Sunday, June 1, 2014

Faulty FengShui Cure By A YangGong Practitioner?

One case study in question is about a Factory's FengShui located at the southern bank of the Klang river with its water mouth miles away towards the WestPort. This factory was audited by a Female YangGong trained practitioner apparently from the GanZhou lineage. 

Her findings are consistent to the YangGong's approach. The external formation suits Fire or Wood frame. However, the formation of the factory with its office block takes a metal structure instead. Therefore water exiting Prosperous would see that the factory would not able to prosper in a long run. It correspond well with the finding of YangGong method. 

The practitioner decided to restructure the property by establishing Fire Frame as such is accordance to the owner's BaZi, lacking Fire element. This remedy is also not wrong.

Now since everything is in accordance to YangGong method, why the results are not seen? From a YangGong perspective, there are other factors one in particular, speed in manifestation. It is a subject that hardly been disclosed among the lineage itself. The outsiders had no clue whatsoever. 

It is not compulsory to restructure the property's formation without first establishing the YinYang components. As at the moment, its YinYang is imbalance and no matter what has been done, it takes longer for its positive effect to manifest. There is really no problem with the method. The problem is with the application itself. So, please don't blame the floor of being so hard, if you cannot shit due to constipation - Chinese Proverb.


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