Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Architecture of FengShui or The FengShui of Architecture?

Great Picture of the Building Interiors - click HERE

This building was designed incorporating the art of KanYu. It does not in any way look like a Chinese Temple. There is absolutely no Lions, Qilin, FuDogs, PiYao and the sort you can get in China Town. It is a modern avant-garde building built in the enclave of undulating terrains. 

We first attempted from ground Zero and land form compliance. No XKDG or fighting SanSha acrobatics. No Flying Star fly here and there. Just pure attempt to locate the main entrance given the site context. On ground, no clue of where the incoming dragon is as everywhere are trees and canopies of foliage. Only the roads indicated to us the high and low. No need the extravagance of helicopter ride even if your client is rich enough to burnt money for you. 

It is coming from Kan (1) moving towards Li (9). Obviously QKGB compliance would require the building to sit Qian (6) facing Xun (4). That is where it all goes so terribly wrong! XKDG state that Dragon and Facing must be prosperous so sticking the butt of your building in the Direct Spirit will be disastrous! Come on… be real? 

In a commercial set up, we preferred to receive Yin. The door is located to receive where Qi begins. Both conforming structurally Yin Wood receiving Officer exiting Weakening and receiving Prosperous and exiting Weakening GuaYun 4. Internally, Qi flow modulated by the ramp in Yin sequence, engineered to be retained in every floor. The main door is receiving YanNian BaZhai Qi. It is 8 Mansions but not those that is available in books. It is a perfect combination of 10 with stars of 6 conjunction 4. If one understood perfectly what 8 Mansion is there are only 1-6, 6-1 Qi as ShengQi and not any HeTu combination. It is where the understanding of star conjunctions in the Flying Star and BaZhai got so messed up. 

When the building is completed, on the top most level, we noticed where the incoming dragon is. What a relieved that it conforms to our earlier observation. Great work for the team involved from the Client to the Contractors. 

For the view of the complete look of the building inside out – click HERE.

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