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Revisit The Changing Yao

The underlying principle of the major wandering GUA, lies on the notion of the term wandering. From the original GUA, changing of the Yao took place at the based Yao. This changes is also known as flipping from Yin to Yang and vice versa. The chart below shows what that has been known on the 4 good stars and 4 bad stars.

Why 4 good and 4 bad? What is the basis of determining that the 9 stars must have Tang, Ju, Wu and Fu to be the goodies and Lien, Po, Wen, Lu to be the baddies?

Auspiciousness is measured by the relationship of mutual production “xiangsheng” whereas inauspiciousness is measured by mutual control or “xiangke”. Compound the rest we had 64 permutations with halves are good and halves are bad. This shows that the Ming Gua must matched the compatible House Gua. This also denotes that the LH Gua correlates with the Loshu numbers providing the Qi to a person’s Life Gua.

The most guarded principles that auspiciousness always revealed itself as 5 with its own multiplicity. The 2 slices comes from 5. The 5 is the central of the Hetu, the basis of the EH 8 Tri grams. 8, 3, 2, 7 forms the Eastern arm whereas 9,6,1,4 forms the Western arm of the Hetu. The degree of auspiciousness depend on the proximity of the number in relation to this arm of the Hetu, meaning nearer better, as in 3-8, 2-7, 6-9, 1-4 and so on.

These are the essense...

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

The Early Later Heaven Relationship

EH is the body, object, host or principle (Ti) and LH is the soul, subject, guest or application (Yung). EH is a given scenario that cannot change as in the gives of Heaven. LH is a transformation as in Human Actions. Undoubtedly based on the principle of Ti and Yung, we said EH governs mountain, as herewith referred to human relationships and health aspect, whereas, LH governs water, as herewith referred to opportunities and wealth. LH is something that is in our controls where as EH is not.

When we look into the 8 wandering Guas, we are arranging the directional Qi map of the 8 sectors and if applied to the mountains or stars, we called it as “pai long” or arranging the dragons. Another name to it is the minor wandering Guas. When the name of the stars from the big dipper is assigned to these Guas it is called star, hence the name 8 minor wandering Stars is surfaced.

The similar notion is then applied to BaZhai when the stars are assigned to the 8 directional Qi map of the 8 sectors for a compartmentalized structure. To distinguish between these methods of arranging the stars, it is called minor wandering stars for assigning the mountain, mainly used for burial and major wandering stars for assigning of Qi map for compartmentalized spaces in a dwelling.

These form the premise of what later known as the East and West House.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

The Root of The Eight Mansions (BaZhai)

Some one told me that The BaZhai that is taught in the market today is not what it is suppose to be. Not many people know that there is the EH part and the LH part. The EH governs the “mountain” aspect and the LH governs “water” aspect. From each type of houses, we determine the LH and EH of the house. From here, we can seek to read and predict the happenings of occupants within the property.

Similarly on a notable Chinese Metaphysic Website called Element V, it was stated that “. …many are not aware that the BaZhai method should not be used for commercial premises. It is an end-user product for relationships, and meant for application to residential dwellings only. I should add that BaZhai applications are based on the Early Heaven Gua, not the Later Heaven Gua, as commonly taught. And the same system can also be used for predicting and analyzing events.”

A further infusion of such, was a timely essay from HHC entails the trilogy of Door, Bed and the Stove, seizing up the confused aroma of the classical texts that consist of RuDiYen, BaZhai 4 Books, Complete Text of BaZhai, Classic on the Arrival of the Golden Light Star and BaZhaiMingJing, painting the setting, but not dwelling into roots of BaZhai.

So what is the roots of BaZhai?

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

2008 Forecast

The Strength

The LiChun Bazi for the WuZi year, indicated that the spirit of the day, Jia of wood element born in the season of wood Yin month. Revealed in stems of similar Jia wood, it would rendered that the wood element for WuZi year is indeed a strong one, making fire, earth and metal favorable and water and wood unfavorable.

The Wealth

This is to say that, the neighboring woods are foe, foretold that this year needs individual sheer power to retrieve the wealth that were hidden.

Jia wood needs to be rooted and it is found rooted in the month. Water is found in the year, but fire was deep hidden in the hour, ready to be revealed through the months to come. Will the co-operation ever appear? There is a tendency to form a fire frame in the Wu month, among others means it happens with results fire. Fire, among others is favorable; meaning the actions are favorable, in any ways bear fruit. Wealth that has been salvaged in this manner will likely to happen at the 3rd and 4th quarter of the year, with the lead in the 1st quarter of the year, to be seen.

Fire, Earth and Metal Industries may strive with the following months to beware, the first and the last quarters. These may means that consolidations may take place in these quarters. Water and wood industries may be challenging in viewed of a steep competitions as revealed in the image of a forest, in the absent of the sun.

The Politics

Represented as metal, officer to the wood is favorable, but not seen, downplayed, deep hidden only revealed in the 3rd quarter of the month. Even when it is revealed, with the absent of the light, it is not glaring meanings that there were too many hidden agendas not meant to be revealed but may be seen salvageable then. Only in the end of the first quarter may see these agendas leak out with the possible solution at 3rd quarter.

The effected region of the East and North East indicated that the possibility of the Eastern Boom, politically driven by the Olympics might suffer the post-Olympics aftermath that all had to braced. A shift may be generated to the Western region, notably India and Middle East, where funds are seen. South Eastern region mainly dominated by wood element, which were unfavorable, may see to receive the impact of the political dichotomy, with intense competition for funding. There may also be an increase in mobility in these regions due to the internal push and external pull factors.

The Phenomena

With mountains hidden in fog, possibilities of internal conflicts are great denoting unseen danger boiling within. With the internal forming fire, possible of a natural disaster due to volcanic eruption, seismic pressures, earthquakes and landslides are prominent. These may also be the news-covering headline in the 1st quarter of the year.

Militia activities with arms may be active underground well camouflaged and funded through corporations of growth potentials. Unrest may see in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of the year. As Jia among others represent armors are surfacing, the indication is strong that security will be tightening up in most countries stem out of fear of these militia activities. Read with this context, the Eastern region with the eye of the world looking at it may not be excluded from the anti terrorist paranoia.

The Country Factor

The compatibility of the country against the year were investigated and read as what the country is expected from the coming of WuZi year.

Foremost, wealth that the year brought to the country is an unfavorable as the Yi wood is weak. There is a potential that the country will be seen to increase expenditures due to the increase in global prices for crude oil, building materials and visionary developments. All these would be executed in unpopular manner meanings that the consumer price index will raise and expenditure per capita will increase.

In regards to the ever ongoing debates of a formulation of a potentially welfare state, as suggested by the oppositions, tendency is there but not obvious. The potentially increasing expenditure indicates that the masses will continue funding the selected few necessitated to keep to the status quo.

Potentially, Wu earth is relatively dry, meaning not capable of growth. The weaken Yi will not be able to hold on to these boulders. Comes earth months, the potentials of landslides are possible. Meanings could be derived as a potential time bomb capable of shaking the status quo.

Internally as seen, such expenditures are favorable or meant to stimulate the economy and maintaining the status quo. Possible of a subsidy cut to be invested into development project, but too many will disturb the equilibrium. Inevitably, water remains the sole arbitrating element to the entire spectrum of things as said. A slash back of these magnitudes may pose many challenges to the various sectors and if the mechanism is not in placed to soften the blow, all will be affected liken to the effect of an avalanche.

The question is, will there be capabilities to salvage the water? First, we understood that the root is reckoned, not bad for a start. Among others, there are hidden plans; mechanism is in placed to contain the effect. But how effective it is? As a starter, the electoral results will reflect what has been well received, with many mega projects installed up in the sleeves and promises made across the country to all levels, then the picture will starts to unfold. This will be the real not the surreal.

The effectiveness is view on the basis of Qi, in this instance it is a sub-Qi. As the saying goes, too much resource will rot the tree. Manifesting that over dependable on the natural resources, banking on the price increase of raw commodities and encapsulating on the current social political climate will not sufficient to drive these mechanism into an effective mode.

The reverse of what the year expects out of the country, we would see on the surface that country would be seen to grow, as the country output is favorable to the strong year stem. This may indicate that the export sector will increase due to the increase in the global prices in commodities like oil, automobiles and the weakening of the currency, making the trade with the country favorable.

Similarly on the internal we see the seasonal combination to form metal, compatible and favorable to the year at large. Meaning, the political will sustain through policies implemented, with a harsh note.

With such, tighten the seatbelt for a rocky road ahead, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Purple White Wu Zi Year Analysis


The analysis is based on the Annual and Tai Sui of WuZi Year replacing the annual star without accounting the rest of other factors, tailored made to individual cases.

South Palace (Inauspicious)

Extremely ferocious in view of the ShenSha, TaiSui and 5 Yellow affliction. Extreme caution required pertaining to breaking the earth and must be avoided at all cost. Suitable only as passive room such as bedroom and storeroom. Best alternative, open a window at the South Sector. Stay by a Qian and Dui Gua person, Father or eldest male or the youngest daughter or passive activation by virtue of candle light or door on the Qian and Dui sub sector within the room. Better of, move out. No shifting in or moving out from the house that sits in this sector for the entire year.

All Other Palaces Are Auspicious

These palaces either has been neutralized by virtue of combinations or mutually grow into the year or TaiSui thus suitable for all activities. Do not paranoid over these palaces in fact capitalized into these palaces to achieve specific results especially on the followings: -

1) Wealth: primary in East, secondary in SE
2) Opportunity: East, NE, N
3) Scholarship: East, NE
4) Romance: East, NE
5) Others: NE Central NW, W, SW

Note how important the East sector in WuZi year. All that is required is timing and the actual location to activate the Qi
Last but not least, happy Chinese New Year and A Prosperous Year ahead.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai


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