Wednesday, April 24, 2013

13th Malaysia General Election - What Has Been Installed...

This is the QiMen of the election date. What do you see? First, it is a transitional day from Spring to Summer. This sort of day, Qi is very unstable. Good becomes bad and vice versa. Exactly the sort of day to be chosen if you know you are fighting a losing battle. On such day, it may be chaotic and unpredictable.
As observed, within the door of Death, one cuts away the troop coming from the South. This troop is reinforcing the opponent. The majority is NOT going to help the 6 white (authority Star)  and this has to be permanently disabled. On such account foresee massive jam at the causeway. Stagnation as suggested in Gen Gua, not allowing people to crossover. In other word, the chart suggested that an attempt to hinder Malaysian working in Singapore or the South to return home to vote, prompting Flight overbooked or massive jam at the CIQ complex at the causeway.
To break this formation, plan ahead and come home early to vote. The door of Growth is open and with a pure “Heart”, TianXin is there to assist. In other words, it is not the material gains that dictate, but the “Heart” of the people. Saying so, even mountains can be flattened.
Another significant observation is there are large movement from the Northeast, Gen. Does it suggest ferrying assistants from the other side of the shore? With Sky-Horse located at the Heaven Plate Xin, denoting massive movement via plane to fly in back-ups to win the losing war! In other words, there may be an attempt to bring in voter from East Malaysia to vote for the incumbent.
To break this formation, use the “Geng”. It is very easy to “smell” these groups of people. Early alert by the respective party will pave the way for a Clean election. Remember, in the Door of Scenery, network as in Nine Heaven coupled by the 8 white, Geng is very sharp, slicing through everything. Act early is the operative word.
Overheard a conversation in the local 9.88 station suggesting trouble ahead for the people of Malaysia no matter which partisan win the election with each side blaming the others of bankrupting the nation. The coffer will be emptied, so even if the opponent wins, they will not have enough to run the show. Typical of the ancient warfare strategy when the losing team burns everything before abandoning the fortress. Notice the Ding fire given the Door of Harm?
Well, everybody knows Yi, Bing, Ding are the 3 nobles. How bad can that be? 5 Yellow in the palace of Dui, there are “emperors” bestowing fortune to the emptied coffer. This is to suggest to the people of Malaysia not to worry if the country will be bankrupt as there are already “Funds” to replenish the empty coffer. Go ahead to vote for your favourite team. Every vote counts, your vote is important to change Malaysia for a better tomorrow.
“Selamat Mengundi”

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Blissful Dragon Spot in Bukit Mertajam

Visited a controversial memorial park in BM. Greeted by their resident FS master, we walk around looking for an auspicious spot. Strangely, it is somewhere hovering at the earth deity temple with plenty of sparrows encircling the bright hall.
Some controversial background surrounding this park is that some DiLi expert from Taiwan came and dotted this spot as a very auspicious site particularly for ShengJi or living tomb. Needless to say, others disagree. One reason for is that the site lack of natural streams. So, an artificial stream was constructed and separating the site into multiple zones. No main static spot was formed. Can one guess which the multimillion zones are?
On Google, one tiny vein is clearly identifiable while the others just continue on. So, technically the dragon is on moving forming the left embrace of the site with a weaker right embrace. Those graves that are closer to this little vein would benefit the most yet their alignments are still crucial. Can this site be used? Yes, just tap the vein.
The water mouth is “locked” artificially in a SanYuan manner. Very similar to the one in Semenyih. All is required is to tap into the current prosperous water star. This sort of formation is nice to show  about typical memorial landform. Where is the so called, incoming dragon, water and exiting water mouth.
The resident master is all ear and eye observing us fearing that we will sabotage some auspicious grave there. However, that is not our cup of tea. Just before signing off, there is a point to note on the facing mountain of a “gold ingot”. Can you see one?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TNB FengShui Saboteurs

One crazy phenomenon in Malaysia is the way the Malaysian Statutory Service Provider - TNB, plants their Electrical Pylons. It crosses Chinese territory especially cemetry. Is it aim at destroying Chinese FengShui in Malaysia or simply meaningful coincidence?
I was told another attempt is planned for Ampang area after the failed attempt in Cheras.  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reverse Joss Stick - Another Yin FengShui's Job?

Placing Joss Stick after prayers are a common thing in Temple. However, have you ever see people placing Joss Stick at the reverse side, meaning the burning joss at the bottom and the stick at the top as shown in the picture?
I was told these are among the practices of Yin Fengshui. Some may see this as a vulgar gesture of "eating rice from the bowl and reversing the bowl upon completion". What so you think?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Yin Elephant Versus Yang Mickey-Mouse ?

I enjoyed reading alternate views, but qualifying one view as “Plagiarism”, needs to be proven that an article or essay has been copy stock, load and barrel, example – HERE. Picking up content and discussing it does not in any manner construed as “Plagiarism”. It only shows that the content has substance worth discussing. As it may, when an article is written in such as – “Read an article about…”, it clearly indicates that I am not the prime originator of such a content. I am only responding to such, as in my view and I had taken the liberty to conceal my source for fear of misrepresentation, although in courtesy, it warrants me to do so.
Furthermore, in making a comparison I did not state which is superior or inferior. I am only stating a provocateur. If one read it in a positive sense, there is no ground to challenge whatsoever. It is only a point of view.
Yin versus Yang is only a demarcation. You cannot have one without the other. In fact, it is the Yin that is “more powerful” in a general sense because the basis does not stem from the 5 elements and its YingYang is different. Saying thus, it may be abused if one’s character is subversive. Such, I leave it to all for contemplation and the operative word is, again, “may”. By the same token, Yang practitioner also knows Yin and vice versa – so where is the boundary?
Let’s not be petty over small issue and let's  move on…
In one case, there is a, once, successful supermarket. Ever since a nearby Hindu temple erected a pair of Elephant Heads onto their temple archway, the supermarket almost went bust. The management engaged FengShui expertise and he suggested that it should have huge “Mickey Mouse” erected above the roof facing the pair elephants. They even renamed the supermarket after the mouse in hope that the elephant would be afraid of the mouse. The moment it was done, the supermarket went bust. Today, it remains as an abandoned space, reminding us that the culprit is the elephants. Is that true?
Well, it can always be viewed in a “Yin” context and rationalized in a “Yang” context as well, as its landform leaks Qi. It is again, a different set of YinYang at play.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yin Versus Yang

Read one interesting article about Yin FengShui and its road to trial, tribulation and redemption. What actually interest me is it can be summarized as the followings: -
1.       Code of Conduct – After reading it, I am sure you will swear not to be a Yin FengShui master! It says that, the genuine one, among others, must keep very low profile because he ought to sabotage others FengShui, according to the wishes of his paymaster. One has to be a vegetarian. One must not set up one’s family.
2.       What is Yin aspect of FengShui – Commercial premise, is to take a “fighting machine” stance for all the important areas while Residential premise, is to fulfill a “treasure pot” stance for wealth and health.
3.       Sabotage Modus Operandi – Every aspect of FengShui touch based on the idea of 8 aspirations such as Direct Wealth, Indirect Wealth, Revenue, Peach Blossoms, Nobleman, Health, Children and Academic sectors. Yin FengShui methods are to sabotage others’ 8 aspiration sectors. For example, cashier, is generally a direct wealth location just needed to encounter shattered mirror. Indirect wealth location usually hidden dark spot location favoring the 5 ghosts carry treasures, encountering camera flashes or sudden brightness. Revenue sectors usually where water activation is visible, tarnished by a stain of blood. Peach Blossom sector, pricked by a drop of a needle.
4.       Karmic Effect – Could you run away from your debtors? Yes, according to the author if it is done as a professional basis. That is to say, if others are not screwed up, you will not benefit. It is a Sum Zero game.
I began to understand where the author is coming from and the term “Yin” as it does not mean FengShui for the Death but the “other” aspect of doing unseen FengShui departing from the natural order of the 5 elements. However, there is a brighter side to the above said as in Yang FengShui: -
1.       Code of Ethic – The genuine one would not do FengShui if he has no affinity with you, if the subject matter is suppressing his conscience, if it requires him to sabotage others’ FengShui. He does not necessary keep the vow of neither celibacy nor vegetarianism.
2.       Yang aspect – Is to set up a structure in order for the premises to receive ShengQi.
3.       Mutual Resonance Modus Operandi – You don’t need to sabotage others to glorify one self. When a structure is in place, there is always left over Qi from others to be received and surplus to be shared with your neighbors. It is never a Sum Zero game but a win-win situation. You can either receive Qi from the point it begins or from the point it ends.
4.       Karmic Effect – The Late Master Kong once said, “When you know your client's life improves and your life screw up, something is wrong with your ethics.... When you know your client's life screw up but your life improves, something is wrong with your method... When both your client's life and yours are screwed up, something wrong with your master... But when both your client and your lives had improved, you are on your ways to Heaven”.
On such, I may share one strange encounter when times permit, meanwhile give it a thought, everyone deserves a second chance!


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