Sunday, May 23, 2010

Astronomy Of XKDG

Some articles that we have written have invited many feedbacks. One notable response is as the followings: -

“…Out of all systems of Chinese metaphysics that I have seen and tried so far, this XKDG is the one I am most convinced that it is nothing but a useless superstition, no substance at all in it. The system itself had too much of an artificial feel to me. And when it put it to some test on a few thousand data, I couldn't find even the slightest indication that there is any truth in it… Danny VdB”

There is very little written on this subject in the English medium. However, whatever that is written in the Chinese medium is ought to have been taken with a pinch of salt as these are only personal opinion of the writer. The only single source is from the original classic of this matter called DiLi BianZheng (DLBZ) or nicknamed, Earth Study Discern Truth of which of which Zeng YongXin has given an excellent rendition to it as a verbatim translation without commentary. 

DLBZ is a compilation of commentaries of the 4 classics of FengShui literatures by the late Grandmaster Jiang DaHong (JDH) and his disciple. He is well known of the followings: -

1. Heaven Will shall not be disclosed, therefore he is lip tied. 

2. Parted with 6 known disciples, each been endowed with a treasure from him such as, one was given his LuoPan, one with his written book, another with verbal instruction and so on so forth.

3. None of his disciple has a complete transmission of knowledge.

4. Among his disciples, Grandmaster Zang ZhongShan was claimed to have stood out to be the most accomplished XuanKong masters. 

A close inspection on these, it may seem that: -

1. JDH will never disclose what he knew.

2. Even his LuoPan has no XKDG rings.

3. All that is said and practice as prescribed in books are “new” inventions with many unresolved “controversies”.

Does it mean to say that XKDG is just another hoax?

XKDG, liked many others is just a name. If one doesn’t like to call it XKDG, just call it by another name such as DiLi DaGua or alike. Likewise, XuanKong is only a subset of SanYuan. Search within SanYuan, one is able to distill out the significant of the SanYuan DiLi principles, which is surprisingly an extension of SanHe.

Perhaps, there is truth that the macro view of DaGua is in the principles of the Eight Mansions yet the roots are in the Astronomy. Why on earth are the QianKun does not belong to any of the 12 Zodiac palaces as shown in the above diagram?
Clue is given and Happy Hunting!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

True North, Magnetic North and the Polaris North - A Dilirium

It is strange that such fundamental questions are still a subject for debates by the Chinese Metaphysics community. As we speak of the LuoPan with three different rings with various formula embedded in the rings, yet such debates reflect the lack of understanding as to which portions of the skies do FengShui master measures. Perhaps, it may be due to the lack of understanding of the Ancient Chinese Astronomy and the evolution of the LuoPan.

For instances, the entire universal spectrum is the 2 slices of the TaiQi, with one, the “static” stars streams embedded in the universal canvas. This is the host or palaces; some called it the Early Heaven. Whereas the 7 governors moves in dynamics are the guests, after the Big Bang and therefore Later Heaven. These 7 governors are the “stars”, whereas the 4 enclosures are the “palaces”. Now, given such a situation if such a galactic movements were to be represented on a disc, where would one take as the reference point? Magnetic North?

Failing so to determine the point of references, the TaiQi spot cannot be established and whatever methods or formulas cannot be applied. These shows the important of knowing which reference point to use and for what purposes.

Next, we look at births of the Schools of Metaphysics from the Ancient Three (TaiYi, LiuRen and QiMen) to SanHe and SanYuan, at which part of the skies or Spherical Heavens do these methods referred to? 

Strange enough, we may say SanHe measures the lateral of the Spherical Heaven, whereas SanYuan measures the vertical of the Spherical Heaven, then how would the 12 Zodiac palaces merged into the existing 4 enclosures, if it is not the two paths that are measured via the Disc?

In the SanHe point of view, we may heard that LuoPan evolve from the Sun dial. This is not entirely true. If we say, the Heaven plate evolves from the Sun dial, and then it makes sense. Heaven Qi is influenced by the Sun as it involves external Qi. So, which North do we take into considerations?

Whereas, the Earth Plate is a disc to measure Earth Qi. What is the unit measurement of Earth Qi? Which part of the 7 governors that heavily influence the densities of Earth Qi? Which North does one take to measure internal Qi?

In the SanYuan point of view, what is the basis of their Earth plate, Heaven plate and Outer Heaven Plate? Do they measure Earth Qi or Heaven Qi? Which part of Heavens do they measure? Do SanYuan establish sitting or facing?

When one has all these answered, the question of the three North no longer relevant. As the applications will dictate which of these North take precedent over the others. 

As preached by a teacher, who has taken a walk, we seriously need to revisit our fundamentals in astronomy. One thing for sure, he has many gems under his sleeve and we wish him the best in his future undertakings.

We planned to have more discussion on these fundamental issues and for those who is interested to know more, please follow us via FACEBOOK, by clicking onto the link and click the LIKE icon.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Special Request

Yes, we are finally exploring Facebook (better late then never). Being the not-to-be-missed platforms in the internet, we finally manage to toy around Facebook's interface and thanks to the availability of plug-ins and expertise from one of our long term fans of Yifengshui, we begin to take a small step forward. 

We sincerely hope that all fans and friends of Yifengshui would be able to join in the new Facebook by clicking the LIKE button on the following tread: -

We will soon convert this URL into more user friendly version and on top of that we will make available an ebook download specially dedicated to our fans on workable methods of FengShui, which has never been disclosed before.

Again, we thank all of our visitors, fans, followers, friends, commentators, favorites and all that who has made Yifengshui and FengShui QuanYuan a notable blog in Chinese Metaphysics.

Thank You.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meaningful Coincidence - The Secrets of The WenWang Gua

What has XuanKong YiGua and WenWang Gua has in common? Just about 4 weeks ago, we placed an order for a book called The Secrets of WenWang Gua. The discription of the book is rather interesting. So, we decided to place an order.

The shipment has not arrived since then. Just one fine morning while we contemplated on such, we made a divination. A question was asked. A divination is cast and an answer has arrived- Thunder over Wind. So, we email the author. His response was rather neutral (shouldn't it suppose to be roaring liked thunder?) and just about 2 hours later, the order reached our doorsteps (2hours=1Chinese hour). Interesting, for a start in reading WenWang Gua.

We are going to spend a few days reading this book, while I was trying to experiment as to the ease of understanding such a subject through this book, by the lens of two  distinctive individuals, one with basic knowledge of the 5 elements and the other - none, just to see at the end, has the book manage to presents itself in an informative manner. Just a quick  glance of its content, our personal opinion, it is a book that appear to be substance over forms. So, do not judge a book by its cover.

Will write more about it in due cause.

P/s: This book is available through HERE

Monday, May 10, 2010

Qi Heals Qi

Read this NEWS from the net and perhaps we need to give new meanings to the following words of wisdom as to eat to live or live to eat, perhaps neither to eat nor to live. For those who understand XieZi Fa, THIS IS IT... (borrow from MJ). Now India has a master who can master the arts of Qi heals Qi, so you do not have to eat and shit. Perhaps, the YangYi practitioners who watch watermouth will also have to pack their bags and learn the art of not to eat and not to shit through the T lineage of FengShui. Maybe as one marketeers of metaphysics say, when one tango flying star with yin fengshui, the T style, to a high degree it is the same as performing porn with its sexual illicit metaphysics experiences just liked the contents of its blog. So, without the need to eat, there will be more time for something else. What a shame...

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yet Another Day In Paradise

Got a call last week from Mr J, telling me of the effects of Qi refurbishment he is undergoing, which at one hand kept him happy of his wife's achievement, while on the other worried of loosing sight of the shore while embarking on the new land. Oppps... who is Mr Jay?

Well, the tread Just Another Day In Paradise, is self explanatory as to the encounters with Mr and Mrs J. Quite a tough case but was just glad that results are forthcoming. We were informed that  Mrs J had taken a bold step to embark on a career as an estate agent. For a green horn liked her, it was a great achievement that she has, at a short time, build up a protfolios of customers to her own credits that even has became an envy to her peers. What was even intriguing is that she was given an offer with a 5 figure incomes and a company car at her disposal with a well and politically connected individual. Just all this within a year from a typically shy housewife to a career woman! Oh my God! What had we done? Well, just adjusting the stove, for that is the only things we could do at that time.

Now, Mr J is a little bit worry, for he may not know what is installed for her in the next chapter of her career. So, he picked up the phone and call for S.O.S. Infact, his situation is liked a changing role, where the husband is taking the role of the housewife and vice versa. What is wrong with that? Nothing wrong, only the Yin and Yang is displaced.

He has a reason to worry. We also anticipated such things to happen. The good things are we spelt it out in the BaZi consultation in day-1, where his wife will be the forerunner or breadwinner. Qi refurbishment is not a bed of roses as we had many time mentioned before, see Blessings In Disguise. It is rocky sometimes. So, being the practitioners we worry if our method don't work. We also worry when the method does work. So there is non stop worrying and that is a good platform to learn the art of non attachment.

To Mr J, if you are reading this blog please recall our advice and take current notice:-
  1. The YinYang arrangement for Mr J's house is far from over.
  2. Out of all the things available, we only manage to settle one being the crucial that is the stove, a quantifiable results reflected from Mrs J's promotions.
  3. We wanted Mr J family to always have food available on the dinner table.
  4. The outcome and the promotions of Mrs J is a testimonial of such an achievement.
  5. Do not forget, we did say, once you make the money strive on with the other components of the house. Meaning there are more step to be taken to another level.
  6. The current omen ie. breaking of the aquarium and crippers means some serious follow up needs to be taken into consideration.
  7. We never promise Mr J to be a millionaire overnight.
  8. We have also proven to Mr J we are not doing this for the money and we don't need to do it for charity either.
  9. The master bed is in a dire situation needs ractification.
  10. A debt be it monetary or Karmic will need to be repaid.
Take Care...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Something About The XKDG LuoPan

The LuoPan is an indispensable tool for the FengShui practitioners - This is a fact. However, how many of us actually goes beyond the 24 mountain plate? 

In the SanHe LuoPan, there is a distinctive rings called the the Earth plate, the Heaven plate and the Human plate. The only common things between the SanHe and the SanYuan LuoPan is the Earth plate. What if in the SanYuan LuoPan there is also the Heaven and the Human plate? Does the SanYuan practitioners also do what is done by their SanHe counterparts?

To the XKDG addicts, any reason for a 22.5 degree shift of the DaGua rings from the Earth plate? Perhaps the conpendium of LuoPan needs some overhaul?


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