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Sichuan Aftermath

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“With mountains hidden in fog, possibilities of internal conflicts are great denoting unseen danger boiling within. With the internal forming fire, possible of a natural disaster due to volcanic eruption, seismic pressures, earthquakes and landslides are prominent. These may also be the news-covering headline in the 1st quarter of the year” – Prediction in early 2008.

Bazi of the May 12 2008, 2:28pm China Local Time states: -


“Monday, May 12, 2008 at 06:28:01 UTC, Earth Quake measuring 7.9 R. Scale locations: 30.986°N, 103.364°E. The following is a release by the United States Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center: An earthquake occurred 90 km (55 miles) WNW of Chengdu, Sichuan, China and 1545 km (960 miles) SW of BEIJING, Beijing, China at 12:28 AM MDT, May 12, 2008 (2:28 PM local time in China). The magnitude and location may be revised when additional data and further analysis results are available…” – US Geological website.

Structural reading denotes as a weak chart, favoring self and resource. Resource is not seen in the chart. Fighting to combine away the day master. With the root fighting to harm, only to foretell a disaster in a nature of quake and unseen. With boulder surfacing, in road for a land slide catastrophe. Wealth protruding indicating major financial lost and the authority cannot act in time to prevent such a disaster.

Imagery reading, trap in between 2 obstacles, fiery in nature, mutually to control over these obstacles that only fighting to merge in chaos. Similarly underneath saw movement of soil contamination indicating movement of mud flow. Resulting in fire as the root and boulder as seen on the surface. Mountain without base, strong fire and water coming together burning everything to be seen into ashes. That is the picture.

Amusingly speaking from another point of view, a Dutch Bazi consultant has this to say: -
“However, you will have seen most masters then persist in pointing to the apparent 2008 ‘conflict’ by which the year Stem Yang Earth Wu would be controlling the year Branch Zi Rat [.]. Also, not only do we still encounter statements such as the one saying how the Yang Earth Wu will be then controlling the Yang Water Rat, such of course not possible because Zi Rat may be only ‘Yang’ as a Branch member, but what it contains is Yin Water Gui. Just as we had seen with the 2007 Yin Fire Ding-Hai Pig, again here no-one seems to be pointing out that rather than ‘just conflict’ the year Stem and Branch for 2008 would actually go into pairing to generate Wood.” – HELUO

In fact, we knew it WUZI will never transformed into wood. There is a tendency to combine, thus making the entire pillar “unstable”.

Furthermore: -

“…note that we do not locate Wood, or it must be Yin Wood Yi in the hour Branch on which we can then bargain as it will be much weakened due to internal flow of Qi in Wei Sheep hour Branch – the Yin Wood Yi there will be generating the Yin Fire Ding there, which in turn will generate the Yin Earth Ji also there - while as it is the Yin Wood Yi will be furthermore devoting its energy to the hour Stem Yin Fire Ding, seemingly altogether not making it a ‘player’ of any stature. You may note the abundance of Fire, which could be reasoned to then generate Earth. If we had a say in it, the image initially derived would not nearly be indicative for any earthquake…. Day Stem Yang Water Ren finds Yin Fire Ding to either side and needs to decide which one to go into Pairing with, while we know that by rule of priority the preferred order for Pairing will go from year over month to day to hour, so that here day Stem Yang Water Ren will then associate with the month Stem, which pairing connotes Wood.

The year information will furthermore suggest Fire being generated, where the year Stem Yang Earth Wu [.] will seek to go into pairing with the Yin Water Gui contained in year Branch Zi Rat, all the fire in the chart in fact red hot.

While performing Transformation for Bazi, if 2 Stems pair to successfully Transform, both original Stems would assume the Transformed God. If here the Yang Water and Yin Fire were to Transform, this would have resulted into Yang Wood Jia. We also know that conditions must be met before a Stem Pairing can at all change over into Transformation. Once successful, the Transformed God will govern, while with Transformation for this chart clearly failing, the then intended Transformed God Wood be pretty much still ‘hovering’ the chart, meaning it will be ‘all Wood in the air’ to then perhaps help aggravate earth. Either way, the initially seeming total
absence of Wood could be bargained on, and the here original chart image” – HELUO

In the first place, transformation to wood will not had taken place in the SI month and in a condition of fighting to transform, so the entire argument of wood weaken by fire weaken by earth in the stem reading reverse from the hour pillar to the year is absolute comical.

The articles sum up the followings: -
“Year Stem Yang Earth Wu seeking to pair with Yin Water Gui contained in year Branch Zi Rat, portending Fire. Resulting image is quite strong in Wood and Fire. Fire in this chart as coming from month Ding-Si and hour Ding-Wei red hot. Already red hot Fire in this chart, being further confirmed due to annual Wu-Zi cannot rely on for foundation, collapse in or due to water…” – HELUO

In summary, the year gives the background as misty mountain hidden obstacle, tendency to combine to become fire but not transform. There is already an unseen movement. The collapse is not due to water or fire but the both clashing into movement as in harm and clashes of the earthly branch hidden. Then remaining fire hidden in the month branch and earth protruding in the stem denoting eruption, in this case earth quake.

Again instead of the 4 pillar look at the LOSHU chart: -

194 659 872
983 215 437
548 761 326

Sichuan SW of China, 8-2, stacking of boulder with 7 as the based. The unseen metal is the culprit. Resulting in again 5-8 stacking of the boulder. Worst the central 5 has been affected. Motive is a sheer movement 4. The cause 1-4, deep abyss of fast moving molten lava 9 fire. The aftermath effect of 3-6, rumbling thunder that reveal and clash the 6 metal. Motive 2 going back to the womb, ashes to ashes.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai


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