Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Confronting Y?

A common account of Land form is the challenge to deal with the “Pulling Nose” and the “Piercing Heart” afflictions (ShaQi). Similarly so when we deal with buildings sitting or facing the “Y” configure road, either with Pulling Nose or Piercing Heart effect. Classics are mutually contradicting on these accounts. Their contradictions, however, is consistent if one understand the overall concepts it ought to explain. Here is where applications differ so much from mere theory. 

A “Y” configuration is either a road splits into two or both roads connect into one. The former is known to be a water mouth and the latter is known as the water shed. The question is always; will a building facing the water mouth be as auspicious to a building facing a water shed, or vice-versa? Next, a pulling nose effect will happen when the road is flowing outward from the house facing while the piercing Heart effect will happen when the road is flowing inward from the house facing. Compounding both effects to the water shed or water mouth; you end up having a cocktail of “ShaQi” to deal with. Worse, if the setting is within an urban area where the roads are defined by rows of building creating what is probably known as Heavenly Chop afflictions or wind gaps. This is why it is FengShui taboo for a house to face a road or Y junction. 

Many case studies revealed that houses in such a location are either vacant or dilapidated. If strictly by the books, it calls for avoidance and probably what is the point of doing FengShui in the first place if there is no cure? However, it is not necessary to be true. There are houses and shops prosper. The question is always – Why? In such doing, it is a land form issue; require a land form solution and probably not the over rated XKDG Fighting Afflictions formula based method.


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