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Tycoon Lee's FengShui Story

Tycoon Lee has an illustrated lifestyle. He does not need any of the royal decorations such as Dato, Tan Sri, Tun and so forth. He employs people with such decorations to run his work. His life is liked a modern day emperor which will put any of the “cow-gate” minister into envy. Strangely, he is also a strong believer of FengShui. 

He spent a fortune to engage a master from the mainland. Besides traveling in first class, Tycoon Lee displayed his baroque connections with mayors and other politically connected good friends, to have their pictures taken while the master's stay in KL. Of all his advices, one became prominent.

He said, Tycoon Lee would only be prosperous if his empire is managed by people with surname Lee. As a result, he uses his family to run his business. But Tycoon, liked him, needs proxies to do his camouflage in Bolehland. True blood to the idea of One Malaysia, he has Indian lawyers and Malay administrators to run his business, but none of them are Lee. This is a problem. One good friend of his suggested to him, well that is not the problem at all. All is needed is to use their Chinese Name instead. So, the next morning, we see Dato MangGa LEE Singh and Dato LEE-zal Abihla clocking-in. 

The moral of the story is name selections beside BaZi, plays a significant role in ones destiny. Why not change your name and see how true it is?

P/S: In the loom of the uncertainty of the next general election, most of the pipeline projects are stalled and a whimsical joke is needed, so to speak. This is absolutely fictitious and has nothing to do with anyone dead or alive. If it portrays reality, it is just purely coincidence.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Change of Mind, Ms. Architect?

The last time heard, our beloved former Prime Minister Tun Dr M has this to say, "Better the devil you know than the angel you don’t". I guess it is not so much different when it comes to FengShui, most Architect would immediately jump into concluding it is just pure superstitions and art of hocus-pocus. This is the Devil that we, Architect is fond of, detail HERE. However, my Architect friend has changed her perception entirely when she enrolled into FengShui class for Architects! Now, she begin to know the Angel of genuine FengShui and what I liked most is, she eventually said this, "...FengShui is about how as a human being, can live harmoniously with the environment...".  

Can you believe it?

FengShui Basics - YinYang of the SanYuan 24 Mountains 2

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Apparently the compendium of LuoPan is incomplete without the explanation as to where does the YinYang of the 24 mountains of the SanYuan LuoPan originated. We take for granted that it is always there in that fashion. How the PurpleWhite stars fly are all depends on its YinYang. That is already inaccurate. The Chinese source has more details.

One common source is from the Shen's Classic stipulates that all the Yang stems are Heaven numbers for example, HeTu heavenly number 1 takes Ren water Qi and therefore Yang in nature. Earthly 6 takes Gui water Qi and therefore Yin by nature. By the same token, Yin stems are Earth numbers and assigned Yin nature.

Therefore, Jia Bing Geng Xin are all Heavenly Numbers Odd Yang in nature.
Yi Ding Xin Gui are all Earthly Numbers Even Yin in nature.

The same classic stipulates that all the Ordinal Trigrams namely Xun, Qian, Kun and Gen are all Yang in nature. The principle is annexed to the LoShu. Within the LoShu, there are HeTu. The ordinals take the following sequence:

Qian (6) and 1-6 HeTu water, 1+6=7, Odd number Yang nature.
Xun (4) and 9-4 HeTu metal, 9+4=13, Odd number Yang nature.
Kun (2) and 7-2 HeTu fire, 7+2=9, Odd number Yang nature.
Gen (8) and 3-8 HeTu wood, 3+8=11, Odd number Yang nature.

The branches are classify under the following groups:

The stable, Yin Si Shen Hai are the 4 beginning of every season. Their main Qi are respectively, Jia Bing Geng and Ren, the sub Qi are respectively Bing Geng Ren Jia with Wu in all the stables. These are all Yang stems. When each of the main Qi and sub Qi added up for each stables, it does not form combination of 10. Therefore they are Yang in nature.

The cardinals, Mao Wu You Zi are the middle of every season. Their main Qi are Yi Ding Xin and Gui respectively. All Yin stems. They forms combination of 10. Therefore they are Yin in nature.

The graveyards, Chen Wei Xu Chou are the end of every season. Their main Qi are either Wu or Ji earth. However their sub Qi are all Yin stems and therefore by virtue the graveyards are Yin in nature for its sub Qi are combination of 10 respectively.

Such is believed to have been the reasons behind the YinYang classification for the 24 mountain in the SanYuan Luopan. in reality, if you believe this is the true reason, your SanYuan applications are incomplete.

Fact, YinYang does not stem from pure numerical permutations. They are the reflections of Heaven Man and Earth. Knowing thus you will understand what a SanYuan LuoPan is designed to measure. Without a throughout understanding of such, all the other Hexagram plates are nothing more then pure decorations.

P/S: Image credit to BengKung Tan

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The SanHe “Lord of The Rings” 3/3– Return of The Seam Needle

As Pure Yin Pure Yang is concerned, nothing is ever mentioned about embrace. Out of the 5 verses of Dragon, Embrace, Mountain, Spot and Water, only 3 items are of the concerns. If we assumed that RuDiYan is the forerunner of SanHe, way back before the Song Dynasty predated YangGong himself, something is very wrong when among the scripts, it mentioned that the use of the 28 asterisms as in accordance to Urging Officer, ChuiGuan, the only classics that has survived from being adulterated because it really means nonsense consumed raw and credited to LaiBuYi who lives in the Song era. He is also the inventor of this so called Human Ring. 

Known also as seam needle, apparently seaming the Heaven ring to the Earth ring, it is based on the Polaris north. This ring is used extensively to govern human behavior and opportunities thus it is used to evaluate embraces with response to the spot. Historically speaking it is also known as the outer Heaven Plate

The LuoPan is also a tool to measure the Lateral. In this case, the fixed star of the 28 asterisms known as the lunar station is narrowed down to each singular degree representing each day. Regrouped as 60 expended and contraction dragons and be matched with another set of 24 mountains called outer Heaven Plate. Consistent with RuDiYan, this ring is annexed to the principle of “as above, so below”, an extension of Pure Yin Pure Yang. Naturally, below the asterisms, there is a set of corresponding mountains, resulted from the gravitational pull of these asterisms and the valleys are the rivers. 9 Stars school or JuiXing Pai’s flipping trigram methods or FanGua (where its offspring of 5 Ghost Carry Treasure) are born within this broad principle. 

Must the Human Ring have YinYang? For completeness, the same Earth Ring YinYang is also applied to the Human Ring and that is where it has gone so very wrong. Objectively, Human Ring has no YinYang is also incomplete. Very little has been written about this Ring. Some go to an extend to market it as another FengShui secret as YuHanJing, apparently the only book which YangGong took from the imperial library via escaping later to be handed down to his grandchildren and now inherited by another GanZhou lineage called the Lineage of YangJiuPing for a very expansive fee. YangGong being a monk has offspring is a fact needed validation. Even so, none of his other works referred to this very ring. So, again, your guess is better than mine. 

The entire collections of this article called The SanHe “Lord of The Rings are in fact, contents of some very expansive FengShui life courses. The beauty of it is it can be summarized in 3 A4 pages with font 12 now available for Free. Yet, in reality, it can be applied and it is SanHe but not the true method. Knowing this, one will understand what are taught in the west under the pretext of water methods. In reality it is just purely academic. One way to find out its authenticity is to check the so called “inherited” LuoPan. If it is not marked and corrected accordingly, it is as good as some old antics. One GanZhou grandmaster has a point, when he said, “LuoPan post Qing Dynasty are all rubbish”

What do you think?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The SanHe “Lord of The Rings” 2/3– The Two Mountains

Pure Yin Pure Yang continues… 

Assuming that the sitting mountain is set against the incoming dragon, SanHe school people will establish facing to match outgoing water. SaHe concerns about outgoing water. By establishing facing, water is exiting correctly at the inauspicious sector based another approach called Later Heaven Water Formula and the remains are good Qi. Among the classics, only RuDiYan suggested that water shall exits at the auspicious sector instead. 

Later Heaven Water Formula stipulates the use of Heaven Ring, whereby it is another set of 24 mountain rings offset by 7.5 degree, presumably measuring the True North, another invention by YangGong. It is called Heaven because it is used to evaluate water base on the two mountains approach, sometimes called double mountain or ShuangShan. Water is the gifts of Heaven. Only 12 pairs of mountain are in used. The same water formula also stipulates the doctrine of 12 growth phases, which we will not discuss here, to evaluate the 12 pairs of Double Mountain, classifying them auspicious or otherwise. 

Conforming to Pure Yin Pure Yang, dragon matching sitting, facing matching water principles are derived from here. All those YiGua ChunQing or One Singular Pure Gua formations are also borrowed from here. Pure Gua here means, Pure Yin and Pure Yang. By the same token, a Yang Facing must match a Yang water exit or ingress and this call for the Heaven Plate to have its own YinYang. By the same token, it borrows from the Earth Ring’s YinYang, believing that such is in compliance to Pure Yin Pure Yang and this is where it has gone so very wrong! 

By extension, Earth Principles 5 Verses stipulates YinYang flow will determine the manner in which 12 growth phases are assigned to the 12 double mountains thus rendered the YinYang of Heaven Plate not applicable. Thus the YinYang of Heaven plate refers to the Yin or Yang flow and not the YinYang double mountains. One grandmaster of GanZhou often uses this classic example to mock inexperience master who had attempted to design their own LuoPan. He advocated that Heaven Plate has no YinYang and this is also where it has gone so very wrong! 

In summary the Two Mountains are in reference to the Heaven Plate. Together with the Earth Plate, it completes the SanHe LuoPan according to the orthodox YangGong School. By the same token, establishing sitting is based on magnetic north while establishing facing is based on true north. Some years ago, the similar question has raised heated arguments among “egg heads” resulted in this article, click HERE. Thus, Yang Facing matching Yang water,  the sacred Pure Yin Pure Yang is conformed. This is absolutely crap!


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