Friday, January 11, 2013

My New Year Aspiration

He was trying to burn all my intricate collections of sacred gifts; a heirloom handed to me for safe keeping. Suddenly, all were destroyed, broken and confiscated with the exception of my benefactors and I felt pain; but why? Then, I noticed the eternal smile on my benefactor's face and I smiled, looking at him, who has adorned so much troubled of salvaging other's deed. I gently placed my benefactor back to where he came; partly soiled but completely beautiful. It broke my attachment, not my heart...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bolehland CEO's Penthouse

This is a story of a Bolehland CEO. Thought that he has moved to Aussie for good, but at a turn of event, he moved back! Surprising, surprising… Well, boredom could be his finest excuses but he seems to be chirpy returning home. Being home, he needs a place to stay and paying rental financing someone else’s condo is never his wise choice of corporate decision. So, he roped me in to select his condo, well during Chinese New Year week. The obvious feedback to him was, the only one fits his profile is a penthouse, nothing less.
Within a mnth, he actually bought it up and I went for a second look. Now, he has his Designer Architect friend, who has too much spirit and “disabled” and me wearing 2 hats. Somehow, things didn’t work out as planned, one being his wife the ultimate designer, the Design Architect uninspired thus withdraws and I voluntarily remove my option as his Design n Build contractor.
The last time, I visited his penthouse was a dinner arrangement. He has manage to keep the FengShui proposal intact and most of the layout in accordance to our initial plan. Like his words of wisdom, “I will definitely use what I had paid for”, FengShui master is still on top of the “food-chain” of construction industries.
This is a FACT.


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