ZiWei DouShu (ZWDS) or the Purple Star Astrology. The contemporary ZWDS we know today is no longer in its original form. Purportedly made popular by Chen XiYi, a Wudang master who chance upon Lu ChunYang another HuaShan master, later to be known as Lu DongBin the immortal. In that view, ZWDS is formulated by grandmaster Lu which I believed, ZWDS is only a fringe technique grandmaster Lu has to be made available to Chen XiYi for his use. The question is who taught grandmaster Lu?

When a Nestorian Monument of the Tang Dynasty was unearthed, it recorded the involvement of cross fertilization of ideas of the early Christian missionaries in China years before the Jesuits calibrating the Chinese Time and Space of QianLong era. The Nestorians are early Christians of Persian origins with the lineages of the Three Magi who had made the pilgrimage to Bethlehem. Call it meaningful coincidence? One Nestorian by the name Alopen was an able translator who dutifully worked at the request of the Tang Emperor to translate the Gospel from Syriac into Chinese with the assistance from the young literary genius Lu ChunYang, whose labors are enshrined in the same Nestorian Monument as its author. Reasonably speaking, much of Lu ChunYang early exposure to astrology has been deeply influenced by the Nestorian or the Persian astrological framework, coupled by the Buddhist and Daoist background he has inherited from his father whose role is the court’s head of custom and rites, enable him to formulate what is now known as ZWDS.

It is not surprising that Eurocentric researcher would call upon the immortal Lu DongBin as the Chinese manifestation of Christ due to much similarity of its paranormal feats. As anything goes with the Tang court, it is a total mess of confusions versus megalomaniac feats of searching for new land, new elixir of life and new religion of the state. So, the immortal Lu’s portfolio is not limited as being the leader of the 8 immortal of the Dao, also the Dharma protector of the Buddhist faith as well as a Christian patron saint in China. The real Trinity as we dearly indebted ZWDS as the priceless inheritance from the Magi!

Who said Chinese Metaphysic has no root from the West? Similarly so is the notion of the 28 asterisms and the marvelous work of grandmaster YiXing who fuses the Western and Hindu Astrology into Eastern Metaphysics. Even the legendary grandmaster Lai BuYi has some of the ZWDS stars reflected in its corpus of expediting officer and his synthesis of the 24 heaven stars.

OK! Now how do we proceed from here?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Earthquake and the Abnormally of My LuoPan

I will always remember March 11 for 2 reasons. One, the Earthquake that hits Japan that has trigger the Tsunami. Second, exactly that very moment, while measuring and setting the alignment for one of my FengShui audit, the South and North orientation of my brand new LuoPan went haywire, instead of pointing South, it pointed North. All my readings did not conform to my earlier record, saving me the embarrassment and it makes me wonder what has gone so very wrong without realizing that there is a major disaster over in Japan. That is the very first time I use this brand new LuoPan and it may also be the very last time of using it as it is no longer operational.

It makes me realize a point which I had overlooked. Have you ever wonder why olden day master uses one and only ONE LuoPan for their audits even though the conditions may have been aged and worn out? Next, wonder why a good LuoPan, made under ISO9000 can also be faulty upon measuring at the exact time when an earthquake measuring 8.9 equivalent to 340 megaton or 24,000 times the Hiroshima A-Bomb hits Japan? This is mind boggling. I have no answer. One thing I know, I will be using my old trusty LuoPan again.

Saying thus, I have not heard much about others talking about the quake in Japan caused by someone digging a hole somewhere eastern part of Japan (where it responses to China as the center of the Chinese Universe) causing a Quake in Japan which happened to be at the 5 yellow sector in XinMao year. Better, this is one old pal of mine has to say: -

"... The immediate following question for FengShui addicts should be: WHO DUG and WHERE and how deep and strongly to cause such havoc?

If we consider the Center of the LoShu in Beijing as the point of reference, groundbreaking in the east of this point must have occur according to the common FS theory. Now most digging activities includes : gardening, burying, building, mining, road engineering also. I suppose that to cause such an earth quake, all these activities are needed !

So the assertion that 5 Yellow struck Japan leads us to assert that everybody who dug earth, in anyway and for any reason , in a 45° sector originated in Beijing are responsible for the earth quake in Japan! So what could China do: plead that the point of reference should be elsewhere: why not the crossing of Greenwich meridian and equator for this meridian partakes the world in two slices and this parting is used by everybody. So now the responsibility could be passed to all the people digging ground east of this line, mainly Khadaffi perhaps, which includes the oil producing countries, and that is quite interesting for they have quite a lot of money!"

His point is simple, I must say. Instead of grieving over the lost of lives and praying for the departed ones, some FengShui addicts sensationalize the entire episode as the effect of the 5 yellow and brought us to think, who is the culprit?

Again, I may look upon the event of my LuoPan gone haywire has nothing to do with the Quake in Japan. I may also say that the quake has caused the sudden Qi fluctuation that directly hits my LuoPan causing it to change its polarity. For whatever reason, the sino-centric world views proven to be otherwise, accurate. As to the question, who dug the ground, I leave it to you for an answer.

Additional Things About White Tiger


Someone prompted me that the personification of White Tiger for example, FuYeh (Tiger Lord) as in the Taoist practice is very similar to other cultural references such as Lersi Nah Seuar or Lersi with the Tiger Head from Thailand where the term Lersi means hermit or cultivators who lived deep in the tropical jungle. Saying thus, it has nothing to do with FengShui, just additional information on the topic of White Tiger.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Even More Things About White Tiger

One similarity about the alignment of Sirius with the Orion belt to form the brightest star pointed towards the eastern sky, detail read HERE, where the sun hovers during winter solstice, is the fact that the ancient observes the night sky at the opposite direction of the sun. During the awakenings of hibernated insects (驚蟄), the night sky appears to be arrayed with the asterism from the enclosure of the White Tiger (白虎), justifying the season of White Tiger opens its mouth (白虎开口). 

In XinMao year, TaiSui (Counter Jupiter) is at the location of Mao. Therefore, Hai, Mao and Wei have the tendency to offend the White Tiger. Similarly so with Si, You and Chou being You is at the location of SuiPo (Year Breaker). Saying thus there are also other ways to justify such.

As conclusion, many cultural references may stem from astrological findings. To our clients from Seremban, we are happy that the God of Wealth finally arrived at your home giving you 1st prize in THREE consecutive rounds of 4D and just a matter of less then a week after the annual FengShui makeover. Cheers to you !


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Some More Things About White Tiger 白虎

Opps! Didn’t realize “Mickey-mouse” also wrote something about White Tiger

The awakenings of hibernated insects (驚蟄) also denote a transition from the Hexagram Tai (Unity) to Hexagram DaZhuang (Great Strength), change in the 4th Yao where Yang is increasing in the expense of Yin as such changes in the season does not bring rewards without steadfast and effort. The transformed Hexagram is all Yang. Thunder originates from Heaven denotes sudden movements with Force, resemblance of a swift Forceful General with such cultural reference that brought forth the notion of Tiger. It also states that it is important to behave in proper manners otherwise matters would be perverse and ends would be violent, befitting the dictum of White Tiger opens its mouth (白虎开口). 

On a philosophical note, DaZhuang indicates a season where a person is likely to be successful in his endeavor. However, in the midst of his success he may have the tendency to be stubborn and conceited, thus attracts a lot of unnecessary petty people. It is therefore wise to remain impartial, walk the middle path and find ways for self restraint. It is also this nature that gives rise to the concerted effort of hitting Petty People (打小人).

In the light of DaZhuang, let us not be so petty, then you will see yourself grow an inch taller in wisdom.

Something About White Tiger 白虎

In landforms, it refers to the mountain at the right side, originates from the astrological four enclosures of the western sector of the sky which form the imagery of a tiger. Under the influence of the west being the sunset location, it bears the color white with the Gua imagery of Dui, it also represents the female gender as a collective notion of White Tiger.

The dictum that the White Tiger must not be higher than the Green Dragon is very common but unfortunately, it does not necessary bear the truth and the topography of China is the best testimonial of such. If the right embrace is higher than the left embrace, it is called White Tiger jumps over the wall, signaling the rebellion of the female householder.

Another dictum is that the White Tiger opens its mouth (白虎开口). Traditionally it refers to the right side of the embrace having caves with cavity revealing the rocks and hard surface, resemblance of the tiger’s tooth which is an indication of killing forces emitting there from. Modern interpretation is when a property is built with a grand front porch having at least two grand columns representing the tiger’s fang it is called White Tiger opens its mouth. 

Comes the season of awakening of hibernated insects (驚蟄), another form of White Tiger opens its mouth is largely related to cultural significant of appeasing the White Tiger. Astrologically, the season of awakening of hibernated insects is more or less 15 days after the last seasons of rains. Such will continue with thunder strikes effecting spawning insects to feed on the crops. This season will be the arriving of Mao month at the Zhen sector based on the 24 mountain plate, denoting thunderous awakening. In mountainous area such thunderous roar with the white mist rolling downhill from the mountain is taken, by the ancient, as white tiger descending from their abode to hunt. Thereupon, it becomes a cultural significant. To appease the White Tiger, the villagers literally bring foods in the forms of egg and raw pork with lark to the nearest mountains and caves known to have been infested with wild animals with the hope that these creatures will be kept at bay. 

Taoist interpretation, White Tiger is personified as a group of deities within the earth bound deities category common to the Earth Deity, Datuk-Kong and so forth. It is believed that these earth bound deities have the influenced over the wild animals liked the tigers to descend from their abode to hunt. Thereupon, a Taoist ceremonial aspect is modeled with hitting the Petty People (打小人) in placed. The logic is when you fed the tiger also request it to bite your petty people away. Such wishful thinking leads to hitting the Petty People in the forms of aggression released exercise by hitting the paper effigy with newly bought slippers, then disposed it off via burning later to be followed by other rituals. 

No matter how one looks at the dictum of white tiger, there are many inconsistencies to the practices. Likewise, some say, White Tiger is offended by people born in the year of Hai, Mao, Wei and Si, while others also quoted, Chou, Zi and Chen to be inclusive. The transition time of awakening of hibernated insects (驚蟄) is 6:29am on March 6th, preferably go to a temple close to a mountain for such an act of devotion

My take in lieu of hitting the petty people is simple, just do good, avoid evil and purify one’s thought.


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