Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why My Spirits Cannot Work

We came across the term – TaiQi spot. Others called it by many names such as Heaven’s Heart, center of the TaiQi or simply the threshold of Yin and Yang. In any circumstances it is the first layer of the many FengShui method of applications. Some called it arranging YinYang (Pai YinYang). Failure to establish such may results in the wrong applications of Direct/Indirect Spirits, the back bone of the huge SanYuan principles and arranging the dragons (Pai Long) for the SanHe principles. Forget about the method of establishing measurement using the LuoPan (LiPan) for the various methods if the fundamental of establishing the TaiQi spot is not first established. Next time when you play XuanKong FeiXing, DaGua and the sorts while busy measuring the facing and the sitting as in the tilt of the door, foot or headboard or even tomb stones, think about it – where is your TaiQi spot? The center of the 64 Gua or the center of your house?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Before we contemplate about Zhong Tian, consider these: -

The early Chinese (the time of the 4 sage emperors) does not concern so much as to the sitting and facing of their homes. Their main concerns are the community. So, the EH is used to assist them in locating prosperous spots. It is all location, location and location.

EH BaGua is imagery, Xiang of the cosmos. To understand its attributes, EH Numerology is invented. This is another component called Shu. So HeTu is derived to interpret the EH BaGua. HeTu is derived from the understanding of Qi, the 5 elements. As the saying goes, Heaven bestow, Earth receives, Qi originates from Heaven and settle underground as in the forms of mountain (Gen) and rivers (Dui). Such manifestation is called as above, so below. As above there are asterisms. As below there are mountains and rivers which we called Dragons. So, it is believed that the working mechanism of Qi must follow an order. This order is HeTu. So, Shu, Qi and Xiang are complete.

However, have we ever thought that HeTu is also in 3D?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Structure Of A Low Income Apartment

It was an astonishing experience that from time to time, there are “pseudo-masters” who will drop by and gave some words of enlightenment as for example, someone by the name of Swan just informed me that the so called memorial parks which I had mentioned in Grave Matters, are very inferior in quality as the so called dragons are still on the move. That is true enough when there is only one. For that matter perhaps Swan may need to understand the context of a Dragon Well?

Along the cause of burial selections, we manage to squeeze some time to make an audit for someone in Malacca. The location was somewhat remote; she lives in a small apartment. Clustered small apartments of 4 units sharing 1 small lobby. Lobby very dim. The alley leading to the lobby is very narrow with overgrown turf and lack of up keeping. The Qi is very stale. Parameter drains are exposed creating a cutting feet effect to all entrances. The configuration of the back of house facing bright hall. This is the immediate YinYang imbalance, with confused definition of facing. The lobby is small with large overhangs thus always in shadow. Very Yin especially when facing neighboring unkept gardens and cluttered stores. 

Water coming from Sickness and Weakening, exiting at Growth and Nurture. Sitting at Metal frame. Water crossing MingTang is Yin. Both in comings are not so beautiful. Similarly so is the outgoing unlocked. 

Such formations have resulted as she is a divorcee with 2 children. Being the sole bread winner by default, she could not afford any savings since moving into this house. She moved in 7 years ago. Only recently she encounters issue with her boss, after working for more than 7 years. Potentially jinx by petty people. 

The question is what could have caused these sequential events to happen? More importantly, why would the structure of the low income house has always the same coincidence and tales? In the instance of such a tight space, would the XKDG “a-go-go” door tilting work? Perhaps a little bit of fighting SanSha to win lottery, so that she can afford your high premium fee?

When everything fails, a little ZhongTian method may do the trick.

Grave Matters

Burial plot selection in the well organized memorial parks, these days can be a grave matters where one has plenty of potential killing Qi when it is located by the highways of Malaysia with lots and lots of electrical pylons whereas the others don’t even worth a shit although it has appeared numerous time in TV and a series of chasing the dragon sitcom or something liked this with 2 ladies and a guy chirping their ways insulting the Imperial tombs to be much inferior as compared to their sponsor’s memorial park with a distinctively murky water dragons. I wonder, how good can it be? Whereas the last one, although not perfect, as much of the undulating terrains had been pressed down, it is much better in some ways or another compared to the former.

First the selection team touch based with the one located besides the highways. Everywhere almost flattened, with only the hill slopes reserved for the privileged. Even so, the undeniable land form Sha, liked the pylons are everywhere. Speaking about the real TaiSui Sha, do we need to place PiYao everywhere to appease the TaiSui?

Next, we arrived at the one, so well advertised in the media and endorsed by the one of the academy in town. The sale team brought us to the worst locations with the bright hall facing the alley with a price tag as big as the mammoth. What the F? How about the good lots? Well, at the moment the so called good one is not released for sale. Another what the F, again?? Honestly, even the so called good one is also not so good. Look at the so called water dragon in murky formations. The imperial lots are facing the unlocked water mouth. How good can that be? One thing good, there is no pylon to be seen.

Well, the last option is to see the one neighboring park. Upon entry there is a huge dragon sucking the pearl. Is this FengShui or Mc FengShui? You do the calling. After many rounds of turning, we finally arrived at a location with an acceptable bright hall. What is lacking is the crossing of the gap, which has been flattened. So the Qi is going to be leaked. Well, nothing is perfect and it is all heaven’s will. Even within the same location, the plot at a step above which has already been taken, has a better Qi capacity compared to the lower one. Such formation is called white tiger crossing bright hall. Does it means to say the female has more authority?

Burial plot selection in a well organized memorial park is quite a different cup of tea, especially when the terrain has been muddled with the absents of the trail of the veins, disappearing of the natural niche and the constructions of the retaining wall which sometimes make the slope even steeper at the rear. The best thing is do we need a LuoPan for such an exercise? Maybe not. An I-Phone with pre loaded LuoPan is better. Think about it…

Monday, June 21, 2010

Show Me The MONEY !!!

This Summer Solstice is strange. First, I bump into a “millionaire” production factory, which I am about to enroll. Second, before I can be made a “millionaire”, I must undertake prep-course before the initiation into indoor discipleship. Only then I am a millionaire. In order to do so I must equip myself with the first million. Why? Because the courses that I am embarking costs more than USD10, 000.00 per session. There are 3 introductory modules, 3 practitioner modules, 3 mastery modules plus one practical module, total up to 1 million, Ringgit for that matter. Then, I read somewhere; the factory owner runs a business of high profit margin. As a disciple you pay a fee, prepare to be mold into a millionaire and that is the end of the transaction. They have their very own expertise and business is business and don’t be too shock with the world of capitalism. How the factory may runs on welfare basis? Right? The owner also needs to be fed - “cari makan”.

This is gorgeous! I never knew that FengShui master has to “cari makan” among their students? I always thought that they are self sufficient with the endowment of the SanYuan of health, wealth and descendent? Perhaps, their services to their clients are just on the affinity basis and not so much of the “cari makan”? 

Maybe I am wrong.

Just met up with an old friend from Singapore, one from the family of FengShui master turns Chinese Medicated Hall Entrepreneurs. They kept their practice and lineage only to their own family members. They engage commercial FengShui masters for “show”, especially during opening of their branches. You hardly know they knew their stuff because they don’t look Chinese enough to even hold a LouPan in their hands. Yup, I forgot to ask if they have application forms for me to enroll as indoor disciple. Shit! What a chance I missed!

Any more genuine masters who can turn me into a millionaire? Please stand up!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh My God! LoShu Is In 3D

When we perceived Shu, Qi and Xiang as 3 Dimensional entities, our view will be changed entirely. The way we perceived LoShu is no longer the 9 grids smack artificially against the floor plans, just liked most Flying Star method advocated by the commercial schools or books. We need to explode the Later Heaven BaGua cubes and  connect the flow as in accordance to the LoShu path in 3D, we noticed that Qi actually spirals up and down in a vortex of stacked arrangement through the medium of 3D space. Assumingly when we say Flying Star, with supposingly stars that fly, it isn't that way in a 3D point of view, as liked a pin ball effect, the Qi vibrates and transform through a medium from one form to another. This is called WuYun

That is one very reason why many Flying Star and Eight Mansions method does not bring consistent results, which stem from the right theory, wrong application. Yet, many continue to advocate it. Similarly so, if we learn ZiBai Jue or the Purple White without knowing this very fundamental, can we actually put it into practice? Go a little further by using the Middle Heaven, there is another tale for another time.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Perception Of The BaGua

We are familiar with BaGua, HeLuo and the interaction of Qi in a 2 dimensional perspective. What happened when in fact Qi is 3 Dimensional? Stacking above one another? As a simple illustration (not true fact), these imagery can be well illustrated as a cube in horizontal and vertical interlocking sequence. That is where the path of right and left turning originates as oscillation. A single unit of BaGua can then be further expended to the 64 Gua. To the DaGua enthusiasts, how does one apply DaGua when we have no room to arrange the BaGua? Food for thought!

On another note, the TaiQi spot or the heavenly heart is deemed as important as it gels the rest of the “cubes” together. As the saying goes, when the heavenly heart activates, 9 palaces alter. Do we constantly need to activate it with the placement of fountain at the center?

Note: Hi David, attached you find the picture. I wish you lots of success with your blog. Great to have a place for  discussing different point of views or experiences. I think Facebook  might be a good place for it. Best wishes and a happy week, Antje.

TaiQi - Left Turn Right Turn

Which TaiQi belongs to the Yi of Dao and the Yi of Qi? When one turns left, the other turns right. Left turning is Yin? Right turning is Yang? Mountain is Yin? Water is Yang? Another manifestation of 扭轉乾坤?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Turning The Qian To The Kun - 扭轉乾坤

Sometime back, when I wrote an article musing about 扭轉乾坤 as in the Nebulously Confused Qi and its postscript, never had I imagined that as the number one principle of 一切随缘 (affinity), which is one of the many principles of  中天卦 (middle heaven gua). The idea is best represented as the loop within loop from the external as early heaven to middle heaven and narrow down to later heaven. There are two distinct middle heaven BaGua(s). Because the nature of this write up is about Kun taking over Qian as in 扭轉乾坤. Application wise will be reserved upon request.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shut Up! I Am Thinking

An anonymous drops me a note commenting the followings: -

“According to him (the marketer), his teacher is one of the best in BaZi, FengShui and QMDJ. I wonder why he still face a short term jail, didn’t the teacher able to see it and avoid it or something else? Strange! Need to ponder…”

It was a thought provoking comment. Perhaps an interstice between the marketer and his teacher. Such thought provoking has been translated into the recent entry of the marketer’s blog about BaZi and FengShui in a rather rhetorical fallacy which this write up is intended to debunk.

BaZi is the yard stick of a capacity of every person which includes a destiny road map. FengShui, on the other hand, is a mean to expedite opportunities and to avoid pitfalls. These fundamental understandings are not found in the marketer’s blog nor are in possession by his teacher. The above thought provoking comment rings a bell and a true testimony of such. There is nothing metaphysical about it – as it is just plain truth. It is also a display of whimsical superstitions that were propagated by such school as it once suggested that to avoid the ordeal of FanFu Yin, the marketer duly slept in the coffin and spilled cash out of it. Yet, his ordeals never cease but continue. These are facts of the sort of BaZi knowledge his teacher and him possessed. Do you still wish to sign up?

BaZi and KanYu had their cradles in the Chinese soil – this is a fact. Thanks to a charismatic lady, which we often called Big Sister, it has reached the Western audience. If one feels chic by calling these arts in another name such as Mc FengShui as to re-brand it with international labels, so be it. However, we just don’t know that such an art has to be marketed so lowly as to change name plainly to make money out of the international students. As the operative term used in the blog, “affordability”, clearly demonstrated the plain intentions of profiteering and not for the love of the arts.

It is also strange that the definition is sought after as to the meaning of Metaphysics when the physics aspect of such as to which part of Heavens do one measure is still in confusion. Crapping on the intricacies of BaZi, where the differences between structural and imagery readings are still unknown is, among others, the hallmark of such a school. Yet it introduces other needs for the “3rd Eye” just to see beyond the 8 characters, which is termed “Meta” as in metaphysics. The very “meta” is the commodity of the school which continues to milk the otherwise, international students. It is a shame that such a beautiful art has been transformed into Shamanism

Master worshipping is never the cup of tea for a true practitioner neither is the ethic of a genuine philosopher. When one understand the significant of the useful gods, understand which Heaven one measures and know how YinYang is balanced, the only master exist are the your ancestors who had once walked the earth of the middle kingdom. Do you still need to rebrand Chinese Metaphysics?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Trip Down Memorable Penang

A short trip to Penang, notably staying around the area of Gurney Drive, observed the mushrooming of the property markets and it is NOT due to the effect of the 4 heraldic beast land formations such as the Green Dragon, White Tiger, Black Warrior and Red Pheonix. These concepts had been long bastardized by modern age guru either to sell their figurines or simply to make things sounds complicated. If it is true that such a feature is important, a glance through my hotel window should at least witnessed the so called, red phoenix but where has it gone to? 9 layers of heavens? These very notions which were originated from the ancient astronomy of the 4 enclosures had been very misleading while I remember reading somewhere from Master Eva Wong, as she proposed that it is entirely misleading to take the White Tiger as the right with reference to the tomb and a living abode to be the same, had created another wave of confusions into the otherwise murky subject. 

Another subject of confusion is the phrase, water governs wealth, mountain governs health, and thus it is good to have the sea in front of the property and mountain at the back, what more if the mountain is Penang Hill! Go check around and see if all the successful and wealthy pioneers liked the Khoo families has their ancestral temple located facing the open sea. If it is not, perhaps such phrase needs to be thought over as it simply does not fit the true context in applications. 

Other fables such as the pearl of the orient is indeed a turtle with its back “stuck” to a needle, in the form of the “cursed” KOMTAR tower. When such is a masterpiece of our beloved Architectural pioneer Datuk Seri Lim, it is again being painted rather ugly by the new age master as the culprit that leads to the dormant economic progress of the state and ultimately spelt disaster for BN. KL has its twin towers, Dubai has its Burj and Taiwan has its 101 tower. What has gone so very wrong with Komtar? The answer is in the land formation and definitely not the 4 heraldic beasts! There is this much to say about Penang PGCC, another architectural icon from Asymptote which hasn’t seen the lights at the end of the tunnel. Would it be another Komtar, when mountain see mountain? Or, another needles to pin down the otherwise prosperous turtle?

Amusingly, when one sees Penang as a turtle, another sees it as a Tiger, crouching tiger! Perhaps it is due to the Tiger year, that the turtle disguise itself as a tiger. Wonder if the world of Mc Fongshui would make it as its top seller figurines? That will be another tales. The ancient master liked figurative writing with emphasis form over substance. Surprisingly modern master also liked form over substance and that is where the problems arise when it is taken by the lay person as the truth, liked the pinned turtle. Again, the answer is within the veins. 

Such fables are rather amusing to some and pain to others. Another dose, please take it with a huge pinch of salt of what ever said by these co called new age masters.

Note: Photo Credit - LesChang,, Asymptote - PGCC

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Suck’in Qi

Another landform goodie bag techniques which enable Qi to be drawn into the premises. However, care must first be taken as, if the YinYang is imbalance to begin with, what sort of Qi will be drawn in, in the first instance? In my short TRIP to Penang just a week ago, a very famous Burmese Temple has such a feature with funneling terraces that draws Qi from the external bright hall, rendering the immediate bright hall rather useless. But the trick is not just this funnel. Sequences of spaces are required to balance out its YinYang polarity, thus making the ingress of Qi to be sentimental. Think about it…

Interstices Metaphysical

Strange, while I heard that a notable master is leaving his practices after barely a year in set up and garnered much fame and attention through the style of self imposed professional ethics and result warranty, just liked the FengShui “families”, I also read about a self confessions of the marketer of Chinese Metaphysics of his traumatic experiences in the academy in town. Thus, these two separate events kept me wonder, if the art of BaZi can indeed be used to present informed decisions of compatibility otherwise, why start off a venture when we knew the outcome is of such a short lived experiences? Perhaps it is worthy? That I ought to learn and perhaps I am learning. 

Coincidently also, while I was cleaning away some of my Folios, a compendium of fragmented ideas in my student years entitled INTERSTICES, it comes to mind of this very seldom used word – interstices, of which it means as from Wikitionary, it states: -

"A small opening or space between objects, especially adjacent objects or objects set closely together, as between cords in a rope or components of a multiconductor electrical cable or between atoms in a crystal."

Perhaps it is this in between spaces that we called interstices, opens another opportunity for water to return to its source. That I leave it for all to interpret…


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