Sunday, December 27, 2009

Simple Simon's New Year

Simple Simon met a pieman going to the fair;
Said Simple Simon to the pieman "Let me taste your ware"
Said the pieman to Simple Simon "Show me first your penny"
Said Simple Simon to the pieman "Sir, I have not any!"

I supposed HIS-story is going to repeat itself for the coming New Year. The above Simple Simon is best reflected as a resolution for the many. In the very much natural ways as,
Knowing others is wisdom;
Knowing the self is enlightenment.
Mastering others requires force;
Mastering the self requires strength;

Let there always be light for those who has walked waywardly, without regret without wrong doing,
for blessings cannot be counted with monetary deeds,
nor merits are accumulated from being silent and recluse,
As the way of the water does not discriminate dirt from crystal,
Nor it flows upstream to its source where it coagulates without touching the masses.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Measuring The Bed

Can someone enlighten me, what is this FengShui master measuring?
Is this another technique called Flying Fox establishing facing of the bed?
Very interesting....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Christmas Spirits Of Dao

Just the last weekend we had been travelling south again, on a mission. We would say it is a spiritual mission. This time, we were requested to investigate some strange occurrence in Yang dwellings. The house we visited has a very huge YinYang imbalance. This house is what we would classify as Yin Gods everywhere (YinShen ManTang). Do not be mistaken that the house is haunted. It is not a haunted house at all. The date we selected was interesting. It states, 9 dragons accompany to visit the monkey. The rains were pouring with heavily clouds above us, followings us down south without fail. We knew that the destination we are going to has no rain and yet everywhere we touchdown, there is rain. The moment we arrived, it stops. It manifested into 9 streams of lightning strikes. We moved in and audited the house and finally suggested to relocate the altar of the Deity. The omen was extremely auspicious with the “standing” cup Gua Image. We believed the 9 streams of lightning are the 9 dragons accompanying us and the monkey is the Monkey God (ChiTian DaShen) Altar we were rectifying. The house needs to have a huge make over to balance it Yin and Yang that is the conclusion.

Next, we move up north and the rains continue until our arrival to the Temple of the Jade Emperor. We had a sumptuous dinner with the abbot of the temple. The main course was the night with the spiritual enlightening for the greater SanYuan, Da SanYuan till dawn. The instructions to us were mind boggling and we knew ahead that there are a lot of works for us to do in the path of Dao.

Understand this, each time when the Yi YinYang is turned, the Dao YinYang is turned the other way as it is the mirror image of the same WuQi. When reading Xiang (imagery), one needs to differentiate between Qi and Shu (Numerology). Be it in the palaces of the face, the grid or the 3 dimensional physical spaces. All in the embrace of Dao with the YinYang WuXing, 5 elements at play. Know that the body of the 5 elements as Yin, the application is therefore Yang and which is Yang and therefore the application is Yin. So, as the most Yang of Bing with the most Yin of Gui, what is there to use?

The Christmas winter has arrived and it is said to be even grandeur then the year to come. So let us celebrate the Dao with upmost sincerity with the blessings of the Health, Wealth and Affinity to all. This blog will not close for holidays and it is going strong since 2007.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fabulousity Of The FengShui Boutique - Where Is The Cheese?

While en-route to investigate the issue of evading taxes, we bump into a huge FengShui outlet with a small temple attached by its side. A temple in a complex is something new to us. We were given the understanding that FengShui and religions can be mixed and matched. Once consultation is made on one side, donations in huge sum can be made on the other sides. Everything has a price tag and everything is so convenience.

Apparently business must be very good for the FengShui outlets. There are many personalized workstations without the consultant’s presence. We were informed that they were in field works. With the operating cost of fully air conditioned, lighted up spaces, huge areas, plenty of employed consultants and many huge consulting rooms and conference room, we believed that their operating costs are not cheap. Bet you, the best academy in town in Malaysia cannot match this guy! Yup we forget to mention about the huge Bently parked just outside the main entrance, acting liked the table mountain.

Later on the evening, we visited another metaphysics practitioner. We were greeted with familiar faces. In relation to the one we saw, this is a small set up. Very modern, no temple attached and best of all, not even a company name attached. They operate in a very casual style, or rather no style, a desk and a chair. One of the consultants looks more like a contractor then a FengShui practitioner in jackets and tie. No flamboyant deco. Their book orders seem to be out beat their locality, we believed. Minimalist with only the YinYang colors. Unsuspectingly, it could be mistakenly taken as a make shift office.

Speaking to the consultants of this office make us realize that they were too busy running up and down to complete their assignments without having much time to personalize their office. They prefer to spend time delivering then to showcase their fabulousity. Very down to earth explanation. Yup we forget to mention there is no Bently parked just outside the main entrance, acting liked the table mountain.

Thus the comparisons are obvious. Some outlets are meant for branding while others are meant to out-let their brands. Confuse? Think about it as the end user, where would one go knocking on their doors?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Legend Of The Tilted Doors

We detoured a little to Phor Kark See Temple in Bright Hill, to investigate the masterpiece of the late Venerable Grandmaster Hong Choon. The late Ven. Hong Choon needs no introductions. He is claimed to be the FengShui master responsible for the good fortune of Singapore. He was also known to have performed the miracles of castle gate to the fortune of the current grand Hyatt, standing tall in Orchard Road. In his life times, he was also known to be the disciple of the late Grandmaster Tan Yang Wu, a notable SanYuan XuanKong practitioner. However, from this visit, we would like to know is the late Ven. Hong Choon really a XuanKong master who practices the door tilting methodology?

We were taken by surprised that even SanHe methods fit the prescriptions. A closer investigation revealed that the temple sit on death and emptiness, in regardless of what the XKDG door tilting suggested. This is true only to the Halls where the Buddha and Bodhisattva are located. Something interesting was found in the otherwise the hall of the patriarch where the ancestral tablet of the late venerable is housed. It conforms to the SanHe structure in entirety with correct water exits. Strange, as water locations were the hall mark of SanYuan, however, why would a SanYuan Grandmaster uses the SanHe method instead? All the door tilting is for gimmicks or for something else?

The method of receiving reverse water was also interesting. With the cascading water and the bright hall to slow down the otherwise direct flow and yet we see no water features around the bright hall. Where is the saying that the Qi will stop at the boundary of water? In lieu of back walls, there are three large tilted doors to receive Qi. Must every back be a Dark Warrior (XuanWu)? Such formations are also similar to the principle of SanFen, SanHe a notable SanHe structure.

Next time around, anyone who wished to sell the XKDG door tilting techniques by quoting the masterpiece of the late venerable as their forte, think again. Better, investigate further.

Investigating The Effect Of Flying Star In Changing Into Period 8

In the Blog Entry, more con-sult-ant in the makings (, “…I was call to go down South to rescue another screwed up job. We do not want to know who this person was but by the way the modus operandi is given, there could only be one answer…”. This time around, while we investigated the property, we were given a rectification works of a Flying Star screwed-up job of changing into period 8. Here is the tale.

Prior to the change of period 8, the house has been lived by a couple with 3 beautiful grown up kids. Business for the father was good but issues with the grown up children was experiencing a roller coaster ride. The elder son was attracted to a married woman with a son. Her marital status was unknown. The parents objected to their relationship and ended up having the elder son leave the family to settle down with the married woman across the border. The youngest son too was having a difficult time with relationship. The wedding of the youngest son was prepared but at the nick of time, the bride pulls out of the wedding, resulting in gross wastage and emotional traumas.

In view of such, they engaged a consultant who spelt out to his client that never to mention his name unless it is for a job reference. In 2004, the makeover include painting of the walls, changing of the roof, changing of the Heaven’s Heart, tilting of the door to capture castle gate formation and vacate for at least 100 days before moving in again. The results were the parents finally agreed to pay up the ransom of the elder son and he married the lady with an illegitimate child. They move into the house. The younger son met up another girl and finally tied the knot.

Is that happily ever after? No, as the elder son begins to feel that the wife he married was unsuitable for him and the younger son’s ex-girlfriend wanted to patch up and be the third party in their relationship. Then business was slapped with the authority issues of invading taxes, since 2008. As we did not do the site investigation, using divination method we manage to prescribe some temporary relieve, see True enough, he was off the hook in 2008. However, in 2009 the same problem repeated.

This time around, we were on site to investigate further. The owners were not really cooperative as we need to dig and dig to find more answers. The water exits were wrong and the only good thing was, they may have stirred up the Qi and ended up with the happy occasions of the married of their sons although it may not be long lasting.

As usual we discussed a little further in Yifengshui inner teachings.

Is this how the Flying Star changing of Period 8 and Castle Gate entrance takes effect? We thought it would last for another 20 years?

Ancestral Temple

In the course of the work as an Architect, very often we design buildings for the livings. Occasionally we designed memorial and monuments in the western sense. However, there are times when we were called in to design the Ancestral house for the Tycoons. Similar to the one we often see in Malacca, called the Chee Mansions, ancestral house is where all the ancestral tablets were displayed and worship. This is one of those monuments that must fit into the templetes of FengShui, so it is by default a square building, with or without courtyard and multiple rooms for the Guests, living and deceased.

We were also called in as a party of FengShui masters in the consortium of three, where I posted in my blog 2 years ago. Surprisingly, the SanYuan practitioner can work hand in hand with the SanHe and to all there is no necessity to tilt the door. Surprised!

Unfortunately we cannot disclose the locations and readings...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Another FengShui Monster?

Just this morning, while reading the news, the following story caught my eyes: -

" College student duped into having sex with ‘medium’. KUALA LUMPUR: A 20-year-old college student who sought a medium’s help to end her streak of bad luck ended up having to sleep with the man...", for more detail read

The English news state that he is a medium, however from the Chinese sources, he was called Master Choy, a FengShui master, who recommended the student to sleep with him after cautioned her from the palm readings that her fate would be detrimental if she chooses not to sleep with a married man. Indeed it turns out to be detrimental after sleeping with the master and contracted STD, instead. What a pity!

So this story is to illustrate that no matter how hard genuine masters try to educated the masses of what the aspect of real FengShui is, yet the masses will still go for the bogus one, that include first to Con then to Insult sort of Consultant, rapist, Mc Fengshui who sells you ornaments for ransom price and endless live courses that do not worth its price.

It is again just a pity that the so called guardian of the arts, the 13-14 families, who has the privilege of keep such arts for posterity do not even bother to make things right from the first instance. What use of sitting back when everyday, for every genuine master is trained there are 100 fake masters are being graduated from the bogus establishment, proliferating the practice even further?

Think about it!


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