Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chasing Bandwagons

First, we chase the Dian-dian Dao Bandwagons. Then, we chase the Water Dragon Bandwagons. After, we chase the LongMen BaDa Ju Bandwagons. Next, we chase the Fighting San-Sha Bandwagons. Not enough, we chase the LiuFa Bandwagons. Now, we chase the Xie ZiFa Bandwagons.

How many more bandwagons to go? These are big dramas in the field of Chinese Metaphysics and the chapters never end. Asked around, what is Xie ZiFa (些子法)? How many people know this method? The original proprietor of this method is already 6 feet under, to whom should the glory and lineage be claimed after? One stale news, someone paid EURO 40,000.00, to learn this method from the HongKong Master. Although, he too is 6 feet under who else is next in line? If this secret formula never departs from the door of the Zeng family, would there be other versions of Xie ZiFa (些子法)in the market? Is there any hint of an offer for such method? Who is there to validate such authenticity by just chanting slogan in the shroud of mystery?

If we say Xie ZiFa is a method to avoid the misfortune and expedite the fortune, then all methods of KanYu are annexed to these principles. If Xie ZiFa is a method that will generate specific results based on the use of DaGua, then as some other writers believed, other methods too will generate specific results within a certain given time and structural constraint. If Xie ZiFa results are long lasting, I believed nothing can compete with SanHe. So, what is Xie ZiFa (些子法)? Can it be used for both Yin and Yang abode?

Xie ZiFa (些子法) is supposed to be the crown jewel of SanYuan, at least that was what had been made known. Just move the furniture around, within a few millimeters and within half an hour, the results will materialize. No need to chase after the dragon, look out for water mouth, tilting the door and the frames, measuring every walls and placing the 3 legged toads at the wealth corner. Again, this is one unsolicited version.

For those who understand that the 9 layers of heaven is beyond the background radiation of the universe and galactic bodies, but the 9 Gates through the 9th dimensions of realm, knowing the Gate Keepers, one still can called upon the masters of the old who has traveled beyond the mortal existence and seek his understanding as to what is Xie ZiFa (些子法)? Remember this is YuanKong, we are saying? Perhaps he would have said, Xie ZiFa (些子法) is nothing more than a method to avoid the misfortune and expedite the fortune and it is found in all levels of KanYu method. To use such one has to understand that the body of the XianTian (Early Heaven) Gua has to be matched with the ZhongTian (Mid Heaven) Gua to arrive at the HouTian (Later Heaven) Gua. Again, ZhongTian is an operative word, coined by masters to explain the act of turning the Qian to the Kun, (QianKun DaoLiu). In a nut shell is all about opening the Gates of the 9th Heaven. However, one still need to source out who is the gates keeper, this is yet another unsolicited version.

So, pack your bag and ready to ride the Xie ZiFa (些子法) bandwagon. Before that, asked this question, why must it begin with the THREE, when the Qian is already so farfetched with its achievements?

Anyone interested?


Jo Ching said...

Hi David

I did not know Zeng Zi Nan ever taught XZF to outsider. I thought it only passed down the bloodline.

Who is this HK Master?

Anyway, I think i know who this guy is - the one that paid $40k euros. But are u sure he really got the real XZF from Zeng lineage? :)

u can reply me at Cheers!


Hi Jo Ching,

I believed in his lifetime ZZN never taught XZF to the outsider. However, that will not means other versions do not materialized as time passes. In CM there is also a method, where one summoned the master of the past to clarify matters. This is a little bit MaoShan and shall be discussed off sites.

If your guesses are right, then digest a little. Feed backs from his aides indicated that the method works, I dunno - cannot comment.


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