Wednesday, March 19, 2014

XKDG - The One Version?

This one version is not yet the ultimate version but it is good enough to keep things moving for those who wish to understand the true nature of DaGua. The word XuanKong is purposely left out... 

Liked any FengShui method, what makes it ticks is the underlying application and what is probably known as Mid-Heaven BaGua. Without knowing this it is as good as theory. The LuoPan only shows you the Heaven and Earth plate. It never tells you about application. If really that XKDG is about Heaven Qi, how do one link it to Earth and Human? There are three components. Heaven, Man and Earth Gua. You have the 2 without the 3rd, things cannot work consistently. It is really not about date selection, tilted door and matching to the person's Gua. It is more of arranging YinYang from the 2 slices, 4 imagery and the mysterious Mid-Heaven Gua. This is sort of the very reason why so many courses offered out there are plain rubbish.

If you Google and search for Mid-Heaven Gua, probably you will find one version called YuanBao BaGua. It is the same species someone dug out from DunHuang cave years ago... Is this the Mid-Heaven Gua applied to XKDG? Ha... you just can't trace over that into your LuoPan and simply use it? Strangely, you will also come to notice in a very near future, some masters may be teaching Mid-Heaven Gua in their XKDG syllabus.

So this very Mid-Heaven BaGua is a top secret of any given school. Should I disclose what do they advocate to make their XKDG works? Drop me a mail or comment if you want to find out.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

XKDG - Plain Rubbish Version

Yes, you read it right! There are plenty of plain rubbish versions of XKDG available in the market. If you search the net, you will be greeted with some form of rosy chart claiming to be the complete course of XKDG. Yet, the rosy charts like the one attached are nothing close to the truth. It only represents the current level of Master Practitioners out there in the market of English speaking community. I can’t blame them as it is a highly guarded secret among the real practitioners. 

Using XKDG together with QMDJ is another sugar coated scheme that is highly marketed these days. It is made popular by the late Zheng ZiNan (ZZN) coined with a mouthful - SanYuan DiLi XianTian XuanKong DaGua QiMen DunJia, in the late 1970s. All the sudden, you see fresh young Master Practitioners having claimed to have a piece of ZZN now offering such to the masses. If truly QMDJ is about asking favor from the Dieties, there is always a cheaper version to seek out consultation from the temple medium… 

Please get real!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Another Slanted Door In A Primary School?

I am speechless......

In BOLEHLAND, national type Chinese Primary Schools are deprived of funds. Whatever they need especially for the development of school or curriculum, public donations are called for. Yet I am surprised to find that funds had been utilized to tilt door for the HM office. It is costly to special made the timber door frame and yet it does not produced the desire result in FengShui terms.

This school has been through a roller coaster ride before its re opening. After the installation, the HM has been replaced and the rest was history. It is facing outflow but it does not in anyway affect the rest of the staff.

Morale of the story, don't simply tilt door at the expand of public funds. Karma will catch up soon.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Don't Be Too Happy If You Are Enjoying Good FengShui

Back in 2011, we mentioned of an outlet enjoying brisk business of selling Taiwanese Dessert, detail Here. 2 years down the road, an ongoing construction at the incoming Qi screw up everything! The entire dessert street is affected. In fact this very shop was broken in and its fortune turned overnight. When your fortune and good FengShui is still running, remember that it will not last forever.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

T Junction Disaster

Property facing T Junction is usually deemed to have bad FengShui. However if it is a commercial property, it may well be a good location instead. This is true only on the basis of a common FengShui believed among FengShui masters especially from HongKong on the basis of if you want to strike wealth you must confront Three Killing (SanSha). How to go about it, is reserve for some other time.

The Taiwanese approach is similar but they don't call it Sha or Killing. It is just called receiving Yin formation. Either way there are strict procedural observation to conform to. If it fits into the profile of either receiving Yin or confronting  SanSha, the commercial property would prosper.

However, a case in mind between the junction of OUG and Old Klang Road, a newly minted shop offices remained vacant for many years. It is almost the same Yin Profile or SanSha and yet the results are far from excellent. Why?

After Tilting Door - What's Next?

We have a liking to investigate Door Tilting. In 2010, 4 years ago we had exposed a number of door tilting that does not conform to landform and did poorly. A recent makeover by this very Vagan restaurant on the door from being tilted back to its original form. Guess what? The business picked up like nobody business. Always packed for "Rabbit Food"? Strange indeed. I guess, the owner finally come to his senses that tilted door cannot work. What say you?

Another Mall In The Pipeline - Fengshuied?

No water observed. 
Sky canopied. 
Straight Boulevard. 
Funky Ceiling. 
FnB one sides. 
No people. 
Water features in Dimpled Bright Hall.
Faces downward road, flow outward.
Sunken Entrance.
Facing Gap.
No clarity of YinYang

..... Another Recipe for FengShui Disaster?


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