Wednesday, October 9, 2013

奇门遁甲 Compendium

Invested on a book on QMDJ for less then USD200. Surprisingly it was written in the out of the norm manner, very unlikely the usual style of this notable author. A brief comparison with his other compendium series, usually with very little or no explanation at all charts. So, this is surprisingly a new approach which is also timely to market a course that focus into action plans for a handsome figure far beyond the affordable threshold of the normal guys on the street of Malaysia. 

The interesting things of this compendium is in fact, its content is far more comprehensive and complete as compared to some SanYuan QiMen DunJia live courses, once offered by his contemporary, that cost almost USD2,000.00

On this account, it doesn't really take a genius to reason out the underlying intentions but saying thus a cardinal rule of not taking a punch below the belt has almost diminished. 


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