Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things That They Don't Teach In FengShui School

What we have discussed earlier are some thoughts that you don’t need to spend unnecessarily for placebo FengShui comes every year and dealing with annual afflictions are just simple method of lay back and do nothing about it, contrary to some irresponsible recommendations of FengShui monster, to fight SanSha and the sort. If there is existing external ShaQi, dial 911 and call for FengShui masters. Only they can fix the problem.

Recommendations of locating the main door, headboard and stove, found in annual FengShui forecast book, at locations deemed to have been visited by the annual favorable star is highly simplified. You will still not able to benefits from these noble stars unless, a genuine FengShui master does the ShouQi or NaQi for you, which means to say, they must be there to make the necessary alignment for you in respect of the structure of your house within a given time. That is one good reason; they have good business before the arriving of every New Year! A DIY is as best as to receive the good effects of Spring Cleaning. If it really comes true then you believe that the writer is God in disguise of a man and you will go for his professional advice in due course. If it does not come true, then by virtue of the exclusion clause printed in small print in among the front pages, you cannot do anything. That is a very good reason why it is a must from commercial FengShui masters to publish annual FengShui forecasts. 

However, it is still a noble effort. As in betweens we are able to see how such nobilities are afflicted in some ways or another through another layer called, annual ShenSha usually found in the front few pages of the ThongSheng or the Almanac. A subject we shall discuss if times permit.

For completeness, let us look at the Purple White for XinMao year as part of QiMen DunJia methodology, for the upper period 8, XinMao year with the 5 yellow in the palace of growth. So, technically the 5 yellow for this year is a noble one. However, it shares the same palace with TaiSui, so in another ShenSha dimensions, it means something else, which we shall discuss in the topic of ShenSha. Whereas, 9 are in the palace of controlling out, so technically speaking it is a benevolent 9 purple caught in a difficult situation for it to display its nobility. Meeting SuiPo and SanSha, it also means something else. If there is a physical door in that sector, what does it opens up in terms of the “Human Door”, thus what sort of “gods” of nobility are we inviting through such “door”?

In conclusion, there are many dimensions into an otherwise, simple chart of annual flying star. Saying thus, we can still DIY but be prepare if nothing happens. That is already a good sign of auspiciousness!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

P/S: As a token of appreciation to our faithful fans and followers who has taken grace to welcome the GOD of Prosperity during the Chinese New Year Eve in our associated temples, we would be providing FREE consultation for their very own New Year make over. Contact us if you are interested.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Words of Wisdom

People who believes that their futures and fortunes can be predicted by the numbers, associated with their phone numbers, house numbers, marriage certificates numbers, birth certificates numbers, car numbers, pet numbers and all sorts of other predictions, will willingly allow all kinds of predictions to dictate their lives. They try to better their fortune with all kinds of rituals. They forget that every day is a lucky day for an industrious man. They ignore the different paths that can help them realize different goals. The most unlucky person in the world is those who never knew that they have always been lucky!

Thank you Mr. Oh KimLeng for such an inspired wisdom. I have taken the liberty to apply such to a more meaningful observation of the recent delirium in Chinese Metaphysics.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kitchen Gossips

The Kitchen reflects the authority of the female household in a family. It traditionally reflects the power of Kun or the matron of the family. Kitchen is also a location for the female members to mingle and socializes which also include receiving friends of the female gender. Therefore, a kitchen is associated to the feminine side of the household as most of the time it will be occupied by the female of the house. It is therefore the noisiest and happening place for gossips and the sorts. It is therefore, a Yang sector of the house and should occupy the 4 Yang locations of TianYi, YanNian, ShengQi and FuWei.

Being a location for the females, it governs the reproduction organs, health and family upbringing of the household. The state of the kitchen will reflect the situation of one’s well being. If it is disorder, dirty and messy, it reflects the downside of the matron and all sorts of illness connected to the female of the house liked childlessness and so forth. Thus a Kitchen is one of the important sectors for a house.

A kitchen traditionally consists of a stove location, well and grinder. The dining table is usually located at the living although some may be located within the kitchen compound. Among this items liked the stove, grinder and well, the stove place the most important role in the Kitchen setup. Inevitably, kitchen liked any other rooms must receive good Qi.

There is a saying of Fire and Water clashes due to stove facing the well. Much applied in a traditional sense were the stoves is smoky and it poses an occupational hazard of falling into the well. In the modern context, it is somewhat inapplicable. However, to the FengShui purist, it is better to abstain having the sink opposite the stove whereas side by side is consider acceptable.

To be continue...

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Empowering BaZi Workshop Ever!

Excuse us for not updating Yifengshui so regularly. We would like to discuss more about 8 Mansions but at the moment, we would like to share with you the moments of our workshop on BaZi applications. It was a unique composition of students where to our surprised, most of them has prior knowledge in BaZi fundamentals. Coupled with our repeat students the workshop kicked off with high gears towards clashes, combination and transformations. The highlights are the manners of which we treat these notions of movements in the BaZi chart, almost unconventional from the usual norm. As reiterated by one student from the republic, by far this is one of the Best BaZi courses she has ever attended. The answer which was long sought after has been answered. We were also humbled by the attendance of students of other schools, which has largely benefited from the no holding back approach of Master Ng. The highlights ended with even more laughter at dinner.

Next, the other main course was day 2, specifically reserved for the 10 Gods. Our repeat students dwell on it with much ease whereas it was an almost guaranteed eye opener for the new students. Never had they seen the 10 Gods can be played with in such flexibilities and in such a manner that the chart could be read in so many ways! Words just cannot describe it all. The real "kung-fu" is how the 10 gods are in actions! You must SEE to believe it!

The closing day was the icing of the cake. Within the confine of the four walls, all secrets were revealed! We respect the guts of the volunteer to allow their BaZi to be dissected in minute details: a testimony that ZiPing BaZi can be as good and detailed as compared to its cousin, ZeWei DouShu. As one student in Penang puts it, he has never felt so "naked" before even the spiritual sides can be easily revealed. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal all the "scandalous" pointers that have been hiding deep within the chart. One word says all - MARVELOUS!

Bonus, BingBazi drop by all the way from Malacca to show us his pet techniques of investigating the spiritual dimensions of the BaZi chart. As time is drawing near to an end passed 8 pm, where most outstation and oversea students need to catch their flights, they had only THREE things to bring back - enormous exposure to REAL BaZi applications besides the good food that Seremban has to offer and endless laughter from our good bouncy Lenny, whom we owed so much for his effort to organize this workshop.

For our students of QuanYuan, we will take your suggestions to improve on our shortcomings and to organize more workshops of these natures especially in FengShui. As organizing workshops are not as simple as it is, as we have to balance logistics with the course contents, we are looking forward to bring you more quality expositions in Chinese Metaphysics by next year. 

To the numerous calls and emails for enquiry that we had received after the workshop either for BaZi and FengShui consultations, we regret to say that our appointment for the moment is quite full especially coming to the end of the year. We thank you for your interest in our services and please speak to Lenny should you need to contact us. His information is HERE.

Last but not least, Master Ng's message to his students is equally important especially on the secret techniques of XieZi. His full message is HERE.

We look forward to see you again in our courses line up for next year!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Problem With Eight Mansions

This method is considered to be the simplest forms of FengShui methodology. So simple that some experts reckoned it to be a flawed method. How could one be possible of dividing people into 2 sectors of East and West house? Made popular by the book called BaZhai MingJing or Eight Mansions Bright Mirror, some claimed to be authored by the monk YiXing while others, to be coming from the grandmaster Yang, it is subject to debate. However, the inevitable question remains, is BaZhai or Eight Mansions a SanHe or a SanYuan method? 

If it is a SanYuan method, why is the element annexed to the stars such as ShengQi takes TangLang (wood) instead of 1-6 (water) in accordance to the HeTu? TangLang star form in SanHe is a wood star. So, it must be a SanHe methodology. Such may not be true?

Yet, it is not SanHe per se. Practitioners of XuanKong DaGua (XKDG) understand that Eight Mansions is the macro view of XKDG. DaGua being the Hexagram of the YiGua (not YiJing), consist mainly of lower trigram being the host and upper trigram being the guest. In this case the host remains constant as the sitting Gua of a house. Therefore a house Gua remains valid in the application. Whereas the guests are the transformed Gua (wandering stars) or flipping trigrams. With both Trigrams it forms a Hexagram. This is DaGua when it is annexed to the Gua Qi and Gua Yun, in a macro view. So it must be SanYuan.

To illustrate such, take a Kun sitting house as an example. We cast a natal chart based on the LoShu and sitting of a house, in this case, Kun house. Based on the flipping method we superimposed the Eight Mansions star into the LoShu. Then we superimposed the Eight Mansion star as DaGua into the LoShu. Do you see the consistency as to why there are only 4 favorable stars and 4 unfavorable stars?

Saying thus, it opens up to myriads issues worth investigating. Is our theory wrong or simply our applications going so wrong? One conclusion, Eight Mansion is not as simple as it appears to be.On another note, do you really knows what make a ShengQi really growing Qi and not just name sake? What is the quality of YanNian and the qualifying factors of TianYi and not just those descriptions found on the books available in the market. It is all in the DaGua itself.

Drop us a note if you want to know more…

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Horizontal Paths

Strangely, the 7 luminaries made up 3 distinct paths along the horizon. These paths are relevant to the movement of the sun and the moon as will stop at each stations marked by the static stars. These stations are known as the 28 lodges, further group into 4 categories known as the 4 celestial beasts, each governs the four cardinals respectively.

Needless to say, the 28 lodges also have its personification of its respective deities in the Daoist pantheon governing the auspiciousness of the relevant sector in relation to the visits of TaiYang (sun) and TaiYin (moon). Will such often seen as the basis of date selections?

Your Left Is My Right

No one reference point is the same?

Basic Chinese astrology states the 4 streams as TaiYi, TaiWei, ShaoWei and TianShi, referring to the HeTu with the reference point is ZiWei, the North Dipper. Some term these as the static part of the Milky Way?

Then the 7 luminaries of the 5 planets and our sun and moon made up the dynamic part of the Milky Way. We were blessed with the 4 seasons, night and day. Here, we establish directions as in North South East and West. Thus, the measurement of the lateral arises thanks to the dynamics of the 7 luminaries. When this direction is set out, where is our point of reference? Earth or the pole star?

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Clockwise or Anti Clockwise

In HeTu, the Odd number forms a Yang enclosure. While the other Even number forms another Yin enclosure. This enclosure establishes the left or the right turning cycles. 

Why must Yang takes left to right and Yin takes right to left? A matter of coriolis effects? 

Perhaps, in the Northern Hemisphere, the compass is pointing South and an adjustment must be made while in the Southern Hemisphere instead, as the compass ought to have pointed North! All our known SanYuan theory must have been reversed and screwed up for the reference point is always in the context of the Northern Hemisphere... OMG! Is that why the application goes so wrong?

This perhaps is the most confused lots in the Chinese astronomy pertaining to the HeTu principle applied in FengShui resulting in among others, why even XKFX stars fly forward, odd XKFX stars fly backward? Why counts from the left first and not the right? Why XKDG uses the outer plate and not the inner one? 

What may seen to be a displaced disc of enclosures are actually stacking above one another. What does this imply?

In the another words, mountain is construe as Yin or mountain is construe as Yang? Water is construe as Yin or water is construe as Yang? Better, when XieZi changes, Mountain are not construed as Mountain, Water is not construe as Water. Mountain can be taken as Water; Water can be taken as Mountain. 


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Establishing Enclosures

One example of 1 and 6 is that they belong to the same clan. 1 Yang transforms into 6 Yin, by virtue of the 5. Is this the change in XieZi? Details read HERE.

While we see XuanKong DaGua (XKDG) as the prescription, XuanKong FeiXing (XKFX) as the diagnosis, what does the number 5 actually means? 

In XKFX, we were so afraid of the 5 yellow that the Fighting Afflictions junkies want to muddle with it. 

In XKDG, where is the GuaQi number 5? Is there a combination of 5 and 10 in the XKDG GuaQi and GuaYun? What does a combination of 5 and 10 means in XKDG? Anyone opts to sell and bastardized “IChing XKDG” or call it by other names needs to understand this? Just how does your water and mountain star fly in your XKFX, forward, backward, up, down or topsy-turvy?

Then, 2 and 7 purportedly means 5 known planets (some says 5 elements) + (1 moon and 1 sun) = 7 luminaries. Is that true? 

How about 3 and 8 at the left, taking the postulation that the sun raises at the east and 4 and 9 at the right, the sun sets on the west? On contrary, the 4 pillars of HeTu do not establish directions and where does east and west comes about? A little bit force fitting? 

So to conclude that North is water element, South is fire element and so on so forth is fundamentally RUBBISH!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Establishing Pillars

In a complete HeTu, 1 to 5 is called the numbers of origin (o) whereas 6 to 10 are called the numbers of completions. The difference aspect of things that can be observed is 1+5=6, with the rest follow suit. The origin numbers seem to have been without the +5 whereas the completion numbers are the result of the origin numbers +5. 5 remains in the center (pivot), completion numbers are the results of the origin numbers returning to the center and transformed into something else while returning to its original palace. What could this possibly means? Does It means to say understand where Qi begins and where Qi ends?

Legendary tale foretold that the Polaris star is surrounded by 6 other stars constituting the Ursa Minor constellation. This ladle formation become the vehicle to the Polaris star, ZiWei and liked any constellation in the Daoist pantheon has been canonized as ZiWei TianJun, responsible for the Fate and fortune of the Chinese Emperor. So the completion numbers are seen as being able to ferry the emperor to your side to your benefits. Is that true?

So, a complete set of HeTu will see, 1 and 6 at the bottom, 2 and 7 at the top, 3 and 8 at the left, 5 and 10 at the center and lastly, 4 and 9 at the right, completing a cross liked formations that is called the four pillars of the Milky Way. Is it also set the backdrop for the 4 pillars of BaZi?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ultimate Tale Of The One

The array of the numbers in the HeTu represents the structure of the galaxy. Starts from the 1, it represents the Dipper. The phrase TaiYi gives birth to water, meaning the ultimate ONE gives birth to water which is the source of life - Evolutions. 

The life giving factors annexed to the significant of the North Dipper has been canonized as the North Dipper Deity (BeiDou TianJun) benevolence in prolonging life, within the Daoist pantheon. It is so pure and distilled that it sinks deep downwards. So the Dipper position within HeTu remains at the bottom. It did not reflect the geographical or astronomical North, contrary to common believes. HeTu is all about top, bottom, left and right.

In any temple of the Nine Emperor Gods, 2 distinctive pagodas are seen with each dedicated to the North and South Dipper Deities respectively. The constructions and locations of these pagodas follow the strict sequence of the HeTu, a tale for another time. The question remains, what has the pagoda got to do with the North and South Dipper Deities?

Saying thus, receiving ShengQi is to tap into this very source of life which is the ONE. It is incomplete in any knowledge if one does not understand the applications of the water method. Saying thus, it is connected with the pagoda of the North Dipper Deity. The question is how?

Tale Of The Heavenly Heart

Every map has a reference point. The HeTu reference point is the Dipper and Earth. The basis is the YinYang of numbers where Odd number is Yang and Even number is Yin. In another word of male and female. The very basic unit of 5 comprises of 2+3 or 4+1. Both these numbers are stand alone YinYang and therefore, its YinYang is balanced, the fundamental principle of KanYu, we must first balance YinYang. 

The so called, balanced 5 becomes the pivoting reference denoting the center of the Earth aligning to the center of the Dipper. Its position is so important that it becomes the Heavenly Heart or TianXing. This became the 2nd fundamental principle of KanYu. Do you know where the Heavenly Heart is? Failure in establishing such will render all application of common techniques fail. So, there is really nothing wrong with the method, only applications. One major misconception, heavenly heart is the center of a property!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Short Tale Of HeTu

The North Dipper star constellation has been the guiding axis to the Chinese civilization since time immemorial. Constituting the visible 7 stars with the other 2 invisible ones, the Dipper has been the universal clock for seasonal change, measurement of the lateral, sacred deity of the North, pantheon of deities for the Nine Emperor Gods, HeTu and so forth. 

HeTu resembles the universal mother of the asterism (DouMu). The personification of DouMu can easily be found in the temple of the Nine Emperor Gods, a lady figurine with 9 pairs of hand with both hands significantly holding the Sun and the Moon. There is a reason of such personification to represents a concept that is way too abstract to the common Chinese at that time. It takes the form of Kun or mother that it gives birth to the asterism. In a nutshell it represents what came after the Big-bang. 

HeTu is referred to sometimes, as the River Map. Legend foretold the arising of the Dragon Horse in the YangTze River with polka-dots emblem on its scaled belly. These dots are later known as Tu or map, as observed by FuZi, the pre-historical ancestor of the Chinese. That is where it got its name as HeTu. This mystical beast as half dragon half horse is a metaphoric description of the birth of time, where fire (related to the dragon horse) and water (related to the YangTze River) does not shoot each other. In other words, He or river is referring to the galaxy commonly known to the Chinese as YinHe or Silver Stream, another name for the Milky Way. It is told in such, so that the early Chinese are able to remember it in the absent of writing. HeTu is the map of the Milky Ways.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What Bloody Turtle Got To Do With Tall Tale?

A question on Tall Tale, must the tallest building be supported by the Black Warrior for good FengShui? Even the Ming Emperor built an artificial mount to back up his Forbidden City. The truth is that the Forbidden City's FengShui is as bad as before. Even Emperor QianLong and Chairman Mao refused to stay in it.

The Four guardians are the fundamental features of the SPOT. However, must it be obviously protruding above ground? Common sense tells you that no matter how high are the XuanWu star or the Black Warrior, if it ever existed in the first place, it will NEVER be higher than the proposed tallest building intended. Otherwise, why it is not called a LienZhen in the first place. By deduction, does it also means to say all tallest building in the world is BAD FengShui? Why on earth, the ancient Chinese build pagodas and the Egyptians built Pyramids? To kill themselves the Bushido's ways?

Interpretation of the classics and actual applications is a fine line between pure superstitions and logical deductions. This is where we put to test the classics to distill the truth.  No point force fitting observations into the existing classics and called it proof. Obviously, there are many more obscure truths out there and among others; must the white tiger always lower than the green dragon location? Better still, where is my white tiger? Right, Left, Above or Below the butt?

Yes, talking about searching the dragon spots, sitting on it and have a good laugh! A picture of the Black Warrior carrying a tower is obviously, the BEST FengShui! Trust ME, I know...

Another Tall Tale?

The Malaysian BOLEH legacy is not new. Almost all the national leaders want to be immortalized in some form or another, taking cues from the International counterparts for example, the ex-President of France Francois Mitterrand with his Pyramide du Louvre. The era of Dr. M is immortalized by the megalomaniacs of PutraJaya, Petronas Tower, KLCC and KLIA (The MSC Corridors).  The era of PakLah was somewhat too short to be remembered. Currently, we are in the era of Najeeb and parallel with the concept of 1 Malaysia, it is important to be immortalized in some forms that will propel the socio-economy to the next level. Perhaps with such goodies dishing out, plenty of vacant offices around, underutilized first classed amenities, under maintained infrastructures, depleting reserves and high operating costs, do the Malaysian need another tallest building to feed our appetites?

FengShui wise, not much has been spoken about. Perhaps we should investigate what is this mega structure represents. We wrote about tall tale before, detail read HERE. Some results in absolutely bad FengShui, while the others are good. Why is it so? Extremely high buildings are the manifestation of LienZhen or the emperor star, especially when it is the tallest in the vicinity. It has the ability to draw in Qi around the surrounding and coagulates such Qi for the benefits of the rest of the building nearby. That also, in the very first instance there must be good Qi source to start with. Otherwise it is just a magnet for lousy Qi. The very profound question is, what quality of Qi would that be, given the area around the existing Merdeka Stadium?  What would be the consequences of the existing KLCC area when the LienZhen has been moved?

These are just the tip of the iceberg considerations. Besides, the more important thing is that this very structure will benefits Singapore's FengShui, as long as the Johore Causeway is intact!

Emmm? They must have engaged a Singapore master! OMG!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Plug In Plug Out , Fall In Fall Out

Last weekend was a very good day. While we are busy assisting an initiation of a Daoist establishment, we are glad that our establishment is growing slowly but steadily. We noticed something really strange happening with the local metaphysics trends. We noticed that practitioners bickering one another over trivial issues.  While other disputes are a little mind boggling, just liked one saying which hammer a point, when the "barang" (your stuff) don't work, the "parang" (chopper) will come. It just to say a whole loads of insanity. Where is our humanity in the face of this trade?

Has it got to do with our hot weather conditions? The ninth lunar month could have been rainy and the start of the monsoon for both Malaysia and Singapore. What we had witnessed is nothing similar to the nature of autumn and chrysanthemum blooming but with haze blanketing the horizon. An indication of a chaotic future with one thing very significant that is metaphysics practices begin to fall out one after another and some may have to pack and go. We may pride ourselves with the ability to design our destiny but why would we design our practices in such a manner that it will ends pre-maturely? The awful things are it usually ends with a sour note, no matter how it is camouflaged. Call it fate over sheer incompetence? 

A stale chapter has been closed and a new beginning is here. We would like to take this opportunity to inform that our preparatory BaZi workshop early birds enrolment and intake has been long expired and are officially closed. Thanks for all the enquiries and confidents vested on us. We will be closing our enrolment and intake by this week. If affinity comes, we may be conducting a repeat workshop next year.

As a gesture of a new beginning, we will be dishing out more information on metaphysics in the coming installation. Some are tales, some are facts. Nevertheless, same provocateurs and remember to stay tune and plug in for more.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Goofy Mickey And A Feng Shui Master Who Lost His Left Hand


We witnessed how FengShui Method has been bastardized to the next level and now we witness the bastardizing of FengShui Masters. Sure we may have forgotten soon to be master, the emerging ones marrying FengShui with the culinary skills instead of a friendly gesture has ended up with accusing one another of copying stock load and barrel a clip from Facebook to an article in a local Chinese Daily. Well it all begins with a fun fills show in the Malaysia television program where apparently two gentlemen of FengShui masters have been invited to test out their culinary skills. One apparently taller, Master Goofy is set to challenge the other shorter one, Master Mickey for a gastronomical extravaganza that promises nothing but fun and thrill. In another word, the program is intended to bring a lighter side by "clowning" Master Goofy and Master Mickey. On a personal note, damn, FengShui masters these days had gone so low in their self esteems to be toyed around liked that - Unbelievable.

Apparently, Master Goofy appears to be the winner. You don't need to be a Face Reading master to see how Master Mickey felt and look once the results were announced. Impeccable black Qi consumed his face. Next out of jealousy, Master Mickey holds no bar in exposing Master Goofy of copying stock load and barrel an article from his Facebook to Master Goofy's article appearing in a Chinese daily. What a coincident? XuanKong at play?

Apparently none of them would have been able to predict the outcome. What has to become of an expert in Chinese Metaphysics not able to predict his own outcome?  Indeed strange? On another devastating incident happened in Penang is that a FengShui master has been seriously injured and all he could justify on his foregoing condition is, " I am a FengShui expert. I don't predict the future as I am not a fortune teller," he said. 

Well said, gentlemen...  I am SPEECHLESS!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

XieZi Of Soon To Be Dragon Spot 2

Prompted by a fellow practitioner in Singapore about 抽爻换象, altering the Yao to transform the imagery. Novel idea to add more layer in the XKDG methodology. To achieve   一卦纯清 or Single Pure Gua Formation, there is a tendency that the selected Hexagram, of 5.625 degree, may have changed to another Hexagram based on a more refined subdivision of Yao, within the region of 0.937 degree (speaking about German accuracy here in the context of ancient Chinese art). That is an absolute accuracy given the fact that the rustic handmade LuoPan is quite a primitive tool. No doubt, it is subject of major criticism yet for completeness let's investigates further.

Physical measurement revealed that it is close to the 3rd Yao. Change from the sitting Hex of Eliminating to Marsh. Can this  一卦纯清 or Single Pure Gua Formation? 

The original Hex Eliminating denotes cutting off. Five Yang Yao cutting off a single Yin Yao, leaving no room for retreat. The general connotation of this Gua is inauspicious reflecting careless move and ill judgment. Such is the nature of soon to be master FengShui practice located in this alignment which are bound to disputes and disharmony. Whereas, the transformed Hex Marsh is an auspicious one. Such will only be beneficial if one is sincere without ulterior motives. However, would it transform in the first place?

No combination taken place within the transformed Hex itself. Speaking of 一卦纯清 or Single Pure Gua Formation, not so easy as it is...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The ABC Of Site Selections

Scenario 1:

Site A and Site B, each separated by a road, opposite one another or facing one another. Which site will prosper first and why?

Scenario 2:

Site A is on high ground. Site B is on low ground. Both sites are separated by a road, opposite one another or facing one another. Which site will prosper first and why?

If you know the answers to both scenarios, you will understand why the subject on soon to be dragon spot need to close shop?

We chant so much on our expertise in this and that while we bastardize so called secret method, yet we failed to see the most fundamental of things...

Monday, October 18, 2010

XieZi Of Soon To Be Dragon Spot

The fiasco of soon to be master has opened up another opportunity. Exactly the sort of case study we ought to investigate - why would a FengShui practice (subject) cease to survive in Kuala Lumpur? It was rather puzzling as the claimed expert in locating "dragon Spot" with self proclaimed XieZi would have located a wonderful office to begin with? Why all the sudden packed and go? We ought to understand what has gone so wrong with the location itself or perhaps what has gone so wrong with the method of application.

Located at a commercial area, the tapping of Qian incoming with two rivers namely, Sungai Keroh and Sungai Batu, exiting at Xun could be well benefitted. Qi sequence from Templers, Selayang, Sungai Buloh, Kepong and all the way to Segambut and Sentul manifesting "cowboy town" Tell tale sign of robust business with a lack of nobility. That is why there are a lot of wealthy Chinaman.

Subject office is sitting Wu (Li) facing Zi (Kan), very close to DE, how can that be possible? Higher on the front and lower at the back, contradicting ideal land form principle. Conforming to the SanYuan LingZhen principle which is, in this case, only GOOD on paper because it is not supported by landform.

XKDG perspective, Dragon matching Mountain, GuaQi metal 9-4, Water matching Facing GuaQi water 1-6. All period 6 Gua conforms to lower period 8 onwards. What has gone so freaking wrong? All matching hexagram is not Out of Gua neither are they from different family of East River Gua. Qi communication, technically smooth.

SanHe perspective, Yang Fire structure incoming Extinct exiting Officer. Receiving Stale Qi and Exiting Vibrant Qi. Water mouth unlocked. 

Conclusion, such divert results may only prove a point. Wrong dragon spot, wrong method and most pertinent, wrong application. The Qi is confused. Is this what you called as XieZi?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Life Is Liked A Box Of Chocolate

Life is liked a box of chocolate - Forrest Gump's favorite words. You will never know what you will get inside. Same like blogging anything about FengShui. You ought to cross swords with other practitioners. Unless you write something extremely mundane. I don't mind if such blog is subjected to criticism and praise as it is just usual norm of life, you get the sunlight, it comes with the shadow. Unfortunately, some did not take it too well and resulted in personal insult. I believed he did not even spell my name correctly. When I Google, it takes me to someone else. My apology to Davidyi. His blog is HERE. Apparently, soon to be master has taken a damn good effort in writing a piece of blog entry about me as he is struggling to make an essay as insulting as possible. For someone who has no English background, writing an essay of that long is a mammoth task. As I can see it has been redrafted many times over and over again, well just to piss me off. But I am saying thank you to him both in my blog and my postscripts. There is no hatred whatsoever. It is all about bastardizing FengShui to the next level. Also, he has unconsciously raked my traffics higher. No matter how it looks, I have to thank him.

In the process of his insult, I have indirectly, may caused "troubled" to people who was in my company of associates, friends, masters and teachers. I have painted such a bad relationships with my teacher such as V and perhaps JY in my blog. Some called this the act of betrayal. In my blog there was never mentioned of my teacher. The reason is simple. There is no point in capitalizing in the good name of the students. Same should also apply of not capitalizing on the good name of one's master. One has to gain the respect based on the good use of knowledge for the benefits of mankind. Through the ardent effort of bringing someone down, he has done his homework, tracing all possible means from web site to web site just to see who I learnt from. An old photo in and possible in the academy, just is good enough to nail me down. Yet, it is of no use. He is just pressuring me to tell my side of the story.

Here it goes?

A notable master did said, whatever written in others' blogs, is not master minded by me. It is the freewill of the blogger. I respected him for such courage. At least I know he is different from the academy pedigree of Master and Slave relationship. Unfortunately, a series of events that occurs within our own group has always left me a scar of which I had given many thoughts about it. Since there is always a force of not allowing me to be associated with him better, I may as well not associated with him at all. So, there is where all the so called betrayal starts to take place. I like the fact, Buwei was telling me in the commentary. A good laugh! So the sauces of all things blatantly awful were boiling-ly rendered in my blog. So, there is always a betrayal plot and poor fellow soon actually buys it! Asked miss Foo, how many times she rang me up just to remind me of my boundary? The last conversation with her through the phone was the use of the families' names which I respected. More importantly was a kind gesture of congratulating us of forming QuanYuan. How bad can our relationship be? Now, since the notable master is no longer attached to the First Principle, the call just dropped short there. Has this also got to do with my master? Because this was not written in my blog, doesn't mean it never happens. Just I am not obliged to say it all. My friends and I actually made a "pilgrimage" to seek him out in his new office and many thanks to our good buddy for his kind arrangement. I did BLOG it out, although not in detail. A good and ethical master doesn't need his student to polish his shoe. One should be ashamed of oneself if one is accompany by shoe polisher. Do you want to have such as your student?

Take a GOOD look back with JY. I have been telling the same thing again and again, I am not against JY or anybody in person. If you take a closer look at my provocateur it is always targeted to the system in a common term academy. If the academy is a blood sucker and the head of the academy is so and so, will that make him a blood sucker also? That depends on your onwards interpretation. It is not me to tell, it is you to define. I was once a student of the system; does that also make me a blood sucker? So, my provocateurs are definite to the system, not the person. More importantly, one must ask is JY my master? Does he teach in the first instance? Come on, my primary teacher teaches better than him. He is indeed a good public speaker but that doesn't mean he is a good teacher. He is never my master for goodness sake. Check your homework! The Diploma awarded with the clown attire is just part and parcel of a joke within a system. That I laughed wholeheartedly with my friend from Paris. If JY is never my master, what is freaking wrong of "betraying" the system? I believed there is nothing much to be talked about me in a manner of character assassination. It is all blatant LIE ! Now that I have emptied myself with all the luggage and my procrastination of not disclosing my updates with my friends, associates, teachers and masters is a matter of the past, I thank you once again soon to be master of giving me such a wonderful opportunity. I have been long given a second chance and I am now giving to those who deserve it. Please turn over a new leaf. It will make a better person out of oneself. Not just FengShui.

Now, is a wonderful place to hang around for those who want knowledge as freebies. There is always plenty of newcomers and old folks that has been "kicked out". It is a public forum for goodness sake. The moderators had the obligations of putting things in order. That is their jobs and their rights. Like any people, they are also human being. Being humans they had their inclinations. Otherwise they are not normal people. Are you perfect in the first place? I took the pseudonym of Yifengshui to dwell in this realm of imperfection. Again, I stretched the limits as to see how long would I actually survive in that forum. Well blame it to the game show I watched, "Can I Survive The Japanese Game Show - MASHIDE!? I am not giving but yet dishing out part and parcels of my thought in my blog in a manner that I am stretching the policy of the forum a little too far. Just liked any masters with the exceptions of a few privileged one, I was banned. Reasons, for throwing brick to draw a jade, a term I borrowed from good old Master fengshuicrazee. I liked the joke, it is a good one. I deserved to be banned. Yet, did I cause so much damages to the forum that it will die its natural death just liked other forums, as delineated by another fellow, Swan? There is really no basis. It is just free will. Don't just capitalize anything to bring down others. It is just not as graceful liked a Swan.

To the fighting SanSha warriors, I bid you all the best. One student was nearly killed while exploring such technique. Why we know? It is because such student actually came to seek us out for second opinion and we were just gutsy enough to go for a try. For your information, one of my associates also shares the same fate. Go asked around your spies, they will tell you. Well, there is always a caveat, perhaps only you could do it better than others. If it is so successful, just do an academic forum, load up your facts and we will tell you our sides of the story. Unless, the objectives are solely for milking purposes then I rest my case.

Before I sign off, I must take this opportunity to thank my friends who has given me strength via emails and comments. I treasure your support. Although this is really not about a beauty contest it is just embarrassing. To my fellow critics, I must also thank you guys for reminding me of whom I am and the opportunity to empty my bellows. Such opportunity is priceless. It just reflects on how egoistic I am of not daring enough to confront my own devil which is residing in me. My apology to those who has indirectly being insulted in the fresco between soon to be master with Yifengshui.

Now, I am feeling much at ease, I am a little wiser. Thank you.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On Second Thought...

Ever since my expose of Bastardizing XieZi follows by Bastardizing FeiXing, I am humbled by the brief introduction of the soon to be master. On such occassion, one thing has been proven the truth as admitted by himself, I am NOT lying. Indeed I knew of a monk in saffron robe with his assistant 7 years ago. In regards of this, please anyone out there mind telling me is it all right for a Buddhist Monk in saffron robe craved after fame, money and all things luxury?

On the contrary if such practices are as in the words of the soon to be master, dishonesty, disintegrity and most importantly, WITHOUT a sincere heart towards society and friends, why on earth, such a blog post has been removed? Well, correctly put it, why should he allow you to cover his face, similarly why should you delete your own blog post? Shame perhaps?

Strangely, one Singaporean FengShui blogger has this to share: -
"... This is another type of clown in metaphysics who had instead dragged the name of Buddhism into the pursuits of materialism which I am aghast. I hope that he had written it wrongly as he is apparently not English educated from the way he wrote, not being able to portray his thoughts well enough. I am not different as I am English educated but do have many typo errors which I hope my readers will forgive.

Since there are several emails enquiries about the article, part of it:

'the Monk, expressed his wish to change his luck and his underprevilaged condition. He wanted fame, he wanted devotees, he wanted money to substain his temple. Then, he started to sit in my feng shui class since year 2006. Within 9 months, he had started to see drastic change to his temple and increase of devotees quantity.Today, he is still come for regular feng shui study and Daoism.It is sufficient and enough for a religious monk to have a personal bungalow and a luxury car."

Yes, I am not kidding, this is what was written...- Leegiat (Sept 16, 2010)"

These are not my words, definitely. I also hope that he has written it wrongly.

This blog is dedicated towards provocateurs. An upright person is not afraid to be a subject of provocations. Anger, frustration and jealousy of not able to sit on the "dragon spot", how funny could it be? Anger, frustration and jealousy of seeing masters bastardizing FengShui and milking their student, brothers within the same school malice against one another to be closer to the teacher, these are the subjects of provocateur. Anything wrong? Stepping others so to glorify myself? How glorify can I be? Up the pedestal to be awarded grandmaster? Come on... think for yourself!

Perhaps it is strange as what has Architecture as a profession got to do with these expose as a context? I am becoming confused? Although there is always a bitter feelings between designers and FengShui practitioners for reasons of not understanding each other, it does not however boils down to an ethic of a master as in so damn low as to conciously assisting a clergy to break his precepts. Perhaps it becomes a little petty when there is nothing better and substantial to provoke and it becomes a "personal attack" instead. That is the charecteristic of petty people. Let us reflects on the following Gospels: -

存心不善 ,風水無益 ;
不孝父母 ,奉神無益;

having evil intentions, feng shui is useless;
being unfilial to parents, worshipping God is futile;
own brothers in discord, making friends is meaningless;
behaving in misconduct, having knowledge is pointless.

Thank you

Postscript: I am speechless?An astounding soon to be master now sounded liked an uneducated scrupulous scumbag! Too much of dragon Qi I supposed? The scumbag's lyrical sounded as though I am bagging him to teach me. What a joke? Perhaps he indirectly has the intention to hit on someone else across the causeway which is his hallmarks, behind veils. Well, short of saying he has no balls, lah. Same with his retinue of fans such as Swan, if I not mistaken. Thanks for showing up, Swan. I miss your bastardizing commentary. Saying thus this is not the first time, remember he quoted Master M of Thailand (This is exactly how he puts it, isn't it?) for screwing up the FengShui of one restaurant? For the soon to be master sake, let not be petty over individual differences and moves on. Talk facts with dignity and stop the childish game of personal ruthless attack, which is only meant for scumbags. Mind you, the soon to be master is supposed to be older and wiser than me (40+ maybe?). For such I thank soon to be master for guiding me. Age does not necessary means wisdom.

Monday, October 4, 2010

After XieZi Comes Bastardizing FeiXing

Damn cool!...

Some fancy soon to be master comes the way to tell you, "hey kid if you ask me to teach you XuanKong DaGua, my version, my answer is YES!!! Caveat, to a selected few who can afford my fee. If you ask me to teach you XieZi Fa, my answer is NO, because I really dunno any!!!". Extremely noble ways of bastardizing XieZi in a very poetic ways. Something I ought to learn.

Then it is even cooler...
With the arrival of Autumn, when all the sudden XuanKong FlyingStar nows become YiJing FlyingStar! Who actually coined the freaking terms called YiJing FlyingStar? The "Bang-Cock" master? It reminds me of someone actually offer a course in XuanKong Flying Fox, which ultimately die its natural death!!! Etremely creative ways of bastardizing FeiXing, the fourth wave, after XieZi, in a very IChing ways. Something I ought to explore.

Ok! no more rubbish, lets talk history. Before we dwell in XieZi, lets talk about XuanKong FeiXing or more commonly known as Flying Star and not Flying Fox. It is a rather modern invention of the late Master Shen JuReng, contemporary to the late Master Tan YangWu, who after a series of screwed up jobs using FeiXing denounced it for LiuFa or more commonly known as the 6th method. Unliked Shen JuReng, Tan YangWu was later blind and passed away in a miserable condition. Well, how good can LiuFa be? Well, that is something to ponder about and I am sure the CrazyHorse of FiveArts is going to like it.

Shen JuReng did not finish his investigation in FeiXing and we strongly believed he has no intention to publish his finding. The publishing of Master Shen's XuanKong School was carried out by his grandson instead. With such publications, it becomes a phenomenon in HongKong that classes were carried out and students of those days were some of the current so called grandmasters. Thanks to the availability of the internet, it was widely capitalized by a lady FengShui placebo expert, who mixed up along the ways that she believed FengShui is actually the creation of Tibet and Lhasa is the cradle of Chinese FengShui. Very unothordox thinking... double thumbs up, Lil! This is the first wave of bastardizing FeiXing.

One Architect cum FengShui teacher who is residing in the West actually capitalized it further. He cannot differentiate between Star and Form. He starts preaching Qing instead and make FeiXing sounds so romantic, student often mistaken it as Flying Love instead of Flying Star. Well, due cradit must also be given to him as he successfully turns his barn into a love nest with all the stars at correct palace. This is the second wave of bastardizing FeiXing.

 On the other hand, in Boleh-land, at least two entrepreneurs capitalized FeiXing fusing XuanKong with western numerology.  Modifying the so called numerology in the manner of an inverted triangle to obtain the necessary Gua numbers. Matching the Qi location based on the LoShu with a Romanized LuoPan, one is supposed to hang the auspicious numbers so that one can be benefited by the numerology. Some numbers are to be worn as well. The outcome is that it does not brings the desired results as mentioned in Yifengshui article. This is the third wave of bastardizing FeiXing.

The FACT, FeiXing has NOTHING to do with IChing or that sort, in accordance to the commentary of Confucius. It stems from JiuGong DiauFu, or 9 chambers hook and transfer. What is being hooked and what is being transfered? If one does not understand the nature of leaning star, Imagery of Yi, BaZi, as the building block of XuanKong, then forget about it. It is going to be another merry go round...


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