Friday, June 20, 2008

The LiuFa and Feixing Turmoil, Some Consideration Please

A fellow FengShui practitioner from France brought to my attention an article about the saga between flying star FengShui and the LiuFa FengShui. I read with interest unto the so called facts that had been placed forward as argument for argument sake. In the first instance these facts are beyond validation, only disciple of a certain lineage or schools could verify. So, I place my bet with these 10 arguments in mind for hopes that it may throw some new light, if any, to whom ever who read this blog, intellectually or casually.

Originally there is only 1 school. It will be quite whimsical to classify a method as time based such as SanYuan or three periods simply because time is of the essence to such a methodology. In fact, SanHe, three harmonies, the so called oldies also has their own time dimension. It will be just a folly to say BaZhai as a SanYuan methodology. It could have been a SanHe school. So, the history of FengShui must first be re-written. There is no SanHe or SanYuan. There are many lineages and sub lineages, all to their very specific purpose and use. In fact, BaZhai could have read as a macro of XuanKong DaGua, so where is the disdain fallacy?

Flying Star is a relatively new method at most born out of writings from Tang Yang Wu and Shen Ju Ren. These masters may have quoted from the classics notably DiLiBianZhen to offer their views as in XuanKong BenYi and Shen Si XuanKong Xue, could these masters interpreted the classics correctly given the fact that they may not inherit the transmission from the proper lineage? Same goes with the LiuFa, where the emphasis is on the 6 method of Zhen and Ling Shen, CiXiong, Chen Men, TaiSui, AiXing and others. My question is why 6? Could have been more considerations?

Magnetic North versus True North controversy. The evolution of the Chinese compass was from the sundial having the 24 mountain plate created by YangGong. Those from YangGong traditions will immediately know that the Sun is the factor. Similarly in deciding the actual timing in hour’s selection for FengShui. Food for thought.

Rotation of earth moves in one direction. Rotation of Earth moves in one orbital direction. Time moves forward and never backward. How possible could a period, Yun, sometimes move forward and sometimes move backward in accordance to the Gua Yao of the particular period in question?

The YangGong GuFa lineage does not recognize Yi Long Jing and Han Long Jing as written by YangGong himself. So, how could we rationalized based on these 2 classics?

If bright hall should be big, then why is there a saying that to consume by the bright hall? Meaning to be drawn by the bright hall?

There is a big different between the Yin dwelling and a Yang dwelling. The Yin has 1 compartment, the Yang has many. Flying star 9 palaces cannot fly in 1 compartment. So how to deal with this?

Bright hall must have South Facing, meaning all South facing houses and graves must be prosperous and is that so in the practical sense?

3 elegance and 6 auspicious has many definitions. In terms of regulating water courses, there is no such a thing as many incoming but single outgoing. The notion of the incoming and outgoing water mouth must first be investigated.

The constellation or asterism inclusion unto the 24 mountain plate called the seam needle in the SanHe Luopan, sometime called human plate were based on astronomical considerations invented by Lai BuYi. The old school of YangGong does not use this ring, although to some extent Lai BuYi were known to have received YangGong’s transmission from his father whom had learnt the art from YangGong’s senior disciple. Lai BuYi improvises on the system to make it for his own. The XuanKong proponent further improvises on these and called it by different terms such as XuanKong Dawuxing. So, one do not necessary need a heavenly sign to do FengShui.

These points are not meant to debunk any fallacy nor a sales gimmick that may arise, but to intellectually provoke readers whom had happened to come across an article about the saga between LiuFa and Feixing. Perhaps one may drop me an email for me to direct them to the source article found in the WWW.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Election Aftermath 4th Installation: The Subsidy Cut

Annual forecast state: -

“…Foremost, wealth that the year brought to the country is an unfavorable as the Yi wood is weak. There is a potential that the country will be seen to increase expenditures due to the increase in global prices for crude oil, building materials and visionary developments. All these would be executed in unpopular manner meanings that the consumer price index will raise and expenditure per capita will increase…

…Internally as seen, such expenditures are favorable or meant to stimulate the economy and maintaining the status quo. Possible of a subsidy cut to be invested into development project, but too many will disturb the equilibrium. Inevitably, water remains the sole arbitrating element to the entire spectrum of things as said. A slash back of these magnitudes may pose many challenges to the various sectors and if the mechanism is not in placed to soften the blow, all will be affected liken to the effect of an avalanche…”

The media reported: -

“…Since the Government announced the new price last week, fuel prices have gone up to US$139 per barrel and is still hovering at US$130.

“In fact, the price of oil is expected to remain at high levels in the months to come. The high price of oil means that the market price of petrol at the pumps have now reached RM3.45 per litre,” he said, pointing out that the price should be reviewed to RM3.15 per litre (with a discount of 30 sen) instead of RM2.70 beginning next month.

“However, the Government realised that the rakyat is still trying to adapt to the higher petrol prices. The Cabinet has thus decided there will be no more increase this year,” he told reporters at his office yesterday.”

What other says: -

“…It will be 78 sens; 40% increase in the price of petrol and RM1.00 increase for the price of diesel which will now cost RM2.58.
Any way, we Malaysians have a consolation; Prime Minister Abdullah says we are still the cheapest in Asia.

I met Mrs. Ah Soh just now and she told me the price of rice which costs her RM22.50 per 5kg will now cost RM45.00 per 5kg which is a 100% increase.

It is observed that essential food will/have increase 100%.

I asked Ah Beng, the supervisor of a massage parlour, how about the business cost and pricing for a massage and he told me that he expected the price to increase by about 30-40% in tandem with the rise of fuel cost. "But, massage don't use petrol or diesel," I quipped. Ah Beng: "You also stupid! The massager comes to work by car or taxi and their cost to work has increase and soon they will be asking for a pay rise or else they will mogok." I see!

Another consolation is that my Ah Loong friend just told me that he is going to reduce the borrowing rates from 10% to 8% as a social responsibility to assist the people and bumis will get extra 1% discount. What will be the repercussions? Transportation cost & school buses - what will be the increase? What about the chain effect on all other businesses and what is the total impact on the people? Will this be a trigger of calamities? I darn dare to think about it…”

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Yin Fengshui – How We Wish The Dead Could Talk

If these are possible, their response to what contained in the Urging Officer Scroll, shall be verified. The depth in question is often the much best kept secret only to be disclosed to the indoor disciple of any lineage. So, pack your bag and go knocking at the Sifu’s door before they kick the bucket…

Remember, the tomb in question is reflected from one’s own face. Face reading or Gua Plucking from the facial features, is for me to know you to find out.
Any result of burial is immediately foretold by either a dreamscape or otherwise. The question is how and why?

So when the opportunity arises of engaging a Yin Fengshui master, first and foremost remember to ask them if they could speak to the dead. If the answer is affirmative, most likely than not, you got yourself a correct one. How we wish the Dead could talk.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

Direct Indirect Spirit, Where is the Liquor?

Here lay the secret formulae worth USD3,000.00 as propounded by the self exclaimed the best school of Chinese Metaphysics in the world. Since it cost so much for this piece of information I shall not disclose the operative mode of it.

Supposing there is 2 applications of the spirits, one external and the other internal. If the spirits had been breached, which take precedent? Think about it if one is living in an Island or surrounded by water. An absolute violation of the spirits? Then go for the liquor and forget about it.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

The Fear Of Cutting Feet Water

By definition, cutting feet water is a sort of Killing Qi which blocks the Vital Qi in accessing the front entrance of the building, in which case it is called a Qi mouth. The operative principle is derived from the notion of the classic that stipulate: -

Rides wind, then dispersed, Boundary water, then retained.

Ironically speaking there is a number of castle and palaces of the old is surrounded by water called moat.

In the first pretext, do most of the palaces in such a structure enjoy good Fengshui? In the second pretext, how does the moat be constructed?

Answer to the 1st pretext is obvious, allowing reader to ponder about it. Answer to the 2nd pretext is even more obvious, channeling water from the natural source and not a mere drainage system. If one understands that natural streams follow the dragons, one will also understand the consequences of realigning the flow.

So next time, any Master offer you a secret water dragon formulae by constructing drains in front of your house to mimic the moat against the imperial palace, have a second thought about it. Earth Principle 5 Verses (Diliwuju) was written without the drain construction in mind, but of altering rivers and streams in the context of the natural formations.

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai

The Religion Of Fengshui

Over the years many Fengshui masters has define Fengshui to his or her own benefits cultivating a cult of followers ranging from the traditionalist to the new age movements, one cursing the other for the lack of integrity, lineage and best of all, referring to the wrong doctrine by salvaging the rot carcass of the classics written by sages of the past in cryptic rhyme in those versions that had gone beyond recognition of outright plagiarism, distortion and artistic abuse. Such mysterious act resulted in the manifestation of various school of thoughts, capitalized by the American as portray in the pseudo-documentary called “Bull Shit”, the outright fallacy of Fengshui from an Art of sophisticated Chinese philosophy to mere art of modern Conman-ship. Interesting enough, we were dished visuals of “foreigner” to the Chinese Traditional upbringing, providing Fengshui consultancy, at an utmost vulgar manner without given due recognition to some really outstanding Masters now living, practicing and residing in the Eastern region of the Globe. If by metaphorically speaking, of explaining how sweet sugar is to someone who has not tasted sugar, I would say explaining how sweet SALT is to someone has not tasted both at all.

By opening an argument of what Fengshui is with reference to DAO or the way, in LaoTze owns word it would be gravely misleading as the opening passage of Dao De Ching says, the dao that is expressed by words is not the eternal Dao. So, not to waste to dwell in the realm of Dao that is inexpressible.

Fengshui is a religion. There is a fine line defining the Chinese 5 arts where the principle lay in the fundamental of dualism and the interaction of the 5 processes applying in philosophy, the human bodies, geomancy, spiritual, astronomy, martial arts and others. In fact, it is all blended up as a holistic whole. It is defining a beginning and an end to an infinite circle of existence. Defining it will be futile. This is Dao. Thus, it is almost outreach for someone who does not live, speak, think and eat the Chinese Way to even master the art, let alone practicing it. It is therefore a religion, not by faith but by upbringing as in the way of life.

If the cross is significant to the Catholic, the Luopan is both the bible and the tool for Fengshui religion. It is an indispensible tool. It contains the summary of the formulae besides showing directions. It is a reference point bridging the eternal environment to the formulae. Being the link for the physical external, it is also a bridge to the spiritual dimensions. Reading in context of a theoretical physic parallel dimension, if it is able to identify the Qi connection of the physical it will potentially able to identify connection of Qi of the spiritual. In this context the Luopan becomes the vehicle. Another food for thought, dead and emptiness lines are the worst of its kind. What does it really means when it is found within the wall or the door? A passage way to another dimension?
In summary, Fengshui masters of the old used to travel alone into uncharted forested areas and cemetery in search for the dragon spot (searching the dragon dotting the meridian), they may be facing with various obstacles from wild animals to spirits. It is common that they master the arts of self defense, healing and spiritualism, beside their core expertise of Fengshui. So the question is Fengshui a religion is indeed of a modern concerned. So, does it really matters if it is indeed a religion?

Ar. David Yek Tak Wai


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