Integrated in 3D:-
  1. Dialogue - We understand your needs (Client's Brief)
  2. Do - We Audit, Proposed Solutions, Verify InstallationsMonitor Feed Backs and
  3. Document - Documenting Audits and Post Audits Reviews in the 1st, 3rd and the 6th Months.
In the presence of: -
  1. The Stage - Location, there must be a site in question
  2. The Actors - Clients, there must be a real person in question
  3. The Scripts - Objectives, there must be a logical and achievable objectives based on the person's BaZi and site context
Where: -
  1. Site Selection is the First Line of Defense
  2. Alteration is the second best by realignments
  3. Ad-Hoc Interim prevention through placement of objects


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