Monday, March 15, 2010

When There Is No Warranty In A FengShui Audit

Someone brought to my attention of case regarding when there is no warranty in a FengShui audit after moving into the new apartment (as gathered from the internet). The story is something like this: -

The husband lost his job 6 months before they moved in, and they were told that it was a FengShui problem. He could only secure a job for 3 months after they moved in and he is still out of job.
All interviews he went  were unsuccessful. Although he is highly qualified and yet  he is jobless for 2 years now.  Her business also suffered and now they are heavily in debts.

Her moves:

She saved some money and hired an instructor from one of the academy in town to do a FengShui audit. She negotiated with the instructor for a property selection to check thus, trying to save some money, but ended up with a full audit instead, paying the full price.

Instructor's Verdict:

The house is overly Yang and all doors and windows should be shut off. They took his advice and relocated their bedroom.

1. They move into NE room
2. Shut off balcony door  and the rest of the  windows and doors.
3. Tilted the bed
4. Activated the south and the east corners

[ Looks liked another Flying Star method in place]


No result yet with 3 months behind schedule in repayment debts. The last advice from the instructor was  just hope for the best and if  things got worse then they should look for other house and even if job comes, it may not last. Things seems to go back to square one.


How is she supposed to feel?


Anonymous said...

it's the same in every school and fengshui practitioners or order to secure business/money they will promise the heaven but when things did not turn out as promised all sorts of excuses are meted out in order to save expected in this industry, practitioners attacked each others to secure's all about money, money


Hi Anonymous,

As much as we see more people loosing faith unto this species of FengShui master, we also begin to see there are good ones that is so confident in their work that they are willing to give warranty.

The problem is multi-dimensional such as: -

1. There is no proper rule of conduct.
2. Consumers do not care enough to exercise their rights
3. General misrepresentation that the famous one is always the good one.

While even the brave one is considering pulling back its warranty offer due to irresponsible commentary and unscrupulous accusations. Too bad, such norm is going to continue for a while.



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