Tuesday, March 11, 2014

XKDG - Plain Rubbish Version

Yes, you read it right! There are plenty of plain rubbish versions of XKDG available in the market. If you search the net, you will be greeted with some form of rosy chart claiming to be the complete course of XKDG. Yet, the rosy charts like the one attached are nothing close to the truth. It only represents the current level of Master Practitioners out there in the market of English speaking community. I can’t blame them as it is a highly guarded secret among the real practitioners. 

Using XKDG together with QMDJ is another sugar coated scheme that is highly marketed these days. It is made popular by the late Zheng ZiNan (ZZN) coined with a mouthful - SanYuan DiLi XianTian XuanKong DaGua QiMen DunJia, in the late 1970s. All the sudden, you see fresh young Master Practitioners having claimed to have a piece of ZZN now offering such to the masses. If truly QMDJ is about asking favor from the Dieties, there is always a cheaper version to seek out consultation from the temple medium… 

Please get real!

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