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Thanks for departing some knowledge of FengShui to me. I appreciate the way you start the class with history related to Fengshui before moving on to explain San Yuan and San He with detail information. As usual, I enjoy QuanYuan friendship that makes the workshop a fun learning one.

At the end of the day, the workshop has opens up my eyes on how FengShui can help the poor, the unfortunate ones and to those who needs it.

I do hope to be able to master this wonderful knowledge to help my family and others.

Once again, many thanks for the knowledge, guidance and help that had improve the way I think and the way I live.

Keep in touch.

Sam (Penang)

Thank you and I really have no regret for attending the workshop. It was really an eye opener for me as a beginner SanHe practitioner. Before this, I thought BaZhai is a FengShui method for amateur, in fact, it is as good as SanHe. I started to appreciate BaZhai as I have a wrong impression from reading it from book. I thought it was really simple and kindergarten technique. But after the workshop, it change my thinking totally, I can't wait to apply BaZhai at my house.

Overall, I find this is a very good workshop; I gain more knowledge on the theory. Appreciate your kind effort and time to make this happen.

Yap (KL)

Thank you for your patience for teaching us FengShui that I have been waiting a long long time.

From the theories, it looks simple but not as I thought as it is when it come to the real situation. There are so many information was left unnoticed during our practical. Just a simple Yin Yang can easily confuse me so I need witness and practice more.

Lastly, thanks Master Ng for guiding us too and Lenny to volunteer a house for us to practice.

Thank you all.

Choong (Benut)

I thoroughly enjoyed Master Ng's Bazi class. His easy style of teaching made learning fun and naturally, encouraged students participation. All questions were answered. Unlike other masters where some answers would only be made available at higher modules. Most importantly, he offered a different perspective to Bazi reading and his interpretations and disclosures were striking. Those three days of learning had been very enlightening. Thank you Master Ng and your organizing team, David and Lenny

KM Chan (Singapore)

The Workshop is a kick-start and eye-opening towards what is actually BaZi is all about that many still think it is a Taboo or Religious stuffs. It gives a great depth and wide illustration on hidden pillars that created awareness and to grip hold of our own Destiny...

Samantha (Pahang)

Hi Lenny and the team, Two words from me to your team - Well Done! As a beginner, I learn a lot about Bazi from Master Ng during the 3 days workshop. The workshop contents, the humorous side of hardworking Master Ng, the dedication of your team and most importantly the way your team mingled with the students had make me feel good and comfortable throughout the 3 days. I am sure the rest will agree with what I have said. :)

Armed with the fundamentals given, I will definitely continue to look for more answers in the art of Bazi. With this, I hope to continuously engage with you and the team as well as the rest of my new friends in whatever ways we can. Oh yeah...I really never felt so 'naked' in public before. A very good experience for me... hahhaaa.... :) Anyway, I am still basking in the afterglow of a marvelous Bazi workshop. Once again, many thanks to you.

Your friend,
Samyeap (Penang)

Hello to everyone in the team & other students, As a beginner, I have a long way to go. My wish to learn what I can. Thank you for the lessons even though my mind is blank & not fast enough to understand. I laughed a lot so keep it coming for next yr FS class with some course guideline/contents in future.

KeeYan (Manjalara)

Although I have not attended any BaZi course from other academy, but I know I have met a true metaphysic Master from Quan Yuan. I am very amazed by his knowledge and enthusiasm towards BaZi. He is a very dedicated and patience Master, he will answer to my questions without any hesitation. His teaching methods cannot be found in books or journals. I am glad to be his student.

Thank you Master Ng.

Best Wishes,
Eric Yap (Cheras)

Thank you again for organizing the bazi workshop. All these while of my practices, I'm was only able to read some surface interpretation and simple incidents. This time, Master Ng has showed us the way how to naked a bazi chart, layer by layer from many and different dimensions to confirm an answer.

The inter-changing of 10 gods made my 10 gods went haywire, like you said '10 gods become oh my god'. Its so excited to find out more and more what is hidden inside, not only an incident but the surrounding too. Not to forget, there were so many laughter from beginning till end of the day which makes the class so much fun to learn. I have grabbed a lot of goodies from Master Ng from this. Last but not least, once again, thank you so much to the team and Master Ng.

Thanks and best regards,
Austin (Johor Baru)

Master Ng is just fantastic! He has multiple ways of looking at a chart. He can easily apply the Zi Ping bazi method together with the pictorial method. He's also very good in digging out the hidden stems. Just see how much he could reveal in Osama bin Laden's chart.

His analysis includes inter-palace, shifting palace, hidden combo, sub-qi combo, and stem-branch combo, on top of the usual favorable/unfavorable stars, ten gods and luck pillars. Also a deeper interpretation of self punishment, destruction, bullying punishment, clashes and harms.

I'm sure all those who attended this course would agree with me. Keep up the good work and a very big thank you to Master Ng.

Warmest regards,


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