Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just Another Day In Paradise

I was introduced to Mr and Mrs J on the basis of a BaZi reading that eventually result in having to perform the FengShui audit for them at the most economical sense possible. Liked many of the people inflicted by the economic downturn, what Mr and Mrs J is looking for is just a silver lining hovering above the dark and gloomy clouds. That is somewhat common in most of the readings I performed recently, just one after another.

It is not the story of BaZi reading that I find strange for this occasion, but the follow up FengShui audit does provoke some sense of mysterious omen worth note taking and make it as a resolution for future undertakings to come.

Mr and Mrs J charts are not of the optimum. Many masters who opt to profiteer would have pass off such case as it is difficult in rectification and not much professional fee rendered, plus many follow ups with little things to work out.

The initial audit had identified various problem areas notably the bed and stove are in the major Death and Emptiness (DE) line. These couple had sleepless nights most of the time and quarrelling due to monetary issues are obvious. These could easily by rectified, I thought, but not in this case! The bed is carved out of the raised floor and the head is bolt fixed to the wall. Unless a major make over, no amount to tilting could do the job. The stove is located in an awkward cluttered kitchen layout and too long to realign out of the DE. Between the 2 evils, he has only the budget to do one and kitchen stove would be the cheapest possible way. That is the initial challenge.

Next, I recommended a contractor to quote while I was setting the alignment. While I was rechecking my earlier observation and readings everything went wrong. The readings I took earlier don’t seem to be the same! I was struck dumb in a way to figure out the abnormally. The whole exercise went futile. Worst the contractor I brought was saying things he should not have spoken such as “… no lah, cannot be done this way… very ugly and so on so forth…”. He knew well his job is to give a quote and other things is not his business to bother. I was clueless as to his reaction on that day, as the job may have not profiting him, I supposed.

The contractor and I left Mr & Mrs J house for a coffee break. There I began to collect my thoughts and began to realise what went wrong. I called up Mr J again on the same evening and redo the scheme again, this time without the contractor around. Everything seems to fall in place. The initial audit readings were correct and my intended recommendation was feasible. However, the stove seems too long to be tilted to the degree I required. Another challenge to overcome.
I sense that the contractor I brought wasn’t that interested with the job and did not hold to his tongue, so I seek Mr & Mrs J understanding to look for others. This time around they had found an accommodative one whom had completed the makeover for them with the installation exactly the same as the alignment I had marked.

I would not have taken up this case if while I travel to their house, some bad omen surface; it was just perfect skyline, bright sunshine and good feelings with sumptuous breakfast to start off and the old car that brought me to his house run liker Ferrari without breakdown. So, I knew the outcome is fine.

Two weeks down the road, the contractor I brought were crippled by financial woes instead, as the enforcement agency raided his offices and imposed heavy penalties upon him. Strange but true.

I am revealing this event as a true encounter of a practitioner. The resolutions I made thereon, is not to bring anyone along for an audit unless the person is my student or assistant, for he who practices the arts are protected by the arts. Even as an invited guest, one should know what and when to speak.

To Mr and Mrs J, as the current events are unfolding to your advantage, please remember what I had advised and work on the resources with diligent. The opportunities are there, you just need to grab them with sincerity and optimisms.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

From Flying Star To Crashing Bird

When I first attempted to write about the Mud Cow in early January, I was reluctant to predict of the followings: -

“…Dry is the spell of a confused weather conditions to places where it supposed to be wet and the reverse effects may spell the same for the otherwise dry places. Calamities of earthquakes, eruption and landslides are obvious. Significantly it may also spell for air disasters…”

The reason I do not think it will materialise so soon especially with the effect of the change in the JiaZi. However, current events had proven that weathers are unpredictable and planes are crashing from landing into the water to bursting in flames in the Japanese runway.

I find the explanation in Flying Star predictions by some to reengineer the forecast is a novelty such as the followings: -

First, JiChou is a solid earth pillar, imagery speaking as an earth pile against the earth. Because it is wet, it does not pile but otherwise, cluttered not even sticking up on the wall. It is full of water. Chou being the graveyard of water and the storage of metal means unless something clashes into it, these hidden elements will not surface. In the same year star 2, Kun Gua landed itself in Dui palace, 7, forming a 2-7 combination. Very yin indeed, however, 2-7 is a HeTu combination, meaning it is meant to be together ab-initio. How could that be bad?

If the chart is read as though 2-7 forms fire and that additional fire will produce more earth to burry the Dui 7 metal palace, instead of producing the Dui 7 metal palace, such argument are indeed novelties.

If one understands the concept of Host and Guest, the central palace with 9 is a host and 2-7 as the guest, we will say the guest being fire is compatible with the 9 annual star, growing the host palace which is earth. Therefore, it is auspicious. How could that be bad?

Even if there is too much earth, what is the ideal threshold of earth in the centre palace? Would it not be that the definition of Yuan Kong as the smallest of a speck of sand to the largest of the universe?

Even if Si You Chou form a metal frame, for whatever reasons, this reasoning is entirely SanHe methodology, not a Flying Star SanYuan component. That is why I find it as another novel idea indeed.

You Earth Branch could have been a rooster only applicable for the non-metaphysicist, but in Gua image for Flying Star it is a Xin metal equivalent to a jewel, where does the bird comes from? Xun Gua gives a better representation of a bird but that was entirely out of topic as it governs the SE palace of the LoShu path.

Ultimately when we view such imagery as flying bird crashed and burnt into metal graveyard, this is very misleading on 2 counts, being one, Dui Palace is not a bird, second, Chou is the graveyard of water and not metal. These puzzling assumptions are indeed a novelty.
If we understand deeper, these airplane mishaps had minimum casualties, why? Perhaps you may tell me…

Monday, March 23, 2009

子孙平安 Blessed Generation

When the goings gets tough, the tough gets going. We have not seen the light at the end of the tunnel yet. While some of the academy is proclaiming yet another investment scheme via their money making courses, we seek to look for alternative manners to provide lights to those who are in need of them. We seek to provide a FREE profiler, allowing the right person to get the right job or the right boss to hire the right staff. Crooked nose is not the criteria neither are a crooked eye.

We have seen how behavioral sciences are used to profile the potential candidates for the available vacancies. Yet, it is through a series of questionnaires, interviews and assumptions that the profiles are assigned to each and every candidate. The known psychological based profilers among others are DISC, Temperament, Personality Plus and others. We seek to rely on BaZi instead as a mechanism of profiling. Just the date of birth with the time of birth is sufficient to know the temperament as Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic and Phlegmatic or even some may consider Supine, being the fifth temperament. More of the classifications can be derived from
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Temperaments .

It is not going to be an easy task in looking at the ZiPing 10 gods to understand their intricate characteristic. It is worth the effort especially in times liked these; as it is to be provided FREE. As a non-profit endeavors modeled similar to a “wiki”, we seek support from all those who are learned, interested and generous to contribute to such cause, by dropping an email to me to register your interest. I believe this effort may not rock the world but it will provide a pathway for our generation to come to look at BaZi not as an art of superstition but a code of life, proudly preserved for the future generations as intended as ZiPing, ZiSun PingAnn 子孙平安 .

Thursday, March 12, 2009

If It Isn't Broken It Is Not Worth Mending

After reading the commentary article on betrayal on another blog http://candicelai.blogspot.com/ which has given me a sense of remorse as though the writer has been in a state of betrayal, another article on manipulation of FengShui has taken place, with a gross broad brush appeal of the hollowness and shallowness of content contained within. I have taken the liberty to view these from other more un-manipulative angles instead.

KanYu and FengShui have entirely different meanings. The former is a study of Heaven & Earth and the later is an art of riding Qi. These systems coexist with the fundamental evolution of the Chinese culture called civilization. It transcends the notion of arts and science. It is a way of life, the Dao. Understood by the wise, embraced by the strong and support of the weak.

Such Dao has been upheld by the wise, butchered by the wicked, results are seen from the notion of manipulative to betrayal, all rooted on the principle of greed, hatred and delusion, in perfect harmony. The end result, such an art becomes a mockery defiant from its original intend as to safe others, now, to destroy others. What a shame. This is called abuse.

Historically speaking, the Hans Chinese resists handing over such knowledge as KanYu to the Ching Dynasty. What were handed over were indeed, re-engineered versions which contain a lot of discrepancies and fallacies. The study of Yi, never teaches others to fight using the art of KanYu. It only teaches others, as in the art of war, to protect one own land using the advantages of the 5 elements and timing. Embracing changes to ones advantage that is the principle.

Since then, the art has been manipulated and abused beyond recognition that even the dead are not spared its peace at 6 feet under. This is the dawn of the emergence of another breed of FengShui masters who’s teaching are rooted on the notion of to fight… Could fighting SanSha have its origin from there?

I am amused even by the fact that FengShui masters, today as has been forewarned by others as from the pedigree of fake origins, called “ShenKoon”, are advocating cure such as having a house with a crooked door to a crooked door frames and I would have thought it may be coming from a crooked mind with a crooked nose as well.

Liked the saying goes, if it isn’t broken it is not worth mending. The Chinese has such a saying, when will water returns to its source if it has not calm down meeting a dead end.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Meeting YangGong

After all the shocks that had made headline, I finally receive a news that a true YangGong researcher step into the premises and share what he knew so willingly, that I almost have the jaw drops in disbelieve for a cup of coffee. Yes, just a cup of coffee that he is so willingly to disclose to you all that is needed to perform a YangGong audit internally. He is an old man with a team of aides, coming from the pearl of the orient. The funny thing is he refuses to leave his name and his telephone number and just whisper, I will be back, God willingly. He continues, as saying, nope I will tell you only when I meet you, tele-conversation may only distort the truth, believe me.

Among others, he said, no point disclosing who is false and who is a true master, let the false be the false, let the true be the true. Time will tell. Funny thing is he never claims himself as a master, but a researcher. He also said, the art of YangGong stems from its precision, not speculations. No need to beat about the bush. You either know it or you don’t. Just that, don’t even consider about divination. Yup, then how about XuanKong, was the question asked? One knows YangGong, do not need XuanKong, unless you just need to fix a problem of one person in a limited time frame as YangGong calls for precision not speculations. Well, knowing more techniques may come in handy. After the demonstration, he left with his team for some matters.

To my friend Red, this answers your question. All you really need to master is YangGong methodology to gain precision and results, not con-fusion. He is indeed a master; imagine YangGong method for a cup of coffee? Just unbelievable!

After The Nose We Were Served Soap Opera

Without prejudice, I gathered the following announcement in the Chinese metaphysical forum in English language that has the following notes: -

"... Authenticity
FL legitimate claim on being the only remaining disciple in the fourth generation of the Tan Yang Wu's San Yuan Feng Shui Thus, it's false. No proof except some blank claims with evidence that's fakeable. Ask for proof and you will understand.
Marketing strategies. 

The marketeer blog belongs to him in disguised behind a so called marketeer. Part of his scheme of self promote. Read it clearly and you will know his knowledge level. Pity those beginners being fed with wrong and corrupted information in between. It is meant to ridicule the market and to criticize other masters. And some of his students say that he doesn't criticize PLEASE GO AND READ THE BLOG!!! 

His Courses
Advice from all those who regretted, "Please don't waste time & money"!! You can learn the same thing from any masters at a much, much, much lower cost. If you want proof just go to some of his student that teaches to check. Even though in Chinese, I'm sure they'll be willing to translate to English. From feedback from many students, what he teaches is the same as most masters in the market. 

Ever think that it's all amplified. All the testimonials are paid with favors and money. And referral commissions are being paid too. Check with most former students you will know!! With exceptions to those few who earns or affiliated. On the internet he may be a celebrity but in actual his name stinks. Come on think about it. Any genuine fengshui master will self promote, criticize others or bluff the market??? 

His knowledge 
From what I gather - his fengshui cases are full of problems. Do some research and you will know how many people are in deep shit. Of course there are beneficiary, well! even in the casino you can get tiny chances !! 

A favour to the innocent people...  las_serie"

Netizen of Chinese Metaphysics, please look out for such stalkers in disguise of FengShui Masters.

PostScript: -

That was just the appetizer. 

Why solid proof of sources can't be produced? Have you tried asking for it? When you probe you will find that all historical facts are untraceable and contradicting. Free to try as this few facts you can try to verify thou. TYW is teaching liufa and apologise for flying star mistake. But they continue to teach flying star. In their school all master practices different techniques if you traced. Or you can read their books to find out. Last time liufa and other fancy techniques was in silent mode and suddenly????

My group paid around 4000 in the early years and it is darn expensive for that kind of basic course. For those disbeliever, please carry on as you are already enticed by the advertisement. Or you can read the courses content to judge. 

It was found out that all their teaching is compiled from other masters courses as in the early stages he will gladly exchange your notes to gain information. Charging high for courses will create an image of quality. Ideally - Complete fengshui course for 1000, fees for compilation Anything more it's better to spend it on yoga His yeejing knowledge is kindergarten. 

The grave part is another total failure.I will condoned that good masters will never be sprayed red painted with the word shenkoon -- god conner (spiritual trickster)!! Happened years back!!Don't just believe my facts, do check with other masters or ex-students. But if you favor sweet talk then check with his instructors or well paid supporters. Oh!! Is it suppose to be a secret?"

First it was a turn, now there is a twist to the accusation. 

Extracted from ericklteoh.blogspot.com: -

"...How authentic is FL claim on being the only remaining 4th generation disciple of the Tang Yang Wu’s San Yuan Xuan Kong Feng Shui?As far as I know, a couple of the old and original texts are in the hands of FL which were passed down to him by his direct late Master, the Reverend Sui Beng. A few have seen the texts before. So I guess that makes him the real and genuine Tang Yang Wu’s disciple in the 4th generation. I don’t know how authentic that makes the claim, but it’s not just a claim, it’s simply the truth of the matter.

Why the 4th generation? Who were the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations?We start the lineage from Grandmaster Tang Yang Wu himself as the 1st generation, followed by his two direct students; Master Yen Pen as the 2nd generation and Master Sui Beng as the 3rd generation. So FL is the only remaining 4th generation in the lineage tree.Where does the late Master Hung Chuan fit into the lineage picture?Master Hung Chuan learned Feng Shui directly from Master Yen Pen, whereas, FL learned directly from Master Sui Beng. We could say that Master Hung Chuan and FL are ‘brothers’ from the same school with the same Grandmaster, but they’ve never met.So who will be the 5th generation holder after FL?

Perhaps a better question would be “what” will be the 5th generation; “who” will be just another name in the lineage tree. “What” is a certain ‘quality’ to look out for in this individual. Then again, I really don’t know.

Who manages your Blog?I manage ‘My Inner Voice’ Blog by myself, and I do get some contributions from various resources and helpful friends. It seems like I may not run out of ideas. Some things are just too personal to let the public know, but usually time will release those personal matters when they become less of a personal matter.

Who manages the CAFS website then?FL manages the website on his own. I do contribute a little sometimes and check the website for any mistakes. We work as a team – he with the CAFS website and me with ‘My Inner Voice’ Blog.Is any of the information on your Blog corrupted and false?I’ve mentioned before to my audience not to believe everything that I write. Be your own judge. Have your own experience. I’ve said this many times and am saying it again, “I’m just a Feng Shui Marketer and not a practitioner or master.” What I write and share is what I know and experience. My Blog is still a marketing Blog at the end of the day. If you think you could pick up and learn something from it, then that’s great! If you want to have some fun, then click on it!

Do you criticize other people on your Blog?I do criticize others not only on my Blog but in real life too. I usually do it indirectly on my Blog though. If anyone feels the ‘pinch’, then perhaps I’m talking about that ‘anyone’. If not, then get not too overly sensitive. It depends on how one takes the criticism - constructively or destructively. The choice is still yours.As the only Feng Shui Marketer in the world, do you exaggerate your marketing information?To be really honest, I wish I could exaggerate more, but my ‘partner’ would not allow it. 

Chinese Metaphysics is still a rather ‘serious’ business; not like personal development where I could pump it and blow it up all I want. But no one says I couldn’t tease. What kind of marketing doesn’t exaggerate anyway?Are CAFS Courses similar compared to other schools in the market?On the surface, most of the courses in the market look very similar. On a deeper level, most of CAFS Courses are somewhat different from other schools, in terms of the explanations and applications, and the casual learning environment. CAFS does have a few courses different compared to other schools. We’re not referring to online courses here. If it takes so much effort and patience to learn Chinese Metaphysics in a ‘live’ class, think of what it would take to learn Chinese Metaphysics online.It is possible to gather basic information from online courses, but in the end, the students will still need to attend a ‘live’ class. At CAFS, we usually encounter students who have learned from other schools. That’s what makes CAFS a bit different. Most of the time, in one class, we could find several masters and practitioners as classmates.

Has CAFS come across any regretful students so far?No one can please everyone. We have many students who come back for more courses. I guess they must have learned something and are happy with it to go for more. There are a few who have taken a single subject and we have not seen them again. Perhaps those are a few ‘regretful’ ones. I don’t know, as I haven’t received any serious complaints to express any regrets so far in my mailbox. I guess most people are just being passive or just being compromising. May be both!

Does CAFS get many ‘new beginner’ students to its courses?We do get ‘new beginner’ students from time to time. It’s quite rare, but we do. Most of the students that come to CAFS heard from their friends about us. And most of CAFS students come from other schools. No matter what, at CAFS, we welcome anyone who wishes to learn with a genuine and open heart.

Does CAFS reward its students in monetary terms for their testimonials?Huh! If that’s true, then some students at CAFS would be very rich. Where in the world did one get that silly idea? The students that share their thoughts in testimonials do that by their own will. I usually send a gratitude note and also a request for some comments and feedbacks; some will write their thoughts down and some just won’t. If there was monetary reward on the doorstep, then my guess is everyone will write a testimonial. Who doesn’t want to be rewarded?Would you not tell your friends about a good restaurant if you’ve eaten in one? Would you not tell your friends about a great movie if you’ve seen one? It’s the same principle here. We share with the world what makes us proud and happy. Some will appreciate your sharing and some will not. Heck! Just do it anyway!

Is it true that many of the old and senior students of CAFS are masters and teachers themselves, teaching the same courses at much lower fees?That’s absolutely true. Most of the senior students of CAFS are doing their own teaching and consulting business and it’s not surprising that their syllabus is somewhat similar to those that they’ve learned. Many of these students teach in Mandarin version.Why do most people learn Chinese Metaphysics? The answer: some for knowledge, some for hobby, and most having the desire to create a career out of it. Is it any surprise that CAFS has many old students who are doing their own teaching and consulting business now? Somehow, at the end of the day, many of the students – old and new – still prefer to learn from the original source at CAFS. 

Why is that? It’s because FL updates and upgrades his knowledge from time to time.Does FL have a celebrity status like LTand JY? Of late, the answer seems like a ‘yes’. There’s this acronym of FL in the market lately. FL still prefers to lead a simple and humble life. 

Could he escape from the celebrity status? Time shall reveal.Are most of CAFS Feng Shui audit clients in deep trouble due to erroneous Feng Shui methods or techniques?If Feng Shui alone could change a person’s life and destiny, then I guess Feng Shui masters would be the richest people in the world. But we all know that that’s not the case. FL does what he knows and what is best given the moment and situation. The final decision is still up to ‘Heaven’. No doubt, some people are doing better than others. But it is not permanent as time will change things for better or for worse. It seems like our life is somehow governed by time.We realize that it takes more than one factor to ‘alter’ a person’s destiny and life. 

So far, in FL work and record, he hasn’t murdered anyone, any family or any generation. We’ve heard of cases where some people’s lives have been prolonged due to a certain Feng Shui technique and some companies at the brink of bankruptcy were revived. If the Feng Shui methods FL has been using were erroneous, would he still be doing what he’s doing today? Will mistakes last this long? Your bet is as good as mine.

Is FL a fake, disguising as a Feng Shui Master for 30 years?Could someone fake as a Feng Shui master for 30 years? I don’t know where this came from, but, if that’s true, then FL must be really really good faking it. There’s a saying that goes, “You could lie and cheat for 8 or 10 years, but sooner or later, people will find the truth out.” For 30 years in the Chinese Metaphysics world? You judge for yourself.Does FL have any proof that he’s a real, authentic and experienced Feng Shui Master?This identical statement and question is getting very tiring. Does a medical doctor who has been practicing for 30 years need to proof to you that he’s a real, authentic and experienced doctor? If he’s not real, will he last this long? Do not the old Chinese texts, real case studies and methods that have been effective prove something? Or perhaps the public of people like something more tangible like some crystals and quotes from some Chinese classics as proof that the Feng Shui is real. 

How absurd!Does FL self-promote?Well, if he does, then I wouldn’t have a job, would I? As far I know, everyone and I mean everyone, promotes themselves in some ways. We are anyhow just humans, and when we have something good, beneficial and useful, we’d like to promote it. Some people do their promotion by criticizing, belittling and ridicule others. It shows how well they’re doing. If their product is really that good, then they need only promote the product as it is, without any feeling of insecurity and fear.The truth is FL is semi-retired and I’m promoting him and his ‘products’ as far as we could go together. A little seed of the thought of retirement has sprouted and I’m trying to get as much out of him as possible before the actual retirement occurs. At the moment, we’re doing just fine.

So tell us how does FL get clients for Feng Shui audits?By referrals. He doesn’t do audits for ‘new’ people without any referral. We’ve had requests from people we don’t know and we usually don’t accept their requests as we don’t know them. This may sound a little strange to some people. You may be thinking, but business is still business, why not? Well, that’s just the way it is over here. By referrals only.

What are some of FL business principles that you know of?Simple and straight forward. When it comes to business like teaching and auditing, he takes it very seriously. A “yes” answer means a “yes” and a “no” answer means a “no”; and there’s no two ways about it. I don’t usually agree with him on those principles but then it’s good to have principles at least. You seem very close to FL. 

What are some of the things that the public doesn’t know about him?If the public doesn’t know, do you seriously expect me to tell you? Come on already! But this much I can tell you, he loves antiques.Will you market and work with other Feng Shui masters if given a chance? That really depends. I must firstly feel comfortable with the person I’m working with. I do have some weird traits and honestly, I’m not an easy person to work with sometimes. And of course, most people know I make my living earning commissions and that must be good too but it’s secondary. Feeling happy and comfortable must come first. Besides, if the ‘product’ is really good, it’s easier to market. Some products do speak for themselves!"

We have not reach the climax yet. Stay tune.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First The Date Then The Nose

The recent economic downturn is strange, as more freebies are churning out from the first CON, then inSULT-an of the academies that do not give freebies; one in particular has caught my attention with serious connotation, the betrayal sign.

What is a sign? A lightning strike the statue of Merlion is deemed to be a sign from Heaven. The Highway Code painted in bold color with 100mph, sticking upright at the side of the road is called a highway sign. A handwritten signature is called a sign. A crooked nose is genetic, NOT A SIGN. A defaced nose due to an accident or birth defect is a sign. However a sign remains a sign until a question is asked. So the caveat is DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!

I must say the best conman comes in perfect features, not otherwise the personification of the best double agent in the silver screen would not be James Bond in personification of a sophisticated handsome nurtured gentlemen with LONG nose bridge, yet betray everything along his path to get to his objectives. Similarly so, is one of the former employee of the first CON, then inSULT-an academies that had gone overboard to serve another master as his marketer, do he have a crooked nose, or a crooked mind? Better, if those instructors, who jump ships, all have crooked nose? If the first CON, then inSULT-an academies knew these from the start, would it not better to nip it from the start? Perhaps, the setting up of the first CON, then inSULT-an academies itself is indeed a manifestation of a betrayal in partnership? That I do not know.

What I do know is betrayal as a sign does not stem out from: -

i) Low nose bridge.
ii) Crooked nose.
iii) Unsteady gaze.
iv) Protruded jawbones.

So, do not hinder someone from getting a job or potential employer of getting a good staff based on biased profiling method that are driven by the notion of only judge a book by its cover. It is a grave mistake. I do not reckoned face reading as a method that do not discriminate someone, as contradicting as it may be, it is in fact a method of profiling that will narrow down to discrimination. Given a choice, DISC method would have been a better profiler.

Anas Zubedy, my fellow countryman has posted an advert seeking everyone especially the politician to work rather than to fight for power with examples of his decline business affecting the livelihood of his staff due to the economic and political uncertainties. Here, we have academies that teaches us to profile others based on facial features and rope everyone into a delirium of un-necessitated dogmas of Chinese Metaphysics.

What a shame…

Monday, March 2, 2009

From The Wheel To The Merlion, What Next?

It was reported in the Strait Times: -

“A lightning bolt struck the Merlion statue at about 4.30pm yesterday. The national icon at One Fullerton facing the Singapore River lost part of its top left mane and is believed to have its right ear chipped…”

Strike by a lightning is usually symptomatically related to spiritual stuff and brings about a negative connotation, in this stature, a warning. If a question is asked what it portends, let just visualized Lightning or Thunder (Zhen) striking the ears of the Merlion (Xun).

We knew that Zhen and Xun complement each other in an Early Heaven arrangement, it has a benevolent gesture. First of all Merlion iconize Singapore, more then not it iconize tourism Singapore, first thing to be affected in this current economic crisis and no one listen. The government is seen to voice its concern but steps taken are not up to the mark. If the service industry goes down, then Singapore on a whole will go down as well. It happens at 4:30pm, SHEN hour, Qian, the head of the tourism promotion board will have to go first or something similar may take place.

壬 甲 丙 己
申 辰 寅 丑

On the stem, Jia is the Merlion, facing Ren, the sea, having his head expose to Bing, the lightning originating from Ji, mother earth. Very interesting at a glance. I will not want to read more as the interesting stuffs are hidden in the branches.

Let’s check it out yourself.


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